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Belly Dancing* as Moving Meditation. What is Moving Meditation?

Hello my dears,

a Belly Dance Choreography as a Movement Meditation is actually not a completely new idea, quite the opposite. From the martial arts it is known for a long time. For example, in Karate it is called “Kata” and in Tai Chi “Form”. The task is to develop internal processes in predetermined motion sequences. For better understanding of these internal processes, I recommend to get to know the structure of the transcendent human with the inner family(AL) as psyche. In my book “Spiritual Psychotherapy: The inner family“, I explain human consciousness. The focus of the martial arts on the inner processes is the same also for a Belly Dance Movement Meditation, only just a very feminine form of Moving Meditation.

What is the difference between a Moving Meditation and a Belly Dance Choreography? The standard of a Moving Meditation goes far beyond a normal Belly Dance Choreography. Important is the connectedness with ourselves, the others respectively the community (on soul-layer) and the Whole.

The connectedness with ourselves already comes from the dancing pose, because we are connected to the heaven and the earth. This corresponds to the Kundalini, the vertical spiritual power within us. In addition, the seven major chakras are arranged accordingly, which we activate with our isolation movements. The belly dancing is so spiritual, that I selected it as a Moving Meditation. Within this structure you are encouraged to experience yourself.

Also the community, the closeness with the others, expresses itself by the posture with the arms to the sides. This corresponds to the Dragon Power. The Dragon Power is the horizontal spiritual power within us. Then, in the Belly Dance Meditation carries us the positive feeling of deep connectedness.

The compound with the Whole results from the music. The music is the arranging spiritual frame.

I developed all choreographies myself and I wish that this kind of Movement Meditation spreads. In this respect, I allow the use in any form, also for your lessons and for appearances. The only thing I want to ask of you is that you call it a Moving Meditation and inform everybody that it comes from me with this meaning. What you then make out of it, is entirely your choice. For the music, unfortunately, I don´t have the rights, so we have to do without music in the videos and I refer further down to the CDs.

In this sense, I wish you fascinating inner experiences and a lot of fun with belly dancing as a Moving Meditation

Supplement: In the meantime, the following two statements were discussed about Belly Dancing as a Movement Meditation, which I would like to answer at this point.

1) Belly Dance would be an art form that requires a lot of body control and therefore would be a concentration exercise on the body. This would be the opposite of a meditation exercise.

I partly agree with this first statement. If one concentrates primarily on the technique and body control in Belly Dance, it is not a Movement Meditation, but a concentration exercise. But this has nothing to do with the Belly Dancing as a Movement Meditation as such, since this statement applies to every form of Movement Meditation or Meditation at all. Meditation depends on the inner attitude.

Since very long, in martial arts demanding combat techniques, which require a lot of body control, are used to go the way inside. I myself have practiced Karate and Tai Chi for many years, so I have personally experienced the positive effects of Movement Meditations, before I put them on the Belly Dance. This transfer to Belly Dance I have made, because the martial arts appeal especially to the inner man. In martial arts are mainly trained the mental body in conjunction with the physical body, energetic perception and masculine movement patterns.

What is not addressed by the martial arts, is the emotional body with the feelings. Instead, among the combat athletes the attitude is widespread to be especially “hard” against themselves. That is why I supplement the male Movement Meditations of the martial arts, which appeal to the inner man, with the female Movement Meditation of  Belly Dance, which appeals to the inner woman.

Belly Dance as a Movement Meditation is aimed at the inner woman, because Belly Dance contains very feminine patterns of movement and appeals to the emotional body through the music. It also specifically wants to allow feelings as well as is aimed at an unrivaled community. In the conventional Belly Dance, however, competition is quite common. But, in the case of Belly Dance as a Movement Meditation, it is about the natural individual self-expression, which doesn´t place excessive demands on perfect technique. Rather, the ever-advancing experience of being connected with oneself, the divine and other human beings (not on structural, but on soul layer) should be made.

