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EMDR for Babies
Tip: Some lively babies make tapping the feet difficult due to their kicking. Then the thighs can be touched instead, because these also belong to the root chakra area.


EMDR for Babies
EMDR for Babies” is also for download in my online-shop.

I would like to place some reviews of “EMDR for Babies” in the larger spiritual context.

Doctor of Education[1]: “… the author presents an interesting technique utilizing bilateral stimulation …”

Certified pedagogue[2]: “… It is very welcome  … that a stimulating environment is created e.g. by stimulating the senses feeling, hearing and seeing. This book (the author uses the term “parents’ guide”) explains, how the method is applied to babies. … Conclusion …. which mothers can use with their babies to create well-being, support perception and strengthen the bond between mother and child. …“

In her review the certified pedagogue addresses two particularly important points for the development of a healthy inner family(AL). Well-being conveys basic trust and a loving mother-child relationship is part of a good cooperation between the inner family members. This is continued by my Spiritual Psychotherapy(AL) / Coaching(AL) based on the inner family(AL). “EMDR for Babies” also supports the processing of a possible birth trauma. Insofar “EMDR for Babies” supports a healthy transition from the soul to the inner family(AL).

Certified pedagogue[2]: “… This book introduces a tapping technique that mothers can use on their infants to create well-being …”

Doctor of Education[1]: “… what she describes is not EMDR …“

Tapping technique, tapping acupressure or the term EMDR? For the effect of “EMDR for Babies” it certainly does not matter whether it is called bilateral tapping acupressure or tactile EMDR, especially since these are only the focal points, but the application goes beyond both designations. I chose the book title “EMDR for Babies“, because the bilateral of the stimulation is in the foreground. The good connection of the right and left hemispheres of the brain is the basis for the connection of inner woman and inner man and thus from divine to earthly.

Child minder[3]: “EMDR for Babies: quick, uncomplicated, well described and explained
I work with small children and many already have a story to tell! This method to support and stimulate children in their movement and emotion is very fast and effective! This manual sums up the theory and practice perfectly in short, understandable explanations! I can work great with it! Dear parents, have the courage!”

On the basis of this review, I would like to point out that souls already bring karmic experiences from previous lives. In other words, they are already marked by a past that was more or less burdened at birth. In this respect, it can be helpful when “EMDR for Babies” supports processing.

EMDR practitioner[4]: “… Basically I find the structure of the book laudable and successful. … At the end of each chapter the given instructions are summarized again in keywords. For example, how often, for how long and in what ways bilateral stimulation should be carried out. I also consider it as very good that the author repeatedly refers to the fact that the amount of applications has to be chosen carefully. And to have to be in the right mood for it. This is self-explanatory, as a client (regardless of age) needs a secure framework for especially the EMDR process.

In addition to treatment and prevention of specific difficulties, the book also deals in general with EMDR to support healthy development. I have been using EMDR for years and do not see the application on babies as critical. Especially when used in very low doses, as recommended by the author. …“

The right mood is indeed particularly important, because dealing with babies is never primarily about technology, but always about love. Lack of love is the basic problem of people. Parents have the opportunity to mitigate it with their baby. However, they cannot completely eliminate the lack of love, because it is the personal development task of every person to let the universal love flow freely into the own earthly personality structure. Egos can neither love from within themselves nor accept love completely, so that always the flow of love from Divine to earthly in the own consciousness  matters – regardless of the external conditions.

EMDR practitioner[4]:“… What I really find worrying is the proposed speed and the continuous practice of bilateral stimulation. The author proposes to search for the speed that is experienced as correct. So by observing and varying to find out what fits. However, speed plays a very central role. Rapid stimulation rather provokes the emergence of unpleasant memories. Slow EMDR has a calming effect. Another, in my opinion, very disturbing point is the continuous stimulation with EMDR. A very important aspect of EMDR (for adults) is to remain anchored in the present and not to get lost on the way into the inside. This also works by pausing between sets (as the individual phases of bilateral stimulation are  called by EMDR therapists). …“

Doctor of Education[1]: „… EMDR is an integrative psychotherapeutic approach which utilizes eight phases of treatment. All eight phases must be present to call this therapy EMDR. …“

These reviews are based on the fact that the reviewers measure “EMDR for Babies” against conventional EMDR for adults. But if the application were identical, there would be no need for a special “EMDR for Babies” parental guide.

Conventional EMDR for adults has its justified value in psychotherapeutic trauma therapy. This is done with the aim of resolving trauma. “EMDR for Babies” and “Spiritual EMDR” go beyond this and want to promote personality and consciousness development. That is why “Spiritual EMDR” aims from everyday consciousness inwards up to the divine consciousness. With babies, on the other hand, this everyday consciousness does not yet exist, so that an intuitive approach corresponds to the baby. 

In addition, I would also like to emphasize once again that it is not a matter of technical specifications when dealing with a baby, but of empathy, intuition and love.

EMDR is a wonderful method to help people in many ways. So “EMDR for Babies” makes it easier for souls to arrive on earth and supports early childhood development, conventional EMDR frees from traumatic stress and “Spiritual EMDR” promotes the complete spiritual path to the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© [New Age Enlightenment(AL) respectively Final-Enlightenment(AL)]. Bilateral EMDR music (instrumental and therefore independent of the language) is used in particular to promote the development of children and for Spiritual EMDR.



Finally, I have two questions from the Spiritual EMDR(AL) training oral exam for you:

What new age procedures do you know to support the development of consciousness in children?

(1) “EMDR for Babies” supports the arrival of the soul on earth. Regularly recommended for self-application by parents.

(2) “Spiritual Psychotherapy: the inner family” supports developmentally appropriate interaction with children. However, this succeeds only when parents are willing to heal their own inner family(AL).

(3) “Gretel and Hansel heal the Witch” conveys the higher level of consciousness of the new age. Simple reading aloud is enough for a positive foundation.

(4) “Competition-free Birthday: Teamwork Games for Kids: Non-competitive Children´s Party Gamessupports teamwork skills and thus the development of the inner woman. For the positive effect, it is enough to offer teamwork games instead of competitive games.

(5) [Only for German-speaking children: If the inner woman is not present enough, “Structured English learning 1st-4th grade” helps these children cope better in school. This is an aid for children, who are one-sided in science.]

(6) “Auditory EMDR coaching” assists in processing emotional stress and any problems based on disrupted connections in the conscious mind. For example, in the case of very inconsistent performance profile in school (science and languages), auditory EMDR coaching should be considered. In particular, it supports the healing of the inner woman.

What is EMDR for Babies used for?

EMDR for Babies is usually performed by the mother or parents. It combines in a baby-friendly way mainly tactile EMDR (by alternating left-right touches of the feet and shoulders, also diagonally) with auditory EMDR (by light tapping on a hard surface alternately to the left and right of the ears). Additionally, visual EMDR (eyes follow an object of interest from left to right) can be added.

EMDR for Babies serves*:

  1. perceptual enhancement,
  2. developmental support,
  3. processing of birth trauma,
  4. the calming of cry babies,
  5. the prevention of ADHD/ADD and
  6. the healing of disturbed bonding.

*These statements are not yet proven by scientific studies. The research of the complete transcendental consciousness is (as of 6/2024) still at the very beginning.

EMDR for Babies
EMDR for Babies” as download in my online-shop.

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Final-Enlightenment / New Age EnlightenmentNew age as an evolutionary leap in consciousness: The healed and transcended inner family(AL) connected with the conventional enlightenment as Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©


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