Ayleen Lyschamaya, Musubis female creative power

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The New Age of Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© [Final-Enlightenment(AL)]:

As ambassador of love
embedded in the universal love
filled out with the universal love
flowed with the universal love
creating the universal love as an earthly expression of the Divine
with compassion healing mankind.
As the meaning of live
fulfilling the soul task(s) 
with realizing the project “Loving Earth”.
(by Ayleen Lyschamya, Musubis female creative power)


Spirituelle Meisterin Ayleen Lyschamaya der Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung
Ayleen Lyschamaya

Half Time of Evolution*” [Up from Eden] ‒ the second half of evolution has now begun with the New Age of the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©.


to my website on the New Age of the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©. Here you will learn so much about the new spirituality of the higher consciousness level of the turn of time that I can only translate the contents step by step into English due to time constraints. However, to even so provide you with all information, you will find a mixture of already translated texts in italics and preliminary texts automatically translated with Deepl in normal script.

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Your Ayleen Lyschamaya

A possible first step on the complete spiritual path to the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© can be a spiritual psychotherapy. In this respect, I am currently still offering this, but will increasingly shift my focus to the accompaniment of my students or spiritually very advanced people, the training in the Guilt feelings deletion – live love – approach© (Guilt feelings dll-practice©) and the worldwide spread of the Final-Enlightenment.

Because I can guide the Final-Enlightenment from my complete consciousness for the most different individual spiritual ways, it can be reached for many more people than other forms of enlightenment. In this respect, there are already other final-enlightened Spiritual Masters, some of whom, together with me, are establishing spiritual centers in Berlin and other cities, each of which covers different focal points. Since 2019 there is also a spiritual center for parents and their children.

With this official Final-Enlightenment website I would like to introduce you to my spiritual-psychotherapeutic offer, which I am currently offering personally, but in the medium term I expect to give to another Final-Enlightened. In addition the following reference to my psychotherapeutical offer:

Again and again scientific proofs for the effectiveness of psychic and spiritual methods are demanded, which are not possible at all, however, from the alternative thank approach. Rather it concerns spiritual experiences in individual cases, which are not proven by scientific studies, so that a success cannot be guaranteed and also negative effects cannot be excluded. With spiritual methods, both spiritual risks and opportunities are to be expected.

In this respect, I would like to make it clear from the outset that I do not claim to be scientific, but that I perceive and proceed the Final-Enlightenment from my much wider complete consciousness. If in the following nevertheless different methods are specified, then they are to serve only the orientation. In practice, I do not remain in any pigeonholes, but completely tailor my approach to the personal needs of my students.

With therapeutic concerns and/or older souls I usually begin with a healing of the inner family within the framework of a structure-oriented holistic psychotherapy. Infant souls can often also enter immediately with the connection from divine to earthly. I pick up all other people individually exactly where they are at the moment. The personal ways into the Final-Enlightenment are as unique as the people themselves and yet the basic consciousness building blocks are so consistent that a targeted guidance to reach the Final-Enlightenment is possible.

The conventional enlightenment experiences (see for example Eckhart Tolle and other Gurus as well as the conventionally enlightened ones in the critique) usually go to give up one’s own ego and feel free and happy in the divine. But universal love never gives up a person, not even in the form of one’s own ego, but wants to heal and integrate. In this sense, one’s own earthly personality is to be healed as an inner family. For this purpose I apply my structure-oriented Spiritual Psychotherapy to the inner family. Ultimately, Spiritual Psychotherapy is nothing more than a tool to remove the blockages that hinder the universal flow of love within the psychic.

In this respect I do not distinguish between spiritual psychotherapy, personality development, meditation, hypnosis, chakra cleansing (chakra wellness), reincarnation therapy, card reading, indigo child or indigo people, body psychotherapy and spiritual path, because everything leads to the Final-Enlightenment. I have also summarized and explained the individual steps to the Final-Enlightenment in my singing bowl ritual (audio samples Tibet chakra singing bowls) for you. It is always about allowing the universal flow of love. Therefore my message is: Accept universal love.

So, no matter if you have a therapeutic concern, first spiritual interest or are already very advanced on the complete spiritual path, feel free to contact me, you are very welcome. If you like, you can also interact with me and others interested in the Final-Enlightenment or subscribe to my newsletter about the Final-Enlightenment.

