The Energetic Theory of Consciousness as the Theory of Everything

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The Theory of Everything with Mass-Independent Gravity and Dynamic Theory of Gravity as the world formula

The Energetic Theory of Consciousness (ETC) as Theory of Everything (TOE)The Energetic Theory of Consciousness (ETC) claims to be a Theory of Everything (TOE) and includes for this the world formula of the Dynamic Theory of Gravity. Among other things, the black holes are explained through a Mass-Independent Gravity.

Dieter Grosch and Ayleen Lyschamaya, 8/2020, translated 8/2021

Correspondence author: Ayleen Lyschamaya
(Dr. rer. pol. Ayleen Scheffler-Hadenfeldt), Walter-Friedrich-Straße 41, 13125 Berlin, Germany, Tel. 0493094392281,

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A TOE was sought, which can lead all physical processes back to a fundamental principle. It was expected that this TOE would be a new, which means beyond the known, physical theory, but developed in the conventional way. In fact, however, mainly not a new physical theory was needed, but above all a new orienting framework that goes beyond the previous understanding and is based on a fundamental principle. This superior orientation framework is offered with the ETC. It is shown on the basis of physical contents, how the earthly reality is generated through two creation forces over four layers of awareness. For this, among other things, a Mass-Independent Gravitation ‒ the Compression-Gravitation ‒ is presented, which can explain the peculiarities of black holes.


Many physicists are convinced that all physical processes can be deduced from a basic principle or can at least be described with a few consistent basic concepts. This is true and is termed the “Energetic Theory of Consciousness” (ETC) as Theory of Everything. However, this requires a change of perspective, otherwise the forest will not be seen for all the trees. In fact, with the exception of the Mass-Independent Gravity, all essential components of the ETC are already known and only have to be put together. This happens in the consciousness. Therefore, it is possible from the meanwhile developed higher consciousness of the new age to recognize the TOE.

From a higher perspective, there is a basic principle of universal energy as force. This universal energy is termed “luminiferous ether” or simply “ether” in accordance with the previous physics. Later, the ether was only wrongly rejected by the physics again, because no ether wind could be proved. In fact, however, these experiments were based on a wrong understanding of the ether and its energy frequency, which cannot be measured physically with the conventional methods.[1] The basic principle of this universal ether energy as force, with the two aspects energy and consciousness, produces all reality. The influence of consciousness on measuring results is known to physics as the so-called double-slit experiment and illustrates this connection.

There are two creation forces, which generate reality across four layers of awareness. The creation forces consist of energies as well as of consciousness. Likewise, the four layers of awareness are at the same time energy condensations.

Materials and methods / experimental part

The experiments and knowledge of physics are so far advanced in the meantime that with the exception of the Mass-Independent Compression-Gravity already all information for the ETC/TOE is available. Therefore, through further experiments a TOE is not to be found, because the difficulty lies not in the already sufficiently available material, but in the evaluation of this material.

The evaluation of the material has been done so far with a consciousness that draws artificial limits at which the previous attempts to find a TOE have failed. Two limits in particular are of special importance.

The first limit is to assume a purely objective reality based on natural laws alone. In fact, the ETC/TOE includes the laws of nature, but goes beyond them originating from the universal laws. These are to be recognized through consciousness development and to be perceived as energies.

The second limitation exists in the direction of the search for the TOE and even for all further physical realizations. As long as people in the past assumed that the earth is a disc and that the sun moves, they could not solve many problems, until they came to the conclusion that the earth is round and revolves around the sun. In the same way, physics will not get any further if it continues to proceed with its basic approach of matter and looks for explanations from there. In fact, all reality begins energetically in consciousness. Energy becomes through consciousness reality due to universal laws.

As a result of her development of consciousness, Ayleen Lyschamaya has recognized the two creation forces, the four layers of awareness as well as the universal laws of reality creation and has published their cosmic application.[2] Through this, she came into contact with Dieter Grosch and his world formula.[3] She recognized that his world formula describes the structural layer according to the universal laws, from which this cooperation resulted.


