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Dissolving Guilt-feelings ‒ Practical Cases from Psychotherapy/Coaching and Spirituality

New Age of Final-Enlightenment(AL): Overcoming guilt-feelings with Guru Ayleen Lyschamaya.
New Age of Final-Enlightenment(AL): Overcoming guilt-feelings with Guru Ayleen Lyschamaya

The dissolution of guilt-feelings is immensely important, because this deletion of guilt-feelings leads to the true self-love of the new age. Therefore, in the following I have a few practical cases for you to illustrate the procedure. First I will present a psychotherapeutic respectively coaching application of the Guilt feelings dll-practice© in its basic form and then the transformative approach to Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© [Final-Enlightenment(AL)]. That is, I begin with the first and continue later with the second section of the complete spiritual path; see also my books as a spiritual path.

Dissolving Guilt-feelings in Psychotherapy/Coaching[1]

Spiritual Psychotherapy: The Inner Family(AL)

Guilt-feelings Case 1: After her stay in a day hospital, a middle-aged woman came to my practice, because of various physical, psychosomatically caused, complaints. She was taking pills for depression, had a lot of anxiety and was drawing a pension, unable to work. Her childhood had been very hurtful. She wanted to get well and return to work.

In her psyche, the inner woman was dominant and cooperatively connected with her inner man, who was also present. Her inner child was repressed. Her personality structure appeared open, fearful, vulnerable and warm-hearted overall, which was mirrored to her on the outside through considerate experiences with other people.

We first took a stabilising approach. For this purpose, we discussed her everyday situations and she learned, how to deal with herself well. Against her fear, she applied the affirmations “Safety is here now, …” for three weeks and then “Inner strength is here now, …” for a fortnight.

We also looked for fulfilling tasks for her, which she found mainly in connection with plants and animals. Her contact with animals also offered the possibility of gradually developing professional independence from it in the medium term.

Under these positive conditions, her self-healing powers could work particularly well and she got better and better. After barely three quarters of a year, she was finally enjoying such a pleasant life that her feelings of guilt were activated, because she had exceeded her personal quality-of-life limit.

The “quality-of-life limit” is the consciousness state up to which old guilt-feelings can still be sufficiently well repressed, so that the psyche unconsciously ensures that this limit is not exceeded. This means that every psyche that has not already dissolved its guilt-feelings, unconsciously boycotts a life situation that is too positive in the long run.

My client, for example, suddenly constructed a fear of the next pension application, which was not due for well over a year. She was afraid, because she was “far too well off” to continue receiving a pension, but she also still felt unable to work. In fact, she was far from being able to cope with a concrete workload, but that was not the point at all. Her feelings of guilt from exceeding her quality-of-life limit expressed themselves as a supposed fear of applying for a pension.

I go into the exact mechanism of the quality-of-life limit in my book “Completely dissolving feelings of guilt“. It is a mechanism that affects all people. However, due to my continuous encouraging support, my client’s unconscious psychological defences had now been unable to work for quite some time.

At this point, psychotherapies, especially if they are successful, are very often broken off, because the (threatening) feelings of guilt seem unbearable. The psychological defence usually reacts before the feelings of guilt are actually felt, so that other reasons are regularly pretended for the abandoning of therapy.

My client, however, continued her psychotherapy, after I had explained the mechanism to her, and we worked on her feelings of guilt. We distinguished between justified and unfounded guilt-feelings and hers all turned out to be unfounded.

The starting point was her guilt-feelings that she should not be as well off as she actually was now. Over a period of one and a half months, we then discussed various individual issues from her past that triggered her feelings of guilt. We dredged up these issues together and at home my client then spoke the guilt-feelings affirmations “Deletion of my guilt-feelings is here now, …” every day.

She experienced such a great relief from her guilt-feelings that she gained clear stability and was suddenly able to better separate herself against others automatically from out of her inside. As a further course of action, we discussed that she should first continue to train her newly gained stability in everyday life and then begin to carefully heal her inner child.

This therapeutic deletion of her feelings of guilt had thus been necessary in three respects:
– Firstly, it freed her subjectively from a great burden.
– Secondly, it raised her quality-of-life threshold to such an extent that she could permanently allow a more pleasant life that still continued to heal further.
– Thirdly, it stabilised her personality structure to such an extent that the prerequisites for an inner-child healing are now given.

