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What can you expect on the subject of rape?

  • The overall social origin of rape
  • The question of guilt
  • The previous basis of relationship: instead of love, hostility with rape
  • Criminals, gray area and legal – the common broken base
  • Rape of women’s corpses as everyday normality
  • Justice and compensation as trust in the future
  • Confidence: rape can be completely cured
  • Raped men, the taboo topic
  • Pedophiles – that’s just the priests of the Catholic Church, right?
  • Explanation of the misogynistic rap music
  • Rape as an evolutionary legacy?
  • The female body is innocent

The overall social origin of rape

Nowadays, it is such a matter of course that rape is committed that this deviant crime is regarded as completely normal and natural, as having always existed. Already in the stone age saga of Jean M. Auel “Ayla – the children of the earth“ rape is assumed and the supposed handling with it at that time is described.

But the assumption that rape has always existed and in a worse way is normal, is wrong. By the way, this also applies to other crimes such as war in its present form. This hostility, whether as sexualized or other violence, has only arisen as a result of an aberration in human history.

The origin of this aberrant development can be found about 60,000 years ago in what is now India. In this respect, it is by no means a coincidence that India, of all places, developed into a particularly misogynistic country with mass rapes. India is also the origin of the extremely misogynistic so-called guide to the art of love “Kamasutra”. The Kamasutra describes exactly the opposite of love, namely rape, and belongs to the Indian tradition of textbooks on eroticism. I go into this in Musubi World Healing. The energetic basis has shaped the place since then. However, only the foundation stone for a then worldwide phenomenon was laid there.

Originally, people lived as loving souls and with their souls identified lovingly and harmoniously with each other. Arguments, even into the physical, existed, but without the underlying hostility that nowadays characterizes even peaceful coexistence. I exaggerate? Not at all, because rape and other violent crimes must be expected as a constant threat at any time. People have merely become so accustomed to this state of affairs that they call it peaceful, because they no longer know anything more loving.

At that time, people lived together in a loving matriarchy spiritually oriented to Musubi. This orientation started from the female creative power and was passed on earthly concretizing to the male creative power. This was the basic form of living together as a basis for mankind.

But then something happened, which was so improbable and abnormal that it was not counted on as a possibility in the emergence of a loving earth. The male creative force decided with his free will against Musubi’s plan and against the love and instead for power. Only the mental body energy, actually responsible for healthy demarcation, was able to do this. It was already present in the human consciousness about 60,000 years ago, but not yet differentiated. Therefore, such a wrong decision had not been expected.

In fact, at that time, the male creative force would not have been able to turn against Musubi, the love and the female creative force alone. For this, he needed reinforcing further six allies and a magic evil ritual. This culminated in the first mass rape in human history of the female creative force. Thereby, the soul love was destroyed in its love-flow into the earthly up to the physical.

The female creative power was so stunned and shocked by the unprecedented monstrosity and of all things perpetrated by her great soul love the male creative power that she blamed herself. Out of her soul love it was completely beyond her imagination that out of pure greed for power such an act could be committed. In addition, there were a total of seven men. This female trauma became the basis of further human history.

The basis for misdevelopment was laid and the energy for it was created. But the effects showed up only much later as with approximately beginning of the advanced civilizations the mental body in the collective consciousness differentiated itself. Now it was possible to decide for the love or to fall back on the power energy. Mankind did the latter. From now on, in constant humiliation of the female, rape became the norm.

In order to dissolve this collective structure of consciousness and energetic imprinting again, I deal as comments with the manifold aspects of rape. Among other things, I get suggestions for this in quite normal evening entertainment, for example in crime thrillers like German “Tatort“.

11 thoughts on “rape – the social phenomenon

  • August 24, 2023 at 12:59 pm

    The question of guilt

    Can a woman be guilty of rape or complicit in rape? – No. There is absolutely nothing that could even constitute complicity.

    The body belongs to the woman and must remain intact, no matter what she does. Her general sexual behavior plays no role whatsoever. Even if she is the “biggest slut”, it is still her decision when she has sex with whom and in what form. She may also dress as provocatively as she likes. If she violates moral decency, she can be reported for it, but it does not justify rape.

    She is also not to be blamed for accompanying a man to his apartment on the first date. She is attracted to him and has confidence. What kind of society is this that accuses normal human interaction as naive and complicit, because it must be assumed in principle that men are criminals?

    Even a drunk woman is not simply to be used at will. It is completely irrelevant in which state a woman is, because even drunk her body belongs to her alone. If a woman’s consciousness is too stunned by alcohol or other drugs to say Yes, then that is a No. Anything that is not an unequivocal Yes is a No.

