Higher justice: female new beginning as world love

Many of you are already sensing the underlying shift in world energy from Musubi’s masculine to Musubi’s feminine creative power, which we are experiencing as a new age. Until now, the male creative force dominated, whose main task was to condense the high love energy into powerful earthly substance. From the end of 2020 to the beginning of 2021, Musubi’s feminine creative force took the lead to fill this earthly substance with love. On the night of 14 to 15 April 2021, the new creation took place, so that 15 April is the festival of the new age from this year on.

This change of leadership was not carried out voluntarily by the previously dominant karmic system of the old age, so that the change was carried out symbolically-energetically as a legal dispute. My son, who had meanwhile come of age and was studying, sued me for maintenance as a female creative force. He was not financially needy, but karmically blocked, symbolically-energetically emotionally seeking Musubi’s love. However, he did not want to accept this voluntarily by addressing me personally or writing to me, but wanted to force it through a court case for maintenance. The karmic power system of the old age wanted to assert its dominant position in both individual and collective consciousness. In the changeover from the masculine to the feminine spiritual system, this court case was therefore particularly about dissolving the previous karmic power blockade in the individual and collective consciousness in order to be able to accept universal love again.

My son demanded information from me about my financial situation, which I voluntarily gave him even before the main proceedings began, to the effect that I had given up my alternative psychotherapy practice in order to realise Musubi’s plan. In his opinion, however, I should not have done this, but instead should have followed his training plans, which had not been communicated to me until then. Therefore, he now demanded financial information about previous years in order to attribute fictitious income to me for his maintenance. But Musubi did not want me to give this information. Why not?

Symbolically and energetically, it was a matter of me, as a female creative force, aligning myself with Musubi’s guidance vis-à-vis the earthly by placing the universal plan as the highest. From the point of view of shaping consciousness, it would have been wrong if I had followed the earthly guidelines of my son by fulfilling his extended claim to fictitious income. By orienting myself towards fictitious income, the legal dispute was symbolically and energetically moved away from the earthly and directly towards Musubi. At the same time, looking back at the previous years meant holding on to the old while the new age was to be implemented.
It was also no coincidence that we thematised worldly love judicially. The masculine creative power dominated not only the earthly in general, but also very specifically the judicial until 2020. I am not referring to the content of conspiracy theories, but to the underlying collective energetic consciousness of the judiciary. This needed to be changed.

When I, as Musubi’s feminine creative force, direct my perception towards something, I automatically direct the universal love energy healingly into the earthly towards this content of consciousness. By personally preparing the legal briefs for my lawyer, a lot of love energy flowed into the judiciary right from the beginning of the process. However, the structures of the judiciary were still so much of the old age that Musubi’s love was not accepted earthly. The old patterns prevailed and I was ordered to provide information on fictitious income from previous years. See the PDF file: Partial decision of 30.07.2020, Pankow/Weißensee District Court, Ref.: 14 F 6392/19.

The first instance of voluntary acceptance of love was now over and the focus shifted to the change of leadership. A superordinate view symbolically-energetically for Musubi and an earthly orientation towards structures were opposed. On a superordinate level, the partial decision violated my fundamental rights, previous supreme court rulings and directly comparable final judgments. The maintenance claim was not even questioned, but assumed from the outset, levels of examination of the legal norms were reversed, contents were ignored, null and void clauses were applied, etc. Such a degree of illegality in a partial decision can only be explained by the fact that the structural level influence of the old patterns was still energetically very strong. See the PDF file: Complaint of 10.09.2020, District Court Pankow/Weißensee, Ref.: 14 F 6392/19.

This symbolic-energetically superior Musubi view was contrasted by the earthly orientation towards a dispute value limit of 600 euros, which is not considered to have been reached for requests for information. The Appeals Court pointed this out and asked for a statement. See the PDF file: Opinion of 15.10.2020.

