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  • Definition Consciousness and Philosophy of Consciousness
  • The Evolution of Consciousness as Human History

Definition of Consciousness according to Ayleen Lyschamaya: Everything is Consciousness, but not everything has Consciousness. That, which causes something to arise, is formative Consciousness; that is, it has Consciousness. Everything that arises, is the expression of Consciousness.

For example, all animals have feelings. But only the warm-blooded (mammals and birds) have consciousness of their own. In contrast, cold-blooded animals (fish, reptiles, amphibians, insects) are expressions of consciousness.

The warm-blooded animals consist of a self-contained energy system that generates its own heat in a delimited manner. Energy and consciousness are directly related to each other, so that consciousness can be recognized from this. Cold-blooded animals draw their energy from outside. Therefore, they are a creation of the superior consciousness, in this case the universal consciousness.

Ayleen Lyschamaya introduces the basics of consciousness:
The Consciousness of the new age

The new age is here: energetic consciousness replaces the standard of scientificity.

Everything is energetic consciousness ‒ of the same kind, of different kinds or nested within each other.

Four layers of awareness and two creation forces determine the life of mankind.

All creation of the earthly takes place from universal to earthly across the different layers of awareness.

The divine-earthly connection means the new age.

The evolution of human history can also be understood from consciousness. Therefore, the general explanations on consciousness are applied below to the example of the “Evolution of consciousness as human history”.

In her article “From big bang theory to the theory of energetic consciousness[1] Ayleen Lyschamaya describes how the universe, including its parallel universes, can be explained out of consciousness and energies. In this article “The Consciousness of the new age” she presents the basics of energetic consciousness.

Which previous approaches[2] to explain consciousness exist?

It should not be concealed that already the existence of consciousness is denied, at least of subjective consciousness. Thus, materialism and physicalism only consider matter respectively physical reality to be real. Accordingly, they cannot explain consciousness.

Materialism and physicalism belong to monism. While philosophical dualism usually assumes two substances ‒ spirit and matter ‒ monism is based on the existence of only one substance.

From the point of view of idealism or phenomenalism, everything is spirit and only spiritual processes are real. This corresponds to a one-sided emphasis on the mental body. The mental body is a subtle energy body that contains the thoughts.

Neutral monism, in turn, is the philosophical thesis that both spirit and matter are grounded on a third, independent principle. This third, independent principle is the transcendental consciousness of the new age, which emanates from the Universal, is based on energies, includes emotions and creates by two opposing forces (the polarities). Polarities include, for example, female and male, plus and minus, all duality … This transcendent consciousness of the new age will be discussed in more detail below.

Neuroscientists define consciousness as “… the mental ability to actively process what is going on inside and around us. …“ They assume that consciousness arises from physical brain states and are investigating what this connection might look like. But how can consciousness emerge when non-conscious matter is composed in a complex way as the brain?[3]  ‒ Not at all, this approach is an error.

Panpsychism believes that matter is conscious. The complex human consciousness is supposed to emerge from particles with simple consciousness. Consciousness is thought to be the concrete matter that makes up reality. It is true that matter is consciousness. However, also panpsychism still builds the world from the ‒ albeit conscious ‒ matter. In reality, though, it is the other way round. Consciousness creates matter. It expresses itself in matter and as matter.

Furthermore, there are the holistic panpsychists, who derive the spirituality of all things from the spirituality of the Whole. The world-soul in turn is imagined as an immortal, invisible, thinking and living substance. This idea is based on an analogy between the entirety of the cosmos and the human being. The universe as a macrocosm is supposed to be structured analogously to man, the microcosm. This assumption is the starting point for the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© [Final-Enlightenment(AL)], too. From this, the Whole becomes concrete as consciousness and earthly. In 2016, the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© [Final-Enlightenment(AL)] has experienced the complete transcendent consciousness of the human beings, so that the consciousness of the new age results from it.

How is the energetic consciousness of the new age structured?

The complete transcendent human consciousness consists of four layers of energetic awareness[4]:

(4) Universal Whole; everything is embedded in it,

(3) divine consciousness part respectively soul; as the first individuality,

(2) divine-earthly love flow connection; as evolutionary leap of consciousness,

(1) ego as inner family(AL) (inner child, inner woman, inner man) with karmic competence and body; as structure-based spiritual psychotherapy(AL) / coaching(AL) of the new age.

If a person identifies with the universal Whole, she/he experiences love, harmony and her/his soul-task as key function in the universal plan. The deep meaning of the own existence is fulfilled. The soul incarnates as messenger of the universal love. The divine-earthly love-flow-connection in the transcendent consciousness of the new age replaces the guilt feelings blockade and karmic claim to power of the old age. The former guilt feelings blockade becomes the competence of the feminine and the former claim to power becomes the competence of the masculine. The universal love flows into the healed and cooperative inner family(AL) and into the body. There it leads to earthly powerful feelings of love, joy, bliss and ecstasy and radiates to other people ‒ healing them.