    Flirt signals are also only an expression of interest and sympathy, not an automatic Yes to sex.

    Can a woman have provoked sexual assault, regardless in which way? – No. Rape is a crime that is solely about power. No man has the right to humiliate a woman in a hostile way, because an inner film of power is playing in his consciousness. No one would think of accusing a dead person of having provoked her/his murder. Just the same no woman provokes rape.

    In court, the social rape continues. Initially by asking irrelevant questions about general sexual behavior in the first place. These suggest that the woman may be complicit through her purely private behavior. Furthermore, by disclosing irrelevant private behavior, the intimate area of the woman is again forcibly invaded.

    It then regularly continues that testimony against testimony acquits the perpetrator. This virtually invites gang rape, because there is then more than one statement against statement. But whenever a woman suffers physical injuries, the sex was not consensual. The perpetrator has to prove that the woman consented to physical injuries.

    Rape is an individual and social power phenomenon in which the female collectively and the affected woman individually never share the blame. The question of guilt has to focus solely on the perpetrator.

  • August 25, 2023 at 1:22 pm

    The previous basis of relationship: instead of love, hostility with rape

    But, with this I am exaggerating. Love is the basis of relationships and rape is the exception. Actually, for a long time, rape was only committed by the evil stranger, until statistics proved otherwise. In the meantime, it can no longer be denied that the perpetrator and the victim know each other in the vast majority of cases.

    Rape is one of the crimes, whose frequency is underestimated, because the number of unreported cases is high. Many victims do not report it, because of feelings of guilt and shame, fear of reliving the trauma or the perpetrator’s revenge. In addition, there is the anxiety that victims will be socially stigmatized, that they will not be believed, and the closeness of the family environment from which the perpetrators often come. Moreover, raped women bear the brunt of the burden in criminal proceedings.

    Let’s take a look at the history of rape, Wikipedia supports us.

    The origin of the biblical Old Testament goes back to about the time of advanced civilizations when mankind decided against love and the female and instead for hostile power. In the Old Testament, rape was forbidden, but not for the protection of women, but of the interests of their owners. Women were collectively not only no longer loved, but had already been reduced to objects. They were deprived of their self-determination and dignity, and at worst they had to marry their hostile rapist.

    What kind of men are they, who rape? Sadists and those, who try to compensate for their insecure male self-image through aggressive actions. That is, it is always, to varying degrees, about power and superiority through subjugation and humiliation. Likewise, it almost always involves the relationship between men as perpetrators and women as victims.

    This collective humiliation of women was still socially justified in the 19th century in terms of men’s health as the so-called “boilerplate model.” In the absence of access to prostitutes, rape was preferable to “unhealthy onanism”, because regular sexual intercourse was an “indispensable remedy” for men’s health. To even discuss such a thing seriously collectively was simply perverse and showed the extent of society’s hostility towards women.

    Rape is in the meantime recognized as torture. Women around the world are regularly tortured, and this in peacetime by people close to them.

    In war, systematic rape is added to this. In 2016, a lecture at the University of Hanover (town in Germany) on rape as a war strategy was very tellingly called “The Destruction of Women as Subjects“. For example, women were trafficked into forced prostitution and many girls and women were publicly raped in front of their families. When the victims were then aditionally disowned by their families after the rapes to protect the family honor, this is a very fundamental problem for society as a whole.

    Well, but today this can´t be longer true when almost all contemporary societies now know a criminal offense of rape? However, what counts as rape at all is very different and opens every back door. Many societies knew or know even an attribution of guilt to the victim, ranging from exclusion to forced marriage to the rapist. As late as the 20th century, rape in relationships was considered a disgrace to women and was taboo. That is, over millennia, the greatest hostility against women has been established worldwide.

    Is this now over, at least in an emancipated country such as Germany? According to the law, it seems so. But what about the prosecution of the crime and the sentencing by the courts? Worldwide, rape has one of the lowest conviction rates of all crimes. In Germany, too, the conviction rates in rape trials are very low.

    There are a number of reasons for this. One is that the judges are predominantly mental body people themselves, who identify inwardly with the male power structures. Accordingly, their “weighing“ judgment of the credibility of perpetrator and victim then turns out (often unconsciously) in favor of the perpetrators. Any false non-judgment, in turn, discourages criminal charges, harms the victim, leads to further victims, and perpetuates hostility toward women.

    Rape often leads to suicide. But this is only the clearest expression of the consequences of collective misogyny. The depression and anxiety disorders that are far too widespread among women, are nothing more than precursors of this ultimate consequence.

