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Wax Casting Oracle: What will 2021 bring?

My question was, “What will happen in 2021 with the new species of the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© [Final-Enlightenment(AL)]?” respectively “What will happen with our connection with the structural layer?” I have attached (see below) the answer as three pictures: The new age will already spread this year.

By the way, my Christmas Energy Creation time will be extended this year until January 6, 2021. This has three reasons: First, Musubi (the Universal Plan) is now no longer in the masculine dynamic, but in the feminine calm. Second, my soul task is the healing of the world and many celebrate Christmas until or even on January 6. These energies should also be covered. Third, I will be able to design the “Gretel and Hansel” comic very largely, perhaps even completely, still in the Christmas frame and thus include it energetically. The fairy tales of the new age play a very important role in the spread of the new species.

I wish you all the best and a Happy New Year.

Kind regards your Ayleen Lyschamaya

Verbreitung neue Spezies - OrakelVerbreitung neue Spezies 2021

When “Healing the World through consciousness development for India” and the 5 fairy tales of the new age “Gretel and Hansel heal the Witch” make up the Sacred Scripture “Musubi World Healing”, what about my other books?

These are the wisdom texts of the new age:

Warm regards your Ayleen Lyschamaya

Tarot card training

Who of you would like to participate in the online training “Tarot Cards” via Skype on Saturday January 30, 2021, from 11.00 am to 12.30 am for 30,- Euro? For those, who can deduct the advanced training from their taxes, especially the Consciousness Coaches of the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©, a certificate for the tax office will be issued upon timely request.

Note: Old-age tarot card enthusiasts may also participate in the training. However, the level is based on the complete transcendental consciousness of the new age, so that it must be assumed that only a rather small part of the training will be understood. Therefore, it is more likely that the new perspective on tarot cards will be of main interest.

All registrations are binding as the number of participants is limited.

Kind regards your Ayleen Lyschamaya

Healing Gretel and Hansel Song

The following is the Gretel and Hansel song of the new age as healing 432-Hertz music. The song is sung in four variations each by the am-Ziel-erleuchteten© [Final-Enlightened(AL)] Sascha Herwig and am-Ziel-erleuchteten© [Final-Enlightened(AL)] Petra Möbius in German and in English. Petra’s singing emphasises the healing of the weiblichen Spirituellen Systems (female Spiritual System) and Sascha’s singing emphasises the personality development of the männlichen Spirituellen Systems (male Spiritual System). For this, Sascha has set the song text, which I have revised, to music in 432 Hertz as an embedding in the Universal Whole (Musubi). You can find the new fairy tale text, on which the Gretel and Hansel song is based, and the other fairy tales of the new age on my website.

Gretel and Hansel ‒ fairy tale text of the new age:

The 5 fairy tales of the new age:

Greetings your Ayleen Lyschamaya

Gretel and Hansel ‒ interactive

In the fairy tale text of the new age you now have the possibility to follow the old Grimm fairy tale or the one of the new consciousness:

New Consciousness ‒ “Gretel and Hansel”

Best wishes from your Ayleen Lyschamaya

Gretel and Hansel ‒ the Healing

As an assignment for the Consciousness Coach of the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©, Saskia has specifically summarised the healing of Gretel and Hansel for you.

Love greetings your Ayleen

Higher justice: female new beginning as world love

This article is about how Musubi realised a new basis of consciousness for the legal system and through this for the world.

Higher justice: female new beginning as world love

Kind regards your Ayleen

Comment: “Dear Ayleen, a great creation with Musubi. Thank you.”

Genesis ‒ the Fall of Man

Holy Scriptures usually begin by telling about creation. But for the new age it is different. Musubi is no longer interested in the past. However, since we humans want to know it so much, I was allowed to put a little bit about it on my website:

Greetings your Ayleen

Consciousness Coach of the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©

Congratulations, dear Ludmila, I rejoice with you.

My best wishes from your Ayleen Lyschamaya

The Celebration of the New Age

Last night, we experienced the genesis of the new age, as many of you witnessed energetically. This time, Musubis female Creative Power could not be seduced, so the weibliche Spirituelle System (female Spiritual System) is now firmly established. Thus, from this year on, April 15 is the Celebration of the New Age.

Love greetings, Ayleen Lyschamaya

My reply to a Facebook comment:

Dear [name],
thank you very much for your interesting comments.

Yes, this frequent juxtaposition of spirituality and science can indeed be called a prison. But once this is recognised, all the more interesting things will be discovered.

Synchronisation [C.G. Jung] can be explained by layers of awareness 4 and 3. From Musubi (4) everything is directed very purposefully seemingly by “coincidences”. On the soul layer (3) we are connected with each other in love and can perceive telepathic impulses. With the Liebesfluss (2) [flow of love (2)] into our own earthly personality structure, the demarcation in the earthly begins, which affects other people through resonance vibration. As ego (1), consisting of an inner family(AL), karmic and body, we finally experience the influences of the higher layers of awareness as wondrous correspondences, which we rightly feel are directly related to ourselves, but without being able to explain them from the ego alone.

Kind regards from your Ayleen

Spiritual Master Oliver of the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©

Today, I would like to warmly congratulate Spiritual Master Oliver of the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©. He has walked the Kraftweg (Path of Power) guided by Imke Nourika and has successfully passed his final ritual.
So, dear Oliver, congratulations on your Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©.

Best wishes from your Ayleen Lyschamaya

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Final-Enlightenment(AL): New Age as an evolutionary leap in consciousness; the healed and transcended inner family(AL) combined with conventional enlightenment as Final-Enlightenment(AL) ‒ see also Spiritual Masters and Gurus

(AL) = according to Ayleen Lyschamaya