Love greetings your Ayleen Lyschamaya
Spiritual Master of the Final-Enlightenment

Practical cases of my Spiritual Psychotherapy

In order to give you an insight into my structure-oriented Holistic Psychotherapy on the spiritual way into the Final-Enlightenment, I first introduce you to several cases from my practice (for further cases see also couple therapy and Guilt feelings dll-practice©). I have chosen three clients who came to me because of fear, because fear is very common and can have very different causes. Most clients visit me in my practice in Berlin for Holistic Psychotherapy, Spiritual Life Counselling and to accompany them on their spiritual path to the Final-Enlightenment, but I also offer telephone counselling throughout Germany and Skype appointments worldwide.

What Spiritual Psychotherapy is, I explain to you in my book “Spiritual Psychotherapy: The Inner Family”. In addition, I have put together for you all the aids such as books and CD´s that I recommend in “Spiritual Psychotherapy: The Inner Family”.

Spiritual counselling und psychotherapy in Berlin

A woman in her forties came to me in my practice to feel better again. Actually, she was in a positive situation in life and therefore did not understand why she was not happy after all these difficult times. She also suffered far too often from bad-tempered customers while working as a cashier.

First of all I reassured her that unfortunately it is completely normal to feel bad after having survived difficult circumstances when relaxation occurs. During difficult phases of life, the psyche switches to a kind of “survival mode” in order to cope with the situation. Only afterwards, when one no longer only has to function, does the psychic processing subsequently occur. In addition, one’s own inner state is mirrored on the outside, for example by attracting particularly bad-tempered customers, to whom one reacts particularly sensitively.

In her case, the first step in a holistic approach was to clarify in general medicine to what extent hormone fluctuations during the menopause might also play a role. Psyche and body belong together, so that both approaches complement each other, but with my client it turned out that we could concentrate alone on her psychological processing.

She was most burdened by the situation at work, which she did not want to change due to financial obligations. That’s why three main focuses were to raise her quality of life again, namely a healthy relationship between work and leisure time, more differentiation, especially from outrageous customers, and a replenishment of energy.

First, we took stock of their everyday lives and asked them about their personal ideas of well-being. It turned out that she had demands for perfection that she could not meet at all and tried to meet requirements that were not her own. We not only talked about their causes, but combined cognitive insights with emotional processing through auditory and tactile EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). In this respect, the transformation of her everyday life dragged on for several weeks and fluently turned into a very important topic for her: Feelings of guilt.

Unjustified feelings of guilt can have so many causes that they are a very complex topic, which can only be solved individually for each person. My client learned to comfort and heal her inner child, to perceive her inner family better and to be more attentive in everyday life to the excessive demands of others.

Tapping acupressure supported her self-esteem and relaxation exercises let her recharge her batteries. All in all, she began not only to look for all her mistakes in herself, but also to look at other people more critically. Finally she freed herself from the old sadness still stored in her body by an intensive EMDR session with visual, auditory and tactile EMDR.

My client also put her greater self-confidence into practice in everyday life and was able to cope much better in her professional life. It took her husband some time to adjust to his changed wife, but they both managed to make their marriage more positive on a new level than before. Her previous friendships, however, no longer satisfied my client, so she wants to take a new look around. Her ability to separate herself had developed so well that she was satisfied. Maybe she wants to learn more about demarcation later, but first she is happy that she has achieved her psychotherapy goal of feeling good again.

As an occasional counsellor, I will continue to be at her disposal as needed.

In Berlin: Spiritual Psychotherapy on the way to the Final-Enlightenment

A young man in his mid-twenties came to my practice because his family had advised him to undergo psychotherapy, but he did not feel understood by conventional psychotherapists. In conventional psychotherapy he had been diagnosed with a “structural complexity problem” which made it difficult for him to cope with his everyday life.

In fact, at his first appointment he spoke so verbosely and openly in all directions that conventional conversation therapy did not make sense. At the same time I noticed his particularly high energy level and his very loving charisma. So I was not surprised by his aim in life, to bring this inner love to the outside. He orientated himself on role models like Jesus and touched his fellow human beings, but also made unpleasant experiences again and again, against which he could not distinguish himself. For his spiritual development he tried to follow esoteric instructions.

But that was the problem. Spiritual recommendations are addressed to people who want to develop beyond their earthly personality structures into the divine. But my client already identified himself with the loving breadth of his heart and instead had not yet arrived sufficiently in his personality structures to be able to cope with normal everyday life. For him it was about first arriving completely on earth in order to be able to meet others there from person to person out of his inner love.

