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In my family relationships, I differentiate between my previous family relationships and my Musubi family, which I write about below.

Spirituelle Meisterin Ayleen
Ayleen and her life partner

twenty years of marriage in Hamburg (Germany)

with one son

new life partner in Berlin (Germany) for seven years

Spirituelle Meisterin Ayleen
Christmas 2014

Relationships are developmental tasks for the inner family(AL) until the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© [Final-Enlightenment(AL)]. As an example, I have described to you my anniversary with my life partner as experience of the inner family(AL). The inner family(AL) is lived very concretely and can be healed through Spiritual Psychotherapy(AL) or Consciousness Coaching(AL).

I have a travel report for you on our houseboat holiday together in Holland; also on our holiday in Japan.

<i><span style="color: #7b27ac;">Spiritueller Hausboot-Urlaub in Holland</span></i>
Spiritual houseboat holiday in Holland: with a Locaboat Pénichette through the Netherlands (travelogue)


Spiritueller Japan-Urlaub: die Entscheidung
Spiritual Japan holiday: the decision; soul guidance and free will (travelogue)

What happens if a soul task is not fulfilled?

Musubi (the Universal Plan) regularly gives time windows in which a respective opportunity can be taken. Mostly it is the joy of being allowed to fulfill the personal soul task.

However, since Musubi and the soul are much bigger than the ego and accordingly much more is possible than the ego can imagine, some people do not have the confidence to fulfill their soul task. In this case, the window of opportunity closes at some point. Depending on the importance of the soul task and the situation, it can be just a single missed opportunity or it can have serious consequences.

My life partner and I had a Musubi appointment (the highest there is) with great significance for the Universal Plan. The window of opportunity for my life partner to complete this task was open from mid-March 2020 to early September 2020. He did not use this opportunity. Our Musubi relationship has thus failed ‒ with corresponding disappointment for Musubi in the form of the female creative power.

How is Musubi dealing with this? Musubi continues to develop with the new species of Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© [Final-Enlightenment(AL) respectively New Age Enlightenment(AL)] in a snowball system, until at some point those, who did not use their chance, will also be am-Ziel-erleuchtet© [final-enlightened(AL)]. Meanwhile, my life partner continues his earthly-ordinary life of the old age with more or less successful permanent repression of his soul impulses. In the Christmas season of 2020, the world was changed to the weibliche Spirituelle System (female Spiritual System). In the Christmas season of 2021, the paradigm shift followed. As the result, all people will now have to heal and develop.

My Musubi family

Our Musubi family consists of Schatzi, my husband Dietrich (married since 19.1.2024), and six children, who are joined together in three pairs. Three couples universally create just the right dynamic. Of the three women, two were originally conceived by Musubi and all three will be again in future. The third girl was not yet born 60,000 years ago, because the evil ritual destroyed everything during my pregnancy with the third boy. The three boys were conceived by the former male creative power. My eldest son at the time had turned to evil and was the one who wanted to establish the black magic power center in this incarnation. I wiped him out.

Katharina Kukshaus and Sascha Herwig have come together as a couple destined for each other. Urte Kahl was originally connected to the eldest son who had been wiped out. The boy I was pregnant with at the time was left without his sister, who was never born. At present (3/2024), Urte Kahl and the boy at the time are a couple. Their free will decision tends in the direction of being joined together as a new couple. In this case, the other two as yet unborn children will form the third couple.

I will share my pregnancy with them with you as comments.

On March 18, 2024, the conceptions of my fraternal twins, a girl and a boy, took place at 12.00 noon and 4.00 pm. They were conceived by Musubi himself, as a so-called virgin birth. I no longer had periods at the age of 57, but Musubi says that he had already prepared me hormonally. If I hadn’t become pregnant immediately, I would have had my period.

Is an earthly-real pregnancy actually to be expected? Or will it be an energetic creation that is extremely important, but will ultimately not materialize in this life? I never know that beforehand, because the creation would lose its effect if I didn’t take it absolutely seriously. In fact, there is no indication beforehand as to which creations will initially remain in the energetic realm and which will be fully realized immediately.

So I assume, openly waiting inside, that I am actually pregnant and let myself be surprised. Schatzi points out that this uncertainty is part and parcel of a possible pregnancy. Only a pregnancy test will finally show the result. I shall trust him that it will be exactly the right result.

