1. Genesis as the fall ‒ 2. Genesis as the new age

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Old Genesis 1: the fall

Sacred Scriptures usually begin with telling of the creation. Musubi (the Universal Whole), however, wants to limit such an explanation to handwritten diary notes that remain at this point without clarification and are merely described as the basis for conspiracy theories. Why?

The energy shall not flow to where mistakes were made, but in their healing. In this respect, it shall only be corrected that it was not Eve, who seduced Adam into eating from the tree of knowledge and thereby provoked the so-called fall. In fact, the fall came about, because both, Adam and Eve, found each other so attractive that they allowed themselves to be distracted from their actual divine-earthly soul-love task. This divine-earthly soul-love task is the focus of the Sacred Scripture “Musubi World Healing“.

The biblical myth of the fall of man tries to explain, why the world created good by God, can be evil at the same time. The answer actually lies in the separation from the Divine as fall, namely through guilt feelings. Their dissolution is thematised, among other things, in “Musubi World Healing“, so that the previous fall of mankind can be healed through a new göttlich-irdische Liebesflussverbindung (divine-earthly love-flow-connection) in individual and collective consciousness.

Genesis - die Schöpfung - der Sündenfall

Genesis-2: Verlust der Freude

A Facebook comment:

“I would like to comment that in Judaism there are 70 recognised different interpretations of the story of paradise, but in Christianity officially there is only one, that of the Pharisaic influenced Paul. Most interpretations do not know of a fall into sin, but describe a process of emancipation. Adam and Eve do not commit a sin, but do exactly what God expects of them. However, God allows them to choose, whether they want to stay in paradise or go to earth. Nor is Adam seduced by Eve, but advised by the serpent, who represents the world outside paradise, Eve decides to leave paradise and wins Adam over to do so. And the serpent did not lie to Eve, but told the truth. That serpents and humans outside paradise are enemies, that’s just the way it is and no more a punishment than all the other calamities the couple face there. After the decision has become clear, God tells the couple quite matter-of-factly, what they can expect when they go to earth, the most condensed segment of creation. Nowhere does it say that God is angry. There’s a lot to do there, and that’s exactly what man was created to do, to clean it up.”

My answer:

The way you describe the Jewish interpretations of the paradise story, they sound more value-neutral to the point of positive. This is earthly good for the appreciation of Eve and the serpent.

It is also true that Musubi is not angry and that the earth emerges as the most energetically condensed segment of creation. Furthermore, the earth is indeed to be cleaned up as the new age; I rather refer to this soul task as to heal and create.

At the beginning of creation, however, there was nothing to tidy up, but chaos was created through the described mutual error of orientation. This is the fall in the sense of separation from the Divine. It was never planned by Musubi that human beings should leave paradise and experience separated evil. Instead, paradise was to become a visible expression of universal love as an earthly “miniature model”.

The goal of the new age is to create this loving earth through world healing.

Another Facebook comment:

Dear Ayleen,
this feels 100% true to me.
I observe this every day, how some very spiritual people, even feminine (= conventional) enlightened, now (as of 3/2021) get distracted through all this bad news, instead of tackling this so simple, 100% working healing of the inner family(AL) after methods of Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© and dissolving the guilt-feelings-blockade.

My answer:

Yes, the new age begins individually with one’s own healing and personal experience of complete transcendent consciousness. With this divine-earthly connected consciousness, the earth is then subsequently created ‒ this time without being distracted.

Note to the old age:

While the Am-Ziel-Erleuchteten© [final-enlightened(AL) ones] for energetic reasons are not to concern themselves further with creation, but support the new age with their love energy, there is a fundamental problem of understanding for the people of the old age. The people of the old age try to understand creation from their divine-earthly blocked consciousness, that is, from their consciousness after the fall. This is not possible, because the old age tries to understand the seduction of the transcendent consciousness, which was still complete at the beginning of creation, from the reduced ego-consciousness after the fall.

At the beginning of creation, Adam and Eve were not yet human beings reduced to their ego, but were respectively the male and female universal creative force as transcendent human beings with complete consciousness, who only became the present-day ego-reduced consciousness of the old age through the mutual seduction as the fall.

Since the creation story cannot be understood by the old age and is energetically irrelevant for the new age, it is also not ‒ in contrast to the conventional Holy Scriptures ‒ included in the Holy Scripture of the new age, “Musubi World Healing“. This does not want to explain the fall, but starts with the healing of the fall, which can then only be understood retrospectively.

Why did I publish this page “Genesis ‒ the fall” in the first place when the people of the old age cannot comprehend the fall and the Am-Ziel-Erleuchteten© are supposed to deal with the new age for energetic reasons? To correct the outdated ideas, so that it is easier for you to let go of them as obsolete.

There were the two creative forces Adam and Eve as complete transcendent human beings, that is, divine-soul beings with Musubi mandate to create a loving world. But through mutual distraction, as a fall from grace, they became consciousness-reduced ego-humans, but nevertheless successfully condensed the universal energy into creation at the same time. On this basis, with the new age, the ego-reduced people are now being healed again into complete transcendent human beings, so that they can now fulfill their task of creating a loving earth with the existing energetic substance (meaning the entire structural layer).

By the way, I myself did not receive this information from Musubi as useful for the future, but merely remembered it, because I was/am Eve, Musubis female Creative Power.

