Chakra-Wellness for well-being and relaxation


Chakra cleansing out of love for yourself

– Chakra-Wellness(AL), known from the television “Die große Reportage” 2012 and “Spiegel TV” 2014 –

More quality of life through Chakra-Wellness(AL): While you calm down, feel good and relax, your chakras are harmonised and cleansed. Let yourself be pampered holistically with Chakra-Wellness(AL).

In Chakra Wellness(AL) we use healing chakra energy cards, soothing chakra incense, empowering chakra tones, harmonising chakra singing bowls, cleansing chakra gems and energy field crystals, loving chakra music, still water energised with healing seals and sometimes yin and yang qigong balls.

Healing through chakra energy cards, chakra incense sticks and still water energised with a healing seal still water



First we replace your everyday stresses with a positive affirmation that you – guided by your higher self (philosophy of consciousness) – intuitively choose from healing chakra energy cards. Your nose is then pampered by the appropriate fragrance for the corresponding chakra.

We use Qi-Gong balls as a supplement if you have drawn a “minor chakra palm” energy card.

Chakra-TönenPower through chakra tones with colour visualisation

Strength through chakra tones with colour visualisation

Next, we recharge our batteries by tinging the chakras together with additional chakra colour visualisation. Afterwards you may enjoy the harmonising vibrations of chakra singing bowls.

Harmonisation through Tibetan chakra singing bowls

Afterwards crystals will cleanse your energies while you relax to loving chakra music.


Purification through chakra gemstones and energy field crystals

Cleansing through Chakra Gemstones and Energy Field Crystals

Water energised with the healing seal of your energy card subtly rounds off your beneficial Chakra Wellness(AL).

I will accompany you sensitively through everything and look forward to letting you enjoy Chakra Wellness(AL).

Dear Ayleen,

I would like to thank you again for this great spiritual experience!

I have gained clarity and serenity and a feeling that everything will be alright. I have become calmer and sleep like a rock. I have made small decisions and made them known.

My body has also reacted in some way. …

So, again, thank you very much! …”

“Dear Ayleen,

thank you so much, … the best thing that happened to me.

Love …”


Notes: Chakra-Wellness(AL) harmonises the energies and thus mainly concerns the subtle levels of consciousness. The universal law for healing always involves all levels of consciousness from divine to earthly. I have described the exact procedure to you using the example of a Lyme disease cure. Spiritual psychotherapy(AL) develops the inner family(AL) in addition, see also my “Books Spiritual Path”. Chakra harmonisation is used on the first section of the complete spiritual path. Tarot cards can be an aid on all three stages of the complete spiritual path.

Further to out-of-body experiences / astral travel, my singing bowl ritual and chakra belly dance.

Am-Ziel-ErleuchtungFinal EnlightenmentNew Age as evolutionary leap of consciousness: The healed and transcended inner family(AL)combined with conventional enlightenment as Final Enlightenment(AL) – see also Spiritual Masters, Masters and Gurus

nach Ayleen Lyschamaya

by Ayleen Lyschamaya