From big bang theory to the theory of energetic consciousness

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From big bang theory to the theory of consciousness

– The universe is not to be explained as a chronological sequence, but by two creative forces across four layers of awareness.

– The energetic consciousness theory of the new age completes the big bang theory of the old age.

– Parallel universes are universes on other vibrational levels.

– This theory of energetic consciousness can be the “Grand Unified Theory“.


Science is changing. It is based on consensus and often it takes years before a new theory is generally accepted. But when it does have its merits, a new view will emerge. In this case of the energetic consciousness theory of the universe, the earthly is encountered from transcendental consciousness and the following hypothesis is established, which must be checked.

With the new age from 2016 onwards, the first complete transcendental consciousness of Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©[1] has appeared evolutionarily. This includes science, but goes beyond it. Out of the complete transcendental consciousness, spiritual laws can be recognized that can be transferred to the universe. These spiritual laws are suitable to explain, among other things, the flatness problem of the universe.

Human consciousness is composed both individually and collectively of four layers of awareness: (4) embedding in the universal whole, (3) divine consciousness part respectively soul layer, (2) divine-earthly love flow connection and (1) earthly consciousness part with inner family(AL)[2], karmic and body.[3]

Any earthly design begins in the universal whole and continues through the different layers of awareness up to its earthly expression. As body, the shaping of consciousness becomes subject-matter. Einstein confirmed the changeability of energy into subject-matter. Mass is a form of energy, i.e. mass can be produced from energy.

If we transfer human transcendent consciousness to the transcendent consciousness of the universe, the earth and other solid celestial bodies correspond to the human body. The human body must be constantly energetically nourished in order to maintain it. It can be assumed that the celestial bodies are also nourished out of the universal whole.

Maxwell recognized that there must be a luminiferous aether as a carrier for the electromagnetic waves. This idea was abandoned only because no aether wind could be detected. In fact, however, only the underlying assumption for the experiment was wrong. It was based, in the spirit of the old age, on a counterpart of divine and earthly respectively the rest of the universe and the earth.

However, the luminiferous aether is not outside the subject-matter, but penetrates the earth, because the earth is part of the universal whole. This means that the earth is not a separated body in a resting luminiferous aether, but the earth emerges from it as an energy compression. The universe can be imagined as a levelled continuum of energy from divine to earthly, in which subject-matter is the lowest form of vibration.

An idea of this imagination is given by the electromagnetic spectrum. Only an area of it is visible light. Exactly the opposite it is with subtle perception. Earthly measuring instruments can only register a small section ‒ just a little bit beyond pure subject-matter ‒ of the available energy.

This limitation becomes particularly clear in connection with virtual particles. These are supposed to draw energy from space itself, from a vacuum. It agrees with the transcendent perception that space (as universal whole) is the actual source of energy, but by no means as a vacuum, rather as energy outside the measurable range.

In connection with the cosmological constant, a vacuum energy is discussed, which can explain the accelerated expansion of the universe. In this context, the possibility is seen that subject-matter can be created from this vacuum energy, because energy and mass are interchangeable. These considerations can be fully confirmed from the transcendental perception of the complete consciousness of Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©.

Also the dark energy seems to be nothing else but another term, besides vacuum energy, luminiferous aether, creation field and Higgs field. It is obvious that the most diverse scientific explanations of the origin of the universe repeatedly come up against the same limit of an energy that cannot be measured.

The Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© distinguishes with smooth transition this not measurable energy into the three upper layers of awareness (4) universal whole, in which the origin of human beings is embedded, (3) divine consciousness part respectively soul layer and (2) divine-earthly love flow connection. Only the first ‒ (1) earthly ‒ layer of awareness is partly measurable. The non-measurable energies include the subtle energy bodies, spiritual body, mental body, emotional body and etheric body, each with different contents of consciousness and densifying levels of vibration.

In addition, there are two creative forces, female-attractive and male-dynamic, as polarities. These create from universal to earthly across the four layers of awareness.

Accordingly, it can be assumed that the vacuum energy is by no means constant. Rather, it is to be assumed, just as with transcendent human consciousness, that it contains energy compressions. These are formations of consciousness. If the formations of consciousness are not completely converted into subject-matter, they are energetically perceptible, but are not (yet) visible. It is likely that this is what is meant by black holes, dark/black energy and dark/black matter.

