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From consumption to consciousness
What do Hitler and “Hansel and Gretel” have in common?
Germany still in the Middle Ages: continued witch burnings



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Poverty begins in consciousness
Sickening Ganges River ‒ a spiritual problem


Sri Lanka

new consciousness / awareness Sri Lanka

The spiritual power is female
The female Spiritual System replaces Buddhism



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Earthquakes, radiation and karoshi ‒ what does this say about Japan?
New Age soul understanding eliminates loneliness in Japan
The spiritual learning task: performance pressure


USA and Canada

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Missed future through living in the Now
Freedom and unlimited opportunities as a threat to humanity?
Ufos and aliens? ‒ we as an inferior species



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Carnival in Rio de Janeiro ‒ expression of inner woman joy?
Destruction of the rainforest: the universal access is dying



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Beautiful beaches and typhoons ‒ what endures?
Through consciousness out of misery



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Germany, country of the future: Is Austria lagging behind?
Are ecovillages a path to peacefulness, sustainability and self-development?



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Australia is losing out: too sluggish for the new consciousness
Australia is far away from the New Age


New Zealand and Switzerland

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The convenience of being problem-free
The tranquility of neutrality ‒ the unlived life
What do Switzerland and New Zealand have in common?


The new consciousness ‒ let’s tackle it!

Musubi World Healing: The Bible / Holy Scripture of the New Age

From consumption to consciousness

Consumption is often associated with environmental pollution. Housing, mobility and food are the areas of usage that place the greatest burden on the environment, for example, through land, water and energy consumption, but also through pollutant emissions and waste.[1]  However, this connection is already known, so I do not want to go into it any further. Instead, I would like to start with the psychology of consumption and question, why most consumers spend more money than they had actually planned when shopping. Why does overconsumption occur, putting as much strain on the environment as on one´s wallet?

The answer is “consciousness”. People make about 70 percent of their decisions unconsciously, and the 30 percent that remain as “free will” are additionally altered through numerous external influences.[2]  At this point I start and convey with “Musubi World Healing: The Bible / Holy Scripture of the New Age[3] the complete transcendent consciousness. With this knowledge alone the complete transcendent consciousness is not yet completely at one´s disposal, but one can better estimate, what one has to do with oneself and the manipulations of others.

What do Hitler and “Hansel and Gretel” have in common?

At first glance, there can hardly be a greater difference than between a dictator of the second world war and a fairy tale for children. No matter, actually already there begins the first relation in the collective consciousness. The karmic power part in the consciousness (Hitler) is based on a wounded inner child. However, only in rare cases a karmic power part turns out in such a way as Hitler. But, that Hitler could take over the power collectively so far at all, was due to the fact that he was in solidarity with the power parts in the consciousness of many more people.

The consensus of Hitler and “Hansel and Gretel” goes much further, though. While Hitler annihilated populations and opponents of war, the Grimm´s “Hansel and Gretel” annihilates the feminine in the consciousness of its readers. But while Hitler´s extermination has since ended and great care is taken not to repeat it, the extermination of the feminine through “Hansel and Gretel” still continues worldwide. Both mass murders originated on German soil, so it is only right that “Hansel and Gretel” should also be ended by Germany.

For this purpose, I have revised the Grimm´s “Hansel and Gretel” to “Gretel and Hansel” and have written four continuation fairy tales to convey the complete transcendental consciousness. All five fairy tales are published as a collection of fairy tales as well as part of “Musubi World Healing: The Bible / Holy Scripture of the New Age[4].

Germany still in the Middle Ages: continued witch burnings

When we refer to the Middle Ages, we think of a dark era with hardship, war, disease and oppression. So it is also called the “Dark Ages”, when brutal torture and witch burnings took place. Witch persecutions reached their peak in Germany in the early modern period between 1550 and 1650. That is, the modern era began as a struggle against female consciousness. Witch persecutions are estimated at 40,000. Germany thus accounted for more than half of the total European number.[5]

The collective consciousness of a society is expressed in its living conditions. In the early modern period, the shift to a scientific-capitalist worldview based on individuality took place. In the course of this, the feminine was finally suppressed in consciousness and collectively burned in the external equivalent. This was a process that had been in the offing for a very long time and finally reached its climax.

In many fairy tales, the consciousness motif of the repression of the feminine can still be found today, for example in the Grimm´s “Hansel and Gretel”. For a healthy collective development of consciousness it is therefore very important that the Middle Ages and the early modern period are finally ended in their traditions, too, and replaced by the New Age. That is why Musubi (the Universal Whole) has guided me to revise the Grimm´s “Hansel and Gretel” into “Gretel and Hansel” and to publish it together with other new fairy tales as a fairy tale collection. All fairy tales are at the same time included in “Musubi World Healing: The Bible / Holy Scripture of the New Age”.

