requirements for the second section of the complete spiritual path

Spiritual path: In order to be able to move from the first section of the complete spiritual path to the second, certain prerequisites must be fulfilled. Basically, with a complete, healed and cooperative inner family(AL), the Erase Guilt – Live Love – Procedure© (Guilt-LLl-Practice©) can be applied. However, depending on the age of the soul and the soul task, further differentiation is to be made.

Infant souls or New Age souls are still anchored in the universal, experience being “wrong” in the earthly, still have flexible personality structures and have the primary task of arriving on earth. Therefore, they regularly start with the Guilty Ll Practice© and thereby heal their inner family(AL).

Older souls who walk the path of love (see Chapter V in my book “The Complete Spiritual Path”) do not need quite such a strong inner man. That is, they can also proceed to the second stage of the complete spiritual path with a healthy inner child, a strong inner woman and a weaker inner man.

Older souls who walk the power path (see also Chapter V in my book “The Complete Spiritual Path”) must fully heal and develop their inner family(AL) in a balanced way before using the Guilt-LLl-Practice©.
Spiritual Dying by Lina Leben

Spirituelles Sterben von Lina Leben
Inner Child Healing, Karmic and Male Enlightenment

An example of this is Lina Leben with her experience report “Spiritual Dying”. Lina Leben’s initial personality structure is very unbalanced inner-male-dominated. That is why she first has to heal her feelings, which she describes very authentically. Since in her initial personality structure both her inner child and her inner woman are obviously very largely repressed, she first has to deal with inner-child healing.

The injuries of the inner child have a counterpart in the karmic at an advanced soul age, so that Lina Leben is constantly tipping back and forth between inner child and karmic claim to power. Eventually she manages to shift into male enlightenment (she refers to this as “Spiritual Dying”) and integrate her karmic power.

Next, Lina Leben has to bring her inner woman out of her repression and heal her. She then has a complete inner family(AL) with inner child, inner woman and inner man. This family still has to learn to work cooperatively with each other. Afterwards, as a female enlightenment, she will have to detach herself from her inner family(AL). With older souls it is often not possible to perform the female enlightenment merely as an intermediate step within the Guilty Lives Practice©.

Afterwards, Lina Leben can continue her complete spiritual path on the second stage with the Guilty Llpractice© up to the Final Enlightenment.

Older souls who are female enlightened (female enlightenment corresponds to conventional enlightenment) have detached from their inner family(AL) and identify with their divine consciousness. From there, they cannot immediately continue with the Guilt-LLl-Practice© if they have not yet healed their inner family(AL). The direct universal flow of love into the still too injured earthly personality structure would be too violent. They must therefore first heal their inner family(AL), for example, through psychotherapy, before they can continue the second stage of the complete spiritual path with the Guilt-LLl-Practice©.

Infant souls /New Age souls thus connect directly from the Divine to the earthly through the Guilty List Practice©, while older souls must first heal their inner family(AL) before they can proceed to the Guilty List Practice©. All souls experience female enlightenment in a more or less conscious form before or during the first half of the Guilty Lives Practice©. The masculine enlightenment occurs either clearly perceptible through the healing of the inner family (AL) as with Lina Leben before or as an energetic cleansing process during the second half of the Guilty Lives Practice©. The latter is then mostly not consciously perceived as male enlightenment.

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Am-Ziel-ErleuchtungFinal EnlightenmentNew Age as an evolutionary leap in consciousness: The healed and transcended inner family(AL) combined with conventional enlightenment as Final Enlightenment – see also Spiritual Masters, Masters and Gurus.


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