We started with the body in order to make structures tangible for my client. So we started with energetic physical exercises, which brought him via a heaven-earth-connection especially into the feet and grounding. We supplemented them with demarcation exercises and affirmations and played through his earthly birth once more.

Accompanying this we worked with inner-child-healing and auditory and tactile EMDR on his occurring emotional reactions. As his conversation became more precise with increasing structure, we also analyzed his everyday situations and included them as learning tasks in his spiritual development process.

Finally I led him down with chakra therapy from his heart chakra strength to the solar plexus chakra. He dissolved the ego delimitation and power themes there in an intensive process and then immediately encountered his relationship themes in the sacral chakra. He is currently mastering these experiences alone with sufficient processing techniques and wants to come back to my support when there are further major hurdles to overcome.

The Final-Enlightenment contains everything, especially the connection from divine to earthly. For some people it can therefore be very spiritual to deal with earthly topics.

In Berlin: EMDR-short-term psychotherapy for panic attacks

A woman in her mid-thirties came to me with panic attacks and vomited. Her panic attacks were so bad that she couldn’t do her job as a hotel manager anymore. By the time she finally turned to me, she had already undergone a behavioural therapy for a year on account of the diagnosis “panic disorder with agoraphobia” and about three to four months on medication, which she had to stop again due to the strong side effects. In addition, she had taken part in a group therapy during rehab, after which she felt that her condition was even worse than before.

I already noticed at our first appointment that she did not correspond at all to an anxiety personality. In this respect I noticed when she talked about several traumatic events that occurred at the age of five and in which a surrender had also been important. Only afterwards had she often been afraid. Apparently a post-traumatic stress disorder had become chronic in her.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is the method of choice for resolving trauma consequences. We already applied auditory EMDR with foot tapping at the next appointment, while discussing further details from her past, the processing of feelings and the secondary use of her anxiety. In her case, her anxiety had become so independent that she was able to take advantage of her condition, for example, to impose her anxiety on important needs. We therefore agreed that she would continue to take hours with me after an EMDR intensive to learn other methods of fulfilling her wishes. Only then could she really give up her panic attacks and anxiety permanently.

After an intensive EMDR session with visual, auditory and tactile EMDR, she actually got rid of her anxiety and panic attacks immediately, which she could not believe at first and therefore had to be careful not to fall back out of habit into her old anxiety behaviors. In addition, we stabilized them with affirmations. On further psychotherapy appointments she found out about her deeper needs and should learn to implement them without fear. For example, she didn’t really want to work full time anymore, but wanted a child for whom she wanted to take care of at home (possibly with additional part-time work).

In fact, she left me happily pregnant after a total of seven psychotherapy sessions. Until then, a healthy, new basis had been created for her, which, however, was exposed to considerable stress before the end of the stabilization phase due to hormonal and physical change processes as well as the expected change in life. Should she therefore need my support again, I will be there for her again at any time.

Spiritual Psychotherapy for anxiety with forced thoughts and tics (in Berlin)

A man in his mid-thirties came to my practice because of anxiety in connection with motor tics and compulsive thoughts, such as killing his girlfriend or himself. In addition, he suffered from “not finishing things” and that his relationships regularly failed after two years at the latest. Accordingly, his current partnership, which had already lasted two and a half years, was already in crisis.

An analysis of his personality structure revealed a complete inner family with a largely healthy inner child, a strong inner woman and a relatively strong, but inferior feeling and insufficiently integrated inner man. Due to this inadequate connection between inner woman and inner man, my client regularly switched back and forth between the two parts of his personality, so that his states of anxiety were broken by dangerously daring actions, at the latest after two years of intensive closeness to his relationship he first needed distance again and had to live alone again and in particular “never finished anything” professionally.

After a short introduction to the healing handling of feelings, which he was able to implement immediately due to his healthy inner child, we first deal with his inner man. We used a mixture of physical demarcation exercises, affirmations, visualizations and energetic exercises. It turned out that my client had a particularly good access to his inner self-healing powers and even had exciting, positive spiritual experiences as side effects, although he wasn’t really interested in spirituality.

His inner man was getting better and better during the course of psychotherapy, but my client still had his fear and compulsive thoughts because his inner wife and inner man were not sufficiently connected. So he continued to identify himself alternately with the fears of his inner wife and the obsessive thoughts of his inner husband. In the next few hours I therefore brought his inner wife and his inner husband into a dialogue by sitting alternately on two chairs, which my client also transferred into his everyday life by means of exercises.