2) At Belly Dance endorphins would be excreted. There would be people, who dance themselves into ecstasy, but this would be happiness hormones and wouldn´t have anything to do with a divine connection.

With Belly Dance it can be danced into ecstasy and great if happiness hormones are spilled out, because that is the divine attachment to the body. When the neutral universal energy flows into the body, it is transformed into ecstasy there. In this respect, all spiritual methods that aim at ecstasy, promote, above all, the divine energy flow into the body.

By means of Movement Meditations, one can train the mental body and thus the inner man, the emotional body and thus the inner woman and the physical body and connect with the universal energy. That’s why I consider Movement Meditations so valuable and have developed the still missing female form of the Belly Dance Movement Meditation.

With all my best wishes

yours Ayleen Lyschamaya

The concept of Belly Dancing as a Moving Meditation

This learning Belly Dancing Online-course concept teaches accordingly to the natural human and societal development.

First, this development begins with the base, the base chakra. This corresponds to the Belly Dance Technique Courses Beginner 1 and 2. Additionally, in the Belly Dance Course Beginner 1, I start at the ground with the Basic Arabic Step.

The development then continues with the second chakra, the sacral chakra, with a lot of feeling and connection to others. The emotional energy wants to be expressed in free belly dancing. That is why I am teaching improvisation in the Belly Dance Beginners’ Courses. I want you to create a natural link between the new belly dance movements and your feelings.

With the third chakra, the solar plexus chakra, then individuality and structure are standing in the foreground. Now the mental energy wants to enjoy choreographies.

These human and overall societal developments about the chakras directly correspond to the psychological inner family(AL). The exact relationship you can read in my book “Spiritual Psychotherapy: The inner family“, so I don´t want to go further into the inner family(AL) at this point.

Most belly dancers are better in one of the two areas, improvisation or choreography, and don´t like the other one so much. But for holistic development of consciousness both areas are equally important, so I want to encourage you to engage yourself in both, improvisation as well as choreographies. With my Belly Dance Theme Courses, I give further assistance to improvisation and choreographies.

In addition to your personality development to bring belly dance technique, improvisation and choreography into balance, the divine love shall flow into your beautiful earthly vessel by belly dancing as a Moving Meditation.

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Online-courses Belly Dancing as Movement Meditation

Note: More tools, an overview of all belly dance courses and the lesson structure can be found on Learn Belly Dance.

What is meditation?

First, I more generally tell you what meditation is.

Belly Dance Beginners Course 1
As an introduction to belly dance you learn all movements for immediately free oriental dance. These are Basic Arabic Step, Belly Dance Posture, beautiful arms and hands, isolation layers, Twist, Hip Lift, Hip Circle, Figure Eight, Chest Circle, dance to rhythm (Maksoum, Masmoudi Saghir), dance to melody and folklore step Saidi for stick dance. In addition, you will receive an overview of belly dance accessories: stick (with stick dance video clips), cymbals, veil and sword.

Moving Meditation / Belly Dance Choreography 1 

With Beginner Belly Dance Course 1 you can already dance this first very simple Belly Dance Choreography as a Moving Meditation. I also show you, together with my group Aysumi, how you can expand this Belly Dancing Choreography with additional moves from the Belly Dance Beginners Course 2.

The Magic of Belly Dancing“ song number 8 „TA MAVRA MATIA SOU”

TA MAVRA MATIA SOU very easy, Belly Dance Choreography Beginners-1

TA MAVRA MATIA SOU expandet, in transition to Belly Dance Choreography Beginners-2

Belly Dance Beginners Course 2

As a continuation of the Beginners Belly Dance Course 1 you learn how typical belly dance music is constructed. You also learn more belly dance movements. These include hip accents (Hip Lift, Hip Drop) combined with steps, three-step rotation, belly accent, shoulder kicks and shimmy. For soft movements you´ll learn the Big Hip Circle (Sun Circuit), standing Figure Eight, Chest Figure Eight and Body Wave, each with steps added. In addition, you learn the different arm positions, Classic Arms, Snake Arms, hand circles and hand waves.

