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In the German-speaking area, the new fairy tale “Gretel and Hansel” is so well known in the meantime that there are additional rounds of talks, posts, information, videos, answered questions and comments. However, these are so many that they are not translated. (Note: If you want to get an impression, you are welcome to look at the German website for “Gretel und Hänsel”.) The revised new English fairy tale text you will find on this subpage.

Anyway, there is not only one, but there are five fairy tales of the new age for children and adults inGretel and Hansel heal the witch“:

Gretel and Hansel heal the witch

Gretel and Hansel heal the witch – the five fairy tales of the new age for children and adults

Gretel and Hansel heal the witch, case laminate: ISBN 978-3-949401-32-9

Gretel and Hansel heal the witch, paperback: ISBN 978-3-949401-33-6

Gretel and Hansel heal the witch, e-book: ISBN 978-3-949401-34-3

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This collection of fairy tales conveys for children and adults the higher level of consciousness of the new age. It explains the symbolism of the fairy tales, what messages they contain and what development of consciousness they promote. In addition, there are fairy tale songs as well as interactives for the whole family; for example, quizzes, search pictures, deeper meaning, comic illustration and key scene interpretations.

Equally large format symbolic-energetic for the universal vastness, with at the same time smaller font and thus more delicate energy, has the paperback edition as ISBN 978-3-949401-33-6. [Or: Equally large format symbolic-energetic for the universal vastness, but with at the same time larger font and thus more earthly energy, has the hardcover edition as ISBN 978-3-949401-32-9.]

Recommendation: pedagogically valuable for children from 3 years.

Transition of time: the consciousness of the new age

fairy tale Gretel and HanselMusubi World Healing: The Bible / Holy Scripture of the New Age

With the revision of the Grimm fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel” to “Gretel and Hansel”, I want to pass on the higher level of consciousness of the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© to people. The new age of the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© means the healing of the feminine for the göttlich-irdische Liebesflussverbindung (divine-earthly love-flow-connection). Therefore, the five fairy tales of the new age are contained in “Musubi World Healing“.

The traditional message of the Grimm “Hansel and Gretel” was: destroy the feminine. This is a fundamental spiritual misconception. Therefore, the fairy tale should no longer be used in its original form, because it harms personal development both individually as well as for society as a whole. How the revised fairy tale “Gretel and Hansel” instead supports the complete spiritual path, I explain further down. You can also find the new fairy tale text a bit further down. I have got the English version of the German children´s song “Gretel and Hansel” for you, too.


“Gretel and Hansel” ‒ healing setting in 432 Hertz[1]

The song of Gretel and Hansel

Gretel and Hansel were deeply in the woods.
There, in the darkness they didn´t feel so good.
They reached a candy cottage that could be crispy-croused.
| : Who do you think was the owner of the house? : |

Yoo-hoo! A woman is looking out to both.
She lures the children inside the little house.
She pretended to be friendly, o Hansel will be dead!
| : She wants to bake him in oven brown as bread! : |

But as the water flows into herself,
Gretel and Hansel had cured her with their help.
The old was speedy healing, the children went back home,
| : now is the story of Gretel and Hans done. : |


Singing: Sascha Herwig, Music: Sascha Herwig, Text: Ayleen Lyschamaya


Turn of time: Gretel and Hansel ‒ fairy tale text of the new age[2]

Once upon a time there was a family living on the edge of a large, dark forest. The father was a poor woodcutter, who had remarried after the early death of his first wife. From his first marriage came two cheerful children. The girl’s name was Margarete and the boy was called Hans. But everyone only knew them by their nicknames Gretel and Hansel. The second wife of the woodcutter tried to take care of her stepfamily, but felt overburdened with this task.

The family was very poor and after an additional special payment, they had no money left for food. At night, the father rolled around in bed with sorrow, sighed and said to his wife, “What will become of us? How can we feed our children when we have nothing left for ourselves?” Both were very sad and thought for a long time about how they could improve their situation after all. The woman suggested borrowing money from relatives, neighbors and friends, but those had barely enough to survive themselves.

Finally, the woman very sadly said, “You know what, my man, let us lead the children into the forest tomorrow morning, where it is thickest. There, we light a fire and give each of them a piece of bread. Then, we do our work and leave them alone.” With tears in her eyes, the woman continued, “May God protect the children. Every day, we are going to pray for them.” “No, my woman,” the man replied, “I won’t do this. How can I bring my heart to leave my children all alone in the woods! The wild animals would soon come and tear them to pieces.” Thereupon his woman answered, “Then all four of us will die of hunger. Don´t you have any faith in God?” The parents waited a few more days in desperate hope for a miracle, but finally they decided to carry out their plan.

