anxiety ‒ the cycle of fear

The concrete causes of fear can be very diverse in nature, but basic types of fear can be distinguished:

First, there is natural fear, which protects us from dangerous situations. This is a particularly important function of fear.

Seemingly unnecessary fear, for no apparent reason, results from the personality structure (personality test). This fear expresses injuries and/or traumatic experiences of the inner family members (for example the inner child), lack of cooperation of the inner family members and/or an imbalance of the inner family(AL) (for example the inner man is underdeveloped). In addition, there can be a secondary use of fear when the inner resources are lacking to satisfy one’s own needs in a more constructive way.

This fear, which is related to the personality structure, may seem unnecessary at first glance, but it actually has an existential function. It is a very important indication of which procedures are necessary for personality development. At the same time, it motivates to deal with one’s own inner family(AL). In other words, this form of fear supports people on the first stage of their complete spiritual path to Final Enlightenment(AL).

On this first stage of the complete spiritual path to final enlightenment(AL), psychotherapeutic methods are particularly suitable for anxiety. Conventional psychotherapy is behavioural therapy. This is regularly financed by health insurance companies in Germany. Other methods, depending on the cause of the anxiety, are inner-child healing, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), body psychotherapy, affirmations and hypnosis (see also the “Methods spiritual path”). Spiritual Psychotherapy(AL) heals the causes of anxiety.

Another type of fear is more subtle and is mainly felt by people who are still at the beginning of their soul cycle. The souls are afraid of the earthly, which encounters them roughly and unlovingly. This experience affects all souls, but people in later stages of their soul cycle no longer perceive this form of fear, because they themselves are now identified with their coarse, unloving egos.

This fear, which results from the soul and ego being opposed to each other as a separation in consciousness, concerns the second stage of the complete spiritual path to Final Enlightenment(AL). It is resolved through the Erase Guilt – Live Love – Procedure©.

Finally, there is the fear of the unknown, which we encounter whenever we engage in something new. Accordingly, we feel it during earthly challenges as well as during spiritual development steps. Among other things, we know it as so-called stage fright. This fear is an invitation not to do anything rash, but to proceed with caution. So it is also valuable for us. But note also the resistance to change based on a claim to power.

In summary, fear fulfils two particularly important tasks: It protects us and it promotes our development. Let us therefore accept fear as our friend.

Even with final enlightenment(AL), the natural protective function of fear is maintained, so that even final enlightened(AL) people can still be afraid. However, if necessary, this is limited to the earthly parts of consciousness (inner family(AL)) and is embedded in the deep trust, protection and care of the universal fulfilment of love.

In case of anxiety I am happy to support you with Spiritual Psychotherapy(AL) on the first stage of the complete spiritual path, with the Guilt-LLl-Practice© on the second stage of the complete spiritual path, with shaping advice on the third stage of the complete spiritual path and then as a counselling accompaniment.

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