reincarnation therapy, past life regression and karma counselling

For these offers I would like to refer you to my consciousness coaches of Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©, because I personally do not offer regressions any more in the meantime.

Rückführung mit der Spirituellen Meisterin AyleenSometimes the causes of psychological problems cannot be found in this life or it is helpful for your spiritual personality development to deal with your karmic experiences from previous lives. For this purpose I offer two types of regression.

1. regression during the holistic psychotherapy or on your spiritual path to the “Final Enlightenment”: During the regular hours I use regression in mutual agreement, if regression is useful for the course of the therapy or your spiritual development.

2. regression as a special appointment: We agree in advance on a regression of up to 3 hours in total. This regression includes a detailed preliminary talk, the actual execution of the regression and a subsequent analysing telephone call after three to four days.

Karma counselling is more or less automatic depending on the need.

KarmaRückführungfrühere LebenWiedergeburtKarmaberatungReinkarnationfrüheres LebenAm-Ziel-ErleuchtungNew Age as Evolutionary Leap of Consciousness: The Healed and Transcended Inner Family(AL)Connected to Conventional Enlightenment as Final Enlightenment – Complete Spiritual Path -.