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Content: Spiritual blog of Matthias Pöhm about the Spiritual Masters Anssi Antila, Christian Meyer, Ramana Maharshi

Searching for German spiritual websites on the internet, repeatedly Matthias Pöhm’s blog[1] comes across when it is about criticizing enlightened spiritual masters. Therefore, I would like to make it clear that this blog itself is based nothing more than on a spiritual error, namely on the misconception of the separation of Divine and earthly.

At the previous level of human development, the expectation of enlightened was that enlightened only live their divine part of consciousness and have given up their earthly part of consciousness. In fact, this is not possible, because the complete consciousness still contains the ego. This is connected to the Divine with the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© as a complete, healthy, cooperative inner family(AL) with karmic power respectively competence and body (see also body psychotherapy/coaching). Only this state ‒ organized from Divine to earthly ‒ is the end of the complete spiritual path.

In this respect, it is not surprising that Matthias Pöhm finds more or less justified points of criticism among all enlightened. It is not the enlightened ones who are “wrong” or not awakened, but the expectations, which are placed on them and which they may have themselves, are wrong.

As far as can be recognized, Matthias Pöhm judges the enlightened persons above all on the basis of three criteria:

  • Ego-lessness: Enlightened people are said to have given up their ego completely. But this is not possible, because the ego naturally belongs to the complete transcendent consciousness of human beings. However, when Matthias Pöhm raises the measure of ego-displacement to the standard for enlightenment, he was in the general spiritual error of the previous level of human consciousness.
  • Fearlessness: The extent to which Matthias Pöhm assumes that enlightened people no longer have fear or if he differentiates between forms of fear is not entirely clear. In this respect, I refer to my explanations of the different forms of fear. Types of fear can give clues to the state of consciousness of a person, but they are not an exclusion criterion for conventional enlightenment. Rather, a conventional enlightenment without fear is primarily based on a female enlightenment with an almost completely separated ego or a male enlightenment with an almost completely separated emotional body.
  • Strength of knowledge: Matthias Pöhm measures for example Anssi Antila by his ability to explain interdependencies. In fact, the souls that bring strength of cognition are rather the exception. All souls, who choose the Liebesweg (path of love), have their focus on the feelings with their love healing. Of the souls, who choose the Kraftweg (path of power), most have a physical center of emphasis. In this respect, Matthias Pöhm’s claim to the enlightened merely shows that he himself has strength of knowledge.

On the complete spiritual path, high cognitive ability can become a strength for the person, but also a blockade. Therefore, Matthias Pöhm should clarify his target, what he wants to achieve, because there are three possibilities for him.

  • Critical openness with personal involvement: This brings him forward on the spiritual path.
  • Critical openness as observation: This brings him information.
  • Critical assertion as point of view: This becomes a spiritual blockade.

Openness, for example, means seeing the valuable.

Matthias Pöhm[2]: “… >>In one of his videos on YouTube Anssi says that when you’re angry, afraid, etc., you should simply … don’t run away from the feelings, but experience them fully, then they would not only disappear, but would even turn into bliss.<< … There is no feeling that one could simply let run, because the cause is always the THINKING that sustains the feeling. …“

Anssi Antila’s statement that unpleasant feelings that have been experienced eventually turn into feelings of happiness, is true. If you allow the feelings, you get through them into the divine consciousness part with the pleasent feelings. The powerful unpleasant feelings are in the ego, only in the small earthly section of the complete transcendent consciousness. However, it depends on the age of the soul and the extent of the injuries how “thick” the injured structural layer is. In addition, allowing feelings does not automatically mean psychic healing. Therefore, I will specifically comment on a video of Anssi Antila in which he shows his “psychic healing”.

Older souls need Spiritual Psychotherapy(AL) / Coaching(AL) (see also Psychotherapy and Spirituality) to heal the injuries. In this respect, Matthias Pöhm’s observation is correct that these people “get stuck” in their emotional patterns and “nothing happens at all” if they do not support their personality development and consciousness expansion through Spiritual Psychotherapy(AL) respectively Coaching(AL). Older souls gradually develop through the structural layer into the Divine. With myself as a very old soul, this personality development has taken many years. But the principle is always the same: Through the injured feelings one reaches universal love.

Are the feelings the actual cause or the thoughts? This opposition between Matthias Pöhm and Anssi Antila reminds me of the traditional story of the blinds with an elephant. Three blind people feel an elephant, the first the trunk, the second the stomach and the third the legs. This makes them argue about what an elephant looks like.

Spirituelle Pschotherapie: die innere Familie


In fact, it depends on the personality structure, whether the feelings or the thoughts are leading. In inner-woman-dominance, feelings create thoughts, and in inner-man-dominance, thoughts create feelings. I describe the exact mechanisms of action in “Spiritual Psychotherapy: the inner family” and present them graphically as psychotherapeutic respectively coaching starting points.

People with cognitive strength, such as Matthias Pöhm, have an inner-man-dominance, so that he perceives quite correctly that thoughts cause feelings on the structural layer. But with other people it is just as right the other way around.

