Part 2: The truth of Conspiracy Theories

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The Universal Plan, claim to power, guilt-feelings entanglements and conspiracy theories

by Ayleen Lyschamaya, January 2022

There are those, who use “conspiracy theories” as a term when they think that something is complete nonsense. In that regard, the denotation can also be used elegantly to disparage an unpopular other opinion. The others, however, are absolutely convinced of the truth content of the conspiracy theories. A ‒ mostly fear-making ‒ plan for the world is again often content of conspiracy theories, although love is the basis. In this article now the truth content of conspiracy theories is to be explained in distinction to the projection of the conspiracy theorists.

 In the first article on conspiracy theories, “Conspiracy Theories in the New Age[1], it was about the projection of the conspiracy theorists out of their distorted perception in connection with anxiety, helplessness and fear of loss of control. In this second article, now, the actual truth content of the conspiracy theories is in the foreground with its love base. It is shown, what is actually present in the collective energies of society as a whole, to that the conspiracy theorists felt they could link to.

There is indeed a ‒ loving, good ‒ plan for the world. The goal of the Universal Plan (Musubi) is to heal the world. The healing of the world envisions changing the world very concretely into a loving earth. These subtle impulses of Musubi, though distorted by the views of the old age, are perceived by all people.

Why is this perception of the loving Universal Plan fearfully distorted? On the one hand, as already explained in “Conspiracy Theories in the New Age“, the negatively expected plan is a projection of the conspiracy theorists. On the other hand, however, there was actually a free will decision of old souls a very long time ago, which could be understood as a conspiracy in the broadest sense. Anyway, this collective consciousness content has now been energetically dissolved with the new age by Musubis female Creative Power. Therefore, the energies are also gradually transformed concretely in the earthly.

However, this free will decision of the old souls negatively influenced the first Genesis of the old age in the form that people distanced themselves from the Divine and became entangled in the earthly. In this course, the karmic dominance system took over. The underlying energies are quite perceptible even today, so that they are true at the same time and offer grateful breeding ground for projections.

The origin of the negative consciousness-development of the people at that time has meanwhile been lovingly dissolved by Musubis female Creative Power with the second Genesis for the new age. Nevertheless, the rigid structural energies built up over millennia will remain stable for a while, even with this now new love base. Therefore, Musubi’s Plan includes an active transformation of these energies. For this, it is important to first understand these entanglements of power claim and feelings of guilt.

Originally loving souls incarnate as women and men on earth to create the divine love together in the earthly. However, woman[2] and man[2], with their opposite female and male characteristics, found each other so interesting and attractive that they lost sight of their original goal of universal love-creation.

Instead, they tried to please mutually and get recognition from each other. But they could not satisfy each other´s demands out of their different female and male standards. Although they were attracted mutually as opposites, it was not possible for them to satisfy the standards of their opposing worldviews at the same time.

In the meantime, they also sought love in the earthly from each other. Thereby, they forgot that they themselves are actually nothing but love and had an everlasting source of universal love out of the göttlich-irdischen Liebesflussverbindung (divine-earthly love-flow-connection).

Woman and man formed two completely different patterns out of their respective natures. These complemented mutually and stabilized each other. The female felt wrong in her relationship competence, because oriented on community she did not fulfill at the same time the male standard, for example, of demarcation. Out of such unfulfillable demands, the female developed, among other things, a victim attitude to avoid being wrong and feelings of guilt.

The male also received the message from the female that he was wrong, because he did not meet the female standard of values. As a result, he developed feelings of inferiority out of his performance-oriented thinking. These feelings of inferiority had to be compensated. In addition, helplessness did not correspond to the male ideal and touched on painful childhood experiences. Therefore, helplessness had to be avoided at all costs. The desire for power became all the more important.

The female victim attitude as a karmic guilt-feelings-blockade and the male dominance behavior as a karmic power-blockade were passed on from incarnation to incarnation and from person to person as well as throughout society. In the old age, the earth was collectively separated from the Universal Whole by these two karmic blockades. In the consciousness of individual human beings, soul love was separated from the inner family(AL) by these two karmic blockages. The two karmic systems became individually and collectively the loveless basis of the old age.

Conspiracy theorists identified themselves with the victim attitude and energetically perceived the worldwide underlying karmic power system. With their mixture of anxiety, guilt-feelings and helplessness in connection with the fear of abuse of power, they linked exactly to these energies. Conspiracy theories thus resulted from a mixture of distortedly perceived loving Universal Plan, residual awareness of a meanwhile dissolved old conspiracy of negative free will, mutually stabilizing karmic systems as power-dominance and guilt-feelings-blockade, projection of own negative power experiences and actual occurrences.

Once the entanglements of power claim and feelings of guilt are dissolved and the projections healed, it becomes obvious that the only and true power that exists emanates from Musubi. The word power has a negative connotation, because of these earthly entanglements and experiences with karmic dominance behavior. However, the power that emanates from Musubi is absolutely pure and loving and wants to help people experience the higher level of consciousness of the new age through the göttlich-irdische Liebesflussverbindung (divine-earthly love-flow-connection). In the consciousness of this divine-earthly love-flow, souls experience and create a loving earth.

The fear of abuse of power contained in the conspiracy theories is based on the negative experiences of the old age in connection with entangled overall social energies and personal projections. This places some real maladjustments in a larger negative overall context than they actually deserve. However, it is inappropriate to dismiss all contents of conspiracy theories as nonsense. Instead, in dealing with conspiracy theories, the various influences are to be differentiated and then the truth content is to be determined.

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[1] “Conspiracy Theories in the New Age”:

[2] The female and male personality structures often, but by no means always, coincide with the biological sex. In addition, there are female-male personalities.

The pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.