Fairy Tales of the New Age ‒ the five Fairy Tales of the higher consciousness

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Are fairy tales still relevant? Are fairy tales still educationally valuable today?

These are the questions that many parents, educators and other pedagogues ask themselves. The answer is clear: yes and no at the same time.

Yes: Fairy tales are still of great importance as conveyors of essential consciousness-messages. They are an effective form of passing on consciousness content to other people.

No: The content that conventional fairy tales convey is no longer up-to-date and thus no longer of educational value nowadays.

That is why the Universe led me to transfer the consciousness-contents of the new age to you through new fairy tales.

Ayleen LyschamayaHello dear ones,
how do the fairy tales of the new age differ from the Grimm’s and other traditional fairy tales? While the fairy tales of the new age transmit the higher level of consciousness of the new age (namely, the complete transcendental consciousness), the Grimm and other conventional fairy tales convey the low level of consciousness of the old age from generation to generation.

The fairy tales of the new age

There are currently (9/2021) five fairy tales of the new age. They are contained in “Musubi World Healing“:

Gretel and Hansel
Stepmother and Wise Old Woman
The Sugar House of the Wise Old Woman
The Sugar World
The Wind has a Plan

Musubi World Healing: The Bible / Holy Scripture of the New Age
The five fairy tales are contained in “Musubi World Healing”.

The first fairy tale “Gretel and Hansel” builds on the Grimm fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel” and corrects its erroneous development. The Grimm’s “Hansel and Gretel” was revised by me in view of the higher level of consciousness of the new age. The other four fairy tales build on each other, but can also be read (aloud) individually.

The actors in the fairy tales are the already known woodcutter family with Gretel, Hansel, stepmother and father as well as the witch as a wise old woman. From the second fairy tale on, the wind is added, which is already set up in the first fairy tale as “The wind you hear, there is nothing to fear” (literally translated “The wind, the wind, the heavenly child”). Thus all contents of the complete transcendental consciousness are represented in fairy-tale interaction.

The individual fairy tales convey important themes of personality development, expansion of consciousness, indirect love energy healing, the soul level and the universal plan. I have written them personally to transfer to you the higher level of consciousness of the new age symbolically-energetically through stories.

Gretel and Hansel

Gretel and Hansel is the first of the five fairy tales of the new age. The beginning it takes over almost completely from the Grimm’s Hansel and Gretel to continue from the familiar. The correction starts when dealing with the witch. Instead of burning her, that is, suppressing her, she is healed in the new fairy tale to become a wise old woman. To have a healthy wise old woman in the consciousness is enormously important, so that the Grimm’s Hansel and Gretel should no longer be used as harmful to the consciousness.

This new fairy tale “Gretel and Hansel“, as a correction of the old age, is so tremendously significant for the evolutionary development of mankind and thus in the universal plan that I am making it available to you free of charge on this website. Also a large part of the symbolism I explain to you, too.

Stepmother and Wise Old Woman

This fairy tale is the follow-up tale to “Gretel and Hansel” and tells the secluded continuation from the perspective of the stepmother. “Stepmother and Wise Old Woman” contains the central theme of how to resolve guilt feelings in order to enter the göttlich-irdische Liebesflussverbindung (divine-earthly love-flow-connection; self-love).

The fairy tale begins with the stepmother reproaching herself and struggling with guilt feelings, because the woodcutter family has exceeded their quality-of-life limit due to the sudden wealth from the first fairy tale. At that moment, self-sabotage occurs and the woodcutter family is again increasingly worse off. But in this fairy tale, it does not remain with the guilt feelings blockage of the old age. Instead, the stepmother sets out on the path of consciousness expansion. She dissolves her feelings of guilt through magical songs (affirmations) and establishes the göttlich-irdische Liebesflussverbindung (divine-earthly love-flow-connection) starting from the wise old woman to her family.

The Sugar House of the Wise Old Woman

The Sugar House of the Wise Old Woman is the third of the five fairy tales of the new age. In this fairy tale, the theme is indirect love energy healing. That is, The Sugar House of the Wise Old Woman is about the healing and development-enabling resonance-vibration and love-radiation of the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© (Final-Enlightenment). Through this, other people are also led into the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©. Accordingly, the lumberjack family already known from Gretel and Hansel gets a visitor. The fairy tale is told from the perspective of the wise old woman. Guided by the wind, she leads her woodcutter family to support the visiting family in their expansion of consciousness.

The Sugar World

The Sugar World is the fourth of the five fairy tales of the new age. Also this fairy tale follows on from the previous fairy tales, but is so self-contained that it can be read even without prior knowledge. This fairy tale is about the basic conversion from the earthly into the spiritual. Therefore, the woodcutter’s family visits the wise old woman. Already on the way to her, the first changes in consciousness take place. After the family has completely settled with the wise old woman, the wind provides for the permanent conversion to the soul level in consciousness as a new basis.

The Wind has a Plan

The Wind has a Plan is the fifth and last of the five fairy tales of the new age. This fairy tale thematizes the interaction of the Am-Ziel-Erleuchteten© (Final-Enlightened Ones) with other people ‒ guided by the universal plan. Accordingly, the woodcutter large family and the visitor large family are guided by the wind on how to deal with the remaining still unconscious people.

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