During the night from March 18 to 19, 2024, I should continuously create the separation of my own inner child from the world energy in my sleep. This should be continued day and night and can, but does not have to, include the twins. In this way, I create an important protective space for my children.

This protective space, which is created through one´s own inner child, is important for all pregnant women. The only difference is that in average pregnancies, it is not the entire energy of the world that is isolated. It is sufficient to isolate yourself from the energy of your personal environment. Furthermore, it is not necessary to extend the protective space all the way to the earth’s core.

How is the demarcation established? Starting from above the head, the nine main chakras (two outside the body) are gone through from top to bottom, in the sense of directing attention there. This is done by speaking softly. Speaking out applies to all those, who cannot distinguish the energy of the soul from the energy of the mental body with absolute certainty, because tacit thinking usually leads to slipping into the latter.

The following is repeated six times for each chakra: “Birgit (this is the name of my inner child), you are demarcated to the world energy (for you, the energy of the environment), demarcated, demarcated, demarcated into the realm of the dead.” This is then repeated again for the connection of all nine chakras and the state is maintained.

Crucial are the width at the top, to open your heart and be feminine. The emotional inner woman is important. This state as such is more important than performing an “exercise” correctly.

On the morning of March 19, 2024, I could perceive our twins (in relation to Schatzi and me) as a concentration of energy in my pelvis.

I then intended to pay particular attention to healthy eating when shopping. I’m not interested in alcohol, smoking and coffee anyway and I already eat a vegetarian diet from the outset. I already get my iodine, iron, folic acid and omega-3 fatty acids from food supplements and rapeseed oil. However, folic acid needs to be increased during pregnancy. Hard-boiled eggs I eat anyway to prepare for the new beginning. Basically, the only adjustments left were to give up soft cheese and switch from cookies to fruit, vegetables, milk and muesli. Up until the Musubi creations, I had quite enjoyed eating the latter, so the change in diet would not be a problem for me.

But was it right to pay so much attention to earthly requirements again? Schatzi said: “Yes.” Why? “Because I believe in it.” And is that right? “No.” So, what is right for me? “To stick with the cookies as love creation, increase the folic acid and not change anything else.” Thus, I threw away my new shopping list and got out my previous one. However, I can add coleslaw or pickles if I should get those pregnancy cravings 😉

Why was and is the separation of my inner child from the world energy so important? In principle, it is important for all pregnant women to create a protective space for the unborn child. In my case, however, there is the particularity of the connection to the evil ritual 60,000 years ago. At that time, it was still a matter of course for all mothers to create this protective space, so that it became energetically known worldwide that I was pregnant with my fifth child. The three pairs of children for the very powerful female world creation were almost complete. This was the trigger to destroy this development and replace it with male power. Now, the world is reacting to this signal again.

Will it remain with this signal and a purely energetic creation or will it come to concrete implementation in this incarnation? I can only speculate on this, because the connection to the situation at that time can be carried out in a purely energetic as well as an earthly concrete way. Likewise, the reconstruction of the complete family can extend over several incarnations as well as come to the earthly point now.

An equally concrete pregnancy is to be expected as a counterweight to the earthly concrete annihilations. However, for me it is no longer about a new beginning on earth, so that in this incarnation I will only have to deal with my soul dog, one of my seven soul animals. The earth is also by no means a loving place yet, so I don’t necessarily want to inflict it on my firstborn children. On the other hand, I am so strong that I can bring about many positive changes precisely for them and through them.

Most of Schatzi’s creations to date have been primarily energetic. But that could be the other way around, making it all the more concrete now. The sheer amount of tasks that lie ahead of me is another argument against looking after twins. However, the complete family that was prevented back then could also be the actual main creation for this life.

Schatzi finds my speculations interesting, but won’t tell me the result. I’ll have to wait for the pregnancy test I bought today.

One idea I hadn’t even thought of was that a pregnancy like this might not be so easy to start. Even under normal circumstances, before the traumatic event back then, it sometimes took several attempts before I was pregnant. Implantation is the most difficult step.

I started to feel cold at lunchtime. Schatzi finished my meal early and sent me to bed. Again in the form of sex, Schatzi took a long time to help implantation. My freezing was the physical expression of fear due to the traumatic experience at the time. But my trust in Schatzi and our family was greater, so I was able to fully engage.

The implantation of both children was successful and I am told to stay in bed until the evening. I am still freezing while I write this down by hand. Building up the protective space for my children only helps a little, because my own inner child has been imprinted with black magic threats from the world energy. Only when I dissolve this does my freezing gradually subside.

