Confronting one’s own karma is part of everyday human life;

Consciously facing one’s karma provides a new perspective;

Dissolving bad karma is part of the spiritual path of development;

integrating the karmic force is the goal.

By Ayleen Lyschamaya of Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©

früheres Leben


What is karma?

According to the general esoteric view, karma is a cause-and-effect principle that extends over many lives. Karma is seen as a spiritual law according to which every cause has an effect that returns to the producer.

This definition of karma applies to most souls, but not to infant or New Age souls. The latter do not encounter their karma, but the challenge of arriving fully in the earthly. Also, conventional enlightenment does not at all mean the exit from the cycle of rebirths and the end of karma. This view is a spiritual error, which I discuss in detail in my book, The Complete Spiritual Path.

However, for most people of middle soul age and above, the common definition of karma is accurate, so it can be an important tool for understanding spiritual connections.

How can bad karma be resolved?

There are several ways to resolve bad karma.

1) Unconscious “dissolving” of karma

Every time something unpleasant happens to you, the bad karma that caused it is also dissolved. However, an unconscious reaction to the unpleasant thing is controlled by your karmically shaped personality structures and thus usually creates new bad karma again. Therefore, it is basically not a real dissolution of karma, because you are continuing the karmic cycle.

2) Dissolving karma through regression / reincarnation therapy

In this life you often have to deal with karma from previous lives. Through regression / reincarnation therapy you can recall these past lives and thereby find out and heal the karmic cause. Repatriations aim at the karmic level of consciousness, which as such is dissolved and integrated as a force for the inner family(AL) on the second stage of the complete spiritual path to Final Enlightenment. In this process, the personality structure-oriented Spiritual Psychotherapy(AL) supports.

Repatriation / reincarnation therapy is not in itself a comprehensive way of completely dissolving all karma, because the earthly learning process of complete consciousness is more comprehensive, but in specific subject areas it directly addresses the karmic cause in a particularly targeted way. That is why regression / reincarnation therapy is particularly effective in many cases to dissolve bad karma step by step.

3) Dissolving karma through personality development

The best way to dissolve karma completely is to heal your wounded inner family (AL) through personal development, thereby changing your karmic structures (the separated energies of an emotional injury and the associated karma are reunited) and overall expanding your consciousness. Finally, you will dissolve your bad karma completely in the sense that it becomes the earthly competence of your inner family(AL). This healing eventually works its way into the body. See also my example of the Lyme disease healing. All this is an exciting spiritual path to the Final Enlightenment and into a new evolutionary consciousness, on which my consciousness coaches of the Final Enlightenment© are happy to accompany you.

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