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This page wants to dispel for you the myth of enlightenment, as it was described in the old age. Therefore, I explain to you from what contents of consciousness the traditional enlightenment was experienced as perceived by the conventional spiritual masters and gurus. In fact, however, traditional enlightenment is not at all the goal for people and humanity, so I call it Enlightenment-Illusion. On my page about the new earth and the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, I explain to you what the Enlightenment-Illusion is all about.

Seeming contradictions of enlightenment

The complete spiritual path overcomes the apparent contradictions of conventional enlightenment. Therefore, I would like to discuss the common ideas about enlightenment, before I explain, what can realistically be expected from traditional enlightenment and from the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© [New Age Enlightenment(AL) respectively Final-Enlightenment(AL)].

“… There are different opinions about the processes which are called enlightenment in the religious sense and the reasons for their appearance, which are related to the philosophical or religious background of the judge. In some cases enlightenment is perceived as a spontaneous breakthrough or as the end result of a process of spiritual exercise and development, according to other interpretations it is due to divine grace, and still others state a connection of both. The idea of enlightenment is usually associated with the assumption that the personality changes profoundly and sustainably as a result. …“[1]

“… isn’t it strange? For some, enlightenment is a very simple matter, only a small shift in consciousness, a change of perspective ‒ that’s it! For others, it is the most fundamental and profound transformation that can happen to any living being, a radical transformation of the body, the psyche and the energy system, which requires many years of preparation and an intensive confrontation with traumas and shadows. What is going on? Are they actually talking about the same thing? Obviously, they don’t. …“[2]

Both quotations about enlightenment contain above all the following statements, which one encounters time and again also in other contexts with conventional enlightenment:

– Enlightenment is a shift in consciousness.

– Enlightenment is a spontaneous breakthrough.

– Enlightenment is the end result of a long process.

– Enlightenment profoundly and lastingly changes the personality.

These statements about enlightenment are obviously considered opposites, but they are by no means contradictions. Enlightenment is only experienced out of different personality structures and different soul-ages and accordingly described seemingly contradictory.

“Enlightenment is a shift in consciousness” applies to conventional enlightenment, which is experienced as female enlightenment. It changes from identification with the ego to identification with the divine part of consciousness and/or the universal Whole. This breakthrough can occur spontaneously, especially when the soul is still at the beginning of its soul cycle to such an extent that the universal origin is still relatively close to it. But, at the same time, it is already so far advanced in its soul cycle that it has identified itself completely with its ego before its enlightenment.

Female enlightenment, as a permanent shift of consciousness, does not alter the earthly personality as such. But now that the feminine enlightened person identifies with her/his divine part of consciousness, her/his perception, behavior and entire worldview changes, so that it may seem like a spontaneous, profound personality change to herself/himself and others.

Male enlightenment is not a shift in consciousness, but an expansion of consciousness through the ego. It usually requires a long-term process of personality development, for example, through my personality structure oriented psychotherapy/coaching. The long-term process of personality development can lead relatively suddenly to the dissolution of ego identification into transcendence. This male enlightenment profoundly and sustainably changes the personality, which, however, does not necessarily have to be assigned directly to enlightenment, because of the already preceding development processes.

Complete spiritual path: The Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© [Final-Enlightenment(AL) respectively New Age Enlightenment(AL)] contains both female and male enlightenment as well as the connection of both forms of enlightenment.

New Age: traditional Enlightenment as an intermediate step on the path to Final-Enlightenment(AL)

The previous general human level of consciousness considers conventional enlightenment to be the goal of spiritual development. But in the meantime, humanity has evolved and is in transition into a new age.

“… Some teachers report that awakening seems to be accessible to many people now, which may indicate that humanity’s collective journey to higher consciousness is entering a new phase. …“[2]

Accordingly, at some point the Final-Enlightenment(AL) will no longer be anything special, but the normal fully experienced consciousness of transcendent humans. This includes, of course, the unity experience with the Whole as a loving harmonic basis and identifies with the own divine part of consciousness. From this, the inner family(AL) is lived in a happy earthly configuration. This means that the person of the new age lives in inner joy quite normally earthly and is at the same time (including her/his earthly personality structure) completely lovingly Divine.

Enlightenment as everlasting bliss? What does enlightenment mean?

First of all: The following explanation applies to older souls. New Age souls do not experience enlightenment in this sense.

