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Among esoteric and other spiritual people and up to politicians, timelines for the change into a higher dimension, aliens and a galactic federation are brought into play when it comes to the new age. What is to be thought of it? First of all, it has to be clarified, what is actually meant in detail by the terms.

A timeline is initially nothing more than a sequence of events. Past, present and future are familiar to all of us. Since all living beings experience different things at the same time, there are subjectively experienced parallel individual timelines. How to deal with the personal past, present and future is a frequent topic, for example, in psychotherapies or in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). The term timeline is also used in science. There is nothing against dealing with the sequence of past, present and future as a timeline in this sense.

In esotericism, however, a highly complex system is constructed from this very simple principle of past, present and future, which is not only completely superfluous, but which does not exist at all. So, it is then said to be fixed on a timeline, but to be able to change it, that timelines run together, that there are time nodes and that oscillation effects between timelines arise.

What happened? The abstract concept of order “timeline” for past, present and future is made concrete. The flexible and quite naturally for the future at any time changeable temporal sequence of events is taken as a concrete line. This is then dealt with as matter, so to speak. But this is simply nonsense. Such a construct does not exist. When channeled messages use timelines, one reason may be that the events are explained according to the human understanding of the old age, so that they comprehend it. Timelines were an illustrative tool for people with poor abstraction skills.

Conclusion: Everybody can develop her/his consciousness at any time and thereby form her/his future better. For this it does not need an erroneous timeline explanation.

These non-existent timelines are brought in connection with the change into a higher dimension, in order to explain thereby the present energetic changes. For example, Dieter Broers and Kerry K. talk in a video on YouTube about a timeline merger and the ascent into the fifth dimension. More than 110,000 times this old age nonsense has been viewed after only three weeks and has been liked more than 7,000 times. The bad thing is that they continue to spread this misinformation fully aware, after Dieter Broers was already pointed out that his ideas of the new age are false.

When one deals with spirituality, one relatively soon encounters so-called dimensions of reality. What are these dimensions of reality?

In general, these are different states of consciousness, energies and associated laws that determine the respective possibilities in this dimension. Humans, for example, deal primarily with the dimensions 3 as waking state of consciousness and 4 as memories of dreams. By higher dimensional channeled beings, higher dimensions are described as higher energies and lower dimensions as lower energies. The number of dimensions is often given between 7 and 34, but can also be much higher.

Matias De Stefano, for example, in the article “Matias De Stefano’s 9 Dimensions of Spiritual Reality”[1] considers nine dimensions. So Matias describes with the first three dimensions the creation of consciousness from Universal to earthly. The next three dimensions correspond to the development of consciousness from earthly to Divine. Finally, the last three dimensions refer to the Universal Plan.

All dimensions Matias refers at the same time to individual beings and to the Universal as a whole. This is basically correct, because the consciousness is nested in each other. However, Matias remains attached to the old age insofar, as he designs a kind of development cycle from the dimensions, similar to the soul cycle of the old age.

In fact, however, individual beings do not develop their center of consciousness on the basis of the dimensions from 1 to 9. Only temporarily they still develop over the dimensions 4 to 6 out of the old age into the new age.

With the complete transcendental consciousness of the new age, the dimensions 5 and 6 are no more. Then, people build up their consciousness only with the first three dimensions, including the fourth. Karmic is integrated through Liebesflussverbindung (love-flow-connection). The dimensions 7 to 9 described by Matias serve the universally embedded earthly creation.

Since the 5th dimension and the 6th dimension each exist only temporarily for individual beings, it cannot be a question of ascending to the 5th dimension in relation to the entire earth with the current changes. In fact, it does not. Instead, such a complete conversion of the consciousness and energy system of the world took place that this cannot be called an ascent and explained through dimensions at all. What really happened cannot be grasped from the consciousness of the old age. Therefore, all attempts of explanation of Dieter Broers and Co. are wrong.

Aliens and a galactic federation are also associated with the new age. Both merge smoothly into the science fiction area. Moreover, in particular to the aliens, so many different opinions are spread that I cannot go into them all. In this respect, I give here simply only the direct information of Musubi:

There are aliens. They all have human-like consciousness and appearance. When human consciousness is healed enough, we will have contact with them. So far, humanity has been too hostile for alien contact. Accordingly, no aliens live among us nor is there already contact with them (as of 9/2023). In this respect, the statement that there is already contact with aliens and a galactic federation is false.

The former Israeli space security chief is said to have claimed alien contacts and a galactic federation. Also, Trump is supposed to have blabbed once almost accordingly.[2] About the motivation to such statements can only be speculated, because they are wrong. While aliens, so far without contact to humans, exist after all, a galactic federation does not exist. A galactic federation belongs to “Star Wars”, “Star Trek” and other science fiction.

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