What to expect of Cards? ‒ an overview

Hello dear ones,

since the rainbow of the blood moon at the end of September 2015, it has been my task as a spiritual master to help the souls here on earth. Therefore, I would like to give you some background information on card reading. You will learn more about the following topics:

What can you expect from card reading?

What do the cards answer to?

Different reading systems:

All love your Ayleen

What can you expect from card reading?

With cards subtle energies can be revealed that otherwise would not be conscious. This makes it possible to incorporate energetic influences in such a way that they positively support decisions and actions. In this respect cards are a reliable help to live in harmony with the Whole.

However, the cards do not replace free will and responsible decisions, because we are all creators and shapers of our own lives at the same time. In this respect, it is a matter of combining the subtle vibrations of the Universe with one’s own wishes and ideas and thus to constructively implement the energies individually.

For this, I recommend to pay attention to a positive motivation for your decisions and your actions without suppressing the supposedly negative. It is important to be completely honest with yourself,  for universal love also accepts your shadow sides and heals them.  On the other hand, repressing unacceptable feelings and characteristics only blocks the flow of love.

Cards are therefore wise advisors of the higher self, who want to support you as an authentic person in making your own responsible decisions.

What do the cards answer to?

The cards are so versatile that they can help you with a wide variety of life issues. There are different spreads on love and relationships, making decisions, understanding life situations, self-knowledge and spiritual development. In the past, I used the following spreads, most of which I took from “Gut beraten mit Tarot” by Hajo Banzhaf. In the meantime, I have developed my personal form of conversation with the cards.

Tarot Card spreads “Love and Relationships

1-tarot-cards for the spiritual path

Tarot Card spreads “Make Decisions“

 2-tarot-cards for the spiritual path

Tarot Card spreads “Understand Life Situations”

3-tarot-cards for the spiritual path

Tarot Card spreads “Self-Awareness”

4-tarot-cards for the spiritual path

Tarot Card spreads “Spiritual Development“

5-tarot-cards for the spiritual path

Different reading systems:

Predictive card reading

Fortune tellers are particularly often asked about the future. The assistance of the cards then goes exactly as far as the sincerity and perception of the person, who lays the cards for you. As in all there are great differences. Therefore, you should rely less on positive predictions and more on your heart. Feel into your heart, whether you can trust this person.

By the way, I personally don’t offer pure prediction card reading (so please don’t call me for that, because there are plenty of other card readers for this). My questioning of cards is always embedded in an overall spiritual-therapeutic/coaching development process.

Therapeutic respectively Coaching card reading

This is card reading in the context of psychotherapy or coaching. I have written a holistic guide-book “Spiritual Psychotherapy: the inner family“. This is the basic book for integral psychotherapies respectively coaching, however, also readable by lay people. In the appendix of this book, I give advice on how Tarot Cards can be an aid for Spiritual Psychotherapy(AL)/Coaching(AL).

Harmonising card reading

While the advice of the Tarot Cards tends to start with the effects of the subtle energies, the card reading can also be directly linked to the subtle layer. To harmonise chakras, for example, I use Chakra Energy Cards.

Self card reading

When reading the cards for oneself, there is a danger that one’s own particularly strong wishes and longings may override the real message of the cards. However, if you have been on the spiritual path for a while, the cards can be a valuable aid for your own development. For this, you should have learnt to clear your own wishes and desires, so that you are able to understand them better and have learned to distinguish between ego desires, defensive reactions and information from higher layers of awareness.

Personally, the cards have often helped me decisively and I continuously have conversations with them. The cards regularly gave me universally guided feedback from my own next higher, unconscious layer of awareness and thus grew with the personal development. Usually the cards change their meaning on the next higher layer of awareness. I refer to this in the Appendix of my book “Spiritual Psychotherapy: the inner family“. To get started with card reading, I recommend a set of Tarot Cards with an explanatory book, for example, in German language “Gut beraten mit Tarot” or “Tarot für Anfänger”, with interpretations.

The human psyche as an inner family(AL)

How the subtle energies have an effect on the physical, how they are decisive for human development and how the psyche is an inner family(AL), I describe  in my book “Spiritual Psychotherapy: the inner family“.

Whoever knows the structure of the transcendental human being from the subtle to the gross material body and learns to deal with the psyche as an inner family(AL) in practical everyday life, will better understand the effect of cards and be able to form relationships more positively.

Healing card reading

If you feel that you need healing, you can also consult the cards. Of course this does not replace a doctor’s visit, but is an additional help. Possible questions are:

What needs healing?

How should you proceed?

Which inner family member (inner child, inner woman, inner man) needs healing first?

Which therapy / coaching method is right for me? (If necessary, go through the individual therapy methods).

Is there any general advice for me for healing?

Altogether, my cards were and still are a very valuable tool for me. From practical help in everyday life to conversations with my higher layers of awareness to holistic advice from the Universe, they supported me in many ways. In the meantime, they guide me in Musubi’s Plan.

With this information, I hope to have given you a first overview of the various possibilities of card reading.

With my best wishes, yours Ayleen Lyschamaya

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