resistance to changes

Have you ever wondered why psychotherapies, spiritual personality development and paradigm shifts (new age) also cause resistance, although it is about a more positive new state? The causes are the same on an inner-psychological level (psychotherapy, personality development) and on the level of society as a whole (paradigm shift). It should be noted that slight fears are normal because there is a lack of experience with the unknown and therefore a little stage fright calls for caution and a considered approach.

But why does resistance arise that wants to completely prevent the positive new? Behind this are especially the karmic structures in female form as a guilt blockade and in male form as a claim to power. At the present individual and societal level of consciousness, the divine and the earthly are separated from each other, so that the earthly part of consciousness, which increases in strength over incarnations, has the position of power on earth. It simply does not want to give this up voluntarily and therefore resists change.

If you pay attention to this, you will find that it is almost always the current rulers who try to prevent change. This is perfectly understandable because they benefit the most from the prevailing conditions. Powerholders” should be understood in the broadest sense. In the context of world views, for example, all those who gain recognition, esteem and influence through the outdated dominant view belong to the power holders.

How does the divine deal with these inner-psychic personality parts and overall social resistances? – lovingly determined. These are not opponents, but important resources that only need to learn not to act as rulers, but instead to fulfil their natural function.

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