In fact, the matching thought and feeling patterns of a personality are built up from the karmic layer of awareness for the current life. How these connections look exactly, I explain in “Spiritual Psychotherapy: the inner family” (starter-books on the spiritual path).

To the complete consciousness of transcendent people belongs the divine part of consciousness, the earthly part of consciousness as ego and the connection of the divine and earthly parts of consciousness, which integrates the earthly part of consciousness into the Universal Whole. Conventionally enlightened gurus teach an extended experience of consciousness towards non-enlightened, ego-identified people. In this respect, even if they are not yet final-enlightened(AL), they can guide extended experiences of consciousness. Therefore, they could have been valuable for the spiritual development of people in the past if they hadn´t taught repression of the ego at the same time (regularly they do). However, with the new age, the level of development of humanity is now so much higher that the conventional gurus are no longer recommended. Instead, the Consciousness Coaches of the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© support personality development and expansion of consciousness.

Is Matthias Pöhms’ criticism of Christian Meyer justified?

Matthias Pöhm[3] claims that Christian Meyer would sell non-knowledge as truth. In addition, he dares the prognosis that Christian Meyer would behave like all other conventional Spiritual Masters and then criticizes him for it. An entire section on Christian Meyer with detailed criticism is based on nothing more than Matthias Pöhm’s prejudice that all Spiritual Masters are the same.

Matthias Pöhm –Enlightenment – Christian Meyer

Another section of Matthias Pöhm’s criticism of Christian Meyer refers to his existing ego. Well, I have already explained that there is no ego-lessness, so that this criticism of Christian Meyer as a conventional Spiritual Master is also unjustified.

All that remains is Matthias Pöhm’s criticism of Christian Meyer’s spiritual teaching. Is this criticism justified?

Christian Meyer’s spiritual teaching[4] is based above all on “7 steps to wake up”, “enneagram” and psychotherapeutic methods. His 7 steps to awakening guide the spiritual path, while his enneagram and psychotherapeutic methods deal with the concrete contents. His first two steps are to seriously decide for the spiritual path and to consider enlightenment achievable. The further procedure then largely corresponds to the spiritual path of cognition.

Christian Meyer gives people orientation through his concepts. His concepts are, as far as can be seen from the graphics, basically in order. If Matthias Pöhm criticizes them nevertheless as thought up (“believed fantasy”), it is because the representations remain without deep connection. The content is not yet connected to what is actually behind it. However, this doesn’t affect their basic correctness.

Behind his abstract “ego-structure”, which Christian Meyer describes as mentally, emotionally and physically, is the inner family(AL) and the body as the earthly part of the transcendent human consciousness. The emotional body contains the feelings of the inner woman and the inner child. Christian Meyer’s “character fixation” should correspond to the karmic (the references on his website are not sufficient to judge it with certainty). Finally he represents the divine part of consciousness as self.

What he almost completely lacks are his feelings. When he emphasizes their value, it shows that his personal spiritual development is going into the right direction. For the Final-Enlightenment(AL), the divine and the earthly parts of consciousness have to be connected with each other. For this, the feelings of the inner woman are important.

Christian Meyer’s teaching is, as far as can be seen, in no fundamental contradiction to the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©.

Matthias Pöhms criticizes Ramana Maharshi

spiritual path: Spiritual Master Guru Ramana Maharshi
Guru Ramana Maharshi

Ramana Maharshi was an Indian guru, who lived from 1879 to 1950. At the age of sixteen, he had an experience of intense fear of death through which he experienced his self. He then retired to the hermitage in silence and meditation. Later an ashram developed out of it.

Matthias Pöhm criticizes above all contradictory statements by Ramana Maharshi such as the healing of diseases.


This criticism of Ramana Maharshi may be justified, but the most remarkable thing about Ramana Maharshi was his lifestyle.

Ramana Maharshi lived and taught male enlightenment. He jumped into it because of a trauma, without going through his ego (the inner family(AL)). He then stabilized his condition through spiritual practice.

From this spiritual practice he developed an exercise for other people to experience their self (the divine part of consciousness of male enlightenment). This is the value of his teaching. For some people this can be the right approach on their spiritual path.

At the same time Ramana Maharshi rejected the mind, neglected his body, withdrew from relationships and taught the “destruction” of the ego. That is, Ramana Maharshi taught male enlightenment while suppressing feelings and ego and ignorance of female enlightenment. These teachings are wrong.

Ramana Maharshi was not spiritually advanced, but merely maintained his trauma-experienced male enlightenment for life as an escape from life through spiritual practice. As an example of a stable experience of the self as male enlightenment in the midst of life achieved through personality development, I would like to recommend the German experience report “Spirituelles Sterben” [“Spiritual Death”] by Lina Leben. But as far as I know, there is no English translation of the book.

Conclusion: The spiritual practice of Ramana Maharshi “Atma Vichara” is recommended for some people, but his teaching as such must not be followed.

For information about the level of consciousness of India, I have a travelogue for you: “Healing the world through consciousness development for India – new age: Transformation of Buddhism and Hinduism” contained in “Musubi World Healing: The Bible / Holy Scripture of the New Age“.

Musubi World Healing: The Bible / Holy Scripture of the New Age

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