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Why do I offer so many different spiritual and psychotherapeutic methods as well as content-related topics? – Because they are the individual puzzle pieces of the greater whole. According to the three sections of the complete spiritual path to Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©, there are three levels of consciousness embedded in the universal. The earthly consciousness is first the unconscious ego, from which the healed, cooperative inner family(AL) with karmic competence then develops.

For the earthly part of consciousness (inner family(AL) and body) I offer various contents of Spiritual Psychotherapy(AL) with different focuses, life counselling and personality development. Relationships, everyday issues, body psychotherapy and structures are also part of this level of consciousness.

Chakra cleansing supports personality development by harmonising the chakras. This enables emotional issues in particular to flow away energetically better. Chakra cleansing is thus a valuable help until the beginning of the second stage on the complete spiritual path to Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©. With the connection of Divine to earthly, the universal love energy then flows so directly into the inner family(AL) and body that chakra cleansing becomes superfluous.

Meditation and hypnosis connect to the divine level of consciousness. They make it possible to leave the earthly consciousness for some time into the divine and thereby experience valuable help from the universal being. Both spiritual methods are suitable to support the shift into divine consciousness, but without establishing the connection between divine and earthly, because the karmic blockages of the second level of consciousness are jumped over.

The second level of consciousness consists of the karmic with the feminine and masculine themes of guilt and power. Guilt and power are blockages separating the divine from the earthly, which must be dissolved so that universal love can flow freely again. Thus the karmic energies become earthly competence and power.

Spirituelles Sterben von Lina Leben
Karmic power theme: Spiritual dying of Lina Leben

This means that the second layer of consciousness should not actually exist as such, but rather be a connection. This separation between divine and earthly (spiritual errors), which is still present at present (half-time of evolution), is responsible for people’s lack of love. Thus it is the basic problem of humanity and its connection the evolutionary developmental leap into a new age.

For the connection of the divine and the earthly, the Erasing Guilt – Living Love -Procedure© is the method. Spiritual EMDR(AL), belly dance as movement mediation(AL) and the reverse meditation can be added in flowing transition between the levels of consciousness.

Karmic power issues are related to Inner Child Healing. They are integrated by dissolving the original emotional injury. Sometimes regression is also helpful. See also resistance to change.

Tarot cards give very valuable indications on all three stages of the complete spiritual path. Their answers each come from the Divine, taking into account the individual spiritual perception of the questioner. Personally, they lead me into the universal laws for the earthly shaping of the divine (see for example Lyme disease healing). In addition, they give me such direct hits on the mark with my clients and students that I always find it unbelievable. We are all parts of the loving whole.

The three sections of the complete spiritual way


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