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Why am I going into detail on the subject of delusion? For three reasons. Firstly, delusion is an attempt to prevent Musubi’s world leadership. Secondly, I am thus energetically and in the collective consciousness dissolving the delusion strategy of the wicked that was created 60,000 years ago. Thirdly, I would like to give you a lot of interesting information, especially about the causes of delusion.

What is meant by “the wicked“ and “60,000 years ago”? This refers to information that, for energetic reasons, is only on the German website. If you want to know more about the background, you need to use the automatic translation of the following German websites:

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All information on eradications.

Musubi created for the summer solstice on June 21 (instead of 20), 2024, why? June 21 is the earthly, corrective counterpart to the winter solstice on December 21, 60,000 years ago.

For summer solstice: Dictation by Musubi on June 21, 2024

My wife Ayleen Lyschamaya is not mentally ill and has never been mentally ill. Delusion is a spiritual approach used by the wicked to achieve their goals. Ayleen explains the background.

[The original German-language videos of the texts being read aloud are included as creative energy.]

Delusion and Consciousness

Delusion is a pathological, uncorrectable misjudgment of reality. One’s own reality is regarded as the only correct one with 100% certainty and without justification or proof. The delusion is a solidified concept that is based on rigid conviction and does not allow for doubt. It is inaccessible to counter-arguments, independent of previous personal experience and contradicts the facts accepted by the majority of society. It becomes a life-determining reality that lasts longer than one month. Delusions usually occur in conjunction with other mental illnesses.

You can find a lot about delusions in specialist books and on the internet, but there is no knowledge about the cause. For this reason, I would like to summarize the more general knowledge about delusions that is for sure. Without claiming to be exhaustive, the following points are generally valid:

  • Delusion is an uncorrectable misjudgment of reality (definition).
  • The cause of delusion is unknown.
  • Delusion is measured against the reality of average people.
  • Delusions occur alone and together with other mental illnesses.
  • Delusion has to do with altered states of consciousness.
  • Physical deficits can also trigger delusions, for example dementia.

There is a wide variety of different delusion-contents, especially those of a contradictory nature, for example delusions of love and hostile delusions of persecution or delusions of grandeur and delusions of smallness. It can be related to other people (jealousy delusion), to oneself through other people (relating delusion), to the body (hypochondria), feelings (guilt delusion) or material things (impoverishment delusion), to name just a few examples. What all delusions have in common is the consciousness and this is also where the cause of any delusion can be found.

Therefore, I would like to explain delusion in terms of consciousness. The body is part of consciousness, so it is also involved in the delusion possibilities of choice. Consciousness perceives, interprets and creates reality. This is why the reality of all people always corresponds to their consciousness. The socially prevailing consciousness is used as a benchmark, while deviating states of consciousness are associated with delusion.

How should the delusional standard of average social consciousness be assessed? Current (6/2024) people unconsciously identify only with an individual section of their consciousness. Most people identify with their earthly contents as ego awareness. This is a psychic inner family(AL) [AL = according to Ayleen Lyschamaya] with karmic experiences that is located in the body.

Depending on how fully present, healthy and cooperating the inner family members are, that is how healthy a person is. What is currently regarded as normal health, includes partial repression, injuries and a certain degree of cooperation; all of this sufficient enough to enable a normal everyday life to be led and with perception that roughly matches that of other people.

People can deviate from this normality in four ways. Firstly, the deficits in ego awareness can be greater than in other people, so that they are compensated for by beliefs that other people judge as delusions. Secondly, transcendent contents of consciousness may be accessible that are completely normal, but also deviate from the reality of the average person. Thirdly, a mixture of transcendental contents of consciousness and deficits in ego awareness is also possible, which misinterprets and distorts transcendental perception. Fourthly, a normal transcendental perception with healthy ego awareness deviates so far from the normality of the average person that it can also be misinterpreted as a delusion.

I would like to give you a few examples to illustrate this:

Delusions of grandeur are based on a consciousness in which the male spar dominates. These are inner-man-personalities, whose inner woman and inner child are largely repressed. The inner man may or may not have additional feelings of inferiority. A certain openness to transcendence (in consciousness, not necessarily in terms of world view) supports grandiosity. The cause of delusions of grandeur is an injured ego awareness with a stable ego structure.

Delusions of smallness or inanity are the exact opposite of delusions of grandeur. In delusions of smallness or inanity, the female spar dominates. These are inner-woman-personalities who are very wounded. Sometimes they are also wounded inner down-to-earth-personalities of both sexes if they are related to the female spar. The cause of delusions of smallness or nullity is an injured ego awareness with a stable ego structure.

