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Content: Spiritual Masters Muni Weber, Karl Renz and Sai Baba

In a spiritual blog[1], the non-enlightened Matthias Pöhm criticises various spiritual masters and gurus on the basis of certain criteria he has defined. These result from a mixture of outdated general social and individual convictions. In particular, Matthias Pöhm repeatedly criticises a still existing “I” among the enlightened. This criticism is unfounded, because of course all spiritual masters still have an “I”, because this belongs to the transcendent consciousness of all human beings.

I will deal with the fundamental errors of Matthias Pöhm in his spiritual blog as well as with the conventional Spiritual Masters Anssi Antila, Christian Meyer and Ramana Maharshi elsewhere. In the following, I will comment on the further conventional Spiritual Masters and Gurus Muni Weber, Karl Renz and Sai Baba.

Criticism of Spiritual Master Muni Weber by Matthias Pöhm

Who is the Spiritual Guide Muni Weber? On his website[2] there is almost nothing about him personally, except that he is a metaphysician and healer. Muni Weber also claims to strive for the truth and to have been influenced by other Spiritual Masters.

Muni Weber teaches in various chats and videos, of which Matthias Pöhm[3] says he has evaluated about 600 hours. Matthias Pöhm also refers to an e-mail he had received from Muni Weber and published. In it, Muni Weber demands that Matthias Pöhm delete his criticsm.

What is striking about this e-mail is that Muni Weber does not manage to stand up for himself directly. Instead, he has to use other people’s indignation regarding another Spiritual Master as a pretext for writing his e-mail. Only after this introduction does he dare to take a stand on his own behalf. What conclusions about his personality (personality test) does this allow?

Basically, two possibilities come into consideration. Inner-woman personalities (see also Spiritual Psychotherapy(AL)/Coaching(AL)) and new age souls or souls in transition to older ones refer to other people in this way. From the sum of a number of characteristics it can be concluded that Muni Weber belongs to the souls in transition from new age soul to older soul.

Firstly, Muni Weber is a metaphysician, a basic discipline of philosophy. That is, Muni Weber has chosen a profession that requires abstract thinking, so his earthly personality structure has an inner-man strength. On the other hand, there are no indications of an equally strong inner woman with corresponding emotionality. In this respect, the possibility of an inner-woman personality does not apply.

Secondly, Muni Weber keeps his own person as such in the background. This is not always the case, but it is particularly common with new age souls.

Thirdly, Muni Weber has the typical delicate physique of new age souls.

Fourthly, his charisma also corresponds to a new age soul. In this respect, however, my own perception is no longer completely reliable, because since the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©, I adjust myself so automatically to the respective energy level of other people, as with a lift, that I lack the fixed reference point against which I can measure the energy level of other people with certainty. In this respect, I can only say that his charisma tends to correspond to a new age soul age.

Fifthly, according to Matthias Pöhm, Muni Weber lacks critical ability. This is particularly common in the early soul age due to a certain earthly insecurity. However, there may be other explanations for this if Matthias Pöhm’s assessment is correct at all.

Sixthly, Muni Weber still has the new age soul confidence that his wish to have the criticsm deleted will be granted.

Seventhly, Matthias Pöhm writes: “… Muni says openly that he was and is in conflict about statements with almost all his former masters. He himself says … that he is practically always “right” … but that other teachers are “doubtful”. …” New age souls are still so far connected with their universal origin that they realise completely automatically, how incomplete the conventional Spiritual Masters and Gurus are in their personality development. However, new age souls usually doubt themselves rather than the others.

Muni Weber, on the other hand, while still orienting himself towards the other Spiritual Masters and deriving his spiritual authority (on his website) through them, is at the same time already detaching himself from them by setting himself apart. That is, he is in transition from a new age soul to an older soul.

What does this mean for Muni Weber’s teaching? His teaching is a mixture of presumably genuine own universal realisation as well as orientation towards and dissociation from the conventional Spiritual Masters and Gurus.

Matthias Pöhm criticises the Spiritual Guide Karl Renz

Karl Renz[4] was born in 1953 as a farmer’s son in Germany. Since his enlightenment experience, he has held spiritual “Karl Talks”. On enlightenment he writes: “… Enlightenment is more a cognition than a realisation. It is the cognition that what you are has always been realised and cannot be realised any more than it already is. That is all. …”

The further quotes from Karl Renz as well as a superficial look at his videos show that Karl Renz has experienced and teaches his “self”. That is, he is primarily concerned with his divine consciousness part. In doing so, he does not claim to know the absolute truth, but represents his personal view. In this respect, he seems to be open to new experiences and thus further personality development.

Matthias Pöhm[5] criticises Karl Renz for having fits of rage and thus still having an “I”. Since all ‒ even enlightened ‒ people still have an “I”, this criticism is invalid. Therefore, I would only like to deal with the feeling of anger, which Matthias Pöhm discusses quite extensively.

Matthias Pöhm claims, moreover explicitly as a fact: “… There is not a single occasion where stress, anger or even rage would have any kind of justification. Not a SINGLE ONE! …” ‒ What arrogance on Matthias Pöhm’s part to assume that his assertion is a universally valid fact. Moreover, he then even elevates it to the standard for the enlightenment status of the Spiritual Masters and Gurus.

From the complete point of view of Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung(AL) [Final-Enlightenment(AL)] it is a fact that all feelings have their justification; otherwise they would not exist at all. Feelings belong to earthly existence as meaningful and necessary elements of design. The Universal Whole attaches great importance to feelings. Divinely integrated, feelings make a life wonderful.