A TOE should precisely describe and link all physical phenomena in the known universe. For this, the ETC itself is first to be presented and then to be examined with respect to this standard.

a) The Energetic Theory of Consciousness

The next diagram shows the interrelationships of the ETC and will be explained further on:

The Theory of Everything with Mass-Independent Gravity

Diagram-1: Energetic Theory of Consciousness (ETC) with world formula

The highest layer of awareness 4 Be4, consisting of universal ether Ä and force K with energy E and consciousness B, is the universal whole as origin for any creation of reality. From it the two polarities, energetic creation GkE and consciousness creation GkB, arise. The energetic creation is composed of longitudinal waves WL and transversal waves WT. The consciousness creation works through attractive GE and dynamic GB force.

How this origin with universal ether and force affects across the layers of awareness up to physics, is shown by the ether theories of the late 17th century in comparison with the Dynamic Theory of Gravitation. According to the latter, light does not need a carrier medium, because light is only the change of force effect of elementary particles, thus the difference between potential and kinetic energy of a particle. This means, both possibilities of explanation (this one and the one of the ether) are already laid out in the awareness-layer 4 and can be realized alternatively on the awareness-layer 1, concretely in physics. The respective choice was made by the consciousness of the physicists of that time and the physicist of today.

The same is valid for the flatness problem of the universe. Also this can be explained through the universal ether, energy condensations and consciousness as well as through the creation forces. The Dynamic Gravitation Theory describes the connections on the basis of the creation forces. That is, the universe appears flat, because not only one object is considered, but a sum of rotation systems. As the gravitation is spherically symmetrical, a movement, which works against it, can take place only circularly around it. The thereby generated antigravitation, which surrounds the orbiting sphere, can be recognized as a bulge around this object. That means, this system can be observed for a short time only as a discus. However, as in the case of the well-known perihelion rotation, this bulge will slowly shift around the whole sphere, thus producing a surface shielding on the average. Therefore, it depends only on which period is considered.

Theories, which are already contained on the awareness layer 4 as possibility through the universal ether and force with energy and consciousness, do not contradict each other, but complement each other. Accordingly, there is also no earthly duality in the form of plus and minus as such. Rather, this originates from the force. For example, if a change of distance of an orbit is enforced, then the force will be either positive or negative. The actual basis is the force measurement, because all earthly creation begins from its origin on the awareness layer 4.

On the awareness layer 3 Be3 the longitudinal WL and transversal waves WT vibrate lower, partly already in the measurable range. Also the energy compression becomes measurable as gravitation GE and movement GB. On this awareness layer, it can still basically be assumed that it exists purely out of energies and that there is no matter. Nevertheless, if a wave is described helpfully as the movement of particles, this is alright, because otherwise it is difficult to represent phenomena of the awareness layer 3 on the awareness layer 1. However, contentwise not the particle, but the wave characteristics are relevant.

The awareness layer 2 Be2 is characterized by increasingly lower frequencies and progressive energetic densification. The Dynamic Gravity Theory describes this compression process very simply. It assumes that elementary particles cluster together and lose energy during this process. At the same time, the two creation forces form the earthly reality of the awareness layer 1. To the area of energy, as wave physics, belong for example sound and light. To the consciousness creation, as particle physics, belong mass (gravitation) and movement (antigravitation) as well as the attracting and repelling Coulomb force.

The Dynamic Gravitation Theory comes to the conclusion that the whole physics can be described with mass meT, gravitation GM0 and motion GB; thereby the different elementary particles eT are only different clusters of x*meT in different states of motion. If one takes into account that on the awareness layer 1 matter is an emphasis, it can be seen that the two creation forces attraction as gravitation and dynamics respectively motion as antigravitation refer to matter.

Since there is attraction as gravitation, there must be derived from it movement and this forms itself with more than two masses chaotically in the manner of rotational movements. These form an equilibrium, which one calls antigravitation. To determine the antigravitation, the force between two bodies of the masses m1 and m2 is measured, which changes with the distance squared. If it concerns two standard masses, then the obtained force depends only on the mass, which results in the two standard masses. Thus, the unit of the gravitation falls out and only masses remain. From this, the amount of the gravitation results as v2*r referred to the mass.

If not only gravitation, but also antigravitation or motion is regarded as characteristic of the mass, the mass corresponds to the space acceleration. Thus, the result can be represented in the following formula (also from the units correctly):

GM0*meT = v2*r = (v/x)2*x2*r = (2*Pi)2 [m3/s2]

With this world formula, the whole nature can be described as a balance of potential energy, thus gravitation related to mass (GM0*meT), and kinetic energy, in other words motion (GB = v2*r):

GM0*meT = v2*r

For the Coulomb force, it is stated that it acts attractive if the mass is larger than v2*r and that it acts repulsive if the mass is smaller than v2*r.