Poverty begins in consciousness

India is one of the poorest countries in the world. But if one reads the reports on the Internet, the main controversy is about the extremely low poverty line and the large discrepancy between economic growth, rich and poor. Remarkably little is said about the cause of this poverty. Sometimes climate change and drought are cited, but this only increases the already existing poverty instead of explaining the origin, and the government is accused of not doing enough to combat poverty. In addition, different economic models are opposed to each other and discussed without a solution. But what is the real cause of the poverty?

The answer is that the poverty is due to Indian consciousness. In fact, the answer is always the same, because how a person or a country is doing, depends on her or his personal consciousness respectively on the collective consciousness of the society. The personal living conditions as well as the whole world are each a universal-earthly creation of consciousness. How especially the Indian consciousness causes poverty, in which way the poverty can be healed and my creation of consciousness to support India, I describe in “Musubi World Healing: The Bible / Holy Scripture of the New Age[6].

It is up to India to now implement the changes in consciousness that I have already made to create a better life. The New Age for the world, as new love basis, is there and must only be realized in each case in the collective and individual consciousness.

Sickening Ganges River ‒ a spiritual problem

India is dealing with a number of environmental problems; starting with air pollution in the cities, continuing with the lack of sewage and garbage disposal, and ending with a polluted holy river Ganges. If we look at the collective consciousness, these environmental problems are interrelated. For example, poor air quality is associated with recurrent throat and lung infections and reduced lung capacity. Contaminated water is a major contributor to the development and spread of infectious diseases. In other words, there is a direct connection between the environmental situation and the health of the population.

At the same time, India has extensive environmental protection legislation, but in many cases it is poorly implemented.[7] Why? India´s collective consciousness does not seem to have internalized the direct connection between environmental pollution and health. The weibliche Spirituelle System (female Spiritual System) is responsible for health; however, everything feminine is suppressed in India. That is, the structural layer legislation is in place, but the feminine sense of the importance of health is not.

In other countries this is missing, too, but on top, in India, a spiritual attitude is added, which then makes life completely what India is. How the consciousness of India leads to a polluted holy river, I describe in detail in “Musubi World Healing: The Bible / Holy Scripture of the New Age”, because only a change of consciousness can solve the environmental and health problem of the Ganges at the same time.

The spiritual power is female

Sri Lanka´s problem with women in power: The first woman to be appointed as a deputy inspector general of police was removed from office just six months later. This decision followed the filing of a fundamental rights petition by thirty-three senior superintendents of police. These argued that the appointment of Bimshani Jasin Arachchi was unlawful, because the appointment rules do not use the term “women” and therefore do not apply to a woman.[8]

Of particular interest is the period, during which Jasin Arachchi was deputy inspector general. This, in fact, coincides directly with the dispute during the Musubi world changeover to the weiblichen Spirituellen System (female Spiritual System). This took place as a court case “Higher justice: female new beginning as world love”. During this time, the karmic power system tried to keep its previous position by all means.

However, since April 15, 2021, we are in the New Age with a female Spiritual System emanating from Musubi. For a while, the world will still try to hold on to its old structures. This is allowed as free will, because Musubi does not want to break the structures, but to change them gradually. The basis for this change is already anchored in the consciousness of the world and can´t be stopped anymore, because of the universal laws. The spiritual power is already feminine ‒ and this will finally be realized in Sri Lanka, too.

In “Musubi World Healing: The Bible / Holy Scripture of the New Age” I describe the universal laws of healing. These are equally applicable to the world consciousness, individual countries, the feminine, the masculine, children and the body. I have already applied them mainly to the world consciousness and individual countries, for example Japan and India, to groups of persons and themes, and to individuals. In “Musubi World Healing: The Bible / Holy Scripture of the New Age” I refer mainly to the world, India, the feminine and children (fairy tales) supplemented by an example of body healing.

The weibliche Spirituelle System ( female Spiritual System) replaces Buddhism

According to Lama Ole Nydhal, Buddha should have said, “I don´t want disciples, I want colleagues. I don´t want people who believe, I want people who know”.[9]  This attitude pleases scientists, philosophers and the Western worldview alike. Why? Buddhism, the sciences (including philosophy) and the Western worldview have one central thing in common: they are based on a male-rational understanding of the world. In Buddhism, merely enlightenment is added.

What is missing in this male-rational world view, are the feelings. If these are not already repressed in the male-rational consciousness, they are controlled all the more. Thus, Buddhism teaches a very one-sided consciousness, which corresponds to the Western worldview to the extent that it meets with sympathy.

For Musubi, however, it is not a matter of incomplete consciousness stabilizing each other in imperfection across national borders and disciplines, but of consciousness development. Therefore, it was my task to finish Buddhism at its place of origin in India, as I describe it in “Musubi World Healing: The Bible / Holy Scripture of the New Age”. Since April 15, 2021, the energies of the world have been transformed to the female Spiritual System.

The karmic-male Buddhism is over and replaced by the complete transcendent consciousness of the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© [Final-Enlightenment(AL)]. Instead of supposedly leaving the unconsciously created suffering of the karmic cycle, the New Age is about consciously spreading love from Universal to earthly through oneself. Through this, the world heals and develops.

Earthquakes, radiation and karoshi ‒ what does this say about Japan?