Guilt feelings deletion ‒ live love ‒ procedure©[1][2]

The Guilt feelings dll-practice©[1][2] as a spiritual path to the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©

Guilt-feelings Case 2: A young woman in her early twenties came to me with spiritual interest. She had been dealing with inner development for a while and was very open to spiritual energies from the start, such as specifically while travelling. With particularly sensitive perception, she had felt unloved as a child, and as a teenager could no longer get along with her parents, so she had temporarily lived in a foster family. She had also been hospitalised twice for anorexia, but had overcome it in the meantime.

Her inner family(AL) was complete with inner woman, inner man and inner child, with her inner woman in the foreground. All in all, she appeared as a person to be tender, open, trusting and at rest within herself. At the same time, she was so reserved that she was regularly overlooked, from which she suffered. She also radiated a great neediness for love and was dependent on her partner in her relationship.

Spiritually, we started with her two main issues of lack of love and being overlooked. My disciple could not believe that she was really loved by other people, especially by her partner. Therefore, we regularly discussed her partner’s behaviour and learned to distinguish the actual situation from her projected lack of love.

We used tapping acupressure to open her to self-love and afterwards applied affirmations as “… loved am I now”. She was also encouraged to show her inner woman in dance to healing heart chakra music and we repeatedly represented her soul on this earth in connection with her earthly personality parts in gestalt therapy/coaching. In addition, we also brought her inner family(AL) into conversation with each other through the respective identification with the individual family members through sitting on three different chairs. Her inner child, her inner woman and her inner man were all equally accessible, but all felt too little seen and not valued enough.

After about half a year, we then applied the eight steps of the Guilt feelings deletion ‒ live love ‒ method©. My disciples’ guilt-feelings all turned out to be groundless and could be completely dissolved within about two weeks.

In the phase of the love affirmations, however, her main theme “lack of love” was touched upon and her defences reacted accordingly. On one date my disciple was offended and aggressive against pretty much everything and everyone and mainly against the earthly. We added auditory EMDR to support the psychological processing and by the end of the hour of our date she had largely calmed down again. She also continued the love affirmations at home for a while with additional auditory EMDR.

After this intense processing response to the individual love affirmations, she was able to move on to the linked love flow affirmations and experienced the fulfillment of her desires. Suddenly she was not only seen, but virtually idolised by men, felt loved out of herself, completely independent of others, and had a particularly clear head during her successful exams. I had actually advised her against making such a great leap of consciousness in the middle of her exams, of all things, because psychological fluctuations are always likely, but for her, her leap of consciousness had quite obviously been worthwhile in this respect, too.

She was now doing really well in a wonderful, completely new and still very strange world. However, intensive healing processes led to another short counter-reaction after about two weeks, when her old structures tried to maintain themselves once more before their final collapse. This time they attacked me, because I had warned my disciple against exaggerating her positive state, with a tendency to go away from herself too much to the outside. Defence very often uses the positive and the special strengths of people to distort them into the opposite, because this is least noticed by the people themselves. My disciple, however, was so little identified with her old structures anymore that she made a spontaneous appointment with me for the very next day and on that day her old patterns finally dissolved.

Since then she is wonderfully alive with very frequent happy laughter coming from within, also feels the love energetically flowing through her entire body and has a radiance that no one is sure to miss her any more. With particularly favourable psychological conditions, it only took her about two and a half months to complete the Guilt feelings dll-practice©. Now it is only a matter of learning to consciously and concretely shape this wonderful creative chaos of a completely new beginning.

Guilt-feelings Case 3: A client in her early thirties came to see me, because, as a “head person”, she wanted more access to her feelings again. She was an energetically rather delicate person with particularly clear perception. As a baby, her sickle legs had to be plastered straight and when the plaster was removed, the doctor sawed into her leg. This was such a traumatic experience that it left its mark on her life. In her first year of life, of all times, it affected her root chakra (see also chakra cleansing) with the life theme of primordial trust.

Even with subsequent regular physiotherapy and sport, she could no longer develop a positive relationship with her legs. In this respect, her legs were of particular importance for her access to feelings and formed a focal point for our approach.

We started with inner child healing, which she could accept very well in the form of playing together, but as soon as physical contact was to be added, she recoiled. Therefore, we did an intensive session of two and a half hours of Spiritual EMDR(AL), where we worked on her baby trauma. We limited ourselves to auditory EMDR with mainly tapping of the feet, because with her as an energetically delicate person all procedures always had a particularly strong effect. This resulted in several months of intensive processing that completely resolved her trauma.