Gretel and Hansel, however, had not gone to sleep for hunger and therefore had overheard the parents’ conversation. Gretel wept bitterly and asked Hansel, “What will become of us?” “Be quiet, Gretel,” Hansel calmed his sister, “I have an idea.” And as soon as their parents had fallen asleep, Hansel got up, put on his coat, opened the front door and sneaked out. He looked around and discovered white pebbles shining in the moonlight. Hansel bent down and put as many of them into his trouser pockets as they would hold. Then, he slipped back into the house and whispered to Gretel, “Be comforted, dear little sister, and sleep in peace, God will not forsake us.”

When the day began, even before the sun had risen, the woman came and woke up the children, “Get up, you two, we want to go into the forest and get some wood”. Then, she gave each of them a piece of bread and said, “This is for dinner. Don’t eat the bread before, because that’s all we have.” Gretel took the bread, because Hansel had his trouser pockets full of pebbles. Then, they all together set off into the dark forest.

When they had gone for a while, Hansel stopped and looked back at the house. He did this again and again. The father said, “Hansel, what are you looking at and lagging behind? Be careful and don’t forget your legs!” “Oh, Father,” Hansel replied, “I check on my white kitten. It sits on the top of the roof and wants to say goodbye to me.” The woman said, “This isn´t your kitten, but the morning sun shining on the chimney.” However, Hansel hadn’t looked after the kitten, only had always thrown a pebble upon the path.

When they arrived deep in the forest, the father said, “Now gather wood, you children. I want to light a fire, so you won’t become cold.” Gretel and Hansel gathered brushwood and stacked it up. The brushwood was set on fire and as the flame burned up high, the woman said, “Now lay by the fire, you children, and rest. We´ll go further into the forest and cut some wood. When we’re done, we’ll come back and pick you up.”

Gretel and Hansel sat by the fire and when it was noon, they ate their bread. And because they heard the blows of the wooden axe, they thought that their parents were nearby. But it wasn’t the wooden axe, it was a branch that the parents had tied to a droughty tree. The wind blew it back and forth. And as they had sat so for a long time, their eyes closed with tiredness and they fell soundly asleep.

When they woke up, it was already dark night. Gretel started crying and asked, “How shall we get out of the forest?” But Hansel comforted her, “Wait a little while until the moon rises, then we will find our way.” And when the full moon had risen, Hansel took his little sister by the hand and followed the pebbles. These shimmered in the moonlight and showed them the path. They walked all night and came back to their parents’ house at dawn. Whatever, the parents were happy to have their children safely back.

Not long after this, there were scarcity and famine again. And the children heard their parents talking in bed at night that everything was eaten up again. This time, the parents wanted to lead the children even deeper into the forest, so that they would not find their way out again. As much as the parents thought about it, they saw no other way out of their situation.

The children, however, had heard the conversation as they lay awake. As soon as the parents slept, Hansel got up again, intending to go out and pick up pebbles as before. But this time the door was locked and Hansel could not get out. Nevertheless, he comforted his little sister and said, “Do not cry, Gretel, and sleep well, the good God will help us.”

Early in the morning the woman came and woke up the children. They received their slice of bread, which this time was even smaller than the former piece. On the way into the forest, Hansel crumbled the bread in his pocket, often stopped and threw a piece to the ground. “Hansel, why do you stand and look back?” the father asked, “Go your way!” “I am looking at my little dove. It sits on the roof and wants to say goodbye to me,” Hansel replied. “That isn´t your dove,” the woman said, “but it is the morning sun shining on top of the chimney.” As Hansel went along, he gradually threw all his bread onto the path, piece by piece.

The parents led the children even deeper into the forest, where they had never been before. Again, a great fire was lit and the mother said, “Sit down here and rest, children, and when you feel tired, you can sleep a little while. We’ll go into the forest and cut some wood. In the evening, when we have finished our work, we’ll come and pick you up.” At noon, Gretel shared her bread with Hansel, who had sprinkled his on the way. Then they fell asleep and the evening passed, but nobody came to the children.