In conventional enlightenment the identification with the ego is given up and instead changed into an identification with the divine part of consciousness and often even beyond that with the universal Whole. This wonderful state is often experienced in its pure form for a longer period of time (usually several months up to half a year). Whether silence, peace, harmony or love and compassion or feelings of happiness predominate, depends on the extent to which the embedding into the Whole is in the foreground and whether it is female or male enlightenment.

On this website, I will not go any further into what female and male enlightenment mean, because I describe the various enlightenments in detail in my basic spiritual book “The complete spiritual path”. In “The complete spiritual path” I answer your questions about female and male enlightenment up to the Final-Enlightenment(AL) of the New Age.

At some point, the wonderful state of enlightenment will fade away in its pure form, because the earthly parts of consciousness will come back. Thus, the conventional enlightenment can be lost even to a large extent. Most of the time, however, the divine part of consciousness remains, so that the experience of one’s own transcendent consciousness has expanded.

In this phase of the fading away of conventional enlightenment, there are now two possibilities: first, suppression of the ego, and, second, continuation of personality development and consciousness expansion.

Repression of the ego

An attempt is made to maintain the state of enlightenment by repressing the ego. These people then are the traditional spiritual masters and gurus. They describe the divine portion of consciousness, teach how to achieve it and how to abandon the ego, and are in constant repression of their own ego.

In May 2005, the conventionally enlightened Spiritual Master Rani[3] gave a very detailed and sincere account of how she initially fell into the suppression trap, but finally recognized it and freed herself from it. She writes: “… Every seeker wants enlightenment. Most people assume that this is a state of everlasting bliss and oneness. They believe that life after enlightenment is easy and simple through the infinite expansion into the beyond. Although it is true that there is such a thing as the enlightenment experience that has all these characteristics, the truly enlightened life is something quite different. … I told myself that I was fulfilled. I did not admit to myself … In fact, avoidance had become my lifestyle. In retrospect I can say that I always knew this vaguely, but it had simply been too frightening to really admit it to me. …“

The conventionally enlightened Spiritual Master Andrew Cohen[4] declared in July 2013: “… I have understood the simple truth that we all have egos no matter how enlightened we are and I have taught this …”. But when those, who were dearest and closest to me, told me to look my own ego into the eye, I refused. … I have decided to take some time out, so that I can finally strive to develop myself in the way I have always taught others. …“

Both conventionally enlightened gurus have realized that their enlightenment was not yet the end of their personality development and consciousness expansion and have therefore drawn the consequence to continue their spiritual path. However, an apology or the insight of failure would not have been necessary, because their spiritual mastery as such was quite given. They had experienced and taught the divine part of consciousness. Rather, the expectations placed on conventional enlightenment were wrong.

Continuation of personality development and expansion of consciousness

From the expanded consciousness of conventional enlightenment, personality development and consciousness expansion is continued up to the Final-Enlightenment(AL). The ego is integrated as an inner family(AL).

The Final-Enlightenment(AL) is the end of all personality development and consciousness expansion. The consciousness is completely aware, from Divine to earthly aligned and the energy system is changed to love-radiation through oneself to others. There is a solid divine basis, which carries through life, and fascinating new positive experiences are made. From now on, it is about love creation.

At the same time, however, depending on the age of the soul, the extent of the original injuries and the personality structure, cleansing processes take place. Body healing is performed in order to completely eliminate the old burdens still stored in the body and to dissolve the karmic energies of the environment.

With the Final-Enlightenment(AL) it will still take some time, until the wonderful divine state of consciousness has permeated the earthly. The entire transcendental consciousness of the Final-Enlightened(AL) Ones becomes ‒ with integrated earthly personality part and the physical body ‒ more and more pure Divine. At the same time the environment is healed and created out of universal love.

The people of the old age can imagine, if at all, only the conventional enlightenment. This was already described as a wonderful state of consciousness, although it still contained a wounded inner family(AL) and the constant struggle of ego displacement. The Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© [Final-Enlightenment(AL)] is this wonderful universal-divine state, too, and much more beyond. In addition, the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© starts from its loving soul-task with the deep meaning of life, replaced the ego-displacement through love-flow into a healed, cooperative inner family(AL) and has universal-earthly creation competence according to the newly known universal laws.

Further to enlightened ones in criticism, level of consciousness of Eckhart Tolle or female gurus as Amma and mother Meera.

Final-Enlightenment / New Age EnlightenmentNew Age movement as an evolutionary transition in consciousness: The healed and transcended inner family(AL) connected with the conventional enlightenment as Final-Enlightenment(AL) ‒ see also conventional spiritual masters, gurus and India.

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