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Online Courses* to learn Belly Dance* for Personal Development and as Movement Meditation

Hello my dears,
welcome to my Online Belly Dance Courses with belly dance as a Moving Meditation. Join me and my group Aysumi online.

The belly dancing has evolved socially from community rituals (e.g. birth dance) over the free expression of emotion (improvisation) towards mentally-oriented structures (choreography). All these aspects I now integrate to loving Movement Meditation. For this purpose, we start for complete beginners with the belly dance basics and belly dance techniques. Then we continue with free dance and go on to choreography and Movement Meditation. We teach more and more content and also offer support for the loosening of blockades, to get to know the inner family(AL) and for spirituality.

To know the inner family(AL) is worth it for more quality of life, because the human psyche is an inner family(AL) with inner child, inner woman and inner man. In my guideline-book “Spiritual Psychotherapy: the inner family“,  I represent this concept of the human psyche as an inner family(AL), as the originator, for the first time. I assume that this view will be very fast generally adopted. This book about the inner family(AL) is also recommended for interested lay people for a basic understanding of the inner family(AL) as the human psyche. But, furthermore, with its psychotherapeutic methods it is specifically addressed at holistic therapists and coaches to expertly spread the transcendental consciousness, too. A first insight into the specific handling of the inner family(AL) you´ll find organized by me on Facebook and on other social networks as a project especially for the inner family(AL).

Accordingly, especially the inner woman can, among other things, be cured by belly dancing. That’s why I refer in my book, in the respective chapter about the inner woman, to this Online Belly Dance Courses. We support you thereby to better quality of life. This female form of Movement Meditation completes the already known male Movement Meditations to a whole.

We wish you very much fun with our online courses to belly dance. May the belly dance be for you such a large enrichment for your lives as it has always been for myself and as it for our group Aysumi still is. This belly dance project is supported by my task of passing on the universal love to people.

Much love yours Ayleen Lyschamaya and with my group Aysumi

The Online Courses to learn Belly Dance – overview

[Note: The belly dance courses are currently being integrated into a comprehensive online training program. In future, the videos switched to private will be part of the Consciousness Coach of the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© training.]

As an overview, I have a playlist Online Courses to learn Belly Dance on youtube for you. Additional information about the content and a suggestion for the order, you can find at belly dance as a movement meditation for healing your inner woman

New Age Enlightenment - learn belly dancing-1 online course

New Age Enlightenment - learn belly dancing-2 online course

New Age Enlightenment - learn belly dancing-3 online course

New Age Enlightenment - learn belly dancing-4 online course

New Age Enlightenment - learn belly dancing-5 online course

The Online Course Concept learning belly dancing

As Spiritual Master of the New Age Enlightenment(AL), I am an ambassador of love and lead the love into the earthly structures. For this purpose, I have got three approaches.

  • Firstly, I inform you about the human structure as an inner family(AL) with inner child, inner woman and inner man, as represented in my book “Spiritual Psychotherapy: the inner family“. 
  • My second approach is the belly dance as Movement Meditation and Love Creation. To spread this development into the world, I offer these free Belly Dance Online Courses. Important is the healing of the inner woman.
  • My third approach is the personal contact especially through my teachings and my disciples.

Overall, loving and very gradual positive changes are planned and there will be enough time to adapt to it.

Tools for learning Belly Dancing

The music offer and also the prices change constantly so fast that I can unfortunately give you no current recommendations. If the songs, for which I have a choreography for you, are no longer available or only available at exorbitant prices, please contact me. We then will find a solution together.

learn Belly Dance – Online Course Beginners-1:

To get to know the oriental music composition closer, I would like to recommend you the double CD “Dances from 1001 Nights“. On the first CD common oriental dance rhythms are each played in two forms, only as a rhythm and then with melody. The second CD includes several songs. More rhythms offers the double CD “Muhsin – Introduction to Oriental Dance Rhythms”.
Music is primarily a matter of taste, but the CD “Yalla Hitlist Egypt” I recommend, because it is particularly easy to dance.

learn Belly Dance – Online Course Beginners-2:

The CD “One Man’s Passion” is especially good for dancing shimmys. I have also got the three-step-rotation for you.

learn Belly Dance – Online Course intermediate:

With Online-Belly-Dancing-Beginner 1, Online-Belly-Dancing-Beginner 2 and the intermediate video you know the basic techniques of Belly Dancing. Next, you can take part at my ongoing weekly online Advanced Belly Dancing lessons.