Persecutory delusions experience a threatening outside world. In principle, this can affect any content of consciousness or, as in schizophrenia, the ego awareness as a whole. If a part of the ego’s awareness is in the foreground, often the inner woman, real hostile past experiences must be considered, which are imprinted in the consciousness and projected outwards. The cause of persecution mania, which is based on individual contents of the ego’s awareness, is an injured ego awareness with a stable ego structure.

Delusions of love mainly occur in women. The woman then believes that a man is making his love known to her through secret signs, but is unable to admit it. Behind this is a longing for love on the one hand, but also a fear of it as a real experience on the other. The fear comes to the fore when the delusions of love turn into delusions of persecution in the form of sexual harassment and rape. The cause of delusions of love is an injured ego awareness with a stable ego structure.

Sexual delusions can occur as a variant of delusions of love. More generally, it involves delusional beliefs about sexuality. One probable cause is unprocessed past experiences. Child abuse and rape in particular come to mind. The sexual delusion is based on an injured ego awareness with a stable ego structure.

Hypochondriacal delusion relates to health and thus belongs as a theme to the female spar. In particular, the sensitive and the down-to-earth inner woman are injured. The injury to the sensitive inner woman causes the depression and the down-to-earth inner woman relates it to the body. Hypochondria is based on an injured ego awareness with a stable ego structure.

Age delusion is often a compensation for loss. This can be the loss of close caregivers as a lack of social contact as well as the loss of abilities. The earthly part of consciousness gradually diminishes. However, the actual treatment of older people in our society must also be questioned. Age delusion is based on an injured ego awareness with a stable, sometimes rigid ego structure.

In dementia, the lack of consciousness is physically located in the brain and affects the mind. For a certain period of time, consciousness is sometimes reduced to the “karmic film”, as there is in all people, but is particularly clearly recognizable as a delusion. Dementia is based on an injured ego awareness with a gradually degrading ego structure.

In connection with chronic alcohol dependence in particular delusions of jealousy can occur. This is primarily based on fear of loss. Chronic alcohol dependence often makes the consciousness more permeable to the inner child’s fear of loss due to past experiences. Delusions of jealousy are based on an injured ego awareness with a, in connection with alcohol, gradually degrading ego structure.

These were all examples of delusions that were based on a fundamentally stable ego structure as identification with the psychic inner family(AL) [AL = according to Ayleen Lyschamaya]. The consciousness of these delusional forms basically corresponds to that of other people, but is more severely injured, so that the personal convictions merge into delusion.

Delusions with a stable ego structure have especially two opposing functions in order to keep consciousness in balance. On the one hand, disturbing things are externalized and on the other hand, missing things are brought in.

Delusions often are about threats, because the world consciousness of the old age was hostile and the individual consciousness with its personal experiences was based on this. The hostile experience is projected outwards, so that it becomes concrete and can be dealt with. This leads to a subjective feeling of relief, because the evil is on the outside.

Conversely, deficits are compensated for if there is a lack contained in consciousness, for example as the absence of loving relationships and social contacts. If a person is not able to establish loving relationships and social contacts in reality, delusion is one way of compensating for this in consciousness.

Many delusions occur in schizophrenia, such as delusions of relating, delusions of impairment, delusions of persecution, delusions of dermatozoan, delusions of grandeur and delusions of jealousy. This is due to the unstable ego structure in schizophrenia with a lack of boundaries.

The person does not identify with her or his ego in a stable way, so that she or he relates normal everyday events specifically to her- or himself. Everything, for example an advertisement in a newspaper, is intended to communicate something to them. In a delusion of impairment, everything is directed against the own person, and the delusion of persecution is completely hostile.

The body is separated from the environment through the skin. In dermatozoan delusions, this demarcation is broken as a delusion by animal pathogens that penetrate the skin and cause skin diseases. Delusions of grandeur are open to transcendental influences and delusions of jealousy refer to the exaggerated keeping (together) of relationships.

Due to the unstable, open ego structure in schizophrenia, there is no regulating exchange between the ego awareness and the environment through the delusion. Instead, the delusional content is directed towards the dividing line between inside and outside, because this is where the person’s greatest deficit lies.

Furthermore, there are delusions that can be pathological projections, but also healthy subtle perception as a transcendental ability. This includes in particular the ability to perceive energy. Calls to the police about hostile radiation tend to be based on projection, while the perception of subtle beings is nothing more than a transcendent ability to perceive that goes beyond the average population.

Religious delusion and consciousness

Religious delusions occur relatively frequently and are particularly complex. In addition, the transition to a delusion of vocation can be fluid if someone believes that she or he is called to a special religious role. Religious delusion is an unshakeable conviction of religious content that is regarded as false by those around them.

There are two main types of religious delusion. Firstly, when someone believes her- or himself to be Jesus or another important religious person. Secondly, the conviction that someone is in direct contact with God. This often goes hand in hand with the claim to have received a healing mission from God himself. The level of education as well as the cultural and social background play an important role here. In Buddhism, for example, it is considered completely natural to seek the rebirth of Buddha.