The black holes can be consciousness formations that are not aimed at the low vibrational level of subject-matter from the outset, but also the preliminary stage of celestial bodies. The formation of consciousness from universal to earthly takes place with a time delay. The dark/black energy and dark/black matter are the male and female creative powers.

[Note: Originally I assigned the black/dark matter to the layers of awareness instead of to the creative forces. This is because the descriptions of black/dark matter are so contradictory, depending on the author, that it is difficult to make a clear assignment. Finally, I found the assignment to the creative powers more convincing and have revised this article accordingly. Further information can be found at my overview page with professional articles.]

If the black holes are different layers of energetic condensation on the subtle layers of awareness and the dark/black energy as well as the dark/black matter are the creative forces, the following connection arises:

(4) universal whole as love energy (highest vibration) = vacuum energy with at the same time the beginning of the creative forces

(3) divine consciousness part as a black hole with dark/black energy and soul as a black hole with dark/black matter

(2) love flow connection as a lower vibrating dark hole and in each case the creative forces dark/black energy respectively dark/black matter

(1) earthly part of consciousness as celestial body

It is also plausible if a star turns into a black hole, from which a new star then emerges. This corresponds to the karmic cycle of death and rebirth.

The assumption that black holes are the beginning of formations on the divine layer of consciousness respectively soul layer up to the love flow connection is supported by scientific calculations about the time. In transition to the black hole, time is supposed to come to a standstill. In transcendent human consciousness, linear time is felt in the earthly part of consciousness, the present moment is the interface between earthly and divine part of consciousness and the divine is perceived as eternity. The exact connections about time are explained in the chapter “Past, Present and Future” of “Healing the World through Consciousness Development for India[4].  The universal whole comprises all times and eternity.

There is also the hypothesis that the basic forces, strong and weak interaction, electromagnetic force and gravity, should be united by extremely high energy. This corresponds to the perception of the transcendental consciousness, which experiences the energy of the universal whole as the highest, which is perceived as vibrating ever lower due to increasing compression.

The permanent formation of consciousness of the celestial bodies out of the universal whole could explain the cosmic microwave background radiation CMB, which is the same in all directions. To this end, it is to be assumed that the universe was not only formed once in time almost 14 billion years ago, but is constantly in a continuous “spatial” process of formation. This process could have begun almost 14 billion years ago and is continuing steadily. Thus, the earth was formed almost 5 billion years ago or, according to the latest research results[5], only about 5 million years ago.

This corresponds to human development. Man begins with fertilization and is then continuously renewed in all its components. Since these are fundamental spiritual laws, they can be transferred from man to the universe. Hoyle confirms with his steady-state theory that new matter is constantly being created. Think also of geotectonics and the growth of plants and animals, nothing is static.

Human consciousness is individually and collectively cyclically (with emergence and decay) designed for growth until it becomes the complete transcendent consciousness of Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©. Once this state is reached, the divine earthly love healing and creation, beginning from the universal whole, is learned. The conventional esoteric idea of a static state of enlightenment is based on the suppression of the ego and is therefore inaccurate. It can be assumed that the universe as a whole is also in a similar process of development.

Consciousness is characterized by two opposing forces that serve to create universal love. The developmental force is oriented towards growth, is expanding and masculine. The love power is directed towards healing, is attracting and feminine. The love formations from divine to earthly make use of the universal laws as male and female spiritual system. In the earthly, one is dealing with polarities, men and women and so on.

The world that can be experienced on earth, as well as the visible universe, is a permanent dynamic formation of consciousness from these two forces.

Currently, the dynamic dark/black energy outweighs the attracting dark/black matter, so the universe is expanding. A scientific explanation based on the laws of nature is being sought. This cannot be found, because the laws of nature are not the highest authority for creation. The laws of nature are only part of the universal laws through which the universal consciousness energetically creates. This means that at present the universe is in a predominantly male, dynamic shaping of consciousness until the universal consciousness plans a change.

