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“Gretel and Hansel” is the fairy tale that picks up at the known and leads from there the first step into the complete transcendent consciousness of the new age.

With the following talk on “Gretel and Hansel heal the witch“, a disciple of mine gives you access to the consciousness content of the new age from the adult inner personality parts.

Gretel and Hansel heal the witch – the five fairy tales of the new age for children and adults:

Gretel and Hansel heal the witch

Gretel and Hansel heal the witch, case laminate: ISBN 978-3-949401-32-9

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This collection of fairy tales conveys for children and adults the higher level of consciousness of the new age. It explains the symbolism of the fairy tales, what messages they contain and what development of consciousness they promote. In addition, there are fairy tale songs as well as interactives for the whole family; for example, quizzes, search pictures, deeper meaning, comic illustration and key scene interpretations.

Equally large format symbolic-energetic for the universal vastness, with at the same time smaller font and thus more delicate energy, has the paperback edition as ISBN 978-3-949401-33-6. [Or: Equally large format symbolic-energetic for the universal vastness, but with at the same time larger font and thus more earthly energy, has the hardcover edition as ISBN 978-3-949401-32-9.]

Recommendation: pedagogically valuable for children from 3 years.

Saskia had the task to present the facts from different perspectives and this is one of the possibilities she worked out:

Question: What is the composition of the fully recognised transcendent consciousness?

Inner Woman: How wonderful that you ask that. Welcome to me and my companion. I describe it like this: The fully recognised consciousness is composed of the Universal Whole, the soul or the divine consciousness, the Liebesflussverbindung (love-flow-connection) and the inner family(AL) with inner child, inner woman, inner man, karmic competence and body as the conscious ego. In the fairy tale “Gretel and Hansel” by Ayleen Lyschamaya, the theme can be experienced in a playful way.

Inner man: In diagram 6 of the book “Gretel and Hansel heal the witch” by Ayleen Lyschamaya the consciousness parts are systematically shown. There you can find a visualisation of the fully recognised transcendental consciousness.

Inner woman: The Universal Whole is the finest and highest part of consciousness and is symbolised in the fairy tale by the wind.

Question: Why does the diagram at the top begin with the Universal Whole?

Inner woman: The flow of love runs from Divine to earthly and is made possible by the Liebesflussverbindung (love-flow-connection). That is why the Universal Whole is at the top of the picture. The Liebesflussverbindung can only be developed through the dissolution of the inner woman’s guilt-feelings blockage. In the fairy tale “Stepmother and Wise Old Woman”, the stepmother sets out on the path to the wise old woman. “Stepmother and Wise Old Woman” is the second of five fairy tales that show you the path to Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© and subsequently how you learn to create through your complete transcendent consciousness. But back to the love-flow-connection. Before the journey begins, the stepmother falls into deep feelings of guilt, because she left the children (at that time) in the forest. She finally decides to start the journey after all and finds healing affirmations along the way. After she has completely dissolved her guilt-feelings blockade with the help of the rhymes, she reaches her wise old woman. Her Liebesflussverbindung is established.

Question: What are affirmations?

Inner Man: Affirmations are belief-sentences. They can be single sentences or several connected sentences. They are recited aloud every day, while at the same time dealing with the guilt-feelings mechanism and one’s own experiences that triggered feelings of guilt and wrongness. You can find the affirmations in the fairy tale “Stepmother and Wise Old Woman” and in the book “Completely dissolving feelings of guilt” by Ayleen Lyschamaya.

Question: And what is it about the guilt-feelings mechanism?

Inner Woman: The guilt-feelings mechanism makes you feel guilty when you knowingly, intentionally cause harm or injustice. It is also important to know when guilt-feelings are inappropriate. Namely, whenever you make mistakes in learning, for example. This is especially the case between the ages of 0 and about 14. But mistakes are also allowed to happen later, which is why feelings of guilt are also inappropriate when someone did the best she/he could and simply her/his skills were not yet sufficient to avoid making the mistake.

Questioner: I didn’t know that. I will think about it. However, I already suspect that this knowledge will completely change my life and my attitude towards myself and other people. But there were more parts of consciousness.

Inner man: Yes, now it becomes earthly. Next is the ego. It is made up of inner child, inner woman, inner man, karmic experiences and the body.

Inner woman: Gretel and Hansel together form the inner child. The inner woman is found as a personality part in the mother and in the role of the stepmother. The inner man is symbolised by the father. Together they are the inner family(AL) with earthly creative competence. Earthly creative competence is the result of transformed karmic blockages of the inner woman and the inner man. In the fairy tales it can be sensed as soulful permeated peaceful lightness.

Inner man: Yes exactly, below the Liebesflussverbindung (love-flow-connection) the diagram shows the ego. This is composed of inner child, inner woman with karmic competence, inner man with karmic competence and the body. Loving outer parents are an indispensable prerequisite for the development of a healthy inner child, especially in the first seven years of life. The development of one’s own inner parts, inner child, inner woman and inner man, is oriented to these outer caregivers.

Inner woman: In fairy tales, the roles of mother and stepmother stand for the inner woman. This develops between the 7th and 14th year of life. Afterwards, the person develops the inner man until the age of about 21.

Questioner: Thank you very much! That was a lot of input. I will read the fairy tale “Gretel and Hansel” and deal with what you told me. See you soon, I hope.

Inner Woman: We are happy to see you again. If you want to know more, get in touch! Until then.

Inner man: Until then!

This conversation was conducted from the adult inner personality parts

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