    With complete emancipation in Germany, at least in purely legal terms, how can I assume that misogyny continues? It is not equality per se that is the biggest problem, not even its implementation, but that it is based on male values. As long as the karmic dominance system prevails collectively in the consciousness, decides on right and wrong, assigns blame to the feminine and occupies all decisive positions, despite all emancipation hostility towards women continues to prevail.

    What can be done about it? A large part has already been done. The consciousness and the basic energy of the earth have in the meantime been changed to feminine and loving. The social conditions have to be adapted to this.

  • August 26, 2023 at 2:31 pm

    Criminals, gray area and legal – the common broken base

    At this point, I would now like to address specific forms of hostility against women that can be classified as criminal, a gray area and legal. I would like to start with so-called “grooming”.

    Grooming is defined as the targeted contact of adults with minors with the intention of abuse through gradually gaining their trust. If the contact is initiated via the Internet, it is referred to as cyber-grooming. The contact usually begins harmlessly with conversations about school, hobbies or computer games. In Germany, grooming of children under the age of 14 is a criminal offense.

    So-called “loverboys” proceed according to the same principle. They pretend to be in a love relationship with their victims and gain their trust through attention, compliments and gifts. However, loverboys are pimps, who then drive underage teenage girls into prostitution. The girls concerned find themselves relatively quickly in an emotional dependency and are in addition often made submissive through drugs and violence.

    Both approaches, grooming and loverboys, are specifically directed against the tender, inexperienced female and exploit trust. In a particularly perverse way, they destroy the developing femininity, the beginning of partnership love and the feelings – and thus the natural, very essence of the female.

    Firstly, personal self-esteem, which is normally strengthened through self-determined positive experiences, is diverted dependingly on the perpetrator’s esteem. Then, through sexual abuse up to rape and other violence, the own self-esteem is destroyed. The original love thus becomes dependence and instead of passion, violence is experienced.

    K.O. drops as a rape drug are legal in Germany. They are based on the active ingredient liquid ecstasy. Taking them, especially together with alcohol or other drugs, is unpredictable and life-threatening.

    Celebrating, dancing, laughing and sharing joy together – knockout drops are secretly administered especially on such occasions. The natural essence of the female is joie de vivre, but this of all things becomes a danger. Carefree celebrating isn´t, because without throughout carefully watching out for the own drink, K.O. drops with rape threaten.

    Prostitution as such is legal in Germany if it is practiced voluntarily and by adults. And this puts it in the gray area, because only for a very small minority does prostitution mean self-determined sex work. Instead, for example, foreign women are lured to Germany with false promises, their passports are taken away from them, and then they have to work off these trafficking debts through prostitution.

    The average john is a tendentious misogynist, who believes, for example, that prostitutes cannot be raped at all, because they have no rights during intercourse anyway. The woman becomes a commodity, so it doesn’t matter how she feels. Psychological and physical harm is very common among prostitutes. When a man gives a woman money to be allowed to use her sexually, this is the opposite of appreciation. The man knows that she only sleeps with him, because he pays her. Thus, he knows that she does not actually want to sleep with him.[1]

    Also sex in relationships is often in a gray area. Although rape is meanwhile punishable in Germany within marriage, too, where does rape begin? Until when is a woman allowed to say No and at what point are boundaries crossed?

    Transgressions are often excused with the “male instinct”, which supposedly cannot stop after a certain point. But sure – it can, namely when love and mutual appreciation determine the relationship. If the male drive is the basis of the relationship, then it is misogynistic, because it is only according to his needs. A relationship based on love and mutual esteem, which respects the feelings of the woman, does not commit border violations.

    Legal is so-called “pigging”. Thereby, men approach women who they actually find unattractive. They do this from the outset with the aim of disappointing the woman’s first raised expectations. The women are dropped in a nasty way, for example, for a promised long-distance relationship at the airport then not picked up. They are sometimes also insulted or become victims of a competition among men for the “ugliest”. This pigging openly shows the underlying misogyny as an end in itself.

    Sado-masochistic relationships that are based on mutual voluntariness are also legal. In this case, both participants have a congruent constellation of consciousness, which they live out as mutually complementary identified personality parts. The sadistic part is taken over by the mental-body-inner-man shadowed by the karmic dominance system, possibly supplemented by the down-to-earth inner man. The victim is the inner woman, perhaps together with the inner child. Regardless of how the sado-maso constellation is biologically distributed, it is always a matter of massively misogynistic sexuality.

    Acted out misogyny is based on broken consciousness and begins in the head. Fantasies that think about sex and sex fantasies during sex are to be distinguished. The latter are an unnatural dissociation from the feelings. During sex, people take refuge in fantasies and do not really engage in the actual event.

