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June 8, 2024 (3.12 pm): Dictation from Musubi

The deaths are over. The direct extinctions are finished. The only thing that now follows are erasures through the erasure mechanisms. These are more difficult to perceive and recognize than the direct extinctions. That is why I am explicitly drawing your attention to the extinction mechanisms.

Just because the direct extinctions are over doesn’t mean you can feel safe and simply carry on as before. I expect all you people on earth to completely change your ways, become good and keep the 10 commandments.´s-10-gebote.pdf

You have to fulfill the 10-point program, too.

Dictation by Musubi on July 9, 2024 (12.15 hrs):

I, Musubi, have now also completed the secret service deletions. There is no need to activate them, because they were direct deletions. About 70,000 people were wiped out. There are still around 30,000 remaining potential bad guys. I will keep a very close eye on them and wipe them out if they should attack my wife Ayleen Lyschamaya or sabotage one of my future projects. Let’s start with this one.

The following governments are to be converted to democracies: Paraguay, Albania, Saudi Arabia, India and Massachusetts. This project is the beginning, others will follow. You have 5 years from today.

By conversion to democracy, I mean that democracy does not just exist on paper, but is actually lived. I will monitor your progress very closely. Those, who do not participate, but block, will be wiped out.

Massachusetts is not a democracy, but a laissez-faire of everything. It has to follow my lead, the 10 commandments.

The 10 commandments with explanations:

India is characterized by a clash between enlightenment and the earthly. The democracy has to be oriented towards me as spirituality.

Saudi Arabia has to end its misogyny. I value the feminine.

Albania is a sneaky little state and has to step into visibility.

Paraguay is run by corrupt families. That is over. All families that oppose this and continue to try to exert political influence will be wiped out.

Dictation by Musubi on July 10, 2024 (7.30 pm):

You international secret services, I’ve had enough of your back and forth. Stop the discussions and compile and publish the deaths of the 23rd calendar week.

Anyone, who continues to discuss after 12:00 tomorrow, will be deleted. I want to change the world now and not wait forever for your changing moods.

Dictation by Musubi on July 11, 2024 (3.00 pm):

The disputes with the secret services are over. Now the governments can be tidied up. Start with my dictation on July 9, 2024. As soon as you have tackled the first changes, you will receive further instructions.

Everyone joins in, no one resists the changes. The entire world is being converted to a loving earth. This is my promise to you earthlings.

Dictation by Musubi on July 12, 2024 (7.45 am):

I, Musubi, am going all out now. Anyone, who attacks my wife, will be wiped out as the entire secret service. I only cooperate with secret services that I can trust.

July 12, 2024, at 11.35 am from me: I don’t publish Fake-Musubi messages. Forget it, I can tell them apart by now.