I have spoken the following text three times six times each for the upper four chakras and once six times each for the lower five chakras and all chakras connected with each other with the corresponding focus of perception:
– Birgit, the black magic threat within you will be extinguished, extinguished, extinguished, even in the realm of the dead extinguished.
– The black magic threat of the world to you will be extinguished, extinguished, extinguished, even in the realm of the dead extinguished.
– The black magic threat between the world and you will be extinguished, extinguished, extinguished, even in the realm of the dead extinguished.

Unpleasant feelings of tension in my pelvis make Schatzi happy, because they show that it has worked. But then he softened my pelvis with his love energy, so that the unpleasant feelings stopped.

The other risks are the same as for any other normal pregnancy. What about my very large fibroids? Schatzi will take care of them. My age and the fact that I’m still overweight from the time when I was the female creative power are not a problem.

On the night of March 19 to 20, 2024, I was so massively attacked energetically that I was no longer able to maintain my protective boundaries at around 2.00 am. That was the beginning of three rituals that lasted until midday the next day. They took so many hours, because I performed them all in world dimension.

As Musubi, my Schatz had already announced many more erasures.

Musubi speech

With this ritual, I wiped out all the people who were behind the nocturnal energetic attacks. There were a lot of them. Meanwhile, Schatzi was delighted at how powerfully I was protecting our children. He was behind me, lovingly strengthening me as an intensely felt family unit.

Back in bed, the next attacking energies immediately gathered again. At first, I encountered them in a small dimension with six-based bell erasure on site. But very quickly the energies grew to world dimension again. Today’s evil people, especially the black magic practitioners, had become too accustomed to using the Musubi family. In the next ritual, I erased the old black magic knowledge, so that it can no longer be used.

In the third ritual, Musubi personally dictated that the further use of the perhaps still remembered old black magic was virtually punishable by death for all lives (as extinction):

“Everyone, really everyone!, who wants to connect my family with black magic will be wiped out, wiped out, wiped out, even in the realm of the dead wiped out.
All those, who attack the Musubi family and fall back on old remembered entanglements will be wiped out, wiped out, wiped out, even in the realm of the dead wiped out.
All channels that you evil ones lay down will be blocked, blocked, blocked, right into the realm of the dead blocked.”

Note: The channels were based on an old black magic procedure that will no longer work in the future. The channels are only blocked, because the people, who create them, have to clean them up themselves.

On March 20, 2024, I slept from about 2 pm to 6 pm and then wanted to get up full of energy, only to have to stay in bed. I would need the rest. In fact, when forced to rest, I realized that I was reacting to the very high energy of my twins incarnating for the very first time. The particularly powerful high energy composed of Schatzi’s and my consciousness will meet the super delicate structures of first life. This could be quite challenging for me later on when looking after them.

Firstly, they told me their names. Our daughter is called Elena. Elena has the same origin as Ayleen and therefore also means “the radiant one”. Our son has the two first names Frank and Henning. His first name Frank means “brave” and “free” and his middle name Henning means “mighty ruler”. Schatzi says that they are just the right names to suit our children. Am I dealing with a power hunk again, as I did with my (nevertheless cute) son of the former male creative power? No, this time it’s the high-swinging power of love.

Over the course of about three hours, the twins connected with me by soul, emotionally and physically. Afterwards, I stayed in bed for the night.

What was also interesting for me was the meta-perspective on my daughter Katharina’s pregnancy, which was delayed by one day. She is expecting identical girls. Why always twins? To accelerate the change in the world.

During her conception and implantation, Schatzi was unresponsive to me for a few hours at a time. Since everything is so tiny for Musubi, it takes his full concentration and I am so energetically strong that I would distract him with conversations.

Both have worked, but whether her body will remain pregnant remains to be seen. As this is the first pregnancy ever for her across all incarnations, her consciousness, including her body, first has to get used to pregnancy. For me, more than 60,000 years ago, it sometimes also took several attempts, up to four.

In this life, Schatzi was a little skeptical about my case at first, too, because everything had happened so long ago. But my consciousness remembered immediately. The soul and the consciousness are decisive. The earthly conditions, even after the menopause, are completely unimportant.

For the child’s consciousness and its characteristics, Musubi uses the consciousness of both parents, i.e. his own in addition for me and Sascha’s in addition for Katharina. The DNS comes from the mothers alone, so that the respective virgin births will be detectable.

