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How does Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© deal with the ego? The unconscious ego is developed into the conscious inner family(AL) as a healthy earthly personality structure. For this purpose, all injuries are healed and all splits in the consciousness are removed.

The healed and complete inner family(AL) (see also my structure-based Spiritual Psychotherapy(AL)) is integrated into the Divine, filled with universal love and the earthly expression of the Divine. It is allowed to enjoy a beautiful earthly life and at the same time fulfils its soul task of spreading universal love in the earthly. The surplus of universal self-love flows on quite automatically through one’s own inner family(AL) to other people and heals them.

The ego is therefore by no means given up with Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©, but merely transformed into a love-radiating conscious instrument of the Divine. In this respect, therefore, no one need fear having to give up her or his ego on the complete spiritual path. Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© (see also conventionally enlightened in the critique) lead a normal earthly life of love.

I am a normal woman with all the earthly needs of my inner family members inner child, inner woman and inner man. However, these no longer seek love, recognition, appreciation and attention from other people because all this is already fulfilled inner-psychically.

From this beautiful basic state, my inner family (AL) may additionally enjoy everything earthly. It does it automatically in accordance with the universal whole and its soul task, because it is created for this and this behaviour therefore brings the greatest fulfilment.

To make this remaining normality in the earthly more vivid for you, I would like to choose my fourth anniversary with my life partner as an example. Fortunately, our anniversary fell on a Sunday, which we had arranged to meet anyway, because we do not live together in a shared flat, as we both wished. What nice things we should do together came to us at the moment when I was thinking about our anniversary, in the form of a newspaper advertisement for the Pankefest nearby. Although the weather forecast didn’t predict particularly good prospects, the sun was shining gloriously.

On “our day” everything was perfect all around. I felt intense love and at the same time energetically the flow of love through my body. There it turned into joy, which I also expressed as declarations of love and physically through my inner woman. My friend could accept my love and we looked at each other in intimate love connection. It was a beautiful atmosphere at the festival, embedded in the universal whole.

First we strolled along the stalls with handicrafts and later stayed for a long time in the sun in front of the stage with a country band. We moved to the upbeat music and my friend sang along to the lyrics he knew. I was only mostly familiar with the melodies, so I stayed more in the physical expression. Afterwards we ate outside in a cosy garden pub until it finally got cool and we went home satisfied.

The contentment, harmony, love and joy as well as embeddedness in the whole were in me from the start. I did not seek this state through my partner and/or the street party, but merely expressed my inner state of well-being earthly. I did not want to get from the outside, but to give out of the universally flowing love-fullness of my inner family(AL). This intensified the divine-earthly flow of love that was already present in me, so that the joy of my inner woman became all the more intense.

At the same time, my friend experienced healing through my radiance of love and I thus fulfilled my soul task towards him out of the feminine spiritual system. When one’s own inner family(AL) is love-filled and happy in the earthly, other people are automatically healed to the extent that they can accept it. Hence the spiritual message of Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©: Accept universal love, for your destiny is to be happy.

I have also summarised the complete spiritual path to Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© for you as a singing bowl ritual. If you are interested in the individual Tibetan chakra singing bowls, you will also find audio samples in the context of Chakra Wellness.

Spirituelle Meisterin Ayleen
Rose for the anniversary

At the same time, I would like to use this rose from my boyfriend as an example of how I perceive from my Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©. Many women react disappointed when their partner forgets their anniversary because they expect recognition and fulfilment of their wishes from him. My inner woman receives all masculine recognition from her own inner man, so it doesn’t matter whether she gives herself the rose as an earthly expression of her inner desire, asks her partner for it, the partner surprises her of his own accord or the recognition is not even expressed earthly by a rose. Rather, my inner woman is in a state of love from the outset, which can be expressed at will and thereby strengthened in its intensity.

Spirituelle Meisterin Ayleen
Rose for the anniversary
Spirituelle Psychotherapie: Die innere Familie(AL)
inner family

Not yet final enlightened(AL), it is part of the inner healing on the first stage of the complete spiritual path to lovingly give yourself a rose, if necessary. It is not a matter of getting love from your partner, but of healing inwardly the appreciation of your own inner man for your inner woman. For this purpose I have compiled an overview of the inner family(AL) for you and offer webinars on the inner family(AL). Perhaps you would also like to share or have questions about Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©?



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