    But whether in between or during, the extent of sado-maso, rape and other violent sex fantasies corresponds to the actual extent of misogyny of a society. It does not matter whether it is the sex fantasies of women or men, because in any case it is always only about the underlying individual and thus overall then collective constellation of consciousness.

    The extent of misogynistic sex fantasies of all people is the actual misogyny of this world. The crime, furthermore with very high additional dark figure, is only the tip of the iceberg of the worldwide misogyny.

    [1] „Berliner Ausstiegsbegleiterin über Prostitution“ by Sebastian Leber, June 3, 2023, in „Tagesspiegel“ (German Newspaper), www. tagesspiegel. de/berlin/berliner-ausstiegsbegleiterin-uber-prostitution-es-gibt-nette-freier-aber-keine-guten-9904430.html

  • August 27, 2023 at 8:19 am

    Rape of women’s corpses as everyday normality

    On the ZDF (German television station) there is a TV movie of the week “So weit das Meer“ (“As far as the sea“). In this movie, out of pure wantonness, a young man in a car first rams a young woman on a bicycle at night on a lonely country road through a forest. When he is startled and thinks the unconscious, seriously injured woman is dead, he commits a hit-and-run. Shortly thereafter, a cyclist arrives at the scene of the accident and rapes the unconscious severely injured or perhaps also presumed dead woman. He also leaves her there, so that she survives only by pure chance.

    At first, the film condemns the crime. But when, fifteen years later, the former rapist finally turns out to be the sympathetic and successful husband of the survivor with a son from the rape, the message of the film becomes almost incomprehensible. Without even showing shock or horror, the former rapist is lovingly forgiven without many words. After all, it was nothing more than the forgivable mistake of a 16-year-old, which he has since regretted, and everyone makes a mistake sometimes.

    A mistake yes, but that is not just an immediately forgivable mistake of average everyday normality when a teenager comes across a badly injured, unconscious or even dead girl and in this shock situation he can think of nothing else than raping the accident victim. Such behavior is nothing but completely sick and perverted. The message of the film, however, turned it into the normality of a youthful sin, as it can happen with sixteen-year-olds.

    Who writes such a deviant script? Why does ZDF broadcast such a message as socially accepted evening entertainment? And why has no one reacted, so that such a film can still be viewed on the Internet? – Because it is not even noticed, since it is actually the misogynistic normality also today.

  • August 27, 2023 at 4:17 pm

    Justice and compensation as trust in the future

    For rape victims, it is not only a matter of recognizing the injustice committed and punishing the perpetrators, but also of compensation for the crime. They have suffered the worst psychological and possibly also physical damage. What options do rape victims have for compensation in Germany?

    Currently, a claim for compensation against the state arises from the Victims Compensation Act. Due to a reform, this will be replaced by benefits under the Social Compensation Law (SER) from 2024. Benefits under the SER include, in particular, pension entitlements (reduced earning capacity pension), but not the reimbursement of material and property damage or compensation for pain and suffering.

    What can a rape victim realistically expect? First of all, she must be recognized as a victim. Since this can basically only be assumed if the perpetrator is convicted, the prospects of compensation are correspondingly low. In addition, a causal connection between the crime and its consequences must be proven, which is difficult to do. (It is not yet clear to what extent this will change as of 2024.) In this respect, the vast majority of rape victims go away empty-handed.

    Damages and compensation for pain and suffering can only be claimed from the perpetrator himself. These claims can be asserted independently of criminal prosecution. However, it is also possible to have them determined in the criminal proceedings. I have not been able to research the chances of success. However, due to the close connection to the conviction of the offender and state victim compensation, I would assume the success rate to be similarly low. In addition, the offender must have money at all.

    Finally, secondary to the other options, there is a supplementary assistance system (EH) from the sexual abuse fund. This EH supports victims, who experienced sexual violence as children and adolescents in the family or in institutional settings. Adult women, who have been raped, are not covered.

    There are also other foundations, funds and associations that provide financial assistance to victims of crime. Most of these relate to specific groups of victims or specific regions, so it is necessary to inquire about the type of support and the requirements in each individual case. However, this can be seen more as a form of self-help than as reflecting regular dealings with victims.

    All in all, therefore, raped women can realistically expect to experience justice and compensation only in exceptional cases – if one looks only at the structural layer. From the perspective of full consciousness, things namely look quite different.