Now it was time to build up a new positive relationship to her legs through learning to rediscover them from her inner child in baby position. She was also carrying around all kinds of negative beliefs about her legs, which we resolved through hypnosis. In addition, we improved her inner-child-mother connection through tapping acupressure. Eventually, her inner child was doing so well that my client now had stable access to her feelings. This fulfilled the original wish she had come to me with.

But she decided to also heal her rather insecure inner woman. Exercises in her everyday life were the best way to do this. For example, she learned to be more confident in social contacts and to allow more closeness to her life partner. She made rapid progress, so that her inner woman soon felt well, too. However, as a result, she now exceeded her personal quality-of-life limit and encountered feelings of guilt.

She decided to use the Guilt feelings dll-practice©. With her delicate energy, the peculiarity arose that the first affirmations were already sufficient to completely dissolve her feelings of guilt, so that she did not even need the affirmations for the deletion of the guilt-feelings blockade as a whole and could therefore omit them.

Through the love affirmations she then immediately got so completely into the Divine that she spent a dreamlike time visiting her parents. She got the feedback from them that she was more and more with herself since she started going to me.

She was also getting compliments on her legs from various sources. She had cleared the original blockages and now the divine energy was flowing into her legs, making them look alive and beautiful.

However, her divine energy flow was temporarily so high that she could no longer concentrate on her Master’s thesis for university, so I advised her to reduce the dosage of affirmations and we strengthened her grounding through exercises.

She is now ready to rediscover her life from a completely new stable base and make plans for the future. Her life partner reacted openly and positively to her energetically fuller radiance and now self-confident personality, so that together they are now considering perhaps having a child.

Guilt-feelings Case 4: A young woman in her early thirties came to see me, because she no longer felt that her condition was a real life. Health-wise, she was dealing with various complaints after a gastric bypass operation, which had reduced, but not completely eliminated her original extreme overweight. In the meantime, she regretted her decision, which was wrong in retrospect, and blamed herself heavily for it. She spoke of the biggest mistake of her life. Moreover, she did not dare to leave her house, because of panic attacks.

She had been taking antidepressants for about five years, which made her feel a little better at first, but her anxiety remained. Later, the medication didn’t really help her anymore, but she continued to take it anyway, because she was afraid of the side effects when she stopped. She no longer felt alive, but was only in a dazed stupor.

To make positive changes in her life, she voluntarily went to a day clinic for three weeks. The first week of this did her good with crafts and relaxation, but then she didn’t get any therapy, instead only her pill dose was increased further. Finally, she came to me.

At first, it turned out that she had not yet come to terms with the grief of some losses in her life. The losses were well within the usual human range, but she lacked any competence in processing feelings, so that she had literally “bottled up” all the grief so far. So the first thing she learned was, how to deal with her feelings, and she accepted my recommendations very well.

Then, we looked for the deeper causes of her fears. They were often triggered by her recurrent hypoglycaemic episodes, so I explained the cycle of anxiety to her. She also blamed herself for the hypoglycaemia caused by the bypass surgery, so guilt-feelings were also an important issue for her.

The cause of her anxiety turned out to be her crèche and kindergarten days. What she had experienced there, can only be described as child abuse, so that action would have had to be taken against the educator to protect other children if she had still been working. In the meantime, however, she had retired, but still caused my client unpleasant feelings when she happened to meet her while shopping. No wonder my client did not dare to leave the house alone.

My client responded very quickly and intensely positively to inner child healing. Despite mood swings, she got the feeling that she was altogether much more stable than before and able to deal with her feelings. At times she even felt better than she had for a long time. In consultation with her doctor, she began to reduce her antidepressants.

After about two months, her inner child was cured to such an extent that we could smoothly move on to her young inner woman. She had suffered a lot of teasing, because of her overweight and hereditary enuresis and her self-esteem had suffered a lot as a result. For the healing process we used, among other things, spiritual energies to which she had good access, tapping acupressure and stabilisation in everyday life.

After a total of almost half a year of healing her inner child and her inner woman, we scheduled an intensive Spiritual EMDR(AL) session. The focus of this appointment was on self-esteem, cleaning up her nursery and kindergarten traumas and also aimed at the connection between the inner woman and the inner man. The Spiritual EMDR(AL) session lasted a good three hours and had very intense after-effects.

