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As a chakra specialist, I offer so much on chakras that I originally created a separate website for chakra cleansing in addition to Spiritual Psychotherapy(AL) and Consciousness Coaching(AL). As a pure chakra application, however, only Chakra-Wellness remained and in the meantime I even no longer offer this anymore. My indirect love energy healing is so much stronger than all chakra applications that they are absorbed in it. Originally Chakra-Wellness was equally suitable for getting to know chakra clearing and myself as well as a support on the complete spiritual path to Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© [Final-Enlightenment(AL) / New Age Enlightenment (AL)]. It belongs to the methods of the spiritual path.

In addition, I have also replaced Chakra Dance in Berlin with my worldwide online course community project “Belly Dance as Movement Meditation“. [Notice: My whole English translation of this beginner video somehow got lost on YouTube. However, in more advanced belly dance videos I talk in both German and English.]

My other chakra offers, as I had listed them in detail on my chakra website, are integrated into my Spiritual Psychotherapy(AL), Consciousness Coaching(AL) and accompaniment on the complete spiritual path to Final-Enlightenment(AL).

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