Musubi’s Energies and the Schumann Frequency

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The anomalies of the Schumann frequency (Schumann resonance) explained:

Musubi had a plan for a loving earth. For this purpose, from about 2014, the consciousness of the people was developed beyond the previous level. Since the end of 2016 there are the first Am-Ziel-Erleuchtenten© (Final-Enlightened-Ones) with the higher consciousness of the new age. Up to and including 2020, the Am-Ziel-Erleuchteten© learned to create with their fully recognized transcendent consciousness across the different layers of awareness from Divine to earthly.

At the end of 2020, I experienced myself as Musubis female Creative Force. From now on I directly created the world consciousness from Musubi to earthly. The world consciousness was changed over from end of 2020 to end of 2022 to the weibliches Spirituelles System (female Spiritual System). The loving basis for a loving earth is created with it. But only the Japanese get involved in the new, while the rest of mankind holds on to the old.

Thus, Musubi’s plan was successful only for the Japanese people. For the other people, Musubi’s plan was finished and it continued with Musubi’s energies instead. From the end of 2022 to June 24, 2023, the world was changed to soul-female energies. Future energy creations serve only the concrete change support and the stabilization of the new.

However, what does all this have to do with the Schumann frequency? The Schumann frequency, or Schumann resonance, is figuratively known as the “heartbeat of the earth”. It is named after the German physicist and electrical engineer Professor Winfried Otto Schumann, who discovered it in 1952.

The Schumann frequency is electromagnetic waves that orbit the earth. The earth’s surface consists mostly of salt water and is therefore an electrical conductor. Around the earth, there is as a further electrical conductor, a layer of air with a large portion of ionized particles (ionosphere), which was created by solar activity and is still dependent on solar activity.

In the space between the ionosphere and the earth’s surface, standing electromagnetic waves can form when energized by lightning. These are waves, which meet again after an orbit of the earth in such a way that they amplify. The lowest resonance frequency is about 7.83 Hz on average.

The alpha waves during the human brain activity are in the same frequency range as the Schumann resonance. This means that the consciousness of mankind is influenced by the Schumann frequency per resonance vibration.

In particular from 2020 the Schumann frequency increased, that is, the vibration of the earth increased apparently. It increased only apparently, because the frequency of the earth is a fixed physical quantity, which depends on the unchanged circumference of the earth and the likewise unchanged light-speed of lightning. Purely physically, therefore, only the intensity of the Schumann frequency can increase and/or its center of gravity can shift to the harmonics.

At the same time, the Schumann frequency showed accumulated anomalies up to so-called “blackouts”. The blackouts are disturbances of the Schumann frequency, whose cause is unknown. These blackouts appear as black bars in the images of the Schumann frequency.

Especially at the beginning of January 2023 blackouts occurred with the starting of Musubi’s energies. At the end of the changeover at the end of June 2023 completely new patterns were recorded, the individual frequencies of the Schumann resonance dropped out and were subsequently at a higher level

In fact, however, the physical Schumann frequency as such did not change its basic vibration of about 7.83 Hz. Actually, what was measured in addition, are Musubi’s energetic creations for the world. The effect is comparable to the artificially generated frequencies by the European and American power grids, which locally superimpose the Schumann frequency. Merely, Musubi’s energetic creations influence not only locally, but the Schumann frequency altogether. The actually measured Schumann frequency is therefore composed of the fundamental vibration of the earth in the amount of 7.83 Hz and Musubi’s energetic creations. 

During the creations of Musubi’s plan first the consciousness was changed with at the same time energetic effects. For Musubi’s energies, then, for the last a little more than half a year almost continuously day and night was acted in the most different form directly on the energies of the earth. That means, in addition to the natural energy sources for the Schumann resonance, specific creations of Musubi were added through me, which changed the world to a soul-feminine energy basis.

Now that the shifts in consciousness and energy have been completed, the Schumann frequency will gradually settle down again, although probably not completely. This depends on how mankind reacts to the changes. If it continues to hold on to the old, further energy shifts affecting the Schumann frequency will bring about the desired change in humanity.

Conventional esotericists and other spiritual persons cannot help with these changes, because they are people with the old consciousness. The Am-Ziel-Erleuchteten© posses the higher level of consciousness of the new age. From them the Consciousness Coaches of the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© are specially trained to pass on the higher consciousness to other people. Therefore, the Consciousness Coaches of the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© support humanity in the changes.

7.7.2023 Ayleen Lyschamaya

end and new

The world changes are complete. The end of my function as Musubis female creative power already had no effect on the Schumann frequency anymore. Overall, however, after-effects are to be expected for quite some time.

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