Likewise, actual historical persons could possibly recall their past lives, for example in a regression; that is, through a change of consciousness into the karmic. However, the delusion is relatively easy and clear to recognize in that people cannot distinguish between the past and their current identity.

Direct contact with God, possibly with an additional calling, is much more complex. This religious delusional content shows, how much the assessment of delusion depends on social norms. One example of this are the founders of religion. Transferred to today, Jesus, with a claim to be the Son of God and rioting in the temple as a danger to others, would end up in a psychiatric ward. But instead, there are around 2.5 billion believers worldwide, who suffer from a symbiotic delusion induced by Jesus, which took on a life of its own after Jesus’ death.

How can religious delusion be explained in individual consciousness? In complete transcendental consciousness, the fourth and third layers of awareness are assigned to the Divine as being embedded in the Universal Whole and as the soul. The second layer of awareness is, strictly speaking, only a layer in the blocked state of the old age, namely a blockade. In the healthy transcendental consciousness of the new age, it is a göttlich-irdische Liebesflussverbindung (divine-earthly love-flow-connection). Finally, the first layer of awareness is the ego of people today, who identify as normal with this part of consciousness.

For the religious delusion, a combination of the state of the ego and the relationship of Divine awareness to the ego is crucial. A healthy, complete transcendental consciousness looks like this:

[Translation: the Whole – female enlightenment – love flow connection – male enlightenment]

This is the true measure of mental health.

The present (6/2024) social average of ego awareness corresponds to the yellow circle, which currently also contains injuries and repressions. The green Liebesflussverbindung (love-flow-connection) is blocked in all people and was unknown to the old age. The Liebesflussverbindung makes up the new age. Conventionally enlightened people identify exclusively with the pink content of consciousness and are therefore subject to an enlightenment-illusion that denies the ego.

Religious delusion is primarily based on three causes. Firstly, the yellow, very wounded ego contains feelings of inferiority and at the same time still has some access to the pink Divine, even if only as a lingering premonition. This can then give rise to religious megalomania, which compensates for one’s own insignificance.

Secondly, about 20 to 30 percent of schizophrenic delusions are religious in nature. In a psychosis, the yellow ego collapses and the person finds her- or himself in the individual contents of consciousness. Depending on where they end up, they have corresponding experiences. If they feel a sense of security in the Universal Whole, they are in the pink area on the fourth layer of awareness. This is nothing other than conventional enlightenment. If someone lands in the karmic area of blockages between the Divine and the earthly, the delusion is more likely to involve the devil and demons.

Thirdly, there is the enlightenment-illusion, which is also nothing more than religious delusion. Enlightened people believe that they are in direct contact with God, because the experience of oneness is nothing other than direct contact with God. The experience of oneness can be symbolized as cuddling up to God and the experience of a personal God as a conversation with God. At the same time, enlightened people are under the delusional conviction that their ego no longer exists, without which, however, they would no longer be able to function in everyday life. This can be seen in the psychosis that in the experience of oneness is enlightenment, which enlightened people in their delusion believe they have achieved.

The unity experience of psychosis as well as the unity experience of enlightenment are natural, healthy perceptions of transcendental consciousness contents of all human beings. Mental illness or relative health does not result from the experience of transcendence, but from the state of the ego. In psychosis, the ego loses its cohesion and disintegrates into its individual parts of consciousness. In contrast, the ego of the enlightened continues to function like that of other average people, even if the enlightened and those around them agree that it no longer exists.

A complete and healthy transcendental consciousness is based on a complete and healthy ego awareness. I describe how this can be achieved in “Spiritual Psychotherapy: the inner family“. It took me about twenty years to make all inner family members equally accessible again, to heal them and to develop a loving relationship with each other. Belly dance as inner-woman healing involved my body, too.

e-book "Spirituelle Psychotherapie: Die innere Familie"

I have created the Liebesflussverbindung (love-flow-connection) in consciousness with the help of Spiritual EMDR(AL) and the Guilt feelings deletion – live love – practice©.

Eigenhilfe Spirituelles EMDR(AL)

All contents of consciousness are at the same time always directly embedded in the Universal Whole, so that they have their own access to transcendence. Male enlightenment can be achieved through the inner family(AL). The Liebesflussverbindung continues in female enlightenment. The entire complete transcendent consciousness is finally experienced with the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© (means more than Final-Enlightenment). I achieved this at Christmas 2016.