Consciousness can be perceived as energy. Energy and consciousness are so closely related that the term “energetic consciousness” is appropriate. “Conscious energy” would be just as accurate. The whole human being is actually a field, which is built up from different layers of variously vibrating energy. The physical body vibrates so low that it appears solid. Formed and maintained is the physical body by more subtle layers of energy, the so-called subtle energy bodies.

The spiritual body corresponds to the three divine layers of awareness. The mental body with the thoughts, the emotional body with the feelings and the etheric body with the physical body belong to the earthly part of consciousness. The subtle energy bodies are on different levels of vibration. These can be perceived independently and at the same time they are in a fluent transition to the respective further vibration levels. All levels of vibration arise from the energy of the universal Whole.

Whether the energy of the universal Whole is perceived more emotionally or energetically on the different layers of awareness, depends on whether the person adjusts to the female or male polarity. Consciousness adjustment takes place from Divine to earthly through the polarities. In the male Spiritual System, with both feminine and masculine aspects, the dynamics are in the foreground. In the female Spiritual System, also with feminine and masculine aspects, love healing is especially important. Both Spiritual Systems usually apply the universal laws of consciousness creation in exactly the opposite way.

The universal Whole is the origin of all consciousness with a basic energy, which condensed becomes individual energy with individual consciousness. Depending on which form it is condensed into, different consciousness arises. This can be formed into the same kind of consciousness, as for example to various individual people. However, the universal energy can also be condensed into different kinds that coexist, such as humans, animals and plants.

Finally, there is also a nesting of the individual consciousness formations. For example, humans, animals and plants are included in the formation of consciousness earth. This in turn is interlaced with the formation of consciousness of the universe.

The nested forms of consciousness contain and/or overlap each other, while the same and different kinds of consciousness are formed next to each other. Which relation of consciousness is concerned in each case depends on the reference system. So humans and animals are of different kinds if you think of dogs, for example. Parasites, on the other hand, mean consciousness nested with the host.

The same and different types of consciousness as well as the nested consciousness are in energetic exchange, because all consciousness is part of the universal Whole. This energetic exchange can be arranged as a love flow from Divine to earthly through individual consciousness. The individual creation of consciousness applies the two polarities in accordance with the universal laws.

Consciousness of the same kind is basically recognized by people as consciousness, even if sometimes (for example by the physicalists) it is not acknowledged. The existence of consciousness of different kind is discussed. Interlaced consciousness in the form of matter is regularly not recognized as consciousness and in subtle form probably not even perceived.

Conclusion: Everything is energetic consciousness. Individualized is consciousness in energetically condensed form. Condensed forms of consciousness can be of the same kind, different kinds or nested within each other. Individualized forms of consciousness consist of different layers of vibration. All forms of consciousness are in mutual exchange and create through the polarities.

The measure of value of the new age

Scientificity as the value standard of the old age is replaced by energetic consciousness as the value standard of the new age. This paradigm shift results from science’s own claim. Among the values of science is objectivity. This means that facts and conclusions should be based on reality regardless of the person. Reality serves as a yardstick for whether statements are true or false.

However, there is no reality independent of consciousness, but consciousness creates reality respectively reality is created consciousness. Through the consciousness creation “reality” conclusions can only be drawn about the underlying consciousness. In this respect “reality” retains its usefulness for science. This means that “reality” is not the standard, but a useful tool for science. Science, in turn, is a valuable tool for studying earthly consciousness. Feelings also belong to it.

Conclusion: Science has to orient itself on transcendental energetic consciousness with its universal laws as well as on feelings and natural laws.

How can this orientation look like in practice?

Until transcendental consciousness or the understanding of transcendental consciousness has established itself, Ayleen Lyschamaya offers to check scientific findings for their conformity with the higher level of consciousness of the new age. For this purpose, a summary of the content is to be sent to her, which Ayleen Lyschamaya will then assess with regard to transcendental consciousness. Through her complete transcendental consciousness of Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©, Ayleen Lyschamaya wants to support the scientists in order to accompany humanity to the higher level of consciousness of the new age.

Even if they haven´t reached it yet, scientists can be the first to understand, what the complete transcendental consciousness is about. Basically it is very simple:

The earth is not a disk, but round ‒ likewise, matter is not reality, but created consciousness.

With this reverse approach most scientific problems can be solved. The evolution of consciousness as human history also follows this reverse direction:

The Evolution of Consciousness as Human History

The consciousness of humanity has developed from the soul into the earthly. Just as a baby is initially in symbiosis with its mother, so too was humanity. About 2 million years ago there were the first humans. They identified themselves soulfully in symbiosis with Musubi (the Universal Whole) and did not yet have an earthly sense of self.

From this soul awareness, the first humans also perceived their environment accordingly. Soul awareness is lovingly connected with everything, so that the first humans experienced the earthly structural layer undifferentiated as a unity of nature, animals and humans. From their symbiosis with Musubi, this unity also included the stars. The universe, one’s own person and the world were fused together.