Japan is located at the intersection of three continental plates, which brings tremendous seismic activity. Therefore, earthquakes are common in Japan. Tsunamis are earthquakes that occur under water and can form a huge tidal wave. Atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, with, among other things, devastating radiation consequences. The nuclear disaster at Fukushima also comes to mind. Karoshi as sacrifice for work is a Japanese term. It means people, who live for their work and eventually even give their lives.

These are enumerated themes that seem to have nothing to do with each other. The earthquakes and tsunamis are natural events, the atomic bombs are war results, Fukushima is earthquake effect in connection with human errors and Karoshi is the consequence of the Japanese social system. ‒ Can these themes say something about Japan? Yes, because they have to do with Japanese consciousness.

No matter what place in the world people choose to be born into the prevailing living conditions there, or what social system develops, it always has to do with individual and collective consciousness. There are so many New Age souls living in Japan that Japan collectively has a New Age soul consciousness. What this means in terms of earthquakes, tsunamis, atomic bombs, Fukushima and karoshi, I explain in detail in my travel report “Spiritual Japan holiday: the decision[10].

New Age soul understanding eliminates loneliness in Japan

In Japan, in the meantime, loneliness is considered a problem that affects people of all generations and income levels. As a result, members of the Japanese government plan to combat loneliness through introducing a committee to address the problem. In seeking policy guidance, the committee plans to look to the experiences of the United Kingdom, which is considered to be a progressive nation in taking action against loneliness.[11]

What is the cause of Japanese people loneliness and how can this problem be solved? In any case, looking at Great Britain does not help, because the cause is completely different. The Japanese New Age souls are earthly inexperienced in their consciousness still like little children, who are afraid if they are not lovingly guided. That is exactly what they need: loving earthly guidance. The Japanese people need to be told and shown, how to build up social contacts up to love relationships in a very reserved and cautious way. Their greatest fear is doing something wrong and being rejected. This fear must be taken away from them through assistance.

As particularly important it should also be noted that they do not build their relationships on structural entanglements, as is usual for older souls. For the Japanese people, their soul connection is crucial. The biggest mistake the Japanese people make, is to orient themselves to the older souls of other countries. Thus, with their interest in Buddhism and the Grimm fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel”, they are heading directly for the broken state of consciousness of the older souls.

New Age souls, with proper guidance, are able to evolve and heal especially quickly. It would be possible to collectively lead Japan into the full transcendent consciousness of the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© [Final-Enlightenment(AL)] in just a few years. In this state, there is no loneliness.

Japanese people are recommended to deal with their soul age and the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©. In this regard, “Musubi World Healing: The Bible / Holy Scripture of the New Age[12] is mainly for the correction of harmful influences of the older souls. Therefore, this book is only recommended to Japanese people if they are influenced by Buddhism and/or “Hansel and Gretel”. Just as well, however, they can simply abandon both (Buddhism and “Hansel and Gretel”) without this background knowledge. “Spiritual Japan holiday: the decision” introduces New Age soul consciousness by means of Japan. Accordingly, this travelogue serves mainly for the older souls to understand the New Age souls. “Spiritual houseboat holiday in Holland”[13] thematizes the arrival of the New Age souls on earth. The Japanese people can approach the earth in this way.

The spiritual learning task: performance pressure

In Japan, school already begins in kindergarten. For school children, tutoring follows after classes. The demands and the pressure to perform are enormous.[14] New Age souls feel it even more. Why performance pressure is such a central issue for New Age souls, I discuss in “Spiritual Japan holiday: the decision”. Therefore, at this point, instead, I would like to explain first steps for a solution.

Japan needs loving guidance about when it is enough what they have learned or what they are doing. The Japanese people have internalized such a high demand for performance that they cannot fulfill it at all. In other words, they are accompanied by a permanent feeling of inadequacy. Therefore, it is important for them to free the Liebesflussverbindung (love-flow-connection) in their consciousness from their still fragile, in its early stages, guilt-feelings-blockade. The Liebesflussverbindung can be established through the “Guilt feelings deletion – live love – approach”© and/or indirect love-energy-healing. Through the Liebesflussverbindung in their consciousness, the Japanese people are led by Musubi, so that they have loving inner guidance.

This Liebesflussverbindung can already be prepared through “EMDR for Babies: A parents´ guide for your baby´s first year of life[15]. A change of attitude away from the performance pressure to the joy of doing, supports “Competition-free Birthday: Teamwork Games for Kids: Non-competitive Children´s Party Games[16]

new school systemSee also the person-centered guidance school system without pressure to perform that Musubi prescribes worldwide.

Missed future through living in the Now

The “Now” has become virtually synonymous with conventional enlightenment in spiritual circles since Eckhart Tolle. Therefore, Musubi led me to heal this incomplete identification of consciousness through “Musubi World Healing: The Bible / Holy Scripture of the New Age[17]. I spend an entire section to the interrelationships of the temporal dimensions of past, present, future and eternity, and to what contents of consciousness they correspond. In addition, I corrected Eckhart Tolle´s statements on “New Age TV ‒ of the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung”© and healed his energies during his events.

