What does Birgit Silvia Ayleen Lyschamaya mean?

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Before I start, my husband’s name is Dietrich Musubi. Dietrich means “the rich, powerful ruler over the people”. Musubi comes from the Japanese Shinto religion as “the power of creation”. This Japanese creative power corresponded so closely to my personal experience at the time of his naming that I adopted the term. Dietrich has since confirmed this, our, family name to me personally.

What did I call Schatzi 60,000 years ago? Not specifically Dietrich, but with the same meaning. The R ties in with the experience of the powerful, protective rumble: grrrrrrrrr. The double “i” in the name realizes masculine-dynamic in the earthly. From “d” and “t” to “ch”, the name becomes softer in the transition to the love connection with me respectively to the soul-layer, but without itself ending in the feminine “sh” (German: “sch”). Even back then, Schatzi’s name suited him perfectly in this sense.

How did I get my name?

Birgit as my call name and Silvia as my middle name, I was given by my parents. Silvia, originally from Latin, means “mistress of the forest”. The forest was the ancestral home of mankind. Human history began in the forest.

The name Birgit is of Celtic origin and derived from “briganti”, which means “sublime”, “divine”. Therefore Birgit is translated with “the sublime”, “the helper”, “the protector”, “the divine” and “the enlightened”. From the letters the two “i´s” realize the Divine in the earthly community as “g” [German: “g” = Gemeinschaft = community] in the middle of the name.

The meaning “enlightenment”, “light”, is continued with Ayleen. At night, I often do not sleep in the usual sense, but regularly am in other states of consciousness. In such a state, at that time especially female through pregnancy, I got the name Ayleen for me and accepted it as my first name.

The origin of Ayleen is indicated amongst others with French, English and Irish. Ancient Greek the name is associated with “helene = the torch, the shine, the sunbeams”. Hence the meaning of Ayleen as “the shining one”, “the radiating one”. A Turkish/Arabic variant of Ayleen means “moonlight” and Chinese Ayleen stands for “love”.

In addition, together with the turn of time, the Universe led me to acquire a new surname as an artist name. Thereby, symbolic-energetically corresponding impulses are set for the consciousness development of mankind as project “Loving Earth”.

As a starting point for my surname, the Universe chose the decisive newness of the evolutionary leap of consciousness, namely the connection from Divine to earthly through healed femininity. Two first names stood for this: Damara (Greek) means “the lover”, that is, love as a universal origin. Dalisha means “joy” and thus contains a healthy inner woman, because she is the personality part that feels joy. The two names connected as Divine to earthly love flow result in Damalisha.

Based on this message of content, the sound and spelling of the name were now in the foreground. Dalisha conveys the diversity of female feelings and Damara the grounding. Accordingly, the order was reversed to Lishamara. Mara, however, has a negative meaning, so that Maya became of it.

Maya is associated with different contents. For instance Maya means “the beloved of God”, has a Christian reference as a variation of Mary and the mother of Buddha is said to have been called Maya. Collective the Maya calendar with the announcement of the current turn of time and Maya as illusion in Buddhism are known.

In Buddhism, Maya has a negative meaning as earthly illusion instead of earthly reality. Buddhism teaches to leave earthly suffering and the karmic cycle as such through conventional enlightenment. In fact, however, it is not possible to leave the karmic cycle through conventional enlightenment, nor is it the target of personal and collective spiritual development. Instead, it is a matter of positively creating the earthly as a wonderful expression of love of the Divine.

In this respect Maya means the following in my surname:

  • The statement of Buddhism “leave earthly suffering” is transformed into the new message “create universal love in the earthly”.
  • My name is linked to the two world religions Christianity and Buddhism through the respective mothers of the religion founders in a lovingly maternal form.
  • The “beloved of God” stands at the end of Lishamaya. Thus, Maya symbolizes as earthly reference the acceptance of love by the earthly part of consciousness (ego).
  • The Mayan calendar announced the turn of time, which is now taking place.

The way of writing was to give more strength to the female joy. So the realizing “i” became a female-connecting “y” and the “sh” became a “sch” as Lyschamaya. Even if “sh” would have been more suitable for the English language and thus for the world-wide spreading, the symbolism of the full femininity with “sch” is more important to the Universe.

So my names contain summarized the following statement:

As at the beginning of human history (Silvia), the Divine (Birgit) brings love as a new age into the earthly (Maya) through her love radiation (Ayleen) via the female göttlich-irdische Liebesflussverbindung [divine-earthly love-flow-connection] of joy (Lyscha).

Further: In my singing bowl ritual, the message of the new age is set to music, and in “Gretel und Hansel”, it is expressed as a fairy tale. You can find the structure of transcendent consciousness on my page with the conventional spiritual masters and gurus.

Final-Enlightenment / New Age EnlightenmentNew Age movement as an evolutionary transition in consciousness: The healed and transcended inner family(AL) connected with the conventional enlightenment as Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©.