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From the Enlightenment-Illusion to the Separation-Manifestation

Eckhart Tolle enlightenment

Eckhart Tolle ManifestationAfter Eckhart Tolle first taught the conventional enlightenment-illusion of the old age as “Now”, he meanwhile (2021) tries to take over my influence* of the new age as a combination of “Being” and “Doing”. Basically the connection of Divine and earthly is right if Eckhart Tolle would have established the Liebesflussverbindung (love-flow-connection) in his consciousness and would have knowledge of the new universal creation laws. Instead, he has only the separated, incomplete consciousness of the old age. It is unfavorable that his separation-manifestation in some respects sounds similar to my göttlich-irdische Liebesflussverbindung (divine-earthly love-flow-connection). The separation-manifestation must not be confused with my divine-earthly love-flow-connection of the higher level of consciousness of the new age. Therefore, on another page, I specifically go into the differences of Eckhart Tolle’s teaching of the old age to my göttlich-irdischen Liebesflussverbindung (divine-earthly love-flow-connection) of the new age. His teaching of “Being” and “Doing” only tries to combine two aspects of the complete transcendental consciousness, but without connecting them with each other in their natural function. In order to make this crucial error particularly clear, I use the term separation-manifestation.

Musubi World Healing: The Bible / Holy Scripture of the New Age
Musubi World Healing: The Bible / Holy Scripture of the New Age

The Universal Plan: Holding on to Eckhart Tolle means at the same time holding on to the outdated enlightenment ideas of the old age. In fact, however, it is not about conventional enlightenment at all, but about universal-earthly creation of consciousness.

Notice: Eckhart Tolle´s “Now” as well as the temporal dimensions of transcendent human consciousness, I explain in my travelogue “Healing the world through consciousness development for India“, contained in “Musubi World Healing: The Bible / Holy Scripture of the New Age“.


Eckhart Tolle’s level of consciousness

Spiritual Master Eckhart Tolle of the conventional enlightenment (female enlightenment).
Guru Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle is regarded as one of the most influential spiritual teachers of the present (see also other conventional Spiritual Masters and Gurus), which is why I would like to comment on his level of consciousness.

Eckhart Tolle describes a consciousness of love and peace, which I call divine consciousness. This, he teaches as “Now”. He contrasts the divine consciousness with the ego/earthly consciousness in a hardly differentiated and largely only energetically perceived way. Thus, Eckhart Tolles´s level of consciousness corresponds to that of female enlightenment. His consciousness is represented graphically, with translation below, as follows:

awareness of Eckhart Tolle
translation: the Whole – female enlightenment – guilt feelings blockade – ego

Some people criticize Eckhart Tolle, because, as an enlightened person, he still has “I relapses”.** Of course he has these, because enlightenment by no means extinguishes the earthly personality. Conventional enlightenment (= female enlightenment) simply means no longer identifying with the ego, but with the divine part of consciousness instead.

So the question arises: To what extent can Eckhart Tolle as a conventional/female enlightened Spiritual Master support people on their spiritual path? ‒ He teaches a message of hope that motivates people to follow the spiritual path. For this purpose, he addresses inner-woman-personalities by conveying simple statements emotionally.

At the same time Eckhart Tolle, through his slow way of speaking, brings people to rest. Inner-woman-personalities are automatically guided into divine consciousness through this very procedure of silence with simultaneous relationship to another human being (in this case Eckhart Tolle). In this respect, Eckhart Tolle supports inner-woman-personalities on their spiritual path to conventional/female enlightenment ‒ only that it is not about conventional enlightenment at all.

About the teaching of Eckhart Tolle I have a few videos for you:

Eckhart Tolle – “Now”

Eckhart Tolle – enlightenment

Note: In this video, I had to afterwards remove the sound at the beginning for Eckhart Tolle’s statements, because Eckhart Tolle thinks to have copyright claims also on quotations of his videos. This contradicts the right to fair use of other videos, but for a legal dispute, the statements of Eckhart Tolle, to which I refer, are not important enough. That’s why it came to this solution.

Eckhart Tolle – karma

Eckhart Tolle – ego

Eckhart Tolle – missed future

Summary ‒ turn of the times: the “Now” is completely overrated

Eckhart Tolle has experienced his divine share of consciousness as enlightenment through the “Now”. But, in addition, the transcendent human consciousness contains much more, especially all known tenses. Therefore, Eckhart Tolle ‒ with his emphasis on the “Now” ‒ collectively creates a reduction of consciousness that harms the development of humanity as a whole. For this reason, I have been instructed to correct Eckhart Tolle’s emphasis on the “Now”. So I have specifically related to Eckhart Tolle the chapter “Past, present and future” in my travelogue “Healing the world through consciousness development for India; new age: Transformation of Buddhism and Hinduism“, contained in “Musubi World Healing: The Bible / Holy Scripture of the New Age“.

Eckhart Tolle teaches the level of consciousness of the old age and, thus, is obsolete by the higher level of consciousness of the new age. The old age was an enlightenment-illusion.

Berlin, October 2021, Ayleen Lyschamaya, Musubis female Creative Power

See also the world changes for the new age as international magazine as well as the world changers of the old age.

For the old age, furthermore, there are “enlightened ones in criticism“, the future prognosis in “Halftime of Evolution” and “The Atman Project” by Ken Wilber as well as Amma and mother Meera.

Final-Enlightenment / New Age EnlightenmentNew Age movement as an evolutionary transition in consciousness: The healed and transcended inner family(AL) connected with the conventional enlightenment as Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© [Final-Enlightenment(AL)].


* Although I am informing about the new age of Liebesflussverbindung (love-flow-connection) with divine-earthly consciousness-creation for years, I rather assume that Eckhart Tolle has reacted to my recent subtle information about the new age.

** See www.spiritueller-blog.com/irrtuemer-kritik-an-Eckhart-tolle (update 10/2017); Secret Wiki, http://secret-wiki.de/wiki/Eckhart_Tolle (update 10/2017)

Note: The photos of Eckhart Tolle are taken from Wikipedia respectively correct as “quotes” Eckhart Tolle’s statements.

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