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Indigo-esoterism in Berlin: Indigo Children, Indigo Adults, Indigo People

I have been dealing with Indigo people for decades – you are still welcome to join me. Many of them walk the spiritual path (books spiritual path).

Indigo children in Berlin:

Parents of Indigo children need to develop spiritually if they want to get along with their children. For support that is not needed by you as a mother or father, but by your indigo child, see my website “Indigo Child EMDR Therapy” if conventional psychotherapy does not help.

You have probably already had the experience that all the good parenting tips from friends and parenting books just don’t work with your child. Once or twice, the surprise effect of a new method may be successful, but then your child lets you down again.

Indigo children do not react as desired to educational measures, no matter how pedagogically valuable, because these are superficially decided only from the conscious will. The willful decision for a pedagogically valuable style of upbringing is correct and important, but only a very limited starting point that does not include all unconscious personality parts and feelings.

Indigo children perceive holistically and respond to the unconscious of their parents. They do it so naturally that they would not even recognise and name their more holistic perception, if our society had terms for it. Indigo children often experience the behaviour of their environment as very contradictory when they receive different conscious and unconscious messages from their caregivers, to which they then react in a correspondingly disturbed way.

There is only one solution for dealing positively with Indigo children: the parents must develop spiritually and become authentic. The parents have to expand their consciousness in such a way that they develop the holistic perception of their children, in order to then be able to deal with each other on an equal level.

This may sound difficult, but it is a huge spiritual opportunity. Your child will constantly give you honest feedback for your holistic personality development through its behaviour and will always challenge you towards this goal. It will challenge you but not overwhelm you because it is full of divine love for you.

Indigokind - tiefe Verbundenheit
My holiday in Italy 2009

If an indigo child feels that you are seriously walking the spiritual path, it will support you with everything at its disposal. This still includes “disturbed” reactions to your “artificial” behaviour, but above all it also includes reflections and hints of what is currently occupying you unconsciously and will be the next developmental step for you.

You will both be rewarded by a particularly deep and intimate relationship where you are superficially parent and child, conversely pupil and teacher in depth and altogether lovingly equal in an amazing way.

Indigo children in Berlin

Indigo children are a wonderful gift that can enrich your life immensely if you let it. Accepting this gift and using it to your own advantage as well as that of your child needs support if you have had little spiritual development experience so far or if you are mainly occupied with other esoteric topics. I am happy to support you in your holistic personal development.

I myself was an Indigo child who grew up in a non-perceptive “artificial” environment, but was finally able to free himself from it and today meets it out of the universal love of Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©.
Indigo adults in Berlin:

Indigo adults in Berlin

As an Indigo adult you will probably not have had an easy time living your divine consciousness. If you still haven’t given up and still want to authentically realise your spiritual existence, I will be happy to support you.

Indigo people in Berlin:

Indigo people are (simplified) mainly characterised by the fact that their divine connection is so strong that they have to realise their inner being despite all external resistance. Ultimately, however, this is the spiritual path of development of all people and only the intensity of spiritual realisation distinguishes indigo people from other people. So if you are searching for your divinity and want to develop spiritually, you are welcome to me, no matter whether you are an Indigo person or not. In the end we all evolve anyway, also as humanity as a whole, into the Am-Destination-Enlightenment©.

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