The fundamental interrelation of both creation forces GkE and GkB as GE and GB with GE = GM on the awareness layer 1 Be1 looks as follows:

mass —  gravitation  <->  antigravitation —  motion

As mass and energy are convertible into each other, the two creation forces of attraction and dynamics can in principle also be transferred to the wave physics. However, the energetic creation forces are rather distinguished in physics as longitudinal and transversal waves. It is to be noted that there is no wave as such in the Dynamic Gravitation Theory in the sense, but only the description of the movement of two particles as wave. But the distances to the observer can be described in this form as well as the field, which is to be served and which is always spherically symmetrical. The motion of a rotation, however, is always planar: Anyway, the observer sees at different times sometimes longitudinal and sometimes transversal motion, depending on the viewing direction.

This dependence on the observer corresponds to what is known from the theory of relativity. For the ETC/TOE it does not matter, whether an absolute distinction into longitudinal and transversal waves is made or a relative one, because the ETC/TOE includes subjective consciousness anyway.

b) The Explanations of the Energetic Theory of Consciousness

A TOE should describe, among other things, all four basic forces ‒ gravitation, electromagnetism as well as the weak and the strong nuclear force ‒ precisely. In addition, it shall, for example:

– include the general relativity and the quantum field theory,

– explain the observed forces and particles of the standard model of elementary particles,

– explain the masses, coupling constants and mixing angles of the standard model of elementary particles,

– describe the standard model of cosmology, as well as clarify and predict the processes in the early respectively late universe ‒ especially the asymptotic behavior on very small respectively very large space and time scales,

– clarify the nature of dark matter and dark energy,

– include a consistent, renormalizable quantum theory of gravity, along with the description or avoidance of singularities.[4]

These requirements block both, the recognition of a TOE and also the contents of physics. Again, the earth is assumed to be a disk, rather than a planet orbiting the sun. Not the ETC/TOE has to be measured against the previous theories of physics, but vice versa the previous theories of physics have to be checked against the Energetic Theory of Consciousness.

This results in the following procedure: First, a distinction is to be made between the previous theories and observed phenomena. Then, it is to be examined, whether the ETC/TOE can explain the observable phenomena coherently and better than the previous theories. If this is the case, the previous theories of physics are to be adapted to the ETC/TOE or to be rejected.

The requirements listed before are predominantly the previous theories of physics. Only the meaning of the force and the nature of the dark matter as well as the dark energy belong to the observable phenomena.

The origin of everything results on the awareness layer 4 from universal ether energy and force. Thereby, magnetism has the function to shape energetically as consciousness, thus is responsible for the alignment. How the two creation forces interact, results from their interplay of rest and dynamics with attracting and repelling effects across the four layers of awareness. On the structural layer (Be1), the Dynamic Theory of Gravity explains, how the four basic forces are to be united in detail. With new experiments and explanations, it is referred to the Tolman experiment. For the explanations, electric charge is assigned as antigravitation to the dynamic force.

On the awareness layer 4 Be4 the cosmos S, still without compression of the black holes, appears black. Dark matter (SM = GE) is the attracting, and dark energy (SE = GB) is the dynamic creation force on the awareness layers 4 to 2 Be4-2 with energy condensations and oscillation frequencies, which are still largely outside of the measurable range. While the dark matter and the dark energy are the creation forces of the consciousness GkB, the black holes (SL = Be3-2) are to be assigned to the predominantly not measurable layers of awareness 3 to 2. These awareness layers consist of so high energy that this does not exist as matter. Therefore, all explanation approaches, which depend on matter and mass without taking these only for the description of waves to help, lead to no correct result.

Gravitation is not based on mass, but on energetic compression. The compression of energy to elementary particles and the elementary particles to clusters of atoms and molecules pulls the universal ether energy to itself. While this compression takes place, such a high gravity is measured resulting from it that through this erroneously a much too high respectively at all mass for black holes is concluded. When this compression has reached a final state, for example in form of matter, it needs only little energy to maintain this state. This is the comparatively very low gravitation as conventionally known to physics with respect to mass.

