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With the new age, the spiritual path is no longer special for only individual people anymore. Rather, all of humanity is already on the spiritual path as a collective leap of development. Moreover, the spiritual path can be guided specifically, because the complete transcendent consciousness is meanwhile known. This task have the Consciousness Coaches of the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©. They accompany you in approximately the same way as I recommend it in the following from the construction of the complete transcendental consciousness.

Spiritual path: How can I proceed once I have decided on the spiritual path?

Vorgehensweise auf dem vollständigen spirituellen Weg
the complete spiritual path

Meditation is usually the first thing that comes to mind and is also recommended by many traditional spiritual masters (gurus) as the most important practice. Meditation supports the transition into transcendent consciousness and is therefore a valuable method on the spiritual path.

However, meditation is neither appealing to all personality structures nor does it involve the emotions or establish the connection between the Divine and the earthly. In this respect, too much importance is attached to meditation for the spiritual path. Rather, meditation is a basic spiritual technique that stands on an equal footing with other basic techniques such as Spiritual EMDR(AL), hypnosis and energy exercises.

Mindfulness exercises are particularly often recommended for the spiritual path. These primarily support an open, curious and accepting attitude, especially towards one’s own inner self. Such an attitude can increase the personal quality of life and allow spiritual development to be accepted more unconditionally. Since mindfulness exercises aim to lead people to themselves, they are especially recommended in our outwardly oriented times.

Especially important for all people on the spiritual path is the inner-child healing, which does not only remain with visualising meditation exercises or the positive contact with the inner child, but goes as far as the transforming new experience in regression. With a sufficiently stable personality, inner-child healing is so important on the spiritual path that I describe it in both my books “Spiritual Psychotherapy: the inner family” and in “Spiritual EMDR“.

Sometimes, however, further psychotherapeutic or coaching methods are needed to access the inner child in the first place. In addition, with New Age souls, the inner-child healing can arise automatically within the framework of the “Guilt feelings deletion ‒ live love ‒ method©“, in short “Guilt feelings-dll-practice©“. However, inner-child healing fundamentally creates the healthy basis for all spiritual practices. In this respect, inner-child healing is particularly important for the spiritual path.

For the göttlich-irdische Liebesflussverbindung (divine-earthly love-flow-connection) on the complete spiritual path, the Guilt feelings-dll-practice© is the spiritual method for all people, whose inner family(AL) is complete, healthy and cooperative, as well as for New Age souls, who follow the complete spiritual path in reverse order. Spiritual EMDR(AL) is almost always added to the Guilt feelings-dll-practice©.

Then, the third section of the complete spiritual path is continued with practices that are no longer subject to the spiritual laws of healing, but to the spiritual laws of creation. I describe these in my book “The complete spiritual path“.

Please remember, however, that all spiritual exercises are always only aids to remove the blockages of the universal flow of love within you. It is universal love that heals you on the first two stages of the complete spiritual path. Then, it is universal love again that heals others through you on the third stage of the complete spiritual path. This soul task is fulfilled with great joy out of your own universal abundance of love.

Ayleen Lyschamaya, Musubis female creative power

Valuable assistance on all three stages of the complete spiritual path as well as for the Final-Enlightened(AL) Ones can be given by Tarot cards.
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Am-Ziel-ErleuchtungFinal-Enlightenment(AL): New Age as evolutionary leap of consciousness ‒ the healed and transcended psychic inner family(AL) connected with conventional enlightenment as Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© ‒ see also traditional spiritual masters and gurus.


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