Tantrums in the form of an emotional overreaction merely show that the earthly personality part is not yet healed and connected with the divine consciousness part. This means that even with tantrums Karl Renz can be conventionally enlightened if he identifies predominantly with his divine consciousness part.

However, the following statement by Karl Renz is wrong: “… There are only right steps. Only right efforts. The self knows one hundred percent what the self needs in order to find itself. At every moment it knows this one hundred percent and always takes the right step towards itself. …” In fact, the self merely finds itself, rather than into complete transcendent consciousness, just as the ego stabilises itself. Above all, the karmic system in particular wants to keep its power and boycotts consciousness development. That is why there are also wrong steps and against them a targeted approach to Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©. More information on this you will find in my standard book on the new spirituality “The complete spiritual path“.

Alternatively, Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© can also be achieved indirectly as a soul agreement with a Final-Enlightened(AL) person. In that case, the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtete(AL) then gives the necessary impulses for development.

Sai Baba in the criticism of Matthias Pöhm

Spiritueller Weg, Spirituelle Meister, Gurus, Erleuchtung -8Sai Baba[6] was a very controversial Indian guru, who lived from 1926 to 2011. He is said to have been born with supernatural abilities and to have claimed to be the reincarnation of an Indian saint. He later added that he was an embodiment of the Indian deities Shiva and Shakti as well as Jesus. He is said to have performed healings and miracles. His teachings aimed at Hindus and Muslims tolerating each other. Moreover, he accepted all religions equally as ways to realise unity. He also established numerous relief and educational works throughout India.

With regard to Sai Baba, four questions in particular seem to me to be of crucial importance:

  • What did Sai Baba teach?
  • Did Sai Baba live what he taught?
  • Were Sai Baba’s miracles real?
  • Was Sai Baba a criminal?

I come to the following conclusions:

     1. What did Sai Baba teach?

First of all, it is noticeable that Sai Baba primarily gave instructions for earthly life and only secondarily for spiritual personality development. This gives people orientation and stability, but does not lead them to a higher level of consciousness. Instead, there is even a tendency in Sai Baba’s prayers and instructions to anchor people on the earthly layer of awareness of worshiping the Divine.

On unconditional love, divine consciousness of human beings, earthly illusion, dealing with desires, service to others and so on, Sai Baba repeats what is already well known from the world religions. He took various elements of Hinduism, Christianity, as well as other religions out of their context and related the statements to himself.

    2. Did Sai Baba live what he taught?

“… Swami said that the teacher and guru must do what he teaches, only then can he convince the disciples and is also credible. …”[7] At the same time, Sai Baba taught that the path that leads people to God should be: “… A good character, pure thoughts, the performance of excellent deeds and selfless renunciation …”[8] When the fortune of his ashram was estimated at nine billion dollars at the time of Sai Baba’s death and he let himself be dragged on a golden throne by the crowds of his followers on his birthdays, this clearly contradicts selfless renunciation.

    3. Were Sai Baba’s miracles real?

Sai Baba is said to have healed the sick and worked miracles. Whether Sai Baba actually had healing abilities cannot be judged. However, when people made long arduous pilgrimages to him, their faith in the expected healing was so strong that this alone certainly did indeed heal many people. In modern medicine, this mechanism of action is known as the placebo effect.

In terms of miracles, the main focus is on his materialisations, i.e. making objects appear and disappear at will. Sai Baba is said to have materialised holy ashes, rings, necklaces, watches, fruits and much more. “… Sai Baba: “Mental creation. I think, imagine, and then it is there.” …”[9]

If Sai Baba “materialised” purely through his mental body, this contradicts the divine-earthly creation, which involves all layers of awareness (Lyme disease healing). Sai Baba does not begin in the Universal Origin. He then immediately jumps from mental body energy to matter without including the transition of emotional body energy. Accordingly, his “miracles” have since been exposed as magic tricks. [Note: In the meantime, the video is not available anymore.]

    4. Was Sai Baba a criminal?

Sai Baba is accused of being a paedophile and of having committed sexual assaults on his disciples. Conny Larsson[10] describes Sai Baba’s sexual abuse in his book “Behind the Mask of the Clown”. Former devotees report that Sai Baba liked to touch male devotees on their genitals, allegedly for the purpose of “spiritual purification”.

Kritik am Guru Sai Baba - neues Zeitalter

Sai Baba had a magnificent hospital built, where the poor were treated free of charge. However, it is said that children were operated in this hospital and afterwards found that they were missing a kidney. The kidneys are said to have been sold on the black market.

Some former followers of Sai Baba attribute the fact that Sai Baba was never investigated, to the corruption of the local police, judiciary and political structures, whose representatives profited greatly from Sai Baba. Sai Baba is said to have had good contacts up to the highest government circles.

It will probably not be possible to determine with certainty to what extent the criminal accusations against Sai Baba are true. From the overall picture of Sai Baba and my perception of his energies, I personally assume that the accusations are justified.

However, since with Sai Baba’s death his personal shortcomings are no longer applicable, we can look at what positive values he left behind. His reconciliation of religions was a step in the right direction.

Conclusion: Sai Baba was a (probably criminal) charlatan, who set a right impulse for society as a whole by accepting the religions. In doing so, he worked towards the new age. At the same time, Sai Baba once again addressed and summarised conventional values. The extent of his following shows, how widespread this level of consciousness still is and how much patience the new age needs.

The evolutionary leap in consciousness is happening now and is at the same time a gradual process in which the conventional, positive values are being integrated into Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©. Through the emanation of love from more and more am-Ziel-erleuchteten(AL) people, the higher level of consciousness will eventually become the normal state of the new age for society as a whole. At the same time, each individual can already decide for Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©.

Ayleen Lyschamaya, Musubis female creative power

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