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What is the spiritual significance of out-of-body experiences / astral journeys?

Out-of-body experiences are a possibility to come to know universal love and to enter into communion with subtle beings. However, they do not serve the development of consciousness or universal-earthly love-creation and thus do not establish a lovable earth. Therefore, out-of-body experiences are a possible spiritual approach, but with an opposite direction of action to the Universal Plan. The Universal Plan aims at the earthly as the realization of a loving earth. This means that astral journeys can provide a spiritual experience, but have no further meaning beyond that.

How are out-of-body experiences / astral journeys to be placed in the overall spiritual context?

The transcendent human being (“Spiritual Psychotherapy: the inner family“) consists of consciousness and energy. With consciousness, the universal awareness, the individual divine part of consciousness as well as the soul and the earthly part of consciousness with the inner family(AL) and karmic competence are to be distinguished. The latter parts of consciousness are accumulated in the physical body (see also body psychotherapy). With the subtle energy bodies, there is the etheric body (subtle basis of the physical body), the emotional or astral body (carrier of feelings), the mental body (carrier of thoughts) and the spiritual body or causal body (spiritual being).

Depending on which shift of consciousness takes place in connection with which subtle energy body, different forms of out-of-body experiences can be distinguished.

Causal body out-of-body experiences: Meditation and feeling of oneness with nature are shifts of consciousness into divine awareness respectively the Universal Whole. These experiences focus on the causal body, so they could also be called “causal body out-of-body experiences”. However, they are not usually called out-of-body experiences, because they are experienced as an expansion of consciousness.

Mental body out-of-body experiences: Past life regressions and other mental body techniques are shifts of consciousness into the karmic. In the process, the body is temporarily “switched off”. These procedures are primarily directed at the mental body of the subtle energy bodies. Usually, past life regressions and similar methods are not called out-of-body experiences, although strictly speaking they are.

Astral body out-of-body experiences, astral travels: When speaking of out-of-body experiences / astral journeys, this form of out-of-body experience is regularly meant. Thus, the terms astral body and astral travel also correspond. However, when it is said that “… Every person astral travels at night during sleep …”[1], these are again not limited to the astral body, but involve diverse variations (more diverse than described in this overview) from the state of consciousness and energy level.

Out-of-body experiences as astral journeys in the usual sense are shifts of consciousness that simultaneously detach the astral body from the physical body. Since the astral body is closest to the etheric body or the physical body in terms of energetic vibrational frequency, this leaving of the physical body is felt concretely. It is therefore called an out-of-body experience respectively astral journey.

During the out-of-body experiences in the sense of astral journeys, the connection of the astral body to the physical body is temporarily loosened, so that an embedding of the astral body in the more subtle out-of-body energy layers can take place. In this process, it is possible to experience karmic dimensions in the broadest sense as well as the Divine. The karmic dimensions can contain dangers (for example, encounters with unpleasant beings) that are regularly warned against in connection with out-of-body experiences. In contrast, embedding in the Divine is experienced as healing, loving security.

In this context, there are basically two spiritual ways for people to be: First, the various consciousnesses and subtle energy bodies of each transcendent human being can be experienced centred in the earthly via the physical body. Secondly, one can detach oneself from the physical body and use the astral body to centre the consciousness.

The astral body is not bound to a specific place in the earthly, but can travel the general human energy layers. The general human energy layers and the energy layers in the individual consciousness correspond to each other and influence each other in the average person. However, Am-Ziel-Erleuchtete© [Final-Enlightened(AL) Ones] are so delimited in the earthly that they no longer allow themselves to be influenced, but instead heal their environment.

A prerequisite for out-of-body experiences as astral journeys is normally an astral body identification, so that usually inner-woman personalities (personality test) have out-of-body experiences / astral journeys. Furthermore, in the case of traumatic and near-death experiences as well as stimulation of the brain, other influences can be added.

Scientifically, out-of-body experiences are mostly explained as illusions, flight dreams, lucid dreams or hallucinations.[2] These explanations merely reflect the previous very low level of consciousness (half-time of evolution) of mankind. It is not the out-of-body experience / astral travel that is the illusion, but the unreflective belief in science, which is limited to earthly experiences of consciousness. Accordingly, neither the full transcendent consciousness is recognised nor are the different energy layers taken into account. Instead, worldwide known out-of-body experiences / astral travels are reduced to the limited worldview of scientificity.

Are out-of-body experiences / astral travels spiritually meaningful? If out-of-body experiences / astral journeys are individually experienced as positive, they can be helpful. However, out-of-body experiences / astral journeys do not serve the development of the personality, because it is a spiritual ability that is based on already existing astral body identification and merely uses it in a targeted way.

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