The conventional enlightenment is a state of rest in the universal to divine parts of consciousness, which are opposite to the earthly ego. The latter is unconscious to the conventionally enlightened people in its content structure up to completely suppressed. Above all, a universal-earthly creation is only possible if a corresponding Liebesflussverbindung (love-flow-connection) exists in the consciousness. All people manifest always, only with incompletely recognized consciousness accordingly unconsciously.

The complete transcendent consciousness consists of two creation forces and four layers of awareness. With these two creation forces the earthly is formed over these four layers of awareness from Universal to earthly according to universal laws. Thereby all temporal dimensions are equally important.

Get to know your ego as an inner family(AL) with karmic and body, especially through healing the individual family members and strengthening their cooperation with each other. You will be supported in this by my book “Spiritual Psychotherapy: the inner family”[18]. Also, experience the Liebesflussverbindung (love-flow-connection) in your consciousness and thereby true self-love through the “Guilt feelings deletion – live love – approach”© in “Completely dissolving feelings of guilt”[19]. Freed from the burden of guilt feelings, the Liebesflussverbindung (love-flow-connection) allows to rediscover the joy of the inner woman, which is her very essence.

If you are interested in more about Eckhart Tolle, than please continue to Eckhart Tolle´s double fault.

Freedom and unlimited opportunities as a threat to humanity?

What is to be thought of the fundamental idea of a better life founded on equal chances and opportunities for all? Basically, from an earthly point of view, this sounds well at first, even if the great expectations have by no means been fulfilled by the lived reality. Why not?

There is no freedom and certainly there are no unlimited possibilities if one´s own consciousness is limited. All people live within the limitations of their consciousness. That means, a country which puts individualism in the foreground, identifies itself only primarily with its inner man. This results in certain strengths and weaknesses, but these are no better or worse than those of other centers of consciousness in other countries. Professional success belongs to the strengths of the inner man, so that the American dream from dishwasher to millionaire is proverbial ‒ if missing social competences, as for example cooperation, were not also important.

Individuality of a complete transcendent consciousness filled with universell-irdischem Liebesfluss (universal-earthly love-flow) is the ideal that is desirable. An inner-man-consciousness that has not yet integrated its karmic power system, on the other hand, can become a danger. One thinks of the example of Adolf Hitler. That is, it is not freedom itself that is good or bad, but how it is used that is decisive.

The more conscious a person or a social system is, the more the universal love will be realized in consciousness and accordingly also in the outside. That is why the healing of the world is so important that the Universal Whole made me publish “Musubi World Healing: The Bible / Holy Scripture of the New Age”. The focus is on the healing of the feminine, which provides important balance in an inner-man-consciousness and finally leads into the Liebesflussverbindung (love-flow-connection).

Free and self-determined is only, who is also free in her or his consciousness. In the way people use the laws of nature nowadays, correspondingly life can be made happy with the universal laws. The pioneers of today are the Am-Ziel-Erleuchteten© [final-enlightened(AL) ones] ‒ they live and spread their dream.

Ufos and aliens? ‒ we as an inferior species

Unknown flying objects have been sighted, whose identity and origin are still unclear (Pentagon Report 6/2021). Accordingly, the speculations are great. Especially if it should be a superior technology, national security is feared about. What can be done?

Mankind is at the beginning of a New Age. All areas of life, especially the sciences, have reached the limit of their previous possibilities. New discoveries are hardly made anymore, because the limit of the Old Age is still in the consciousness of the researchers.

The scientists in the more theoretical disciplines are regularly recognizing inner man personalities. The inner man is focused on the earthly and therefore tries to explain everything from matter. So, for example, it is not possible for the physicists of the expiring Old Age to recognize the looked for “Theory Of Everything” (TOE) including the Grand Unified Theory (GUT), although all contents and connections are right before their nose and these are even explained to them in addition. Despite this, the reversal that matter is not the starting point of everything, but the result of consciousness-creation overwhelms their understanding. Their whole inner stability is based on matter, so that they cannot give up this starting point, without completely losing their hold.

To enable the sciences, technologies and also all other areas of life to develop further, the consciousness of  people must develop further first. To remain with the example of the physicists, they must bring out their inner woman from the repression and heal it, in order to be no longer so one-sidedly existentially related to the earthly. In “Musubi World Healing: The Bible / Holy Scripture of the New Age” I specifically describe the healing of the feminine. Only through the healing of the feminine can the human species as a whole transcend its currently still extremely low level of consciousness of the Old Age.

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro ‒ expression of inner woman joy?