They woke up as late as in the dark night and Hansel comforted his little sister and said, “Just wait, Gretel, until the moon rises. Then we’ll look for the pieces of bread, I’ve scattered. They’ll show us the way home.” When the moon came out, they got up, but they couldn’t find the bread anymore. The many birds that live in the forest and fly around in the field had picked everything away. Hansel said to Gretel, “Nevertheless, we’ll find our way.” But they didn’t find it. They searched all night and one more day from morning to night, but they could not get out of the forest. They were very hungry, because they only ate the few berries that grew on the ground. And because they were so tired that their legs no longer wanted to carry them, they lay down under a tree and went to sleep.

Now, it already was the third morning that they had left their parents’ house. They continued to search for a way and got deeper and deeper into the forest. And if help didn’t come soon, they would die. At about noonday, they saw a beautiful, snow-white bird sitting on a branch. It sang so sweetly that they stopped and listened to it. And when it was done, it spread its wings and flew in front of them. They followed it until they reached a little house, upon the roof of which the bird sat down.

When they came very close, they saw that the house was made of bread and covered with cake and the windows were of sugar. “Let’s eat our fill,” Hansel said. “I want to try a piece of the roof. Gretel, you can nibble from the window, it tastes sweet.” Hansel reached up and broke off a little piece of the roof to try and see what it tasted like. And Gretel stood at the window panes and crisped from them.

At that, a voice shouted out of the cottage,

“Crispy, crispy, crispy-crouse ‒
who nibbles at my little house?”

The children answered,

“The wind you hear ‒
there is nothing to fear.”

Gretel and Hansel waited a moment and when everything remained quiet, they continued eating.

Suddenly, the door opened and an ancient, almost blind woman leaning on a crutch came out. Gretel and Hansel were so terrified that they dropped what they held in their hands. But the old woman, nodding her head, said, “Ah, you dear children, who brought you here? Come in and stay with me. No harm will come to you.” She took both by the hand and led them into her little house. There a good meal she served, milk and pancakes with sugar, apples and nuts. Afterwards, Gretel and Hansel were allowed to lie down in soft, white beds so that they thought they were in heaven.

But the old woman had only pretended to be friendly, because in her long life she had very often been treated badly. The people had peeved her and had been so tormenting her that she now took revenge on them. Therefore, the next morning she grabbed Hansel, carried him into a small cage and locked him behind a lattice-door. He could scream as he wanted, it didn’t help him. Then, she went to Gretel and demanded, “Get some water and cook something good for your brother. He’s out in the barn and is supposed to get fat. As soon as he is fat, I will eat him.” Gretel started crying bitterly, but it was in vain. She had to do, what was asked of her.

Now, at this point you make a very important decision:
The wounded wise old woman shall heal -> please read on.
No, the evil witch shall burn.

Gretel had already lost her mother, then her home and now also her brother. Thereupon, her heart became so heavy that she full of sorrow cried herself to sleep every night. One evening, she suddenly heard a soft voice in her heart saying, “Take your tears and wet the eyes of the old woman, so that she begins to see again.” Full of fear, Gretel now sneaked up to the old woman every night and very carefully, so that she did not wake up, moisturized her eyes with her tears.

Hansel got the best food every day, but it didn’t taste good to him. Every morning, the old woman went to the little stable and shouted, “Hansel, stretch out your finger that I can feel whether you are getting fat.” But Hansel stuck out a stick to her. And the old woman, who had dull eyes at first, could not see it and thought that it was Hansel’s finger. Due to this, she wondered why Hansel didn’t get fatter. Hansel, however, mourned in his heart and every time the old woman had been with him, his tears flew from heaven. So it rained daily when the old woman returned from Hansel’s cage to her house and she got very wet every time.

Altogether, this happened many days and nights and gradually the eyes of the old woman improved. Her feelings came alive again through the daily rain and she began, at first still very tenderly, to develop compassion with the children. She saw that Hansel handed her a little stick and acknowledged his ingenuity. She felt Gretel’s love for her brother and could enjoy this purity. Moreover, she began steadily to remember her original wisdom and finally she freed Hansel out of his cage and made peace with the children.

For seven months she taught the children everything she once again remembered. Hansel learned to deal with the fire of the stove and to become manually skilled. Gretel was introduced to food preparation and learned how to use medicinal herbs. And when the time was up, she called the children to her to give them their farewell gifts. Hansel received gold and pearls from her great treasure, as much as his pockets could hold. And Gretel received seeds of medicinal herbs to plant on her mother’s grave so that they would never run out again. Furthermore, the wise old woman told the children to well remember the way home and to exactly describe the path to their stepmother. The stepmother should visit the old woman at any time when she needed her support. How happy Gretel and Hansel were about all the good gifts. And at the same time, they were also sad about the farewell, because they had grown very fond of the wise old woman in the meantime.

