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neues Zeitalter: die Spirituelle Meisterin Ayleen der Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©
Ayleen Lyschamaya

Japan plays an important role in the universal plan, which is why, as Musubis female creative power, I travelled first to India in 2018 and then to Japan in 2019. You can find my travel experiences in “Spiritual Japan holiday: the decision“. This page is now about Japan as a spreading New Age soul consciousness in the universal plan.

A disciple’s view of the universal plan:

“Hello dear folks!

Although I am only at the beginning of my studies, decisive insights are already emerging that I do not want to withhold from you. However, I don’t want to over-text anyone and will be as brief as possible now, as I will be in subsequent articles. It will still be long enough.

I claim the following: The Japan project is not a side strand, but it is in the first place in the spread of the new consciousness. That’s why Ayleen went to Japan. After Musubi (the Universe) has arranged that the development now starts from Germany, Japan will be the first country where the new consciousness spreads on a large scale. The more I study Japanese mythology and Shintoism, the more I can see that the new consciousness is already germinating there. It is germinated in every culture, but nowhere as clearly and without disturbing admixtures as in Japan. We will be knocking down open doors there.”

My disciple´s expectation is completely in line with the universal plan. Japan collectively has a New Age soul consciousness. From experience with the individual development of consciousness of people, New Age souls can accept the new age particularly well. In this respect, it can be assumed that Japan will be the most accessible country for the higher level of consciousness of the new age. This is precisely why I have travelled to Japan at this early stage in the universal plan.

“There is a certain conceptual dynamic in Ayleen that has an unadulterated echo in Shinto-Japanese thought.”

This is because the concepts arise out of similar universal experience. New Age souls still have a natural universal access (not to be confused with the divine-earthly love-flow-connection), which is only lost as the soul ages.

“Shinto influence in Japan was halted by the spread of Buddhism in classical Japan. Nevertheless, Shintoism remained and its ideas remained in the consciousness or at least in the subconscious of the Japanese. All they have to do now is lose their fear and the disorientation that is perhaps inevitable with this historically burdened mentality and these, on the other hand, karmic inexperienced souls.”

Yes, it is precisely through this earthly inexperienced orientation to very old souls like India that the New Age souls are increasingly building up their own divine-earthly blockage in consciousness. That is why my first task was to travel to India to take the spiritual lead and end the developmentally harmful influence of Buddhism. I describe exactly how I proceeded to do this in my travel report “Healing the world through consciousness development for India“, contained in “Musubi World Healing: The Bible / Holy Scripture of the New Age”.

Berlin, December 7, 2020, Ayleen Lyschamaya and her disciple
Within the framework of the Christmas Project 2020 (World Love)


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