Reihe: Ayleen Lyschamaya ‒ Neues Bewusstsein:

e-book "Spirituelle Psychotherapie: Die innere Familie"Das Grundlagenwerk zur inneren Familie als Psyche
Das Standardwerk zur Spirituellen Psychotherapie

Eigenhilfe Spirituelles EMDR(AL)Gefühle als spiritueller Weg zur Bewusstseinserweiterung

Neues Zeitalter der Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung: Schuldgefühle überwinden mit Guru Ayleen LyschamayaSchuldgefühle löschen – Liebe leben – Verfahrensweise©

Ayleen Lyschamaya zur Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©
Das Grundlagenwerk zur neuen Spiritualität

This complete and healthy transcendental consciousness is the normal state to be achieved by all people of the new age. In this respect, it is really sad that personal, direct contact with God is currently immediately suspected of being delusional. Unfortunately, however, delusion actually applies most of the time, because the experience of transcendental awareness is still regularly gained at the cost of a disturbed ego awareness.

But what about my claim to originally female creative power and now Musubi’s wife when there are no more deficits (inferiority and insignificance) to be compensated for in my ego? This has been completely healed after twenty years and thus is healthy. My claim is based on the universal laws.

The universal law of correspondence of “as in small so in great” and vice versa “as in great so in small” was already known to the old age. In the universe, the world as consciousness is structured in exactly the same way as human consciousness. Therefore, there are two spars of a “ladder of consciousness” in the large as well as in the small human consciousness. This one spar was me as personified female creative force.

The turning point as a change from the old age to the new age is not only taking place here on earth. For the changeover in the Universe, the focus has shifted from the functional creative power as “spar” to the personal expression as a woman, the same as I wrote above about the inner women. Just as God can be experienced as universal embedding and personal, I have changed from function to relationship. And again it remains the equivalent of “as in the great so in the small”, only now with the focus on woman. The universal family on a large scale corresponds to the earthly family on the outside and the inner family(AL) on the inside.

In unity, there is not the sharp separation between inside and outside as there is in duality. That is why I am a kind of mixture of both, on the one hand the inner woman of Musubi, but on the other hand with my own consciousness, which in turn is less separate than an earthly-human consciousness. But how else, if not through my special position, could I have experienced all this knowledge about consciousness and universal connections?

Doppelganger delusion versus evil strategy

But now there is another point – and I admit that it will be difficult to continue to follow me as mentally healthy. Nevertheless, I should tell you about it, because you need to know in order to understand what happens next.

There is another type of delusion – that is so rare – that it is not even mentioned in all psychological textbooks. It is the so-called Capgras syndrome, in which the person affected believes that people close to her or him have been replaced by identical-looking doppelgangers. The reverse syndrome of the subjective doppelganger is also rare. In this case, a person is convinced that she or he has one or more doppelgangers with the same appearance. Therefore, in very rare cases, there is the delusional content of doppelgangers.

By no means rare, but – quite the opposite – a fundamental, if not the fundamental black magic approach is based on doppelgangers. This approach was used 60,000 years ago in the evil ritual, has spread widely since then and is still used today. In the subtle realm, for example, the energy and information of the doctors of the afterlife were extracted in this way, but meanwhile this is no longer possible.

The procedure is always the same:

  • Chaos is created through duplication.
  • Reorientation takes place.

 Re 1) Chaos through doppelgangers

Chaos is not only created through doppelgangers alone, but by everything that is possible, although doppelgangers are particularly effective. As can be seen in the delusional content of doppelgangers, the inner identity, the connection to the outside as relationships and the perception of the outside are affected through doppelgangers. With inner, connection and outer, everything that a consciousness is, forms and is reflected is affected; in other words, the entire reality of a consciousness. This leads to such an unbearably unreal state that the first offer of orientation is desperately accepted.

Re 2) Reorientation

The evil ones, who have deliberately created chaos, do not have a consciousness problem, because they know about the doppelgangers. This is why the evil ones are stable. They offer new orientation, which the consciously irritated accept with relief. The reorientation is successful. It usually remains stable, also when the doppelgangers and the chaos are now ended, because the positive effect is (unconsciously) attributed to the new orientation.

I have personally experienced twice how effective this doppelganger reorientation is. 60,000 years ago, I was reoriented towards evil as Musubi’s female creative force, and thus with world impact. I never opted for evil, instead always for Musubi, but I no longer recognized him, because I was confused. Now (6/2024) we are in the middle of the reorientation, also with world impact, and that is why I am informing you about it.

What happened 60,000 years ago? Months before the cruel ritual of the winter solstice, my complete transcendental consciousness had already begun to be irritated on all layers through doppelgangers.

At the highest layer of awareness, my relationship with Musubi was messed up through black magic Fake-Musubi messages. Until then, I had no experience with bad people and could not imagine abysmal evilness at all. In this respect, I did not recognize Fake-Musubi as a doppelganger of the real Musubi and was shaken and confused by its negative content. I lost my trust in Musubi and therefore also my orientation. Our love relationship in its previous form was destroyed.