    The human psyche consists of an inner family(AL). Everything which someone does in the outside, always also affects the person back. That means, every perpetrator rapes at the same time always his own inner woman, too. As long as an outer perpetrator identifies himself with his inner perpetrator at the same time, he doesn’t get anything out of it, because he has repressed his inner woman with her pain. But this repression is not only exhausting, it also does not work permanently.

    A high soul age, much mental body energy and a strong will to power support suppression. The opposite of this as well as upsetting life events weaken the possibility of repression as well as the new worldwide love energy base. In addition, the learning tasks of the consciousness are determined anew for each life. Perpetrators will quite automatically make corresponding victim experiences in further lives through the previous imprints of their consciousness.

    Can one draw the reverse conclusion from this that all victims are therefore themselves to blame, because they were perpetrators in previous lives? No, one cannot, because karma is only a part of much more complex universal laws. Some victims were perpetrators in previous lives, but others were not at all. However, such a distinction does not matter for the current situation, neither for individuals nor for society as a whole. Indeed, the goal is not to create some karmic justice through alternating perpetrator and victim experiences, but a consciousness in which perpetrators and victims no longer exist.

    Karmic balancing, which ultimately remains incomplete, is only a subset of the universal laws. The complete justice involves all layers of awareness and the soul tasks for Musubi. At this level, absolutely everything that has ever been committed is cleared up without any exception. No punishment is included in this, but neither is any remission of anything that has been done. The individual consciousness is healed and cleaned up as well as the collective consciousness and the basis of the world consciousness. Only from the limited, earthly perspective do some things in life seem unjust. However, from the full consciousness, the universal laws automatically provide absolute justice.

    Since the basis of the world consciousness is meanwhile balanced, it can be taken as an example. In the beginning, both creative forces lovingly fulfilled their common soul task. Then, however, the male creative force turned against the female one out of greed for power, raped her and destroyed the access to love. Musubi did not intervene at that time, because the consciousness of humanity was not yet fully differentiated and the energetic condensation was not yet earthly enough. The free will was allowed to be lived, but it had consequences.

    The first, temporary consequence was, together with the free will of mankind, an abnormally soul-, love- and woman-hostile world dominated by the karmic dominance system. This had to be accepted by the female creative power for a few millennia. But now the time had come to change the earth to a female consciousness and energy system and to get rid of the male creative force. There is no longer a male creative force anymore. From an originally female-male balanced planet to a temporarily misogynistic male earth, we are now permanently with a loving female earth.

    For some time, the previous power structures can still hold on to the old, but no longer permanently, because the supply of hostile energy from the base is missing. With the collective and individual adjustment to the new earth the Consciousness Coaches of the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© help together with me.

  • September 2, 2023 at 11:05 am

    Confidence: rape can be completely cured

    Survivors sometimes talk about how, even with psychotherapy, symptoms of the trauma will ultimately remain and it will never be like before. Indeed, it will never be like before, but symptoms need not remain at all. Instead, even greater psychological strength and higher consciousness competence can be achieved than ever before. This is almost inevitably accompanied by the complete healing of trauma.

    Two objectives are to be distinguished. If merely the previous mental state is to be restored, this is possible with conventional psychotherapy only to a large extent rather than completely. This is due to the fact that the resources for complete healing are located in the contents of consciousness that have not yet been experienced. If, however, the objective goes beyond pure restoration, namely to engage with these previously inexperienced contents of consciousness in an expanding way, expansion of consciousness and complete healing take place simultaneously. The prerequisite for a complete healing through consciousness expansion is that a sufficiently stable ego structure is given. Otherwise, for example for women with borderline disorder or multiple personality disorder, but not for post-traumatic stress disorder alone, a stable ego structure must first be established through conventional psychotherapy.

    At first, however, the immediate help for women, who have been raped, is identical, regardless of the subsequent objective. If you have a sensitive confidant (for example, a friend), it is best to involve her in your support right from the start. There are also many offers of help on the Internet, in particular in Germany the help hotline “violence against women” with the telephone number 116 016. This nationwide counseling service is anonymous, free of charge, barrier-free, available around the clock and in 18 foreign languages. It is also aimed at the relatives and friends of those affected.

    It is important to have a medical examination at the hospital immediately (if possible, even before a shower). This will first give you certainty about your physical state of health and later the evidence for a report if necessary. Especially in the case of knockout drops, it is important to act quickly, because they can only be detected for a few hours. As a precautionary measure, but without legal probative value, a urine sample can be taken immediately. The urine sample should then be kept at refrigerator temperature until testing.