The CD “The best of Belly Dance” contains good danceable music and one song I use for a Movement Meditation.

Practice unit learning belly dance 

How does such an online course “learning belly dance” work in concrete terms?

Before we start, I want to anticipate a couple of comments how to deal with the Belly Dance Online Classes. Due to decades of experience with belly dance, back exercises, Tai Chi energy flow, body psychotherapy and spirituality, I have developed this belly dance learning as online courses. From this, I would recommend you to respect my instructions to warm up, the back-friendly belly dancing and to cool down, so that you have fun with belly dancing for your whole life.

Warming up

As Spiritual Master of the Final-Enlightenment(AL) I live a holistic approach. Therefore, I am convinced that every healthy person can by nature move to music and thus can dance. In this respect, my videos are nothing more than a suggestion to expand your accustomed own movement patterns by fascinating belly dancing. Especially in our meritocracy, in my opinion, it is very important to have fun on the natural movement expression again and to rely more on one’s own body as on any external requirements.

If you see belly dancing in its original naturalness, no specific warming up is necessary; by the way, there also isn´t a warming up for standard dance or in the disco. However, I recommend a shaking of all parts of your entire body to loosen up, get rid off the daily stress and change inwardly to belly dancing. Afterwards, consciously conduct the sliding of your body layers as shown in the Beginner Belly Dance Class 1 to prepare your body especially for the peculiarities of belly dance. If you then gently begin your belly dance with soft-flowing belly dance movements and with steps that warm up your whole body, more warming up isn´t necessary. This gradual entry into the belly dance should be about 10 minutes.

In addition, for all those who prefer to warm up together with me or like to enjoy gymnastics, I have got the following video:

I start in Belly Dance Course Beginner 1 with the Basic Arabic Step, because it draws awareness to the feet and thereby promotes grounding. Moreover, it is familiar to us to start a new dance firstly with steps. So it makes sense to start belly dancing with learning the Basic Arabic Step and thus immediately have visible success in the opportunities provided by oriental music. Likewise, you can also begin the belly dance with moving the isolated body layers and then go on with the hip movements. Choose the approach which is the easiest for you and with the most fun.

Attention – your back!

Basically, belly dancing is good for your back, because you learn a healthy upright posture and mobilize the spine. However, with back pain or a previously damaged spine, for example by preceding herniated disc, you should better not take part in these Online Belly Dance Courses. The risk is too great that you damage yourself.

In general, pay attention to consistently keeping your back long and especially the lumbar region relaxed.

Unfortunately, I repeatedly see it in many belly dance videos (as of 2017) and have also often experienced it in belly dancing classes that nonfunctional exercises are carried out. This is the case  in particular for warming up and as a cool down, which can hurt your back. Just because a belly dancer performs well doesn´t mean that she or he also has a clue from the subject back. The exercises in belly dance classes are unfortunately so widespread not particularly good for the back that I recommend you to inform yourselves about back-friendly functional gymnastics.

In my Online Belly Dance Classes I draw your attention on back-friendly belly dancing; and positions with extreme backward posture I don´t even show, because I don´t dance them myself. Accordingly, all discomfort which may arise is a signal of the body to stop the belly dance. During and after the belly dancing you should feel physically refreshed and healthier than before. Belly dance as a Moving Meditation means to engage in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

Cooling down

For cooling down I recommend to dance about 10 minutes flowing movements to the healing sounds of the medicus as Oriental Music Therapy:

Makam Hüseyni has an effect on the internal organs, knee, lower legs and inflammation with the feeling of peace.

Makam Hicaz has an effect on the intestines, bladder, genitals, sexual desire and ear pain with a feeling of humility.

Learning Belly Dancing with Aysumi (online-courses)

Who is the Belly Dancing Group Aysumi?

(Ay-leen and Su-sanne and Mi-chaela gives Ay-su-mi)

learn Belly Dancing with Aysumi

We wish you a lot of fun with our Online Belly Dance Courses, your group Aysumi.

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