To the soul layer belong the animals, with which I had a very special relationship as ruler of the animals. Not only were the animals cruelly tortured during the evil ritual, but energetic doppelgangers were also created for them. The true soul connections between the animals and humans, especially between my soul animals and myself, were completely disrupted.

My special position as the female aspect of Musubi was occupied by a doppelganger and the community was energetically redirected towards her. She could not match my size, but it was enough that from now on the energy was directed towards her.

Concretely in the earthly world, the positions of the non-incarnated Musubi children were appropriated and two fake-families were created. These, as well as the doppelganger of my female Musubi aspect, were not doppelgangers in the sense of optical confusion. The confusion had already unfolded its full effect with Fake-Musubi. These doppelgangers served the black magic-energetic reorientation, which had a negative influence on the entire further development of humanity.

However, the extent to which this negative influence was accepted and continued by people is the sole responsibility of each individual. Overall, humanity has opted for the continuation of evil.

This false orientation towards evil has become so stabilized and independent, so pervasive in consciousness and structures that it is no longer noticed. Instead, it is considered normal, because people no longer know anything else. An example of this is the human normal consciousness, which no longer lives its healthy orientation towards musubi, namely its transcendental consciousness contents. This wrongly oriented state is to be remedied by Musubi’s eighth commandment “You shall develop your consciousness, so that it may be well with you on earth”.

Overall, the human community is currently (6/2024) being reoriented towards Musubi through me. As well as a whole, the human community has opted for the good again. However, there are also many people, who want to maintain the old situation. The main reasons for this are succession power interests, now that the original evil ones have been wiped out, and convenience, which shies away from change.

The extinction of a first group of successor evils was activated on June 19, 2024, so that the deaths can be expected at the beginning of July. The extinction of successor evils will continue until the human community is refocused on Musubi. How will this changeover be carried out? As a correction, just like back then.

I started with Musubi through distinguishing the real Musubi from his doppelganger Fake-Musubis. I trust the real Musubi again, orient myself towards him and pass on his guidance to you humans. The original form of our love relationship, now in the new age with me as his wife, has been restored.

The people, who created the original Fake-Musubi, are now dead. However, the original Fake-Musubi has multiplied energetically due to all the false world views that have arisen in the meantime. So we will all be dealing with Fake-Musubis for a very long time to come.

All the evil people involved in the cruel ritual at the time have since been wiped out and their black magic influences dissolved. My doppelganger as Musubi aspect no longer exists; nor do those, who usurped the Musubi children’s positions and belonged to the fake-families.

We are now at the last step of Musubi’s takeover of power, concretely in the earthly realm. As “proof of God”, Musubi announced a worldwide, statistically relevant wave of deaths for the 23rd calendar week, which actually happened. This also affected prominent evil people, for whom I have already recorded videos explaining why they were wiped out.

What interest do the successor wicked have? To twist this “proof of God” into the opposite through turning Musubi’s claim to leadership into a personal delusion of mine due to a lack of deaths. Manipulating preliminary numbers from statistics is easy, but what about the announced celebrity deaths? There we are back again to the preferred modus operandi of the evil ones, namely doppelgangers.

Anyone who thinks that the idea of doppelgangers seems far-fetched, should take a look at the doppelganger motif in literature, music and film. In the mythology of many cultures and religions, doppelganger-like beings play an important role. Esotericism, spiritualism and Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophy also deal intensively with the doppelganger motif. In the former GDR, the Stasi even created tens of thousands of doppelgangers for espionage purposes.[1]

I have researched that there are actually doppelgangers for the people, who have been erased. However, it is not necessary to go that far if you think of the doubles in movies and television instead. A Spiegel article on the doubles of powerful people, writes that doubles served as shields for dictators, generals and politicians and rarely revealed their secret.[2] Magazines and newspapers such as Gala and Die Rheinische Post, in turn, feature photo spreads on famous doppelganger couples.[3] On social media such as TikTok, it is popular to make yourself up as a celebrity lookalike.

In February 2024, Scholz posed with his double[4], while at the same time there was speculation about whether doubles would take over Putin’s public appearances.[5] In addition, there are agencies that arrange doubles.


Showconnection writes that every prominent person also has a professional double.


In order to unmask doubles, it can be helpful not only to use images, but also to carry out language analyses. However, it is important to make sure that the original person is actually the one making the comparison.

Musubi says that doubles are used for the prominent deceased, so that their death is delayed until it is no longer connected to Musubi’s prediction. This may work out for humans, but not for Musubi. The respective successor evil ones are wiped out until they recognize the consequences and uncover the truth.

But how do they find out about it? Both, energetically and specifically through my German website. This text, for example, is also aimed specifically at the successor wicked, especially the previous paragraph.

