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Only few people are currently (5/2022) already experiencing the higher level of awareness of the new era. But while the old souls of the old era struggle especially hard to adapt their rigid structures to the new era, new age souls and children grow comparatively naturally into the new ‒ if they are given the opportunity.

That is why I have compiled for you the books that support the development of children, even if you yourselves do not yet have the higher level of awareness. Children and new age souls still bring such natural resources that the main thing is not to destroy them with the old views. However, this unfortunately happens so naturally and unnoticed that Musubi has guided me specifically to key issues to make you aware of it.

Gretel and Hansel heal the witchThe pedagogy of fairy tales and their symbolic meaning is nowadays increasingly being questioned ‒ and rightly so. The traditional fairy tales pass on the low level of awareness of the old era from generation to generation. Often they are a kind of instruction manual on how to destroy awareness toward the low level of the old era. One of these particularly harmful fairy tales is, for example, “Hansel and Gretel”.

That’s why Musubi guided me to rework the Grimm fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel”, which is known all over the world, into “Gretel and Hansel“. The new “Gretel and Hansel” intuitively conveys, how to heal the awareness. Four self-contained continuation fairy tales exemplify full transcendent consciousness, love creations and the Universal Plan.

Experiences make a particularly intensive impression. Children learn for life through play. That’s why it’s especially important to pay attention to what basic message is passed on through games. In the old days, competitive games, for example at children’s birthday parties, were used to teach children to play against each other. This makes it all the more difficult later on when teamwork is suddenly required at work.

That’s why I’ve put together for you a guide for parents entitled “Competition-free Birthday: Teamwork Games for Kids – Non-competitive Children´s Party Games“, which contains cooperative games to experience the joy of teamwork. I offer this help to parents, group leaders and to everyone, who deals with children.

Souls have had consistently bad experiences with the earthly in the old era. Just think of the actually serious discussion of the old era about whether there are souls at all. Of course there are souls.

EMDR for Babies

In order to make it easier for the souls to arrive on earth and to process the first psychological stresses of the babies, I have the parents’ guide “EMDR for Babies” for you. Even though experts are already trying to take it for themselves, it is not addressed to them, but to you as loving parents. For babies, who are healthy, it needs nothing more than your love to be able to apply EMDR for Babies.

Later as adults, new age souls often have the basic theme of arriving in the earthly. How this theme influences everything largely unnoticed, I describe in my travelogue “Spiritual houseboat holiday in Holland“. While I tell my point of view from the female Spiritual System, my new age soul life partner was about his arrival in the earthly.

General understanding for new age souls I convey with my travel report “Spiritual Japan holiday“. New age souls often still have a more healthy awareness than old souls, so it is all the more important not to unsettle them.

To a healthy awareness belongs in particular a complete, cured and cooperative inner family(AL). I describe this in “Spiritual Psychotherapy: the inner family“. Especially for parents, pedagogues, educators and all who have to do with children, at least knowledge about the inner family(AL) is important. Only in this way can caregivers be aware of how they influence children. In addition, it is recommended to heal and develop one’s own inner family(AL) together with the children.

Through my recommendations you have the opportunity to gain insight into the higher awareness and to make your first experiences into the new era.

Further to the fairy tales of the new age, the parenting guidebook “EMDR for Babies“, the cooperative group games or my book store.