    Subsequent complete healing of the trauma is possible, no matter how long ago it happened. I have experienced this myself as well as accompanied other people. It is always the same basic pattern in consciousness, which I first experienced as an evil ritual in a life about 60,000 years ago. It imprinted itself as a possibility for mankind at that time. From then on, I additionally continued it personally in the following lives. Moreover, I built up this rape consciousness again in this life through corresponding victim experiences. Meanwhile, I have completely healed it in all three areas, as world consciousness, as karmic memories and as traumas in this life.

    As world consciousness, it gives humanity a new healthy basis to which can be connected. To what extent you, yourself, are karmically burdened can be found out through past life regression and regularly shows up as a side effect of Spiritual EMDR(AL). Spiritual EMDR(AL) is also the method of choice for rape in this life, along with Inner Woman Healing and the Guilt feelings deletion – live love – approach©. I describe Spiritual EMDR(AL) in the book of the same name “Spiritual EMDR“, Inner Woman Healing in “Spiritual Psychotherapy: the inner family” and the Guilt feelings deletion – live love – approach© in “Completely dissolving feelings of guilt“.

    The Consciousness Coaches of the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© have experienced the methods and learned their application, and support you. In addition, therapeutic professionals can also be trained in Psychic Inner Family(AL), Spiritual EMDR(AL) and the Guilt feelings deletion – live love – approach©.

    AL = according to Ayleen Lyschamaya

  • September 9, 2023 at 10:05 am

    Raped men, the taboo topic

    Statistically, the rape of men hardly plays a role. But is this, because the rape of men actually occurs so rarely or is the number of unreported cases just particularly high?

    In the case of boys and young men, rape is socially conceivable, as it is in the military and in prisons. In all these situations, the boy or man is physically inferior and thus can become a victim. But, what about in partnerships? Can a man become a victim of domestic violence at the hands of a woman, who is physically inferior? And can a man even be raped by a woman? Anyway, the erect penis is proof that the man wanted sex, isn’t it?

    When the body reacts to touch, whether in a man or a woman, it is not consent, but a natural, purely biological reaction. It is even worse for rape victims to learn that they no longer have control over their own bodies. Often, their own bodies are subsequently self-tormentingly accused of betrayal. In men, anxiety erection can also occur. Therefore, physically it is quite possible to rape a man.

    Yes, but psychologically men think about sex all the time and always want it anyway. Is it, therefore, impossible for rape to occur? This is a social cliché that neither does justice to the individual men nor to the respective individual situation. No matter what sex fantasies and desires men have or do not have, the consequence of the concrete execution does not necessarily follow. Men are self-determined in their sexuality and anything else is rape.

    But what about the physically inferior partner? At the latest, that’s where the man stops being a victim, isn’t it? Not at all, because not alone the biology is decisive, but the entire consciousness. The human consciousness is hierarchically structured and the body is the lowest content of consciousness. That is, the contents of consciousness above it determine the physical possibilities of action. If a man feels inferior to a woman, because of past conditioning, he is not able to defend himself.

    In most cases, societal (at the same time formative) expectations, the male self-image and the experience of male physical superiority all coincide to the effect that men are more likely to become perpetrators against women than victims. But by no means always, and when they do, it is all the worse for the victims. In addition to the humiliating rape, they experience the scorn and ridicule, especially of other men, of being a wimp instead of a real man.

    This image of men is a social aberration, because it is not about perpetrators and victims at all, but about female-male cooperation in consciousness. Only because this inner cooperation in individual and social consciousness is disturbed, rape exists at all. Thereby, it does not matter whether a woman or a man is the rape victim, because that is merely biology. The underlying disturbance of consciousness is the same.

    Predominantly the individual structure of consciousness and the gender coincide, but by no means always. In this respect, one can assume in the whole society that men with their karmic dominance system are the perpetrators and women the victims. In individual cases, however, it can well be the other way around and then the male victims are to be supported instead of ridiculed. They are fully and completely real men. It is never the victims who are to blame, but always the perpetrators, in this case the female perpetrators. Above all, it is a social problem that rape exists at all.

  • September 10, 2023 at 10:12 am

    Pedophiles – that’s just the priests of the Catholic Church, right?

    Nowadays, pedophiles are often thought of primarily in terms of the priests of the Catholic Church. While the conditions of the Catholic Church favor pedophilia, they by no means limit it to the Catholic Church. In essence, the Catholic Church abuse scandal was just the tip of an iceberg. The sexual abuse by priests, while very difficult for those affected to bring to public attention, was nevertheless comparatively easier than pedophilia in one’s own family. This is because priests were usually less close to the victims than the perpetrators in the own family.