The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro was one of the main attractions of the city until the Corona pandemic. The multicolored parade of samba schools was one of the largest celebrations in the world. More recently, however, the Carnival has faced increasing hostility from radical, fundamentalist Christians. A dark-skinned Jesus Christ in a woman´s body raised the ire of the Catholic Church: “The Mangueira samba school from Rio de Janeiro is engaging in blasphemy, even going so far as to say that our Lord has the body of a woman! We will say with a loud voice: No to this cultural Marxism, no to Mangueira, no to the deformity of our Lord Jesus Christ.”[20]

Joy, community, music and dance are expressions of the inner woman. With the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, the joy of the inner woman is lived. In this respect, it is not blasphemy at all, but extraordinarily fitting that the Divine was represented as a woman. All human beings and other forms of consciousness such as the Son of God, Buddha, other enlightened people, avatars and bodhisattvas have in their consciousness a more or less repressed inner woman. But, the inner woman takes a central role for the New Age. Freed from feelings of guilt, the göttlich-irdische Liebesflussverbindung (divine-earthly love-flow-connection) develops through the inner woman as self-love and joy.

Jesus Christ played an important role ‒ 2000 years ago. As an evolutionary developmental leap, with the New Age, since April 15, 2021, humanity is growing beyond the previous level of consciousness. For this, the world has been switched to the weibliche Spirituelle System (female Spiritual System). The female Spiritual System is a universal law that is applied to the world. With the New Age, the Divine appears as world consciousness in female form.

new health systemThe female Spiritual System is also responsible for health above all. How it heals across the four layerss of awareness is described with the examples of Corona and Lyme disease.

Destruction of the rainforest: the universal access is dying

Rainforests are characterized by large amounts of precipitation falling year-round. They are found on both sides of the equator up to about the 10th latitude, for example, in South America, Central Africa and Southeast Asia. Rainforests are known for their particularly high diversity of species. Features common to rainforests include being green and moist year-round, with little humus buildup.

What does the rainforest stand for? Its ecological importance should be common knowledge, so that I will not discuss this, but instead, the symbolism of the rainforest. Even if we humans like to forget it, we are part of nature and have been influenced by it since the beginning. Therefore, the symbolism of nature touches us particularly deeply, because it has a correspondence in us.

Trees point to the heaven-earth-connection, that is, to the göttlich-irdische Liebesflussverbindung (divine-earthly love-flow-connection). For this, the feminine in consciousness with the element water is of central importance. The feminine-healing heart-love flows through the green heart-chakra. At the same time, the rainforest is called the lungs of the world. The trees give off oxygen that people need to breathe. In addition, plants and animals live in the rainforests, which are important for the climate. All this belongs to the emphasis of the female Spiritual System. The soil, on the other hand, is the focus of the masculine, so the feminine is further emphasized by little humus. The rainforests are located around the equator, that is, in the center region of the earth. This again corresponds likewise to the feminine, which is at the same time the connecting center of the inner family(AL) just like from Universal to earthly.

This symbolism has always been intuitively grasped by people. Thus, in the fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel” the female universal access lives as a witch in the forest. It is the same state of consciousness of the Old Age that burns the witch in the fairy tale and destroys the rainforest of the world. That is why the fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel”, which we pass on to future generations, concerns us existentially as humanity. The healing of consciousness is so important that Musubi led me in reworking the Grimm´s “Hansel and Gretel” into “Gretel and Hansel”. This and four further fairy tales are part of “Musubi World Healing: The Bible / Holy Scripture of the New Age[21]. The Holy Scripture conveys the female Spiritual System of Love-Healing.

Beautiful beaches and typhoons ‒ what endures?

With more than 7,000 islands offering diving opportunities, rice paddies, volcanoes, metropolises and species-rich flora and fauna, the Philippines is one of the most diverse countries in Asia. In particular, it offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The climate of the Philippines is mainly characterized by its proximity to the sea, as no place is further than 200 km from the coast. Therefore, in contrast to the diverse beauty of the Philippines, typhoons and tropical storms occur throughout the year. At the same time, the Philippines is considered one of the countries that will be most affected by the consequences of climate change. This contrast between beauty and destruction raises fundamental questions about orientation: What endures?

People are looking for orientation, support and love in the earthly. Their desire for permanence is great. But, can this desire be fulfilled at all? The answer is absolutely clear: No. It is not possible to get more than the illusion of wish fulfillment from the earthly. Any consciousness-creation is always from Universal to earthly, with the earthly as the visible result. Merely because people create unconsciously on the higher layers of awareness and, therefore, only perceive the earthly result of their consciousness-creation, they believe that their wishes are satisfied out of the earthly. In fact, however, the earthly wish fulfillment results only from ‒ in this case then randomly favorable ‒ own creation of consciousness.

All these consciousness-creations do not have a permanent existence out of themselves, because they are not a static state. They remain earthly form only as long as they are nourished accordingly by the superordinate layers of awareness. At the same time, the created patterns and structures have a certain stability due to their energetic condensation, so that changes need a certain time to be implemented into the earthly. This relative stability prevents too much flexibility, which would end in chaos. But, at the same time, consciousness is alive and creative and always creates something new.

With the transition into the weibliche Spirituelle System (female Spiritual System), the world consciousness has changed into the New Age on April 15, 2021. It has switched from the karmic power system, which dominated until then, into the universal love healing. How fast this love fulfillment becomes visible in the earthly, depends on the flexibility of the structures, especially also on the open-mindedness of every single human being. The universal love is there for all people. Everyone can accept it immediately.

