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From big bang theory to the theory of energetic consciousness

Black/dark matter as a level of consciousness or as an attractive creative force?

[Revision of my article “From big bang theory to the theory of energetic consciousness” (8/2020)]

Originally I assigned the black/dark matter to the levels of consciousness instead of to the creative forces. This is because the descriptions of black/dark matter are so contradictory, depending on the author, that it is difficult to make a clear assignment.

“Black matter is the matter that cannot be seen. This matter is so strong together, has a strong gravitational force, that no light rays can emanate from it.” (Yogawiki) This previous description, for example, speaks for an energy condensation, that is, level of consciousness. The following comparison, on the other hand, speaks for one of the two creative forces: “Although the cosmos seems to be full of shining stars and glowing gas clouds, the impression is deceptive: In fact, the universe consists of almost 27 percent of attractive dark matter and about seventy percent of opposing dark energy. What is hidden behind this is still completely unclear.” (World of Physics)

As physics in general likes to reduce to matter, which could be better described by energy, and the second description covers both design forces better, I have revised my article to dark/black matter as a design force.

From big bang theory to the theory of energetic consciousness, also as PDF

The Consciousness of the new age – consciousness philosophy

The Consciousness of the new age, also as PDF

The Theory of Everything with Mass-Independent Gravity and Dynamic Theory of Gravity as the world formula

The Energetic Theory of Consciousness (ETC) as Theory of Everything (TOE)


New Age - Ayleen Lyschamaya according to Ayleen Lyschamaya