When Gretel and Hansel had gone a few hours, they got to a big water. It gurgled and splashed that it sounded like sighs, as if it carried the grief of the whole world. “We can’t cross the water,” Hansel said, “I don’t see a landing or a bridge.” “And there is no boat, either,” Gretel replied, “but there swims a white duck; if I ask it, it’ll help us over.” Then she shouted:

“Duckling, good duckling,
Gretel and Hansel, here we stand;
there is neither bridge nor landing,
please, take us on your back to land.”

The duckling came near. Hansel sat up and asked his little sister to sit with him. “No,” Gretel replied, “it’s getting too heavy for the duckling. It’s supposed to get us across one by one.” This the good little animal did. And when they were happily on the other side and went on for a while, the forest seemed more and more familiar to them and, finally, they saw their parents’ house from afar. Then they began to run, rushed into the living room and fell around their parents’ necks. Hansel emptied his bags with the gold and pearls, Gretel planted the medicinal herbs on her mother’s grave, both talked about the wise old woman and explained exactly the way to their stepmother. The whole family remained in deep union with the wise old woman and the creatures of the forest. Then all worries were over and they lived happily ever after. And if they haven´t died, they are still alive today.


Questions about Gretel and Hansel

asked at “Ask Me Anything” (AMA), The new consciousness of “Gretel and Hansel” – AMA for parents.

In one sentence, what is “Gretel and Hansel” about?

“Gretel and Hansel” is a pictorially story for personal development by healing the feminine that results in the connection of Devine to earthly in human transcendent consciousness.

What can be learned by “Gretel and Hansel“?

The peace can be felt inside that results from healing and integration instead of the satisfaction of being „on top“ of somebody that corresponds with inner separation in the Grim fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel”.

The inner family(AL) members have got different tasks. For the inner man competition and demarcation are his nature and he is balanced by the inner woman with caring and healing. All capabilities are equal important, but whereas demarcation is directed to the outside, caring and healing firstly mean the inside and secondly the outside.

“Hansel and Gretel” revised to “Gretel and Hansel” is about the female aspect of the consciousness with all the feminine figures Gretel, mother, stepmother and most important the witch respectively wise old woman. Therefore, the message must correspond with the female nature of healing instead of destroying the feminine with the result of inner demarcation that blogs the flow of universal love.

According to Bettelheim, young children benefit tremendously from hearing the story of “Hansel and Gretel” as they learn that through rational thoughts they can overcome adversity. How is “Gretel and Hansel” addressing this subject?

First of all, if you consider the original fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel” more superficially, how does anyone overcome adversity by killing somebody?

Secondly, the deeper meaning is about the human consciousness. People think by being rational without feelings they can solve problems, but that is wrong. In the case of repression the feelings, these only will find a subconscious way to come out, e.g. in an outburst. The solution is to heel the feelings.

Thirdly, all fairy tales and all explanations of the fairy tales pass on the conventional low level of consciousness to the next generation. Especially “Hansel and Gretel” hands down a real spiritual misconception: Destroy the feminine. That´s why the Divine led me into the revision of particular “Hansel and Gretel” to “Gretel and Hansel”.

What is the New Age Enlightenment movement(AL) about and can anyone get on board?

The core message of the New Age Enlightenment movement(AL) is: Let the universal love flow into yourself by rebuilding the connection between Divine and ego, which means healing the feminine. Out of this inner love-overabundance the universal love will flow to others, too. The soul wants to create its healing love in the earthly.

Anyone is invited to get on board instantly and everybody will go into this direction in the very long run anyway. The New Age Enlightenment(AL) respectively Final-Enlightenment(AL) is the new consciousness level of humankind that starts with some people and spreads worldwide. Therefore, the Divine led me into the revision of “Hansel and Gretel” to “Gretel and Hansel” that is worldwide known. “Gretel and Hansel” makes personal development easier for the next generation.


Spiritual Path: “Gretel and Hansel” ‒ Explanation

What contents of consciousness are addressed by “Gretel and Hansel”? Even the headline contains a double message. From “Hansel and Gretel” to “Gretel and Hansel” means firstly the transition into the new age of the Final-Enlightenment(AL), which is based on the connection from Divine to earthly through the feminine. That’s why Gretel is now in first place. Optionally I use the heading “Hansel and Gretel – Gretel and Hansel” to express the integration of the conventional or only “Gretel and Hansel” to emphasize the new.