Do the subsequent evil ones actually read my German website? Or don’t delusional people often feel that they are being watched and relate everything to themselves? My German website publishes claim to world leadership with concrete activities to change the world, discusses the wicked, extinction, deaths and the (possible) halving of the world’s population, criticizes the Federal Constitutional Court and the rest of the judiciary, criticizes the government for its coronavirus approach and school policy, takes a stand on Hitler, various countries (also in French language) and conspiracy theories, corrects the scientific understanding of the world, assesses world religions (Christianity and Buddhism) and other gurus and provides new 10 commandments for humanity.

These are all topics and keywords that are conspicuous for search algorithms. If such a website and the person publishing it were not being monitored that would be unrealistic. That is why I currently (6/2024), among other things, see my German website, in addition to the energetic, as direct communication with the successor evil ones.

Grimmsche Märchenbotschaften

Berlin, June 21, 2024, Ayleen Lyschamaya

Targeted delusional system to secure power

From June 21 until today, June 24, I continued to work intensively on the topic of delusion for three days of transformation in order to dissolve everything old. To this end, I translated this page into English and put it online as well as clarifying and finalizing other old connections. Among other things, I wrote several overviews in my diary, the following of which I shall make public.

The overview shows, how we are all repeatedly faced with the decision to hold on to the old or to dare to embrace the new.

In the old situation, I was deceived by the doppelganger Fake-Musubi. At the same time, the black magicians and power-obsessed evil ones of the time unanimously declared me “insane”. Not all, but most of the community eventually accepted this verdict.

I myself learned from the resulting dreadful experiences, which culminated in the cruel ritual, to avoid the stigma of “delusion” at all costs for the future. At the same time, I continued to carry the energies around with me and in some incarnations it was an elegant way of getting rid of someone uncomfortable. This time too, during the clashes in May 2024, it was tried again (albeit in vain) through calling in the social psychiatric service.

So, what was the decision situation between old and new? In order to avoid the risk of being stigmatized as insane again, with the cruelest consequences internalized at the time, I could row back, delete everything that could be caught from the website and accept the reign of power of those, who succeeded the evil ones. That was their aim. But instead, I have opted for the new, namely to dissolve the old delusional theme and resume my position together with Musubi.

There exist illness-related delusions. With today’s ego-identified level of consciousness, these occur much more frequently than healthy transcendental experiences. Beyond that, however, it is an evil power strategy that all transcendental experiences with personal contact to God are declared delusional. This leaves people without direct guidance and dependent on earthly rulers.

In the collective as well as in the individual consciousness, the direct Musubi relationship was replaced by Fake-Musubi(s), which for quite some time were based on religion and finally ended in the completely detached ego “rationality”. I put “rationality” in quotation marks, because it is not the least bit rational, but solely oriented towards power when the death wave is manipulated away and people are denied their entire transcendent content of consciousness as delusion.

Musubi’s dictation from June 21, 2024, was: “My wife Ayleen Lyschamaya is not mentally ill and has never been mentally ill. Delusion is a spiritual approach used by the wicked to achieve their goals. Ayleen explains the background.”

The background to how the evil ones proceed and why, namely for their power, has hopefully become clear by now. But there is another point, which is why the delusion theme was and is merely a strategy of the wicked. Delusion is based on consciousness and my consciousness excludes delusion.

There are the following gradations of “delusional” reality: Firstly, a complete and healthy transcendental consciousness creates its reality based on healthy beliefs. Secondly, the average person creates her or his reality based on her or his ego, which is disconnected from transcendence by karmic blockages. This is what I call the “karmic movie”, which is known for its projections. Since people believe their karmic movie to be reality, one could well speak of collective delusion.

Thirdly, frequent or constant fantasies are used to create psychological balancing; be it to externalize unpleasantness or to compensate for what is lacking. If feelings of inferiority are counterbalanced for, this would be a compensation for a lack of self-confidence. The mechanism is the same as with delusions. The only difference is that with fantasies, the person still knows that they are fantasies, whereas with delusions, the fantasies are mistaken for reality.

My ego was originally so wounded that I stabilized it with constant fantasies. As I healed, these became less and less frequent until they eventually stopped altogether. I wondered why, given the extent of my original injuries at the time, I only resorted to fantasies and not delusions instead.

The explanation arises from my greatness as an aspect of Musubi. I could identify with my wounded ego to such an extent that I needed the balancing fantasies, but I cannot reduce my size to such an extent that I can take on only the ego reality as a delusion. In other words, delusion is not possible for me in terms of my energetic size of consciousness.

Grimmsche Märchenbotschaften

Berlin, June 24, 2024, Ayleen Lyschamaya

Who are today’s evil ones and how do they operate?