Due to her various physical complaints, my client had arranged the Spiritual EMDR(AL) appointment with her doctor in advance and was under constant medical supervision. This was absolutely necessary, because she had extreme fluctuations in blood pressure, which she so was able to control. She developed a positive interest in her femininity and her body.

Psychologically, she experienced strong mood swings with feelings completely unknown to her, which also came from the karmic and often from the Divine. After about three months, at the peak of her psychic changes, she experienced as an eagle and from a rock an overview of her inner family(AL) holding hands joined together. She thus experienced the complete construction of her transcendent human consciousness.

Afterwards she gained more and more stability on a now healthy level. In the meantime she had completely stopped taking her tablets. She perceived intensely again and felt deep love for her husband. We therefore proceeded to finally prepare her for a normal life again. She was now ready to go out on her own and enjoy a pleasant new life.

But her head blocked massively. While she now regularly managed to endure previously unthinkable stresses such as waiting six hours in hospital without panicking, she could not commit to a nice life for herself. That would have activated her feelings of guilt too much, because she had clearly exceeded her personal quality-of-life limit by now.

So we started with the “Guilt feelings deletion ‒ live love ‒ procedure©“. In order to do this, it was first necessary for her to create space for herself in her everyday life that would allow her to be creative. It took a while to put this into practice, but her inner urgency was so great that she finally succeeded. Then she carried out the affirmations at home, while we discussed her everyday situations that exactly matched the respective themes of the affirmations. Regular Skype appointments were sufficient for this.

At first, her resistance to the guilt-feelings affirmations was quite strong, but she still performed them consistently every day for at least half an hour. With the dissolution of the guilt-feelings blockade, however, such wonderful feelings came up in her that she now liked to speak the affirmations very much and would have preferred not to go on. In the meantime, she drove her own car again and went shopping alone.

Once again she experienced such an intense psychological upheaval process as before with the Spiritual EMDR(AL) and yet it was completely different. She could not describe her inner experiences more precisely, because she lacked the words for it, but from my own experience I of course knew exactly what she meant and could confirm it.

Along the way, she experienced the connection between state of consciousness and sensory perception through suddenly perceiving smells “superhumanly”, for example, from the neighbour three houses away. In fact, in the transition from the dissolution of the guilt-feelings block to the love flow affirmations, super-sensory perceptions and abilities occur quite frequently.

My disciple is now in the process of learning to completely reframe relationships out of her divinely connected inner independence, thus is in the smooth transition from step seven to eight of the Guilt feelings dll-practice©. In the process, she already had the completely incomprehensible experience of what a positive effect she had on an acquaintance, even though she had supposedly only taken care of herself in a completely egoistic way.

For many people “egoism” is something negative, because they only know it through other people with insufficient divine connection and therefore inner lack. Then egoism enriches itself at the expense of others. If, on the other hand, a person is in her/his divinely connected fullness of love, she/he does not deprive other people of anything, but only cares for her/himself lovingly and appropriately.

My disciple had carried out this positive egoism in healthy demarcation from her acquaintance. As a result, this acquaintance experienced my disciple’s wonderful state as a role model and now decided on her part to change her life completely as well.

It took my disciple almost two years of very intensive development to get this far, and that is extremely fast. Depending on the karmic burdens and the age of the soul, it can also take much longer. In the meantime, she is on the third stage of the complete spiritual path to Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© [Final-Enlightenment(AL)].

Guilt-feelings Case 5: A woman in her mid-forties initially did a past life regression with me out of general spiritual interest. This experience then did not let her go, so that she resolved to discover more. But it took her a whole year, before she contacted me again. She wanted to find herself and lead a halfway normal life. In fact, she had always felt “different” and had expressed this for many years in protest against society as a punk.

She was a particularly sensitive, finely perceptive person, who had closed down emotionally to a very large extent, because she was overlooked and simply overrun by others. She carried this self-protection against the outside also within her as a counterpart of her more delicate and stronger personality parts.

We dealt with her in a very tender way and concentrated on the attitude of her coarser inner parents towards her tender inner child. In the process, tapping acupressure helped to change her rejecting inner attitude. For practical everyday life, we discussed support for her tender inner woman and heart chakra healing strengthened her. With bioenergetic sky-earth connection, we strengthened her tender inner man up to the transition into the stronger inner man. In addition, we repeatedly acted out the arrival of her soul on earth through gestalt therapy, because she did not really want to be here.

For quite a while we dealt mainly with the cooperation of her inner psychic parts. To do this, she brought her inner family(AL) into conversation through alternately sitting on different chairs, arrived on earth as a soul from a ladder and we used relationship issues as an external mirror for her inner-psychic prozesses.

