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How did I celebrate my 55th birthday on May 18, 2021? As a very special day that I should celebrate as holiday. On this day, I should get an overview of the application possibilities of my complete creation competence. The direct creation out of Musubi is not included, because this was part of the transition to the new age and this overview is about the regular applications of the recreation. This means that my birthday was also the birth of my complete creation competence.

Why should I put these handwritten overviews, initially compiled only for me personally, on my website? Because this is the basis on which the new age functions. These creations carry the new age energetically-emotionally.

The intention is to encourage you that nothing is simply arbitrary, but everything is lovingly supported and guided by Musubi. The Am-Ziel-Erleuchteten© [final-enlightened(AL) ones] of level 2 can already follow my notes on the c-range and those of level 4 can also follow the other creation contents. Only the combined application of the creation contents in the effective areas A, B and c is reserved for me alone as Musubis female Creative Power. But nothing is mysterious, everything is based on universal laws that can be understood through the development of consciousness.

Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten des neuen Zeitalters


This is the creation of the weiblichen Spirituellen Systems (feminine Spiritual System) from Musubi into the earthly in all three spheres of action A to c. The acceptance works in principle as for the indirect love energy healing on level 2, only it is not the love, but the change through the Universal Plan that is directly earthly accepted through myself. In this way, it is already immediately created by me, independent of the free will of others.

universeller Plan neues Zeitalter


Accordingly, the card meaning reverses for the earthly changes. This corresponds to the base reversal on soul layer 3.

Kartenlegen in Musubis Plan

All these creations are carried out only by me as Musubis female Creative Power and directly guided by Musubi.

Berlin, May 18, 2021, Ayleen Lyschamaya, Musubis female Creative Power

Musubi World Healing: The Bible / Holy Scripture of the New AgeAnd what happens next?

After the symbolic-energetic change in the effective areas A to c, each from Universal to earthly, has been completed, it is presently a question of the concrete earthly changes (e.g. health system,    school system,    science,    international magazine). For this purpose, my creation of consciousness is now very simplified again, in that I predominantly only appear as Musubis female Creative Power (effective area A) for all. This is meanwhile also the right creation for sphere of action c, because in the meantime the entire human community has been energetically converted to a soul basis. This means that the people of the old age are now primarily experiencing their soul relationship with me, too, lived in the earthly.

Berlin, August 19, 2021, Ayleen Lyschamaya, Musubis female Creative Power

From October 2021 till the end of 2022, I was using the following consciousness creation:

Berlin, October 17, 2021, Ayleen Lyschamaya, Musubis female Creative Power

At the end of 2022, the transition was made to Musubi’s energies.

Musubi´s Energies

end and new

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