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For some people, their pets are the most important thing in their lives, for others they are a beloved enrichment of their lives and then again other people don’t even get a pet for a variety of reasons. At different stages of life, pets take on different meanings and in the event of a break-up, they can sometimes even be the subject of a legal dispute.

The topic “animals” is extremely complex, so this website will only deal with pets. If you would like to find out more about the origin of life and the role of animals in evolution as well as about their souls and their consciousness, and perhaps also about dinosaurs in particular, you can read all about this in “Neue Zukunft Nr.2, GEO-Zeitschrift hinterfragt: Evolution”. It is currently being translated, please have a look in the store.

More than 30 million pets live in German households. These include dogs, cats, birds, fishes, reptiles (e.g. turtles) and small animals such as guinea pigs.

What brings people and their pets together? There is often a preference for a certain type of animal from the outset, or perhaps chance helps. Sometimes friends give advice or even give an animal as a gift. Educational considerations, if relevant, may also play a role, as well as the obligations that an animal brings with it. With regard to the obligations, in particular the compatibility with one´s own living space, budget and time required must be taken into account. There are tips on the Internet about which pet is best suited to oneself.

All these preliminary considerations are important if one wants to take responsibility for an animal. And yet they are not the decisive factor, because it is actually much simpler. All people have a soulful love affair with at least one pet.

Humans and their pets are created as a soulful love relationship. This soul love exists permanently throughout the incarnations and wants to be lived at a specific point of time. Humans care for their pets and in return receive help and protection in the broadest sense – always in mutual soul love.

In one of the first incarnations of every human being, a lasting love relationship was established with at least one animal. Already back then, long before the Greek philosophers and alchemy, people were guided by the classification of the four elements fire, water, air and earth.

Reptiles were among the fire animals. Later in antiquity, the salamander was said to live in fire without burning. Fish belonged to the water, birds to the air and small animals to the earth. These are just a few examples of the classification. However, the division into elements has no further significance for the love relationship between people and their pets.

In the old age, many people did not want to or could not live their love relationship with their soul animals. One reason for this was that only children still recognized their animal friends immediately, but not adults anymore. Many people have lost access to their souls to such an extent that nowadays there is even disagreement about the very existence of the soul. Accordingly, the love relationships with the soulful appointed animals are not recognized.

However, this is now set to change again with the new age. Space is to be created again on earth for loving souls. People, who perceive their souls again and live them, will then also recognize their soul animals again. Katharina has joined me in the task of supporting people and animals in their soul agreements.

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Soulful arrangement between humans and pets

Around half of all German households have at least one pet. The most common pet is a cat. One in five German households has at least one dog.

Are these all soulful arrangements between humans and pets? In any case, they are love relationships and that is crucial. The love for the animal is lived and sometimes these are also specially arranged soulful relationships.

In fact, everyone has a soulful arrangement with at least one pet. As the life expectancy of animals is generally lower than that of humans, there can also be many years without a pet. However, it would be nice to be open to one´s soul-pet at the right time and to live out the love relationship.

As an aid: Ask your children, they usually still recognize their arranged soul-animals.

The fear of the pets

Why are pets, that have a soulful appointment with humans, afraid to incarnate? They observe, how animals are tortured on all continents worldwide:

In North America, Canada, a zoo was closed a few years ago due to animal cruelty. Two tigers had died.

In Australia, two teenagers are on trial for killing 14 kangaroos. A man let himself be recorded beating a wombat to death with stones. And koalas were killed en masse during the clearing of a timber plantation.

In Europe, with Germany as the sad frontrunner, several million animals are abused for animal testing every year. Even animal testing for cosmetics, which has been officially banned since 2013, is still carried out under the exception of the old regulation.

In Asia, China, animals are tortured in live animal markets, so-called “pet markets”. They are kept in the worst possible conditions and dead animals are disposed of in a nearby bucket. Dogs are hung alive by their legs for sale and then beaten to death with a hammer before they end up in the cooking pot.

In Africa, South Africa, lions are exploited on so-called “lion farms”. The cubs are taken away from their mothers as soon as they are born and bottle-fed by unsuspecting tourists, who pay to help. At the age of four to six, the trusting lions are then sold on for easy trophy hunting

In South America, Argentina and Uruguay, pregnant mares on so-called “blood farms” have liters of blood taken from them for weeks in order to extract a hormone that is used in pig breeding. In addition, the horses are severely abused.

These are just a few random examples of all the cruelty that humans inflict on animals worldwide. This situation must change, so that animals dare to incarnate.

Caged birds as cruelty to animals?

In cross-species psychology, it is stated that keeping birds as pets is cruelty to animals. It is said that birds cannot fulfill their basic natural need to fly. They are deprived of their conspecifics and forced to become companions to humans.

This animal cruelty statement about keeping pets cannot be confirmed across the board, but must be differentiated. The decisive factor is the soul plan with which the birds have incarnated. If they are wild birds that have arranged their community consciousness with their conspecifics and in the wild, everything else is cruelty to animals.

But there are also birds that want to meet their human soul-appointment as pets. For these birds, it would be cruelty to their souls not to let them live out their arrangement. In this case, the greatest love is not between conspecifics, but between human and animal.

Out of this mutual soul love, the human being will automatically do everything to make her or his bird happy. This includes keeping two or more birds if there is a corresponding soul agreement with several birds. It also encompasses giving the bird as much flying space as possible.

Anyway, the relationship is conducted in a soulful-respectful manner on an almost equal footing. In the earthly world, the respective abilities of birds and humans are very different, but in the soulful world there is only the one basis of soulful love.

This love of the soul is so fundamental that it is actually even better for human and animal to live together under unfavorable external conditions than for them to live apart “for the sake of the bird”. A human loving-couple would also rather be together in cramped conditions than separated from the great love of their lives in luxurious surroundings.