    At the end of 2019, numerous electronic data carriers and chat histories were seized from a father, who had severely sexually abused and raped his young daughter over many months. Their evaluation led to more and more perpetrators of an international network of pedophiles in 2021. Eventually, 439 suspects were identified, 27 arrests were made, and 65 children and teenagers were freed.[1]

    The victims were 3 months to 17 years old and predominantly female. In the common pedophile chat, the fathers exchanged ideas about their little girls, who loved them idolatrously, as “cunts” to be educated for sex. Every perverted type of sex was there, as it happens with adults.

    The psyche and thus the future of all these children was systematically destroyed from the beginning – by their beloved fathers, of all people. The fathers, however, told themselves in a twisted way that this was, for example, preparation for their later sexual life. But, the fathers all knew that they were committing a crime, because of course everything had to remain a secret. Moreover, at the latest since the abuse scandal of the Catholic Church, the terrible lifelong consequences for the abused children are also publicly known – and yet the fathers did this to their children.

    Some fathers even went so far as to choose their partner specifically in order to father children, whom they could later abuse. In doing so, they benefited from the German joint custody, which allowed them to spend a lot of time alone with their child.

    Is the conclusion that all fathers are pedophiles? No, of course not – but many more fathers abuse their children than society is willing to admit. And this across all social statuses and occupational groups. It can be estimated that the dark figure is much higher than assumed. Namely, it is not only about the reported and high unreported sexual abuse in childhood.

    Worst sexual abuse, from particularly early on and lasting for years, is usually completely repressed. It is a survival mechanism that no longer shows the typical symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, but permanently changes the entire personality. Borderline, schizoid personalities and multiple personality disorders in particular can be a consequence of sexual abuse, but any other form of permanent adaptation to the repressed abuse also occurs.

    There are nowhere near enough psychotherapists specialized in trauma in Germany. These have far too long waiting times for people, who already know that they were abused in childhood. In fact, however, sexual abuse in childhood often only comes to light during psychotherapy because of other complaints. This is often not recognized by psychotherapists, who are not specialized in trauma.

    Trauma therapy as such, in turn, is often limited to stabilization for everyday life. This is done in particular through learning some kind of targeted “repression”, such as the “Safe Place” exercise. In cases of insufficient ego-stability, this is correctly the method of choice. However, many former victims of abuse have nevertheless developed an although very wounded, but stable ego-structure. For these victims, there are meanwhile much more advanced possibilities through consciousness development, especially with Inner Child Healing [book “Spiritual Psychotherapy: the inner family“] and Spiritual EMDR(AL) [book “Spiritual EMDR“].

    People, who only vaguely remember their abused childhood out of complete repression, regularly find it difficult to trust their own perception. Details are often diffuse, the overall picture remains incomplete – and above all, it does not fit at all to the at the same time loving father, who is only contained in the remaining partial memory. This describes the German experience report of Lina Leben „Spirituelles Sterben, Missbrauch heilen“ (“Spiritual dying, healing abuse”) particularly well.

    As adults, the “ideal” family relationships have then often become so firmly entrenched in everyday relationships and in the consciousness of the victims that it contradicts the entire world view to even perceive the father as a criminal, let alone report him. Sexual abuse has become the self-evident basis of lived normality and is far too often passed on from generation to generation.

    [1] „WDR begleitet Ermittler über zwei Jahre in dunkelstes Milieu – der Film ist schwer zu ertragen“ (“WDR accompanies investigators over two years into darkest milieu – the film is hard to bear”) by Charmaine Fischer, Jan. 18, 2022, www. derwesten. de/region/wdr-film-bergisch-gladbach-bao-berg-kindesmissbrauch-id234343987.html

  • September 13, 2023 at 9:52 am

    Explanation of the misogynistic rap music

    Rap music has a long tradition of being downright discriminatory against women. There is speculation about why women put up with it and listen to it anyway. Apart from the fact that many lyrics are spoken so quickly that they are not understood at all, there is also a consciousness equivalent to this.

    The female holm in the collective consciousness is destroyed in such a way that the feminine (predominantly women) is oriented to the masculine (predominantly men). The collective value standard is given by the karmic dominance system, which has appropriated the mental-body-inner-man. The rappers orient themselves unconsciously at this social performance value standard of superiority with “better than”.

    The unconscious attitude of many mental-body and down-to-earth men, not only of the rapper scene, is: If I am successful, superior and strong, the woman finds me cool. They put the woman down in order to look great themselves and to be liked by the woman in return. In the case of mental-body men, this often succeeds unnoticed due to their strength in intellect. The down-to-earth men do nothing more than the same, just according to their focus of consciousness especially related to sexuality. Hence the frequently used expressions bitch, slut, cunt, whore and so on.