Through consciousness out of misery

35 percent of the Filipinas and Filipinos are under the age of 14, because children here serve as old-age provisions, among other things. In countries, where there is no state pension scheme, people depend on their children to take care of them in old age. That is why the average Filipino family has six children. Families with ten children are not uncommon.[22] Also remarkable are the death and afterlife concepts in the Philippines. For example, the death of a respected person shakes the social structure of the community. At the same time, the position of the deceased is continued in the otherworldly community.[23]  The strong family ties of the Filipinas and Filipinos extend beyond death.

The Philippines is a very poor country. More than a quarter of the population is said to live below the poverty line. What is the reason for this?

The collective consciousness of the Filipinas and Filipinos identifies with the inner woman. Accordingly, it is person-based, family-centered and community-oriented. The inner woman gets her support through connection. In the Old Age, it is the structurally entangled connection to other people. That is, people try to make up for their lack through other people, who are poor, too. Abroad, or through foreign companies, the Filipinas and Filipinos often encounter the karmic power systems of other countries, to which they in turn tend to fare poorly.

The problem is not the feminine per se, but what it connects to. If the feminine becomes entangled and oriented to the earthly, it is inferior and often exploited. If, on the other hand, the inner woman connects with Musubi (the Universal Whole) and the inner man delimits the consciousness in the earthly, great strength emerges from the female Spiritual System. The prerequisite for the Liebesflussverbindung (love-flow-connection) between Musubi and the inner woman is the dissolution of the guilt-feelings-blockade, as I describe it in “Completely dissolving feelings of guilt”. In the second fairy tale, “Stepmother and Wise Old Woman”, in “Musubi World Healing: The Bible / Holy Scripture of the New Age”, I convey the same theme once again intuitively. In addition, in the Holy Scripture I illustrate the application of the female Spiritual System.

Germany, country of the future: Is Austria lagging behind?

Austria´s material prosperity is among the highest of the world. The life satisfaction among Austrians is particularly high in EU comparison.[24]  Germany and Austria are often compared, because they are similar in many respects. Spiritual exhibitions are held equally in Germany and Austria. Spiritual event calendars often refer to the entire German-speaking region. Will this similarity between Germany and Austria remain?

No, not without the intervention of Austria. ‒ Equally, Germany and Austria were collectively dominated by the earthly consciousness part, mainly in male form. This led to material prosperity as the strength of the inner man. The inner man relates to the earthly and that is why both countries are doing well in this respect. Thus, if you compare Germany and Austria with each other and with other countries, one might think that collectively both have reached a high level of consciousness. Considered for the Old Age, it is indeed so, because both countries have developed all the way into their inner man part. The collective consciousness, like the individual consciousness, develops first the inner woman and then the inner man. I explain this in “Spiritual Psychotherapy: the inner family”.

For the Old Age, the most advanced level of consciousness was the developed inner man competence. Therefore, it is no coincidence that exactly on this level the evolutionary developmental leap into the New Age takes place. Building on the fully developed, however very injured, earthly consciousness part, it is now about the göttlich-irdische Liebesflussverbindung (universal-earthly love-flow-connection) in the fully recognized transcendental consciousness with a multiple of the previous creation competence. This begins, as described in “Musubi World Healing: The Bible / Holy Scripture of the New Age”, always in the Universe and becomes the earthly expression across four layers of awareness. This means that the changes already made on the higher layers of awareness will be implemented in the earthly in the next years.

For Germany, souls have agreed to concretely support the earthly changes, which can radiate to Austria. Therefore, Austria is recommended to get involved in the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© [Final-Enlightenment(AL)] as well, because it has especially good conditions for this, due to its proximity to Germany. Through universal-loving cooperation, Austria can keep pace with Germany.

Are ecovillages a path to peacefulness, sustainability and self-development?

The ecovillage “Keimblatt” writes on its website: “We are a group of people, who have made it our goal to realize an ecovillage in Austria. We want to create a framework for 150 to 300 people on the path towards peacefulness, sustainability and self-development.”[25] Are these goals better achievable through an ecovillage than through other forms of living? Let´s have a look at the goals in detail.

Sustainability is a principle of action for the use of resources, in which a lasting satisfaction of needs is to be ensured by preserving the natural regenerative capacity of the systems involved (especially living beings and ecosystems).[26] This goal is not a development of consciousness, but a decision for action on which all participants of an ecovillage agree. Therefore, the chances of achieving this goal are good.

The other two goals, peacefulness and self-development, are helpful as positive decisions, but cannot be controlled by will alone. Willful peacefulness can even lead to permanent control, which is broken by all the stronger outbursts of anger when the inner pressure becomes too great. Peacefulness and self-development coming from within, can only be achieved through the development of consciousness, independent of the outer way of life of an ecovillage.

