Disclaimer of Ayleen Lyschamaya



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This disclaimer applies to all my books, all my online texts and all my videos, especially to EMDR, spiritual, coaching and psychotherapeutic exercises as well as belly dance.

Basically, belly dancing is good for your back, because you learn a healthy upright posture and mobilize the spine. However, with back pain or a previously damaged spine, for example, by preceding herniated disc, you should better not take part in my Online Belly Dance Courses. The risk is too great that you damage yourself. Otherwise, pay attention to consistently keeping your back long and especially the lumbar region relaxed.

In my Online Belly Dance Classes I draw your attention on back-friendly belly dancing. Positions with extreme backward posture I don´t even show, because I don´t dance them myself. Likewise, I don´t dance on the floor, because it is burdensome for the knees. Accordingly, all discomfort which may arise is a signal of the body to immediately stop the belly dance. During and after the belly dancing you should feel physically refreshed and healthier than before. Belly dance as a Moving Meditation means to engage in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

In general, I have taken care in my videos to make you a health-friendly offer. Nevertheless, I cannot take the responsibility for what you do at home. Therefore, you take personally responsible part in my video courses and should, if need be, consult a doctor. Thus, I make the following disclaimer.

Disclaimer: My books, online texts and videos have been carefully researched and prepared. Nonetheless, no responsibility shall be taken for the correctness of the content. I take no responsibility for any damage resulting from the contents of the texts and videos. In the online courses is only to participate in complete physical and mental health. This disclaimer includes all my videos, online texts and books.

Yours Ayleen Lyschamaya

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