Berlin, 3/2021, Ayleen Lyschamaya, Musubis female Creative Power


Dissolved heaven-hell duality

The mistakes made in the first Genesis of the old age:

Fehler der ersten Genesis

Instead of love, joy and community – power, hostility and pressure to perform – that was the hell of the old age.

Hell as the building up of the earth: The old age was the stable building up of the complete consciousness from Universal to earthly, up to the separated ego-earthly.

Heaven as loving earth: The new age is a loving, awareness creation of this complete powerful consciousness.


New Genesis 2: The Feast of the New Age

On the night of April 14 to 15, 2021, Genesis was brought about for the weibliche Spirituelle System (female Spiritual System). With the changeover from Musubi to the weiblichen Spirituellen System, the new age of universal love begins. Therefore, since this year, April 15, first thing in the morning, is the festival of the new age. The complete new creation story is part of the Holy Scripture “Musubi World Healing“. It describes how Musubis female Creative Power has realised love from Universal to earthly.

congratulations on the new age

Festival of the New Age

Festival of the New Age
Festival of the New Age


Rainbow over Berlin at May 4, 2021

Der Regenbogen des neuen Zeitalters-1

Regenbogen des neuen Zeitalters

Doppelter Regenbogen des neuen Zeitalters-2

The rainbow is always a sign that an important new phase is beginning. In this case it is the change of the earthly ‒ and this is proceeding according to Musubi’s plan.

Musubi’s plan had foreseen that through the equal cooperation of male and female creative power, a loving world with free will would emerge. Free will is necessary to create a loving earth within the given framework, but freely and independently. Therefore, free will was allowed to deviate from balanced cooperation.

As long as it was mainly a question of the force as earthly energy condensation, karmic dominance was therefore allowed in mutual seduction of the Musubi creative forces. After the energy condensation as half-time of evolution has been completed, the second Genesis is now about the love fulfillment of the earth. Since Musubis male creative power has held on to its karmic dominance, the world has been switched to the weiblichen Spirituellen System. Thus, the feminine is now in leadership.

Genesis altes und neues Zeitalter

neues Bewusstsein: Genesis altes und neues Zeitalter

The implementation of Musubi’s plan:

Die Zeitenwende: altes und neues Zeitalter

The free will of the male creative force had decided against the love and instead for power. That is why the male creative force was replaced by the direct Musubi leadership as the new age with the second Genesis. For this purpose, the frame of reference was expanded from three layers of awareness to four layers of awareness. Musubis female creative power took over the leadership for the earth with Musubi orientation, superior to the remaining energy of the former male creative power, at the same time connected with it.

New, loving earth

The earth will now (from 2022) be concretely recreated. For this, we are in the transition from the second to the third step in the following illustration. That is, on the one hand, in each case from superordinate consciousness layer still the new value standard is enforced. On the other hand, however, this new value standard is already accepted and then lovingly created in the earthly by the soul.

For this, the horizontal power struggles on the structural layer are replaced by the Universal Guidance from Divine to earthly.

Musubi has already actively dissolved Buddhism for this, as described in Musubi World Healing. Christianity, however, is gradually ending itself energetically-passively; this especially through the dissolution of the guilt-feelings-blockade. The old scientific-rational world view with at the same time conspiracy theories is replaced by the universal world view with a loving-emotional standard. Through development of consciousness a loving earth is gradually realized.




How does the weibliche Spirituelle System (female Spiritual System) function? I have another overview for you on this. In this one, I also include the free will of human beings, because it was the free will that led to the old age and now to the new age. The overview is the higher perspective from Musubi’s plan. I describe the free will of human beings in “Spiritual Japan holiday: the decision, Soul guidance and free will“. Free will is influenced by the weiblichen Spirituellen System of the new age. This is the new loving basis for a new loving earth.

Additional information: Free will is the subject of the travelogue “Spiritual Japan holiday.” The 2nd Genesis is described in “Musubi World Healing“. 

How can the karmic dominance system of the old age still temporarily maintain its power? Only by holding on to the old. As soon as the old injuries are healed and the creation errors are recognized, the old must be let go.

From December 2021 to March 2022, the paradigm shift from the consciousness of the old age to the higher consciousness of the new age took place:



April 15, 2022: Happy Festival of the New Age

I wish you all a Happy Festival of the New Age ‒ this year, at the same time on the day of one of the greatest betrayals in human history, Good Friday.

Two thousand years ago, Jesus was killed as the proclaimer of universal love. This murder of him was twisted to “died for us”. See “The Christmas Story ‒ what really happened then” on my page “The End of Christianity”:


Since then, the karmic dominance system had the power over the world consciousness ‒ until 4/15/2021, the Festival of the New Age. In the night from 14 to 15 of April 2021 the second genesis of the new age took place:


I have described the new Genesis for you in “Musubi World Healing: The Bible / Holy Scripture of the New Age“. This year, it´s the second year that we are celebrating this very special day as the Festival of the New Age.

With my best wishes, yours Ayleen Lyschamaya

From May 18, 2022, until the Planetary Parade on June 24, 2022, the Earth’s energy system was switched to the loving joy of the weibliches Spirituelles System (feminine Spiritual System) through a German fairy tale project. This changeover is the energetic continuation of the previous paradigm shift in consciousness.

The Consciousness Coaches of the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© help you with the concrete earthly changes. I also describe loving healing to you in “Musubi World Healing: The Bible / Holy Scripture of the New Age“.

Musubi World Healing: The Bible / Holy Scripture of the New Age