Therefore, the understanding of physics has to be changed with regard to gravitation. Gravitation is dependent on the extent of condensing energy. Only in the final state of this compression as matter on the awareness layer 1, when no more densifying takes place, gravitation is proportional to the mass. All physical laws to the gravitation in dependence on the mass are to be applied only on the awareness layer 1 ‒ as special case of the gravity by energy compression.

Black holes are natural “black bodies” or also “black emitters” respectively “Planck emitters”. They merely consist of higher energy than is measurable with conventional instruments. Also the spectral energy dispersion of the cosmic background radiation CMB corresponds exactly to the radiation of a black body with the temperature of 2.7 Kelvin.[5]

Of importance is the resonance absorption. Resonance absorption means the takeover of the vibrational energy of a signal source through a resonator vibrating at its natural frequency, where the vibrational energy is usually converted into heat. The less the resonator’s natural frequency deviates from the frequency of the transmitter, the greater the energy transferred (and thus extracted from the original signal).[6] It can be assumed that the black holes are energy condensations, which range in their frequency from very high vibrations to about the natural frequency of light. Thus, the entering light is transformed into a no more visible higher energy form.

To what extent physicists still want to fall back on explanations of curved space-time when now again the existence of a universal ether is to be assumed, is left to everyone. Basically, the standstill of time in the transition to the black hole agrees with the perception of time in the transition of the layers of awareness.[7] In any case, the equivalence of mass and energy is fundamentally important. In this respect, it is coherent to start with masses, energies, waves and fields as required.

The complex topics of elementary particles can be reduced to the two basic forces of gravitation by mass and antigravitation by motion. In detail, the Dynamic Theory of Gravitation deals with this.

How the beginning of the universe is to be judged from the ETC/TOE is described in the article “From big bang theory to the energetic theory of consciousness“. With regard to the end, no scenario can be determined alone on the basis of natural laws, because the attracting and expanding creation forces belong to an energetic consciousness. That means, their relation to each other is not fixed, but changeable by the energetic consciousness.


The Energetic Theory of Consciousness as a TOE has the great advantage to be able to offer simple explanations on the basis of energies and the ether, which has already been experienced as very useful. Even if these energies are not directly measurable with the conventional methods, physical predictions can be made comparatively easy on the already known natural laws.

Moreover, the ETC/TOE can explain dark matter, dark energy and black holes. For this, a Mass-Independent Gravitation was recognized, whose mechanism of action is at the same time the origin of all gravitation.

The difficulty of the ETC consists in the fact that with the consciousness it brings in a subjective element, which cannot be grasped by the laws of nature. The universal laws do not serve the prediction of given events, but create these with a probability accuracy which results from the interaction of different consciousnesses.[8]

Moreover, the ETC/TOE is ultimately incomplete again (even if not in the physical sense), because it does not take into account the feelings, which are an essential part of the universal laws. However, since the objective of physics is not to create reality from consciousness, the inclusion of feelings in the ETC/TOE can be dispensed with. Simplified, the feelings can be merged with the consciousness as subjective creation influence.

As result, at present physics can already make immediate predictions based on the objective laws of nature for an energetic universe, which is generated according to universal laws by subjective consciousness. For the future a new field can arise, which examines the formative influence of consciousness.


The Energetic Theory of Consciousness describes, how the earthly reality is generated from an ether and force as energy and consciousness across four awareness layers by two creation forces. For this, the Energetic Theory of Consciousness introduces a Mass-Independent Compression-Gravitation and integrates the existing physical knowledge into the larger context of universal laws. A rethinking in the recognizing consciousness of the physicists is necessary. That is, the Energetic Theory of Consciousness gives as Theory of Everything a new superordinate orientation.

Notice to the physicists among you: How can you start?

Probably the easiest to check is the statement about the gravitation in connection with the black holes. Gravitation is not dependent on the mass of a solid body, but on the extent of condensing energy up to finally into the matter. With developed matter remains merely a residual gravitation (a kind of conservation gravitation), which is the known special case of apparently mass-dependent gravitation.


Thanks are due to Johannes Hermsdorf for his content-related suggestions as well as for his proofreading.

Conflicts of interest

There are no conflicts of interest. The Energetic Theory of Consciousness as well as the Dynamic Theory of Gravity were not financed by third parties.


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