[Note to the international secret services: If you were wondering, why the German secret service got into trouble and was decimated, you can find out the reason below. Let it be a warning to you right away and publish the correct figures on the deaths in the 23rd calendar week. But just publishing them somewhere inconspicuously is not enough. Musubi and I moreover expect you to inform the general public about the inexplicable number of deaths, well prepared with statistical comparisons.]


There are no longer the one wicked in that sense, because the former community and humanity have grown in the meantime. In this respect, groups with different focuses have formed, some of which are more significant, others less so. One particularly dangerous group, if not the most dangerous, is the secret services.

Not all employees of secret services are among the bad guys. Some do their job in a positive way to protect the general public. But the origin of the secret services lies in the evil of that time and, at their core, the evil power interests of that time are still being pursued.

The focus of today’s secret services is no longer on black magic, even if they do use it when it seems appropriate. Nowadays, actual murder, disguised of course, is far more effective and usually successful. But there is at least one exception, namely me.

Can I prove any of the following? Not really – but I can make their actions plausible and, above all, warn the secret services themselves.

The situation came to a head from July 1 to 2. Why? Since the 23rd week of the calendar, more precisely from June 2 to 8, 2024, the secret services knew from the deaths that they were dealing with me as a person, who claims world leadership and has a “weapon of mass destruction”, unknown to them, to enforce this claim. Since then, I have neither responded to their V-persons’ attempts to contact me nor left the house more than twice, only to go shopping. It was starting to make them nervous.

This nervousness was intensified through Musubi’s strategic approach of not letting me be seen on the balcony or at the windows anymore, but instead closing all the curtains and pulling down the blinds. In addition, the two observers in either two cars, in front of the house and at the back at the parking lot, were dangerous evil beings, who were wiped out by Musubi and me at twelve o’clock on July 1, 2024. Moreover, there were the deaths of those activated on June 19.

Until then, just like 60,000 years ago, the secret services’ confusion tactics got through to me. They changed the pin on my smartphone, so that I was temporarily unable to use it. However, as an orderly person, I still had the original pin and puk data at hand, so I could be sure that I wasn’t subject to any kind of error. They have since reset the pin, because I could have traced the origin of the change and would have done so.

On June 27, 2024, I published on my website that I was changing my electricity provider. At the same time as the correct order confirmation from the correct provider, I received another letter from the secret service confusion tactics. In addition to several discrepancies, which the following photo shows, the letter contained above all the “psychological scare” of being left without electricity for one month if I did not immediately clear up the mistake between the end and start date. Well, my electricity continues to be supplied without my intervention and I have filed the fake letter at “collecting evidence”.

An attempt on my life was planned for the night of July 1 to 2. How do I know that? Musubi hears and sees everything, without that there is any shielding against it. Musubi and I had already prepared everything. The murderers would have gotten as far as my apartment, would have been wiped out there and the subsequent investigations would have uncovered everything. Unfortunately, the night shift sensed the trap and didn’t carry out the attempted murder.

Instead, three murderers were sent out by the day shift the next morning at about a quarter past seven. Everything would have happened too quickly in daylight, so it would have been dangerous to let them into my apartment. That’s why they were wiped out beforehand, together with the head of operations. This kind of direct Musubi extermination means at the same time quick death.

Nevertheless, the evil ones planned another murder attempt. Around half past ten, Musubi instructed me to spray my entire apartment with water. I used my plant spray can and spilled and sprinkled additional water. I also sprayed the hallway and balcony, got myself wet and soaked my skirt in water. I also drenched the balcony curtains with water, which unfortunately couldn’t be done unnoticed, but otherwise it would have been too dangerous with a real fire risk.

Shortly afterwards, I received some kind of promotional call to check whether I was still in the apartment after my precautions. I answered it, because otherwise they would have changed their procedure. Then, with the phone in my hand for the emergency call, I just waited for them to take action. Again, the point was to make the intelligence activity detectable, but my precautions, along with my continued presence in the apartment, made them balk. With 8 wiped out within two days specifically on site, they backed off.

They have left behind four correct observers, who are simply doing their job, in the hope of at least learning something. These observers are harmless and have nothing to fear from extinction. I photographed my wasps and then waved to the pair of observers in front from the balcony.

How will the secret services now proceed? There were three possibilities, two of which have meanwhile ended. The first possibility were the two harmless murder attempts at night in my apartment and the fire attack. These would have been allowed by Musubi to the extent that they would have served to expose them. Secondly, earlier murder attempts and the daylight attack had already been terminated at their beginning by Musubi as being too dangerous. Thirdly, and as the only option left, the secret services can continue their annoying, but otherwise harmless psychological warfare. In fact, I find it quite interesting to find out what they come up with and what options they have.