On her basic feeling of being wrong and her orientation towards other people, we applied the Guilt feelings dll-practice©. She did not bring any justified feelings of guilt with her and raced through the individual steps of the method with a high dosage of affirmations almost picture-book gorgeous.

Towards the end, we scheduled a cleansing two and a half hour intensive Spiritual EMDR(AL) session. In this session she worked through her traumatic arrival as a soul in the womb up to the birth and felt again how her soul love was suffocated by the hate of rejection as an unwanted baby. Only then was her soul finally ready to come to this earth. Thereupon, with the affirmations of mutual recognition and appreciation of love and structures, she was then able to establish the complete connection of Divine and earthly.

At the goal of her spiritual personality development and consciousness expansion, she came to me full of joy. Radiantly happy, she told me, how well she was doing. At last she had fully arrived on earth from her retreat into the Divine. This was immediately reflected on the outside. After a long futile search, she had found her dream flat, because of her now positive personal radiance. Thus, she literally took her place on earth.

Her dependent, unrequited love towards a man had also dissolved into nothingness. She was so completely with herself and inwardly connected that her own inner man was now much more attractive to her inner woman. A query to the universal origin revealed that they also had no soul agreement with each other, so she could now simply let go of the man.

Instead, she learned that she was supposed to support a specific other person in her spiritual development and that otherwise her soul task was to live a happy example as a role model. We also discussed the mechanisms of how she could specifically create love, joy and a feeling of happiness within herself, while the precisely appropriate transmission of love to others would automatically arise through her.

She left me happily ‒ even though we will of course remain in contact ‒ and I am very happy for her. I wish her all the best for her future.

Addendum: All four described guilt-feelings cases on the complete spiritual path are in the meantime Spiritual Masters of the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©.

Guilt feelings deletion ‒ live love ‒ procedure©[1]

The Guilt feelings dll-practice©[1] in self-application

Guilt-feelings Case 6: My disciple on the complete spiritual path to Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© [Final-Enlightenment(AL)]: I have received two e-mails from my disciple that I would like to pass on to you to give you another perspective on the path to Final-Enlightenment(AL) ‒ in addition to my own view.

My disciple first evolved into female enlightenment (= conventional enlightenment) on his spiritual path. Spiritual EMDR(AL) has supported him in this. Usually, after an intensive Spiritual EMDR(AL) session, an after-effect of about half a year can be expected, during which fundamental psychological change processes can be anticipated, which regularly reach their peak after about a quarter of a year. My disciple had even embarked on a whole intensive week of Spiritual EMDR(AL), in which, however, other procedures such as past life regression were also added. Then, a quarter of a year later, he experienced his female enlightenment on a pilgrimage to Domrémy. He was kind enough to talk about his experience in “Spiritual EMDR“.

Afterwards, he had then first developed in the direction of male enlightenment on his own, supported only by his life circumstances. Apparently, however, the connection between female and male spirituality now became more important to him, so that the Universe led him in this direction. Accordingly, he initially lost his orientation and contacted me again. So he is now in the process of doing the Guilt feelings-dll-practice© based on my book “Completely dissolving feelings of guilt“. I received his first e-mail about this, which makes it particularly clear that the connection is once again an equally intensive development process as it is in each case also into the female and male enlightenment. For this, first the old burdens are cleared (e-mail 1) before the first wonderful feelings (e-mail 2) are experienced, which finally develop further into an unimaginable completely new positive state.

“Dear Ayleen,
I struggled a lot with your book. I found it difficult to transfer everything to myself. Thereby, I had the least objection to the affirmations, actually nothing at all, and on Saturday I was finally ready to start with them. However, the process had already been going on for a while. The (external?) impetus was the cuddling with [name] 2 weeks ago and since Monday at the latest so much has been stirred up that it was unmistakable that something was going on. A spiritual process is the last thing I expected and it wasn’t welcome, unlike before when something like this was a substitute for life itself. I didn’t expect the intensity and I didn’t expect the emotionality. It is a fluctuation between enormous frustration, aggression, a kind of dynamic serenity and downright rapturous moments of indescribable lightness. The frustration relates to not being recognised, not in what I can do, not in what I achieve, not in what I endure, I am hardly recognised at all [Note: These are typical themes of the connection between Divine and earthly] (existentially threatened, with an insecure life situation and maltreated at work I am anyway, this is nothing new, at most everything is even more extreme [Note: These are typical themes on the path to male enlightenment]). Need for love is also there, and the frustration that [name] is stonewalling more and more gives way to calm confidence and then again to uncertainty about whether I’m serious about her at all. It’s also hard to keep in touch with the feelings towards her in the middle of the process.