The fairy tales in “Musubi World Healing: The Bible / Holy Scripture of the New Age[27] convey the functioning of a peaceful consciousness. The permanent being together with Am-Ziel-Erleuchteten© [final-enlightened(AL) ones] leads through their love-radiation and resonance-vibration on an indirect way into Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© [Final-Enlightenment(AL)]. This indirect love energy healing I describe in the fairy tale “The Sugar House of the Wise Old Woman” in “Musubi World Healing: The Bible / Holy Scripture of the New Age”.

Australia is losing out: too sluggish for the new consciousness

Australia is a large, vast country with a low population relative to its size. It has extensive deposits of raw materials and agriculture is an important economic factor.[28] Originally, merely indigenous people, the “aborigines”, lived there. Only about 250 years ago, Australia was discovered by the Europeans. Gold findings led to a mass immigration wave. At the beginning of the 1950s, immigrants were welcomed with a poster “Australia as a country of the future”.[29]  Will Australia still be a country of the future, today?

Australia is distinguished by its turn to the ground. This is what the down-to-earth inner man stands for. Originally, with the Aborigines, a female down-to-earth spirituality was added through dance and as tales of their creation story “Dreamtime.” Then, the Aborigines were virtually torn from the Stone Age into modernity by European immigrants.[30] This is exactly what will happen to Australia again if it sticks to its one-sided ground-relatedness.

Ground-relatedness in the individual as well as in the collective consciousness is important, because it provides stability. However, if the focus is too one-sided on ground-relatedness, the actual strength becomes developmentally inertia. This is what happened to the Aborigines, and it will happen again to Australia as a whole if it does not shift its focus in consciousness more upward.

For the Australians it is a great support to get involved with the spiritual-feminine through “Musubi World Healing: The Bible / Holy Scripture of the New Age”. At the same time, Australians are to be encouraged to be open to new things in the first place. The more persons manage to unite in themselves Musubi´s high spirituality with the Australian down-to-earthness through Liebesflussverbindung (love-flow-connection), the better for the collective consciousness of Australia.

Australia is far away from the New Age

If you look at the news about Australia on the Internet, it is noticeable that mainly natural problems are discussed. Sometimes it is heavy flooding, as in March 2021, then again the general lack of water, frequent bush fires and climate change with its effects. In addition, there are plagues from animals, such as toads, camels and mice. Despite the vastness of the country, space problems are said to arise from the fact that a particularly large number of urban dwellers live in houses, making it difficult to accommodate new residents. These issues emphasize the sluggish down-to-earth nature of Australians. Therefore, I would like to make specific development recommendations about Australia.

Australia should start with healing its inner family(AL) members as I explain it in “Spiritual Psychotherapy: the inner family”. Thereby, for the inner child, special attention should be paid to its tenderness. For the inner woman, one can start from the down-to-earth one. From there, however, the emotional and even the spiritual inner woman should be included, too. For the inner man, he should not be limited to the down-to-earth one, but also the intellectual inner man should be considered. Both, the inner woman and the inner man, are each to be healed in their delicate form. In general, Australia is recommended to open up to tenderness and subtlety. In this respect, Australia and Japan can learn a great deal from each other.

Subsequently, the göttlich-irdische Liebesflussverbindung (divine-earthly love-flow-connection) is to be established in consciousness. This is done through the “Guilt feelings deletion – live love – approach”©, that is, mainly through affirmations as I describe them in “Completely dissolving feelings of guilt”. “Spiritual EMDR” and Belly Dancing as Movement Meditation can be added. For the collective Australian consciousness, it will take its time for the göttlich-irdische Liebesflussverbindung (divine-earthly love-flow-connection) to become an issue, but individual Australians can also evolve much more quickly. Overall, it benefits Australia that immigrants flex the collective consciousness through their cultural diversity. In this respect, migration is not only an economic and social gain for Australia, but also a positive influence on the inert collective consciousness.

The convenience of being problem-free

New Zealand is one of the most liberal economies in the world with good competitiveness and also a good business climate for companies in the country. Agriculture, especially sheep farming, food industry and tourism are of particular importance to the New Zealand economy.[31] A positive attitude toward life is widespread in New Zealand. This general confidence results in innovative and solution-oriented action. New Zealanders are said to be solidary and individualistic at the same time. Moreover, they are open-minded toward other cultures and points of view, as shown, for example, by the respectful treatment of their indigenous people, the “Maori”. The official languages are English, Maori and sign language.[32] New Zealanders are said to be very open-minded.

If poverty and environmental problems are disregarded and instead only the positive image is taken as a basis, New Zealand is apparently a country in which it is easy to live. However, there is a problem specifically for this segment of the population. If a country with down-to-earth mentality is largely doing well in the earthly realm, the initiative for personality development and expansion of consciousness can be too low for the New Age. If the open-mindedness of the people of the collective consciousness is directed outward instead of toward inner processes, and if there is a lack of willingness to go beyond earthly consciousness, New Zealand will stagnate.