As far as we were well prepared, we then carried out a longer EMDR appointment, during which, in addition to dealing with old traumas, the main focus was on the connection between his inner female and inner male personality parts. The EMDR session became an extremely positive experience for my client, because he switched through his everyday consciousness into the divine consciousness. So he experienced beautiful feelings, had no more thoughts of coercion or tics and stopped smoking suddenly and permanently because his cigarettes no longer tasted good to him.

In the further aftermath of the EMDR psychotherapy, an intensive process of processing followed, in which my client first tilted back and forth between constructive life restructuring and pessimistic defence “everything is as before”, until he then remained in a kind of “stalemate” for a whole time. His inner wife and inner husband were now connected, but not yet a team, so that they pulled his thoughts and feelings in different directions at the same time.

In this phase I could only show my client his blocking thinking in circles, but apparently without him making any further progress, until it finally came to a permanent leap of consciousness. It is quite common that after a spiritual EMDR-intensive appointment first immediate processing reactions appear, then for about three months seemingly nothing else happens, while deep reactions take place, and then a healthier reorganization of the psychic structure occurs.

My client now feels completely new with an integrated inner man and actively active without fear. He has thus reached his original psychotherapy goal after just under a year, is still with his girlfriend and would now like to be supported by me as a new goal in his first steps towards a career.

Skype-consulting for panic attacks (worldwide from Berlin)

A woman in her early thirties who lived in the Arab Emirates contacted me about panic attacks for fear of flying. As a stewardess she was temporarily ill and needed quick help to continue her career. She chose a consultation with me via Skype.

The cause for her panic attacks was quickly found. Apart from a few disappointments, she led an unsteady life for her well-being. So she had so many moves within a short time in different countries behind her that she lacked especially stable social contacts, which had always been very important to her.

Her fear of the panic attacks was greatest, so that I first explained the vicious circle of fear to her and asked her to accept her fear as a wise advisor in order to pay more attention to her personal needs. Accordingly, we immediately went through all the possibilities of building a social network as quickly as possible.

At the same time, I drew her attention to her circular reasoning: “I do not fly because I am afraid” and “I am afraid (what others think of me) because I do not fly”. Knocking acupressure could help against this. Two or three times a day and in between, if necessary, she should knock the sentence “Although I’m afraid, I’m still flying”. In addition, she learned to pay more attention to her thoughts and thus break the vicious circle of fear shortly before panic automation.

We also conducted an intensive EMDR session via Skype to better deal with her old disappointments and then learned to use EMDR on her own in doses that calmed her down without triggering any further processing at the same time. She also learned how to visualize and imagine a positive image when flying. We also compiled a list of her personal resources, which she could fall back on.

With all these aids she managed to fly again at the end of her sick leave. We then discussed a few more topics that burdened her and after a total of ten hours her consultation was successfully completed.

After almost a year I was very happy about the following feedback:

“Hello dear Ayleen,
I wanted to get in touch with you and say hello.
I am doing really well. Sometimes I have before flying (if I have slept again only 3 hours) something strange feeling, but I have it finally under CONTROL :-)))))
I haven’t taken any pills for at least 3 months …
I can’t THANK you enough without you, I couldn’t have done it! …“

Half a year later she moved again, even more so into an unloved country, so that she needed me with nine hours for the adaptation and another half year later I accompanied her with twelve hours during her pregnancy. Meanwhile I am very happy with her that she is doing well with her small family and I will continue to accompany her with pleasure in demanding life changes.

In Berlin: aborted development process

A couple came to me for a joint repatriation. Both knew each other from previous lives and learned how their basic themes were repeated. They healed their former relationship as siblings very emotionally, which had a very positive effect on their current partner relationship.

He also wanted to get involved in further spiritual development. His inner child was quite hurt from his personality structure, at the same time with strong, but not very well connected inner-woman and inner-man parts. Accordingly, in a first relationship he had lived for years one-sidedly his inner man and in his new relationship also one-sidedly his inner woman. Now he had to heal his inner child and integrate his adult personality into a team.

We started with inner-child healing and he learned to process his feelings. In addition he practiced the loving contact with his inner child on the basis of concrete everyday situations. All in all he was an energetically strong person, so that in one and a half months he felt that not enough was happening to him. Therefore he wanted a higher dose and dared with already spiritual summit experiences intensive development processes by spiritual EMDR.