There was also the obstacle that I was afraid that this work and getting involved in the process in general could irritate me in my newly accepted Catholicism. I wanted to find my way deeper into it, before I reached out again. But the opposite is the case. Only the incipient encrustations have broken down and I have found my way back to the lightness that accompanied me in my first encounters with the old rite. Today I sang like a star baryton again at Mass. I have now suspended the rosary, I have held dear for 3 years, for the duration of the affirmations. The rosary aims at something else, but it also works with repetitions and could therefore distort the effect… By the way, today’s sermon was about the synthesis of religion and worldly life and some sentences in it could have passed as quotations from your book.

Against this background, perhaps you have an idea of how I should proceed. The cancellation of actual guilt-feelings has already happened, in a slightly different way than you suggest, but I don’t have to explain the Sacrament of Penance to you here. In any case, the discussion with you has brought me closer to the deeper meaning of my pilgrimage to La Salette 3 months ago.

I am still working on affirmation no. 1. I have set myself a minimum of one hour per day, preferably two. It is good to speak in all directions as well as up and down, once in each direction, then twice, up to 10 times and then half an hour is gone. The rest I do according to your suggestions.
How do you think, how many days each for the first 3 affirmations? And then all 3 in a row, i.e. ‘deletion-cause-killing’ as 12 affirmations in a row or one 4 affirmations and then after 20 minutes the next 4 affirmations and so on?

All love, yours …”

“Dear …,
as much as you are doing, you should continue with the first three affirmations until the effect subsides. With the 12 you can choose both variations.
Keep up the good work.
Best wishes from your Ayleen”

In the evening of the same day I received another e-mail from him. In it he describes the wonderful experience of universal power:

“… that means all three affirmations right now and not the first one for a week? And when it has subsided, then the process is over, or what do you mean by subsiding? First of all, the effect increases, so I think I should slow down. It’s only the third day and sometimes I think I could knock down brick walls with my bare hands! In fact, my physical strength is measurably increasing without me exercising. The affirmations become a kind of rap and I move accordingly, but sometimes I move more like Chi Gong. My God, why does it all so bang? I thought I was through the worst of it, what’s this all of a sudden? …
Greetings, …”

“Dear ..,
the times given are approximate values based on experience. When it has increased and subsided after processing, it can continue in each case.
Greetings from your Ayleen”

“Dear …,
I was busy with my broken computer the whole time yesterday, so I only had time for short practical answers so that you could get on first.

But now I would like to add that I am very happy with you, what really exciting experiences you are already having. Actually, these are to be expected a little later in the process, but that is of course different for everyone. The power thing is true, although it is usually felt more psychologically than physically and is regularly perceived earlier by others than by oneself. In this respect, you have to be careful not to unintentionally overtax other people completely, but with you, your own awareness is obviously already part of the process.

I’m happy for you and I’m looking forward to knowing, what happens next for you personally perceived.
All my love, yours Ayleen”

These e-mails, by the way, only describe the entry into his divine-earthly connection, without having already experienced the universal flow of love. The female enlightenment, which corresponds to the conventional enlightenment, as well as the male enlightenment as well as the connection of both forms of enlightenment or of female and male spirituality are each completely different and yet comparably intense and completely unimaginable experiences. Each of them completely change one’s own personality and perception of the world.

All three experiences in themselves are already indescribable. The destination is then like a birth into a completely new world. In fact, not only one’s own personality and perception are completely changed down to the physical, but also the world itself is neither real nor an illusion ‒ but Divine with conscious divine creation of the earthly, in which relationships are consciously lived in everyday life, starting from the soul.


Am-Ziel-ErleuchtungFinal-Enlightenment(AL): New Age as evolutionary leap of consciousness: The healed and transcended inner family(AL) connected with conventional enlightenment as Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© ‒ see also Spiritual Masters and Gurus


[1] This dissolving of feelings of guilt refers to experiences in individual cases and has not been proven by scientific studies. Therefore, success cannot be expected with certainty and harmful effects cannot be ruled out. The Guilt feelings dll-practice© can contain both spiritual opportunities and risks.

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