In this respect, a distinction must be made as follows:

  1. Wild birds belong in the open nature.
  2. Birds kept in cages without soul appointment are cruelty to animals.
  3. Birds with soul appointment are pets for which the best possible living conditions must be created.

Animal housing

What about animals that are neither wild animals nor soulful attached pets? Animals live in zoos, on farms, in animal shelters, in pet shops and are used for food and animal experiments.

Animal experiments must be stopped completely and immediately, not just formally for cosmetic products. Without exception, no matter for what purpose, animal testing should no longer be allowed. Animal experiments can be justified through absolutely nothing and are a crime against the soul.

Animals may be kept for food and on farms when they are given a good life and killed quickly. Meat may be eaten, but rather little. A vegetarian diet is better. Milk, eggs, cheese and so on shall be organic products.

Animal shelters and pet shops place animals. They are a temporary solution until animals and people find directly soulful their connection. Zoos are also a suitable temporary solution, so that exotic animals can incarnate in a protected environment at all.

People must learn to communicate soulful with animals. Then they will learn that animals understand much more than people think.

Animal shelters as loveless power centers

People, who get an animal from an animal shelter, regularly do so out of great compassion for animals that have presumably already suffered; otherwise they would not have ended up in the shelter. This great love of animals is brought under control by animal shelters through gagging contracts and thus abused energetically by society as a whole.

I was given an animal transfer contract from a shelter for a small animal (rabbit) that is absolutely outrageous. It has absolutely nothing to do with loving animals, but only with power and control. In summary, the animal shelter permanently retains all rights to the animal and all obligations and costs are imposed on the animal lovers. In addition, the animal shelter carries out unannounced home visits for an indefinite period of time. The animal shelter must also be informed of any change of residence. Moreover, the animal shelter even claims any offspring of the animals for itself for life.

No pet shop, no breeder and no private individual would dare to draw up such a contract when selling animals.

What is correct about the old age’s view of pets?

Statement on the article “What animals give us – and we give them” as an interview with the behavioral biologist Professor Kurt Kotrschal in GEO Wissen No. 60 “Beloved Companions” (abridged online version).

The article states: “All healthy infants in this world are highly animal-friendly – the younger, the more intensely, regardless of the culture and attitude of the parents.” This observation is correct. It is based on the fact that souls incarnate, which are perceived less and less inwardly as the age of the people of the old age increases.

The basis of every loving relationship between humans and animals is their mutual love of souls. However, on the subject of spirituality, the article states: “But today, very few people are concerned with spirituality when they decide to adopt an animal.” This makes the title “What animals give us – and we give them” superfluous. People, who do not acquire an animal out of their soul love, are not giving the animals anything. Instead, they are using the pets for their own needs. Without a soul connection, pets are not beloved companions, but purely useful objects for people.

Controversies surrounding the Federal Hunting Act

In Germany, hunters, hunting cooperatives and owners of hunting estates are given the responsibility of looking after the game, preserving the biodiversity of its habitats and regulating the game populations in such a way that damage caused by game is avoided as far as possible.

However, are the regulations of the Federal Hunting Act really able to provide a concrete balance between game populations and game damage? No, as the controversies between animal rights activists and conservationists show. But, is it that what it’s about at all?

Nature and animals are discussed as objects. This unloving approach is wrong. People must learn again to feel their soul communion with animals and their connection with nature. This is the only way to find solutions that are fair to everyone.

Neighbor’s cat

While my neighbor friends are away on vacation, I take care of their cat. Musubi told me that they don’t have a soulmate, so that the cat doesn’t know why it lives with them and that I should explain the situation to the cat.

After taking care of it, I asked the cat if it knew, who I am. At first I noticed its surprise at being addressed in this way. Then I received a Yes in roughly the same subtle way that I speak to Musubi. Only its answer came from the soul realm. Does the cat know why it is with this family? No.

The cat then withdrew to such an extent that I could no longer see it or get any answers. Why? Musubi says that I am so strong that the animals regulate this by keeping their distance. Do I have to do anything differently? No, the animals find the right distance for themselves.

I explained to the cat that the soul-animal agreements had all been completely messed up a long time ago and that people no longer recognize their soul animals. The family it lives with, however, loves it in every earthly way possible. They express their love in particular through a variety of delicious food.

People will now be informed about their soul animals, everything will be corrected and in its next incarnation the cat will be reunited with its soul mate.

May 18, 2024: You have to respect animals. They have a higher status than you humans.

This is the fourth of Musubi’s 10 commandments.

June 3, 2024: My new pets

A few days ago, I had removed two old wasp nests of the field wasp species from under my balcony table and was not bothered by the wasps flying around. Today, I looked at the spot and saw that they had built a new nest in this nicely cleaned place.

I took a look and photographed the calm, peaceful animals. Afterwards, I welcomed them as my new pets. I noticed their reaction and felt so much love for them that I was in tears from the intense emotion.

We now share my balcony, which I just had beautifully decorated with flowers. I sit on one side of the table and they sit under the other.

It’s about learning a new way of dealing with animals. Like every creation, we start at the top, in this case in the air with flying animals. I’m looking forward to see what will come out of this new beginning together.

June 6, 2024: I greet my wasps every day. There are 5 of them, I’m guessing queens. Apart from that, not much has happened in the three days so far.

June 13, 2024: Brood care

Today, I was able to observe two of my wasps actively caring for their brood. They put their heads all the way into the individual cells and went through them one after the other.

Soulful animal videos

Why do I call my Galapagos animal videos soulful? Because they have been deliberately designed by Musubi to be a little blurred. This slight blurring energetically shapes the soulful, loving softness.



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