So we arranged an intensive Spiritual EMDR session to heal his inner child and to better connect his inner wife and inner husband. Coming from another city he had planned his arrival the evening before, but due to a car accident he came directly to me early in the morning, completely exhausted. He wanted to make the appointment anyway and in fact it is psycho-spiritually advantageous for a person as energetically strong as he is if his resistance is weakened by fatigue.

His EMDR appointment lasted four hours including a quarter of an hour of preliminary talk and a quarter of an hour of post-healing to take his inner child in his arms. For the remaining three and a half hours we performed visual and auditory EMDR with almost continuous tapping of the feet. We mainly dealt with the topics of being unloved and left alone as well as internalized worthlessness as a man. Afterwards he wasn’t really fit to drive, but insisted on driving a short distance to his friend.

The first days after the EMDR date he processed his inner-child healing with mood swings and then got into an almost two-month high phase with a self-confident, powerful inner man. He felt so positive and good and was so enthusiastic about EMDR that I had to stop him from applying the method to other people without the appropriate training. I advised him to wait until he was through his entire process and then get permission as a psychotherapist. He followed my advice and waited.

As he approached his phase of psychological upheaval, I recommended him to continue Spiritual EMDR independently in the flow of auditory stimulation (as I describe it in my book “Spiritual EMDR”), because with his energetically strong personality, the power of one appointment would not be sufficient to carry him through the entire process. But he applied Spiritual EMDR only so sporadically that his shadowing increased more and more. By shading I mean identification with resistance and karmic resistance to change.

At the moment when he felt the intense processes of transformation at their climax after about three months, he became afraid of chaos in his psyche and did not want to get involved anymore. At the same time he could hardly be reached anymore due to his increasing shadowing and his completely distorted perception. He broke off his spiritual development and his appointments with me if we continued to be friends.

Man has free will and that is why I accept such a decision, but I found it a great pity because he missed an enormous opportunity for development. He has permanently achieved the healing of his inner child, but not the connection of his inner woman and inner man personality parts (see also personality test). There he continues to switch back and forth between inner woman and inner man one-sidedness and accordingly changed his girlfriend again. Above all, however, it is not so easy for an energetically strong person to activate his psyche in an inner transformation process and this particularly effective method should now be so well known to his defence that when Spiritual EMDR is applied again the full power will probably no longer unfold in him.

Until then I had not thought it possible, but apparently even such intensive development processes can still be stopped in the middle. In this respect, I would like to ask everyone to consider beforehand to what extent he or she would like to engage in spiritual development. Sometimes it makes more sense to gradually try out more and more intensive spiritual experiences and to consider in peace before each new step whether one would like to go on. My client should have learned this from his experience and if he wants to continue more cautiously at some point, he will reach the universal love of the Final-Enlightenment.

A year and a half later: I am very happy to be able to accompany my client again on the complete spiritual path, which he now intends to go resolutely to the Final-Enlightenment. He continues his spiritual path with the Guilt feelings deletion – live love – approach© (Guilt feelings dll-practice©) and applies Spiritual EMDR independently.

“Dear Ayleen,
an important topic that has been on my mind for quite some time, I forgot to mention today.
I have been playing with the idea of whether it wouldn’t be better if we were to do another intensive inner woman healing as we did with the inner child healing.
So in the form of a 2-3 hour EMDR session, …
I look forward to your opinion and answer.
Love greetings …”

My answer:

“Dear …,
such an EMDR session we will not do, because then the development-joyful side of you first rushes forward and afterwards the karmic defense reaction turns out all the more violent. It was able to abort the process the first time and should therefore be taken from the outset. This makes the whole thing tougher and takes longer, but is much more reliable.
Greetings your Ayleen”.

Explanation: Such an Intensive Spiritual EMDR cannot be limited to individual inner family members. Although I usually start with one topic (for example with an inner family member, a traumatic situation, the inner woman-man connection), I then involve the entire consciousness from there. This results in such fundamental changes that defence is always automatically activated. Since this had previously led to a break in my client’s spiritual development, it is now necessary to proceed more continuously at a lower dosage, which takes into account the correspondingly lower and more timely resistance.

Karmic stress: Dissolving Karma in Berlin

A very spiritual young man turned to me because he had suicidal thoughts after intensive meditation. He was tormented by convictions such as “better not to be on earth” and on the platform he got impulses to throw himself in front of a train. Even at school he had felt different and misunderstood and was teased by his classmates.

He got along well with his parents and they were open to his spiritual disposition, but could not understand his mood swings and were very worried, also because he did not have a girlfriend yet and they wanted a normal life for their son. With the consent of my client, I was allowed to talk openly with his parents and reassure them. They were very happy that he now had me with him.