Musubi, the soul-awareness layer and the earthly structural-awareness layer first distinguished as horizontal differentiation of the layers of awareness. The soul-earthly creative competence and vertical ego-delimitation as individuality developed only later.

The energetically high vibrating soul-awareness layer can be distinguished from the structural-awareness layer the better, the stronger and at the same time lower vibrating the latter is. The structural layer develops its power through energetic compression. This happens automatically through increasing earthly energy accumulation in the form of rebirths in the course of time over the generations.

In addition, Musubi accelerated the development of humanity’s consciousness through temporarily differentiating humans into Neanderthals and Homo sapiens. The Neanderthals had particularly strong earthly structures and therefore accelerated the condensation and differentiation of the structural layer from the soul layer. The lighter Homo sapiens developed parallel to the Neanderthal, already with regard to the mental body qualities, necessary later for the ego-delimitation. This means that humanity developed the strong structure of the down-to-earth and the predisposition for the future mental body qualities at the same time and thus as quickly as possible.

To the extent that human energy compression increased overall, Neanderthal man was no longer needed evolutionarily, so that she/he finally died out about 40,000 years ago. Since then, humanity has had clearly distinguishable layers of soul and structural awareness.

Neanderthal Consciousness

During the gradual differentiation of the soul layer and the structural layer, the consciousness perception of the down-to-earth inner woman and the down-to-earth inner man was added. People experienced themselves as “I” through their bodies in a down-to-earth form. At the same time, they remained connected to everything from a soulful world view. Shamanic abilities had their emphasis of attachment in the soul awareness and magical practices more in the down-to-earth awareness. Soul perception and down-to-earth perception flowed spiritually into each other.

After the soul and structural layers had stably differentiated horizontally in human consciousness, the vertical soul-earthly creative competence developed next. The female creative competence developed first, about 12,000 years ago. It expressed itself in agriculture, showed itself in the quality of speech and in cultural abilities. Around 3,500 BC, high civilisations and sacrificial rituals to the Great Goddess emerged.

At this point, an error occurred in the development of human consciousness. The creative competence should have been directed from the soul to the earthly. But instead, it was oriented towards the earthly and projected onto the Great Mother. Physical observations of menstruation, fertility and the emergence and passing of the moon led to bloody sacrificial rituals. Instead of applying the original soul-energetic intuitive perception of the female creative competence to the earthly, the layers of awareness were twisted.

A symbolic transformation cannot be seen in the sacrificial rituals of that time, because the mental body abilities were still missing for this abstraction. Moreover, without the mental body abilities, there was no ego that could have been transformed at all. The down-to-earth ego sensation was the antithesis of soul awareness with an earthly stabilising function.

Through the sacrificial rituals, the original soul-feminine spirituality was subordinated to the earthly. Musubi was no longer perceived from the soul awareness, but the earthly became the standard.

Around 2,500 BC, the masculine creative competence of the mental body ability emerged. The male creative competence is to be distinguished as a vertical force in consciousness from the previous down-to-earth ego. The down-to-earth ego did not create, but stabilised in consciousness. It was related to the female vertical creative competence.

The mental body development led to complete ego-awareness with free will through demarcation in the earthly. This free will decided for ego omnipotence and turned away from Musubi. Since the down-to-earth ego and the free will of the mental body are something completely different, turning away from Musubi was neither necessary nor foreseen in the human development of consciousness. Turning away from Musubi was not the prerequisite for the emergence of the ego, but the decision of the emerged ego.

In addition, the free will made yet another decision to increase its ego omnipotence of the karmic dominance system. Not only did the free will turn away from Musubi, but it also exploited for itself the previous orientation error of the female creative competence. Since people at that time sacrificed a divine king to the Great Goddess as the highest power, the karmic dominance system could tie in with this. A substitute was sacrificed for the king and the god-king became a powerful earthly ruler. Goddesses were fought, the feminine was subordinated and finally rationality (as a mental body characteristic) became the new standard of value.

The current turn of the times is another evolutionary leap in consciousness. Until the turn of the times, the consciousness of humanity was born out of Musubi and completely built up from soul to earth. In the process, however, three aberrations occurred. Firstly, there was a soul-earthly reversal of orientation. Secondly, the feminine divine power was appropriated by the karmic dominance system. Thirdly, the sole ego omnipotence came into being.

The turn of the times now means collectively correcting human consciousness. That is, Musubi is leading humanity to open up again to universal love and to lovingly create from soul to earth.

At the same time, this establishes the conditions for living in peaceful community with the Lygyl again. Some hieroglyphs found in Egypt point to so-called “aliens”. These Lygyl (Lagyl = woman / women and Pagyl = man / men) left the earth at the time of the advanced civilisations, because humans became too hostile by then. Now, the Lygyl will once again live together with the humans on earth. For this purpose, the Lygyl will come back to earth as children.


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Ayleen Lyschamaya

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