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Spirituelle Meisterin Ayleen

The inner family(AL) with inner child, inner woman and inner man is the earthly psyche of human beings. This determines the individual personality structure of the current life. It can be healed primarily through coaching and psychotherapeutic methods.

In addition, there are spiritual procedures that support beyond personality development consciousness expansion on the complete spiritual path to Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© [Final-Enlightenment(AL) respectively New Age Enlightenment(AL)]. These include for example card reading, earlier lifes as past life regression, energetic approaches as chakra cleansing, other awareness conditions as hypnosis and meditation, living an authentic life for spiritual experiences, people with indigo special features as well as tapping acupressure (EFT). Card reading gives valuable information, past life regression aims at the karmic past for positive changes, chakra cleansing harmonises the subtle energy system, tapping acupressure releases energetic blockages, hypnosis and meditation support from a higher layer of awareness, an authentic life is a prerequisite for the complete spiritual path and some people bring indigo special features with them.

I describe the further methods Guilt-feelings-dll-practice©, Spiritual EMDR(AL), belly dance as Movement Meditation and reversed meditation on “spiritual path“, because they enable the universal self-love of the transcendent human being on the second and third section of the complete spiritual path. That is, a person connects with universal love in such a way that it can flow into her/his earthly personality as the inner family(AL) and right into the body. Such a person is now completely filled with love.

More about the methods on the complete spiritual path to Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©.

Am-Ziel-ErleuchtungFinal-Enlightenment(AL): New Age as an evolutionary leap in consciousness; the healed and transcended inner family(AL) combined with conventional enlightenment as Final-Enlightenment(AL) ‒ see also spiritual masters and gurus


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