In fact, the young man brought with him an enormous spiritual and personal potential. Successful in his studies without much effort and pleasant in dealing with other people, there were no everyday problems. Athletic and handsome, he was only more interested in spirituality than in women than in women, because he was not yet ready for a girlfriend because of his inner psychic relationships.

He performed spiritual exercises absolutely reliably for several hours every day, but occasionally tended to exaggerate even for his already high dose.

First of all, I explained to him the connection between his spiritual exercises and what aftereffects he caused, which then regularly caused him to fall into suicidal thoughts. He learned to deal with spiritual processes, to process them healingly and to regulate the aftereffects by dosage. From then on suicide was no longer an issue.

We also chose the most targeted approach for him. He had continuous access to the Divine and his inner family was already complete. However, his personality parts were all present in a rather rough form, so that we concentrated on the tender members of his inner family. For example, he learned to perceive his tender inner child and to treat him tenderly and lovingly.

His inner family members were also quite distorted in the most unusual places in his body. Then his divine approach helped him to bring them back into their intended order.

His inner-woman-man relationship was not completely harmonious, so that we worked on it and chose the theme relationship as the outer mirror. First he had to overcome something, to try to find a girlfriend. Then, however, his efforts set in motion developmental processes which, represented in gestalt therapy, suggested a karmic cause.

In fact, until then, only minor post-healing had been necessary, because he already had a largely healthy and complete psyche and a little burdened past. This was contrasted by quite violent karmic images, which had always been shown in his dreams.

Normally, for karmic issues, repatriation is the method of choice, but my client had such direct access to his karmic past from the outset that it almost forced itself upon him and no special technique was needed. Instead, the karmic was so unusually emotionally charged in him that I suggested an intensive appointment with Spiritual EMDR, even though the method is not really focused on the karmic.

EMDR is specifically designed to heal trauma, so the contents are regularly stressful, but this was the cruellest story I’ve ever heard. Directly in his previous life he had been murdered as a woman in a bestial manner. That had drawn him into his body. So from birth he lacked an eye muscle, so that he was prevented from touching this memory by eye movements. His fontanel had grown unusually over very quickly after his birth because he was beaten to death with a stone. In addition, there was so much hate and revenge stored in him that it could not be explained by this life alone.

My client processed the EMDR date very intensively and traumatically up to flashbacks, only that he had not survived his trauma and therefore could only heal in the next life.

In the following hours we included further incarnations and my client grasped the perpetrator-victim connections. We also supported his down-to-earth power through bioenergetic exercises and connected it with his mental body and karmic energies.

This life was obviously the task for my client to work on his karmic past and he felt a tremendous relief after he had managed this chunk. Soon after, he met his girlfriend and moved in with her very quickly.

Since my client had decided to go the spiritual way completely, he continued Spiritual EMDR of the advanced stages independently and together we dealt with the Guilt feelings dll-practice©. He always processed each step very intensively, directly and into the physical, but without getting into violent mood lows like before. Instead, he remained consistently stable from the base. His thought patterns tended to twist, as victims to blame themselves for one act rather than the others, so that we discussed various situations in detail.

He made very rapid progress, immediately integrating every single issue that arose. Meanwhile he has reached his spiritual goal and is Spiritual Master of the Final-Enlightenment.

Body healing using the example of a Lyme disease cure

The healing of the body is also subject to universal laws. If one proceeds in accordance with these, the effect is all the more intense. That is why I explain to you under “Body Healing” on the basis of a Lyme disease healing the procedure, which addresses the individual layers of consciousness spiritually holistically.

The New Age of Final-Enlightenment:

As ambassador of love
embedded in the universal love
filled out with the universal love
flowed with the universal love
creating the universal love as an earthly expression of the Divine
with compassion healing mankind.
As the meaning of live
fulfilling the soul task(s)
with realizing the project “Loving Earth”.
(by Ayleen Lyschamya)

Final-Enlightenment / New Age EnlightenmentNew Age movement as an evolutionary transition in consciousness: The healed and transcended inner family(AL) connected with the conventional enlightenment as Final-Enlightenment(AL) – see also Spiritual Masters, Gurus and India.


©Ayleen Lyschamaya.

New Age Logo Ayleen Lyschamayaaccording to Ayleen Lyschamaya

*Translated German title of Ken Wilber´s book “Up from Eden”.