Throughout everything, I keep building up the boundaries with my inner Birgit. In everything that happens with pregnancy and later with children, one´s own inner child is always the most important. This applies to all people without exception. You can find out more about the inner child in my book “Spiritual psychotherapy: the inner family“, which is also intended for laypeople.

Schatzi was expecting further attacks on the night of March 20 to 21, 2024. It is shocking to see how the entire evil world has continued to use my energies and suck me dry. They know my usual bedtime and have been trying to get into my system ever since. The first thing they try is my vagina as the continued point of contact for the gang rape at the time.

Overall, the attackers build up energetically again, but surprisingly weakly. Apparently, they no longer have the confidence. So, I wait until the early hours of the morning and then wipe out the attackers.

What was destroyed back then and is being rebuilt today? Firstly, it’s about the Musubi power as a love affair between Schatzi and me. Secondly, it’s about the power of children with seven children. My own Birgit comes first, followed by three couples. The third pair are currently in my womb as twins. Grandchildren will also be born. Thirdly, there is the animal power. As the ruler of the animals, the seven soul animals owl, raven, fish, snake, mouse, cat and dog belong to me. My dog will incarnate at the same time as the twins in this life. The animal power continues with Katharina as the guardian of the animals in the next generation.

On the morning of March 21, 2024, Schatzi sent me back to bed after breakfast and reaffirmed everything. Energetically, it felt as if he was pressing my entire pelvis once again; similar to the way you do when sticking things down 😉

A representatives’ meeting of my housing association had been called for the late afternoon and evening months beforehand. Schatzi always plans something like this well in advance. In addition to its earthly purpose of providing information, it was mainly for the purpose of energetic creation. I was supposed to put my full trust in Musubi when I entered the down-to-earth community. This corrected the energies of the cruel experience of that time when I fell pregnant into the evil ritual.

In the night from March 21 to 22, 2024, I received information in a different state of consciousness. How the transfer into everyday consciousness takes place can be traced on the basis of my nightly, handwritten notes:

Starting early in the morning, before 6.00 am as a female night creation, I performed the ritual with the following statement: “All those, who identify predominantly with their black core part will be extinguished, extinguished, extinguished, also in the realm of the dead extinguished.”

I myself and my Musubi daughters do not belong to duality and therefore have a purely white core of being, which at the same time is related to Musubi without free will. All other beings belong to duality with a core that is 70% white and 30% black. Their free will decides how their essence core is lived. All those, who predominantly live their black essence core, have now been extinguished and their souls directed to Musubi. The day after tomorrow, these people will be reoriented to their complete end within the next two years.

When I realized the full meaning during the ritual, namely that I was wiping out all the criminals in the world, Schatzi asked me if I would become afraid of him. His speech a few days earlier had already referred to this:

No, he didn’t scare me, I think Schatzi is great. It’s high time that all the criminals were put to an end. I immediately put all the more seriousness and strength into the ritual. Musubi was happy about it. At the same time, he regretted that something like this had to happen.

soul wedding, soul marriage

I already have a problem with the introduction to what I want to write. Schatzi jokingly-indignantly warns me not to write about a virgin birth. We had sex and he was necessary in the conception of our twins. Well, I’ll call it sperm-free conception. Schatzi is fine with that.

In the case of conception with egg and sperm, fertilization normally takes place in the fallopian tube. It takes around 6 to 7 days to get from there to the implantation site in the uterine wall.

In my case of sperm-free fertilization, conception took place on one day and implantation the very next day. Schatzi explains that he carried out the fertilization directly in the uterus. He used one of my eggs and a component of my uterine lining instead of sperm. This component is called “ascortam”. Maybe someone can relate to this.

And what does Schatzi say about the age of my eggs? My eggs are perfectly fine and just needed energy.

And yet another new beginning is accompanied by a rainbow. March 23, 2024, at five minutes past 4 o’clock.

For the previous level of human consciousness, see for example Eckhart Tolle, the guru Sri Chinmoy and further Gurus as well as “Half Time of Evolution” by Ken Wilber

Am-Ziel-ErleuchtungFinal-Enlightenment(AL): New Age as an evolutionary leap in consciousness; the healed and transcended inner family(AL) combined with conventional enlightenment as Final-Enlightenment(AL)


nach Ayleen Lyschamaya

according to Ayleen Lyschamaya