The Court of Appeal stuck to its earthly structural level orientation, did not take into account the higher-level view and rejected my complaint as inadmissible because the amount in dispute had fallen below the threshold. See the PDF file: Order of 24.11.2020, Kammergericht Berlin, Ref: 18 UF 1080/20; 14 F 6392/19 AG Pankow/Weißensee.
Starting with the Consciousness Coach of the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© trainings in October 2020, through the Christmas season and the turn of the year until the feast day of the new age on 15 April 2021, the energetic basis of the world was changed from the previous karmic dominance to the guidance by Musubi’s feminine creative power. For this purpose, I also carried out healing energy shapings to the legal system. The main point was to assert the new feminine love guidance against the old karmic power structures. While the feminine of the old age is separated from the divine in consciousness by a karmic guilt blockade, the masculine of the old age is separated by a karmic power blockade. The legal appeal against the decision was filed with the BGH on 07.01.2021 with file number XII ZB 5/21. At the same time, an extension of the time limit until 8 March 2021 was granted for the substantiation of the appeal.

Towards the expiry of this deadline, my BGH lawyer (there are currently around 40 lawyers admitted to the BGH) advised me to withdraw my appeal and again justified this with the structure-oriented amount in dispute. I therefore asked him to take the superior view and justify the appeal on the grounds of nullity of the original partial decision due to violations of fundamental rights and securing uniform jurisdiction. See the PDF file: E-mail of 02.03.2021 on the continuation of the appeal on points of law.

Thereupon, my BGH lawyer resigned my mandate on 02.03.2021, four working days before the deadline. I did not agree to this at such short notice. He concluded that I wanted to turn to the Federal Constitutional Court as the next instance. To this end, he informed me that he intended to submit a statement of reasons to the Federal Supreme Court only on the basis of the amount in dispute, which would therefore make me lose the appeal from the outset, in order to give me access to the Federal Constitutional Court. But Musubi did not agree with this. It was not to effectively skip an instance with still persisting structural level reasoning, but to be cured by flow of love from a superior viewpoint. See the PDF file: Email of 03.03.2021 on the enforcement of the legal claim.

The legal dispute should be terminated at the BGH, because it is responsible for higher justice. I therefore wrote to ten law firms, some of them with two BGH lawyers, i.e. a total of fourteen BGH admitted lawyers. But they all refused at such short notice. Meanwhile, my BGH lawyer had drafted a loser’s statement of reasons, which I refused to submit in an email dated 04.03.2021.

By my refusal, Musubi did not subordinate itself to the structural level specifications, but changed the legal system to universal guidance, which now materialises into the earthly. Musubi provides the new orientation for the judiciary.

Berlin, 07.03.2021, by Ayleen Lyschamaya , Musubi’s female creative force.

On this day, the deadline for the substantiation of the appeal, BGH XII ZB 5/21, expired. That is to say, the universal plan was to be implemented in concrete earthly terms. However, the souls arranged for this purpose had not yet been able to transport their task into the consciousness of the persons concerned by noon. Therefore, the message had to be given to them additionally in earthly form. For this purpose, I wrote to the BGH Bar Association as well as to the BGH itself with very similar content. For the BGH, this had to be done in encrypted e-mail transmission, the contacting of which had to be additionally accepted, but this was not done. Finally, I still contacted directly by e-mail the four BGH lawyers who had the Musubi soul task of representing my case. See the PDF file: BGH reasoning of 08.03.2021, BGH XII ZB 5/21.

Berlin, 08.03.2021, by Ayleen Lyschamaya , Musubi’s female creative power.

All BGH lawyers had been offered universal love in the form of higher justice. This opportunity remains voluntary on Musubi’s part and was again not accepted. However, conversely, the resignation of my previous BGH lawyer, which was claimed to me, had probably not been communicated to the court at all (contrary to his statement). In any case, the BGH apparently assumed in its decision of 17.03.2021, which rejected the higher justice for lack of reasons, that I was still represented by a lawyer and thus also sent the decision to the BGH lawyer.