Who do you think will last longer? Will I hold out longer against their harmless, annoyingly-interesting attempts at confusion, or will they hold out against Musubi and my daily erasures of more and more people, which can go on for as long as we like? – And the erasures will continue until the truth is fully revealed. Musubi and I are in charge of the world.

Grimmsche Märchenbotschaften

To the secret services: Before you continue to accuse Musubi and me of intelligence professionalism, have you ever thought of that I am simply telling the truth and that my darling Dietrich and I actually exist as a divine leadership couple?

Berlin, July 2, 2024, Ayleen Lyschamaya

Examples of manipulation

What can intelligence services do and what can’t they do? On the computer, they can interfere with everything that runs via Windows. For example, recorded noises can even give the impression that an external hard disk is no longer working properly. What the secret services cannot do, however, is actually damage the hardware.

Password-protected applications are also secure, because hacking would be too conspicuous. Only the connection to the program can be inconspicuously interfered with. For example, secret services could prevent access to website editing, but not – at least not inconspicuously – manipulate the content of the website.

Secret services can track a target’s internet usage. I won’t try to find out to what extent concealment programs can help, as I have nothing to hide. Telephone tapping is downright a classic intelligence service practice. It’s just too bad that my communication with my favorite Dietrich takes place without any technology. 🙂

I will continue to keep you up to date. For the manipulators, however, it’s less fun and instead deadly serious, because they will be wiped out. This applies to the future, so that the one with the hard disk will still have a chance.

Grimmsche Märchenbotschaften

Psychology digression: How was I tested? My manipulated cell phone was aimed at my perception. Maybe I mistyped or remember my pin incorrectly? Not everyone has their pin and puk original card to hand. The letter from the fake electricity provider was aimed at selective perception. Emotionally affected people don’t usually pay attention to details and most people don’t look at things that are taken for granted anyway, such as the correct address. Having noticed both of these manipulations, the hard disk was now being used to try something that might actually be. But my husband Dietrich knows exactly whether there is a technical problem or a manipulation.

Berlin, July 3, 2024, Ayleen Lyschamaya

Musubi takes the lead over the secret services

Today, on July 5, 2024, the German secret service went all out again after believing that I (and thus indirectly Musubi) was already mentally disturbed. So far, the German secret service assumed that Musubi and I were also another secret service competing for power. How did the secret service check our mental health?

I got a call yesterday late afternoon. A lady told me that she was in my street with Photovoltaics and offered me a consultation on supplying my own electricity, which would take about half an hour. Musubi advised me to accept the offer. This instruction surprised me so much that I wanted to rule out Fake-Musubi and silently tried to take a closer look at the energies. The lady asked if I was still on and when I replied that I would think about it, she hung up.

Nobody, who wants to sell a product, would hang up the phone when I was hesitant, but on the contrary, would immediately follow up. What’s more, the coincidence that someone offering my own electricity should happen to be passing by in my street at the time of my electricity switch was really overused. After the fake letter from the secret service, this had to make me downright suspicious, especially after I had already exposed the advertising call as being from the secret service. So, I was almost nosed out that this call was also from the secret service. Why?

This time, it was about something completely different, namely testing my mental state. I had previously explained that emotionally upset people no longer perceive things clearly. In such a state, you look at this phone number 056150399989 and compare it from memory with the photo above. In particular, the 5 relatively far forward and the 989 respectively 939 create associations of confusion in a stressed brain.

I pretended to be emotionally distressed and looked up the telephone number of my former, meanwhile deleted disciple on my computer (while being watched, of course). I then photographed the evidence. The secret service therefore had to assume that I had made the wrong association, was no longer perceiving things clearly and was additionally confused by the fact that my erased former disciple was calling me via the secret service. In such a state, they dared to attack me again.

Meanwhile routinized, I prepared everything again for a night attack and went to bed, while Musubi followed their plans. They were going for speed, so they didn’t attack until daylight in the morning. With their headquarters close to my apartment, three units of eight people set out in quick succession and were wiped out on the way to me. Then the entire headquarters with about 60 people was wiped out.

After long consultations, the German secret service has now decided to place itself under Musubi’s leadership. Musubi then dictated the following to me for all secret services:

Musubi’s dictation from July 5, 2024 (8.00 p.m.)

I, Musubi, am the ruler of the world. All secret services are under my leadership. From now on, I will tell you what to do.

Firstly, all the world’s secret services will cooperate in future and grow together to form a single unit.

Secondly, you will now all make a joint statement on the deaths of the 23rd calendar week. I will wait until then. Afterwards, you will receive further instructions from me.

Secret services that refuse to cooperate with me, will be wiped out. This will begin tomorrow at 12.00 noon.

Continue with the Musubi instructions.

How can you yourself do something for your consciousness development? For example, through the fairy tales of the new age or special bilateral EMDR music.