Secondly, the title “Hansel and Gretel – Gretel and Hansel” expresses the change in consciousness by personal development, which is reflected in the fairy tale. This corresponds to the normal case of personality development on the complete spiritual path. In the initial situation, the inner woman, symbolically as mother and stepmother, had died in her natural original form and thus is no longer connected with her female strength and the Divine. Therefore, she is overextended and can neither hold her inner family(AL) together nor allow universal love to flow through herself into it.

In identifying with an ego that is separated from the Divine, the direction of spiritual personality development is from earthly to Divine and corresponds to the three sections of the complete spiritual path as I describe them in my book “The complete spiritual path“. This direction of development applies to all already slightly older souls, while little souls (new age souls) follow the complete spiritual path in reverse order. Therefore, the fairy tale describes the transition of consciousness for the already slightly older souls.

The masculine is closer to the earthly so that Hansel first takes the lead with good ideas (pebbles, pieces of bread). Later Gretel knows better how to deal with the duckling, because the feminine has the better access to the emotional unconscious. At the same time, both are embedded in the Whole and therefore have direct divine access, too, Hansel by the rain and Gretel by the voice in her heart. Additionally, the transitions are fluid so that the two cooperate mutually.

With Gretel and Hansel, the inner child is already divided into female and male aspects, which emphasizes the importance of this theme in this fairy tale. Because first the male aspect, separated from the Divine, is more active and later the divinely attached feminine takes over the leadership, the personality development towards the New Age Enlightenment(AL) is imparted. However, since the emphasis at the end of the fairy tale remains on the childlike-tender earthly with universal connection, “Gretel and Hansel” thus describes the transition of the first to the second section of the complete spiritual path. Therefore, it leads people from their current unconscious state to the first till second section of the complete spiritual path to the higher level of consciousness of the new age.

How is the personal development of “Hansel and Gretel ‒ Gretel and Hansel” described in detail? This I explain in “Gretel and Hansel heal the witch“, also contained in “Musubi World Healing“.

“Hansel and Gretel ‒ Gretel and Hansel” conveys the development towards a complete, healthy and rudimentary divine-earthly connected consciousness. The Universal Whole has led me into a revision of specifically this fairy tale, because with the divine-earthly connection and the healing of the feminine it supports the higher level of consciousness of the new age of the Final-Enlightenment(AL). The beginning flow of love from the Divine to earthly takes good care of the inner family(AL). Therefore, they now live in loving inner community if not yet totally reliable prosperity, because the direct divine-earthly connection by the stepmother is still missing.

“Therefore, all their worries were over and they lived happily ever after” just means that this important step in development has been taken. The sequel “Stepmother and Wise Old Woman” is about the göttlich-irdische Liebesflussverbindung (devine-earthly love-flow-connection) through the inner woman.


To the fear of the old age: Nobody needs to be afraid of the new age, because it is carried by universal love. When the feminine is healed, it is not a threat to the old age, but the basis for a balanced center and harmony. Witch burns are behind us. Now it is about the positive values of the feminine.

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Therefore, in addition to Gretel and Hansel, I have got my pedagogical parents’ guides for you: “EMDR for Babies ‒ the original“, “EMDR for Babies in conversation” and “Competition-free Birthday: Teamwork Games for Kids” (developing teamwork skills).

Moreover, you can find an overview of my personal stories under “experiences on the spiritual path“.

The opportunity through Gretel and Hansel

The collective annihilation of the female universal access as the evil witch, as passed on and solidified from generation to generation in the Grimm fairy tale, allowed the karmic dominance system to take over. This lack of love was the old age.

The collective healing of the female universal access as the wise old woman in the new fairy tale “Gretel and Hansel” conveys the new age. This weibliche Spirituelle System (female Spiritual System) is the new age.

Continue to the Dimensions of spiritual reality, the singing bowl ritual and the new health system.

Final-Enlightenment / New Age EnlightenmentNew age as an evolutionary transition in consciousness: The healed and transcended inner family(AL) connected with the conventional enlightenment as Final-Enlightenment(AL)


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[2] I release this fairy tale text (without the additional content in my books) free of charge for any use inside and outside the internet. This does not apply to radio, film and television.