So far, New Zealand has had good experiences with its down-to-earth openness to new things, because the level of consciousness of the Old Age was directed toward earthly innovations. But science, for example, has now reached its limit in this respect. Only if the scientists exceed the personal limits in their consciousness, really new discoveries will be made now in the New Age again. The basis for this is “The Consciousness of the new age ‒ consciousness philosophy”,    The Theory of Everything with Mass-Independent Gravity and Dynamic Theory of Gravity as World Formulaand “Musubi World Healing: The Bible / Holy Scripture of the New Age[33].

While “Musubi World Healing: The Bible / Holy Scripture of the New Age” supports the development of individual and collective consciousness, the professional articles convey the new content-scientific basis of consciousness.

New Zealand is faced with the decision to settle into its relative lack of problems and thus gradually fall behind, or to direct its open-mindedness toward the new consciousness and thereby seize a great opportunity. So far, New Zealand has succeeded in demonstrating high scientific standards, but these are now becoming obsolete with the New Age. Successes of further researches can only be expected on a new basis of consciousness.

The tranquility of neutrality ‒ the unlived life

In Switzerland, neutrality has a centuries-old tradition. At the Congress of Vienna in 1815, the European powers agreed to declare Switzerland a neutral buffer zone. In the meantime, this has evolved into a humanitarian worldview that is in the service of peace and prosperity. Switzerland is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of per capita income, with a particularly high quality of life, although poverty exists in this country as well.[34]

On the Human Development Index, Switzerland ranked second in 2019, placing it among the very highly developed countries. This United Nations index is a prosperity indicator that takes into account gross national income per capita, life expectancy and length of education.[35] Thus, the world measures a country´s level of human development by its prosperity, that is, it equates prosperity with a high level of development.

This yardstick has a very one-sided material focus. The earthly part of the collective consciousness of Switzerland is doing well. ‒ Wonderful, but is that really all there is to it? In a 2019 survey of the Swiss resident population, 53.1 percent of respondents said that religion and spirituality play a rather or very important role for them in difficult moments in life.[36] In other words, just over half of the Swiss are interested in spirituality only in difficult situations.

This survey shows that neutrality and prosperity can lead to an inertia in consciousness that detracts from the essentials of life. Instead of experiencing the full transcendent consciousness with universal-earthly creative competence and inner love fulfillment, it remains with the material prosperity of an unconscious, dependent on others, small ego.

At the same time, however, Switzerland, just like Germany, has especially through its good earthly situation the best prerequisites for dealing with the higher level of consciousness of the New Age. Switzerland and Germany are connected by a manifold, close, good-neighborly relationship, not least because of the language that is common in most of Switzerland. Therefore, Switzerland has the best chances to benefit from the higher level of consciousness of the New Age spreading from Berlin. What this all is about, the Swiss can read in “Musubi World Healing: The Bible / Holy Scripture of the New Age”.

What do Switzerland and New Zealand have in common?

Although Switzerland and New Zealand have differences in terms of language, location, climate, population, living conditions, form of government, culture and the like, both countries have a very successful economic environment in common.[37] On the one hand, this creates the best conditions for further development of consciousness, but on the other hand, it also prevents exactly that, because the earthly consciousness part collectively is already doing quite well ‒ quite well, but by no means really well, yet.

The Old Age knows only the previous standard and measures development by prosperity. It misses nothing, because it cannot imagine more than it knows so far. An example of this was the Corona pandemic. The Old Age had been exposed to this largely helplessly and held this for normal. As long as the material level of development is regarded as the highest, accordingly solutions could be achieved only on this. From its consciousness the world had only been able to react with demarcation, in particular in the form of masks, lockdowns and vaccinations. Thus, all three earlier creation possibilities of the higher awareness layers were given away, which would not have let the pandemic develop in the first place to this extent. The Corona pandemic existed only, because merely on the lowest of four awareness layers was reacted, after three quarters of the creation possibilities were missed out.

The world does not even use a quarter of its potential, because the knowledge of the complete transcendental consciousness leads additionally to a synergetic effect, which is multiplied again through the application of the universal laws. Especially countries like Switzerland and New Zealand is therefore highly recommended, not to rest on their quite comfortable earthly state, but to use the chance to multiply their consciousness abilities.

As an introduction, I recommend “Musubi World Healing: The Bible / Holy Scripture of the New Age[38] to familiarize oneself with the structure of the complete transcendental consciousness. The new fairy tales, also contained in “Musubi World Healing: The Bible / Holy Scripture of the New Age”, are addressed to adults and children and thus intuitively support the development of the next generation right from the start.

On April 15, 2021, the New Age has begun. The world consciousness has changed to the weiblichen Spirituellen System (female Spiritual System). Now, the possibilities of each country depend on how quickly it is able to adapt and seize its opportunity. In the long run, Musubi will lead all countries to the higher level of consciousness. From Berlin, the Germany-wide changes are already beginning, because the new consciousness spreads in a snowball system.

Berlin, July 21, 2021,      Ayleen Lyschamaya,      Musubis female Creative Power

Further to the misconceptions of conventional enlightenment, the fairy tales of the new age and the books of Ayleen Lyschamaya

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