The universal formation of consciousness earth is based on the fundamental vibration of 432 Hertz. It is equally possible that this basic oscillation can be found in the entire universe or that from the universal diversity an individual basic oscillation can be chosen for each celestial body. As a result, it makes no difference whether this selection begins once at the upstream level at the origin of the universe or is further differentiated for the various celestial bodies.

The Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© assumes that the entire universe is based on a uniform fundamental oscillation of 432 Hertz or on a fundamental oscillation containing the 432 Hertz. This also explains the existence of parallel universes. It can be assumed that further universes are based on fundamental vibrations that are simply not perceived by humans.

If the formations of consciousness in the parallel universes reach into the human universe, it can be assumed that these impacts are also perceived as black influences. From this, it follows that the unknown black is composed of subtle consciousness formations of the own universe and further universes. The consciousness formations of the other universes ‒ viewed relatively out of their reference system ‒ also appear to people to be ethereal, because they are based on a different fundamental oscillation than that of 432 Hertz.

432 Hertz is the basic vibration of the earth, from which, however, it is possible to deviate in free formation. In 1939, for example, 440 Hertz was agreed in many countries as the standard pitch for tuning musical instruments.

In this respect, a bandwidth around a fundamental oscillation can be assumed. This results in energetic layers of vibration, just as with the subtle energy bodies of human beings and the four layers of awareness from universal whole via divine to earthly.

These energetic vibration levels are at the same time independently perceptible and are in fluent transition to the other vibration levels. All levels of vibration arise from the energy of the universal whole.

The universal whole is energy that is condensed by consciousness on vibrational levels. The highest vibration as universal whole is felt as love and harmony. Other feelings and thoughts are perceived in the lower vibration ranges. Subject-matter is the lowest layer of vibration. Universes, galaxies, solar systems, planets and people are complex systems of differentiated levels of vibration.

The wholeness, from which everything comes and which is in everything, develops; it can be recognized and felt as love through the consciousness of people and can be created from divine to earthly.

How far has mankind in the meantime progressed with regard to the divine-earthly creation of consciousness?

Wilber[6] convincingly describes the evolution of mankind till today. Towards the end of “Up from Eden”, in logical conclusion, however, he tries to make a prediction for the future that is incorrect.

His prediction sounds quite convincingly from the previous level of consciousness, but that exactly is the catch. The experiences of the past are projected from the old age level of consciousness into the future.

The higher level of consciousness of the new age is, however, an evolutionary leap in development to a higher level that integrates everything of the old age and at the same time completely exceeds it. What the three errors of Ken Wilber consist in and what the new age actually looks like, Ayleen Lyschamaya describes on her website:

From Berlin in Germany, the higher level of consciousness of the new age is spreading worldwide in snowball system. Ayleen Lyschamaya makes herself available for scientific cooperation, for example in the natural sciences as well as in the social sciences, medicine or philosophy.

How to proceed? Behind this is the question of the methods of consciousness-“science” of the new age.

For the preceding theory of the cosmos, Ayleen Lyschamaya has read the book “The Origin of the Universe”[7], which gives an overview of the state of scientific research. She included this scientific knowledge into her perception out of the new consciousness and thus developed this new theory on the universe. There are no more references in this article, because Ayleen Lyschamaya did not use further sources, but proceeded from her consciousness.

The consciousness-scientific methods of the new age could look like this that Ayleen Lyschamaya gets an overview of the respective state of research of the individual sciences, which shows the connections. She integrates this overview into the view of the higher level of consciousness of the new age and creates a theory of energetic consciousness from it. The new theory of energetic consciousness can then be tested with conventional scientific methods, as far as these are sufficient. A cooperation of the individual sciences is recommended.

This procedure is to be understood as a transitional method until the universal laws for the individual sciences are known. Ayleen Lyschamaya gives science the chance to recognize the whole. Spirituality and science are not opposites, but different contents of the complete transcendent consciousness of human beings and humanity.

This article “From big bang theory to the theory of energetic consciousness” also as PDF; going on with “The Consciousness of the new age

Berlin, January 24, 2020 (updated 8/2020)

Ayleen Lyschamaya

Dr.rer.pol. Ayleen Scheffler-Hadenfeldt

Spiritual Master of Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©

Alternative practitioner for psychotherapy

State-certified chemical-technical assistant


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