    Many women intuitively realize that the man actually wants to please and impress them and, thus, accept his discrimination and mode of expression. In addition, they are already accustomed to this mode of expression in the respective environment and regularly have an equivalent in their own consciousness.

    So, does that make misogynistic rap okay? Not at all. It is just not surprising, but the obvious correspondence to what is – merely more hidden – normal in the society dominated by the karmic dominance system.

    In order to end this misogynistic rule of the karmic dominance system energetically down to the down-to-earth layer, I published a corresponding rap song. This corrects the down-to-earth man towards his natural place at the very bottom, directly above the physical body, in the hierarchically built-up consciousness. Although when I use myself with the song the usual rapper language female-male-reversed, this even amplifying exaggerated, it is only a consciousness correction, which is to be understood energetically.

  • October 2, 2023 at 1:25 pm

    Rape as an evolutionary legacy?

    Rape among animals occurs in many species and even across species. For example, a fur seal has been observed raping a king penguin. Some animals even die in these rapes. In contrast, there is a common belief among humans that animals never kill senselessly.

    Basically, in most animal species, female choice is the rule. The females signal their readiness to mate and only then do the males become active. But why do rapes still occur, especially within species? In fact, no explanation has yet been found for this.

    Now, many manifestations in the animal kingdom are different from those in humans, including mating behavior. The diversity of animals is so great and their consciousness so different from that of humans that some things simply cannot be explained. And yet, something fundamental can be said about rape.

    While humans possess a realization consciousness, animals have multiple forms of community consciousness. The main difference is that only human consciousness contains mental body energy and animal consciousness does not. Healthy mental body energy is especially for cognition, purposeful planning, delineation and consistent execution.

    From it, a fundamental difference results between humans and animals also in the sexual behavior. With humans, a formative free will is added.

    But basically, humans and animals first of all react equally to sexual signals, which emanate from the females as female choice. On the basis of soul love, voluntary, natural mating occurs in humans and animals. Rape is not inherent in a healthy consciousness, neither in humans nor in animals.

    Rape is based on hostile power energy, which attacks soul love in its physical expression as sexuality. This hostile power energy exists only as degenerated mental body energy, that is, only in humans.

    The basis for this hostile power energy was created 60,000 years ago. Then, at about the beginning of advanced civilizations, it was adopted by humankind as a whole. That is, until a few years ago, the entire world energy was extraordinarily hostile. The animals took over this hostile world energy with their community consciousness and lived it out. Without the hostile world energy of human beings, animals could not rape.

    Since it is world energy, free-living wild animals are also affected by it. How strongly and in which form exactly the animals react to the hostile world energy of the people depends on the consciousness of their species and the individual consciousness of the single animals.

    In the meantime, the world consciousness and the world energy have been changed from their basis to loving soul-feminine. However, humanity itself still holds the old hostile energy in its consciousness and energy system and with its old beliefs. To the extent that humanity dissolves its hostile power energy, the animals will also behave more normally again.

    It is not biology that contains rape, but the – human – consciousness that creates rape for humans and animals. To the extent that the collective consciousness of humans heals, rape will eventually just become a thing of the past.

  • October 7, 2023 at 10:57 am

    The female body is innocent

    A very common rape myth is that the woman provoked the act by her clothing. But no matter what a woman wears, no man has the right to rape her because of it, in quasi-vigilante justice. Let him report her if she should be a public nuisance. In fact, however, it is not about that at all, but solely about power and completely independent of the clothing.

    But the twisted clothing-myth is not only ingrained in women by society, it also additionally resonates internally. From the soul origin of love, it is inconceivable for the life-giving feminine to be attacked simply for no reason, but out of a need for power. In fact, it is so utterly perverse to destroy love solely out of a desire for power that it occurs in only one species in the entire universe, human beings.

    Out of this inconceivability, the women in flowing transition believe that they have either behaved wrongly, for example dressed wrongly, or that they have already provoked through their body as such. Therefore, women not only emotionally blame mostly themselves anyway, but specifically also additionally blame their female body for the crime.

    The female body is absolutely innocent, even if, according to its nature, it should have felt something when it was raped. The female body is always good, right and wonderful – a masterpiece of creation. The vagina has virtually a sacred purpose, which is to act as a physical expression of love. Uniquely, if the woman wants it voluntarily, the vagina can concretize love through conceiving and giving birth to children.

    In this respect, it is important for women to accept their wonderful body again, especially after rape, and to heal it through soul self-love. Unimaginable power-malice has tried to destroy, but soul self-love is immense and will heal the physical experience. As souls, we are not imprisoned in our bodies, but are allowed to create a good life with them.

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