Moving Meditation / Belly Dance Choreography 2 

This already more demanding second Belly Dance Choreography you can dance after the Belly Dance Beginners’ Courses 1 and 2. We introduce you to two options, as you can dance the Belly Dance Choreography alone or as a group. This Belly Dancing Choreography is also suitable for appearances.

The World of Belly Dance“ song number 13 „GHOSSN EL BAN“ on the CD number 1

Structure of the music GHOSSN EL BAN

Belly Dance Choreography GHOSSN EL BAN

Belly Dance Course Intermediate

Even more Belly Dancing techniques. I also talk especially about the drum solo. With Online-Belly-Dancing-Beginner 1, Online-Belly-Dancing-Beginner 2 and this video you know the basic techniques of Belly Dancing.

Belly Dance Theme Course: Create your own Belly Dance Choreography

How you can yourselves develop a Belly Dancing Choreography for appearance on special occasions, we explain to you in this belly dance video. Since all people are different, we introduce you to different ways of making your own Belly Dance Choreography.

Develop a belly dance choreography yourself. I have summarized the 6 steps for you:


Ongoing Belly Dancing lessons as Moving Meditation 

The continuous belly dance classes build on the courses beginner-1, beginner-2 and intermediate level. They include veil, drum solo, sword and cymbals. Starting in September 2016, I added weekly belly dance classes to the following playlist:
Belly dance choreographies are learned, which are used as movement meditation. You will find the tools in the following.

Movement Meditation / Belly Dance Choreography with cymbals:

In fact, these are two choreographies that I continue directly one after the other. I dance them according to the following songs:

The best of Belly Dance” no.2 by Kaezim Sevim “Etawet Alek”

“Belly Dance with Samara” song no.5 [At the moment (July 2016) “Belly Dance with Samara” isn´t available at amazon.com, therefore the Link is to amazon.de]

The Choreography

Movement Meditation / Belly Dance Choreography with veil, sword and drumsolo

The video with this Movement Meditation you can see on “learning Belly Dance”. I teach it to the music: The Joy of Belly Dancing” song no. 14 “Raks Mustapha”

The whole ChoreographyDrumsolo part 1

Drumsolo part 2

Learn Movement Meditation

To learn a belly dance choreography as a Movement Meditation, I recommend to take action in five steps.

1. Become familiar with the music by repeatedly hearing it, while you look at the summary sheet to each belly dance choreography. Then, also try to hear the sections without the list.
2. Dance the pregnant parts of the choreographies and improvise everything in between. This will give you a deeper sense of the overall structure and connect belly dance techniques, feelings and the choreography.
3. Repeat individual movement combinations and portions until you are familiar with them.
4. Dance the choreography so often that you have internalized the full sequence of movements smoothly.
5. Let the belly dance choreography become a Moving Meditation by feeling into yourself. Are you together with others, try to feel the soul-connection between you and express it. Let yourself, starting from your heart, flow with the music and let yourself fall into the greater Whole.

Movement Meditation worldwide

The intention of these worldwide Moving Meditations is to support your personal development and to connect people all over the world in a Belly Dancing Movement Meditation joint venture. I got this idea as an inspiration while I danced my personal Movement Meditations of this playlist.


I share them with you for your benefit. It´s my wish to teach you these Moving Meditations, so that you can use them for your own development, too. It can be a fascinating experience for you on your own as well as connected with us in this Belly Dancing joint venture. Enjoy this female spiritual way.

Be with us? – Belly Dance worldwide joint venture


How can you take part? – Very easy: Just learn this Belly Dancing group-meditation (or one of the other Movement Meditations), record a video and send me the link at Spiritual-Master-Ayleen@web.de That´s all. I connect you with us in the playlist, then.

about me: In this video I talk about my personal background and how I came to Belly Dancing as a Movement Meditation.

Do you want to know more about me? Or are you interested in the conventional spiritual masters and gurus or the new consciousness of “Gretel and Hansel”?

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