How could the behaviour of my BGH lawyer be psychologically explained? It showed the typical triggers of the karmic power system towards the feminine (meant as a structure of consciousness). Therefore, the BGH lawyer Thomas Kofler from Musubi is no longer acceptable for the higher justice of the new age. Individual other (only a few) BGH lawyers who also place their karmic power system above higher justice, Musubi considers to be integrable by the overall change to the feminine spiritual system.

the decision of 17.03.2021, I wrote to the BGH judges in a similar way as I had written to the lawyers before. As a result, they too got Musubi’s offer to represent the higher justice. See the PDF file: BGH decision of 17.03.2021, BGH XII ZB 5/21.
Berlin, 28.03.2021, by Ayleen Lyschamaya , Musubi’s female creative force.

On 21.04.2021 I learned from Musubi in the evening that I should now, shortly before the one-month deadline expired, file a constitutional complaint. In addition, I should no longer only apply for the original partial decision to be declared null and void, but, on the basis of my case, at the same time include the entire, already disputed, singular position of the BGH lawyers. The singular position refers to the special feature that there is only a limited number of lawyers admitted to the Federal Supreme Court who have to go through a lengthy special selection procedure. This inclusion of the singular position was mainly for energetic reasons, while the actual decision was to remain open in the result. See the PDF file: BVerfG-appeal-22.04.2021-Ayleen-Lyschamaya-1.

After I had faxed the constitutional complaint to the court on 22.04.2021 and pocketed it for the post, I emptied my letterbox on the way back, only to find in it a delivery from the BGH. In it was another order concerning my letter to the BGH judges. I included this as a follow-up to the constitutional complaint. See the PDF files: BVerfG complaint-22.04.2021-Ayleen-Lyschamaya-2 and BGH decision-14.04.2021-XII ZB 5 21.

Because I had now permeated the entire jurisdiction as Musubi’s feminine creative power, it had been converted to the feminine spiritual system of healing love. The realisation of this conversion was additionally supported on 23 April by the love of an Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© with a corresponding soul task. On 24 April I finally transformed the former karmic power dominance into the new love base of the feminine Spiritual System. I did this beyond pure jurisdiction at the same time for the whole world.

The conversion of jurisdiction from the karmic power blockade to the feminine Spiritual System has the effect for the latter that from now on all court proceedings are carried by the basic energy of love. In concrete terms, this means, for example, that the formalities lose their application as ends in themselves and instead serve the actual purpose again, namely that of higher justice. Jurisdiction is lovingly supported by Musubi’s feminine creative power.

Berlin, 24.04.2021, by Ayleen Lyschamaya , Musubi’s female creative force.

Neues Zeitalter der Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©

Neues Zeitalter der Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©

Neues Zeitalter der Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©

On 21.04.2021 I received from my lawyer of first instance forwarded by e-mail a threat of execution from the other side dated 20.04.2021. The lawyer set 05.05.2021 as the deadline for the information. My lawyer answered her that a constitutional complaint had been filed. She then called him to tell him that the partial decision was nevertheless legally binding and that she would therefore have it enforced anyway. It was the attempt of the karmic system to hold on to the old after all by ignoring higher justice.

Is it possible to make the Federal Constitutional Court meaningless in this way and to undermine fundamental rights? I answered the lawyer personally by email on 30.04.2021. See the PDF file: Email of 30.04.2021 on the defence against enforcement.

Berlin, 01.05.2021, by Ayleen Lyschamaya , Musubi’s female creative force.

Rainbow on 4 May 2021 over Berlin

Der Regenbogen des neuen Zeitalters-1

Regenbogen des neuen Zeitalters

Doppelter Regenbogen des neuen Zeitalters-2

On 6 May 2021, the opposing lawyer contacted my lawyer of first instance. She enclosed my letter to her and informed my lawyer that she would initiate enforcement and would continue to contact him for this purpose. Thereupon my, now former, lawyer resigned my mandate. She was to please send future mail directly to me.

While the alignment from earthly to divine was made more difficult, even blocked, by the compulsion of a lawyer, the realisation from divine to earthly is now taking place directly through me personally.

Berlin, 09.05.2021, by Ayleen Lyschamaya , Musubi’s feminine creative power.