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Chakra Cleansing to get to know

Chakra-Wellness(AL) in Berlin (Germany) with Tibetan chakra singing bowls ‒

Tibetan Chakra Singing Bowls for Chakra-Wellness(AL) in Berlin

The seven Tibetan chakra singing bowls envelop you in gentle vibrations that continue to have an effect for a long time. Using different mallets for different pitches, each chakra singing bowl is first struck individually and then the connecting flow of the chakras is harmonised. The additional rubbing of the chakra singing bowls offers you yet another special sound experience. Enjoy the soothing effect of the Tibetan chakra singing bowls with Chakra-Wellness(AL) in Berlin.

Tibetan Chakra Singing Bowls with accessories


Audio samples of the Tibetan chakra singing bowls:

I also use these Tibet chakra singing bowls for my singing bowl ritual. The singing bowl ritual teaches the complete spiritual path to the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© [Final-Enlightenment(AL)]. You will also find instructions on the basic approach as Psychotherapy(AL) respectively Coaching(AL) and for the spiritual path.

Further to the singing bowl ritual

Am-Ziel-ErleuchtungFinal-Enlightenment(AL): New Age as an evolutionary leap in consciousness; the healed and transcended inner family(AL) combined with conventional enlightenment as Final-Enlightenment(AL) ‒ more about spiritual masters and gurus


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