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Health ‒ what does it mean for us? Before I go into more detail about the individual opportunities for you and through a new health system, using Corona as an example, I would like to share a few quotes with you.

“Keeping the body in good health is a duty … otherwise we cannot keep our minds strong and clear.”(Buddha)

This statement contains two errors at once:

Firstly, Buddha twists the direction of action in consciousness and thereby disregards universal laws. Thus Buddha starts with the body and on this basis gives a behavioral recommendation for a strong and clear mind. In fact, however, the body is the most earthly part of consciousness, which vice versa is kept healthy from the higher layers of awareness.

Secondly, with the mind and conventional enlightenment, Buddha knew only a section of the complete transcendent consciousness. In fact, feelings in particular play a very important role in health.

Today, information is available to all people on how to heal illness and create health in the consciousness from Universal to earthly.

“Every disease is curable ‒ but not every patient.” (Hildegard von Bingen)

This statement can still be agreed with today, because health begins in consciousness. If a person stubbornly holds on to disease-causing contents of consciousness, he or she cannot be cured. Instead, there are often shifts in symptoms. Healing therefore always refers to the complete transcendent consciousness and thereby clears the disease-causing issues.

“Truth is a disgusting medicine; one would rather remain ill before deciding to take it.” (August von Kotzebue)

The disease statistics confirm the above statement. However, to contrast only truth with illness is too short-sighted. Many people are much more reluctant to face the healing process of their feelings or to change their habitual patterns.

Healing is a holistic process that encompasses the entire transcendent consciousness. Although in the meantime the complete transcendent consciousness has been experienced and recognised, it takes courage to engage in it oneself. But only this makes people healthy, because illness and health are forms of consciousness according to universal laws. The universal laws of healing are now known to people with the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© [Final-Enlightenment(AL) respectively New Age Enlightenment(AL)].

“You only appreciate health when you have lost it.” (German proverb)

Many people can certainly confirm this German proverb. But there is a much deeper truth behind it that is not so obvious at first glance. It is not just a matter of not paying enough attention to health until it is too late. Rather, illness and health build up in the consciousness long before they finally become visible in the body.

Illnesses mean that the contents are already wrong on the higher layers of awareness that the person has been burdened and impaired in her/his life for a long time. But now she/he gets the chance to heal from the higher layers of awareness and to live a healthier life beyond the body in a broader sense.

In fact, with today’s knowledge, it is easy to heal from Universal to earthly across the four layers of awareness in the case of diseases, and to work on issues of content. With today’s homeopathy, natural healing methods and conventional medicine, people now have all the options available for the best possible healing.

“Stubborn viruses require stubborn virologists”. (Harald zur Hausen)

This statement very clearly shows a limited consciousness ‒ limited purely to the structural layer. A struggle between viruses and virologists is expressed, which in its one-sidedness contradicts the essence of healing and health.

Healing always happens through love. This can be supported through the sensible use of loving remedies. Thus homeopathy, naturopathy and conventional medicine, used on the appropriate layers of awareness, support the healing flow of love.

As long as the virologists stubbornly fight with stubborn viruses and in addition the naturopaths and orthodox medicine also fight each other, many healing possibilities are given away. But with today’s knowledge of the four layers of awareness of the complete transcendental consciousness, all medical remedies in the broadest sense can be used in a helpful way, complementing each other. This is an opportunity for all individuals as well as for the entire health system.

With the health system of the new age, health and quality of life are created from Divine to earthly across four layers of awareness and finally into the body. With the new age, it is known that the scientifically oriented fight of the old age against symptoms is too one-sidedly narrow, limited only to the structural layer. Therefore, it usually cannot provide sustainable body health and quality of life.

Healing is associated with the feminine. The feminine is the base, into which the masculine scientifically oriented previous health system is integrated. The weibliche Spirituelle System (feminine Spiritual System) of higher consciousness goes far beyond conventional science and involves not only the structural layer. It begins with the energetic origin as an embedding in the Universal Whole (4), continues through the soul layer (3) and the göttlich-irdische Liebesflussverbindung (divine-earthly love-flow-connection) (2) and finally goes on into the earthly (1), into the body. This results in the holistic healing of the weiblichen Spirituellen Systems (female Spiritual System).

The göttlich-irdische Liebesflussverbindung (divine-earthly love-flow-connection) is the basis of the weiblichen Spirituellen Systems (female Spiritual System) and signifies the new age. The Universal Plan (Musubi) will be realized in the new age with his female basis more and more into all areas of society. So also very concretely in the new health system, not only in Germany, but worldwide.

With the higher consciousness of the new age, the feminine unfolds in a completely new form and creates a healthy balance with the masculine and its earthly competence, such as structures and economic efficiency. The feminine draws its strength from the connection to the Divine and creates lovingly, patiently and healing through itself to others.

new epoch: the Spiritual Master Ayleen of New Age Enlightenment

First of all the legal: Why am I giving advice on Corona and a new health system? The reason is that this is important to the Universe, because it loves people and wants to support them. And how could I not pass on important support to other people out of my knowledge of the universal laws? As a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy, however, I am not allowed to give health tips regarding physical illnesses and Corona, because this would mean a violation of the IfSG (German infection protection law). Therefore, I expressly point out that as a Consciousness Coach of the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© (training leader), I explain the universal laws by means of examples, which should be applied by medical and political professionals. The point is to individually and collectively combine the existing competence of the professionals according to the universal laws in such a way that the greatest possible positive synergetic effect can be achieved. My indications do not refer to diseases, but to a higher level of consciousness, which ultimately expresses itself in the body.

For Corona, for example, according to universal laws, it makes little sense to always only discuss different extent of lockdown, other restrictions and vaccination (as of 11/2021) when the delimitation is already optimised in the collective German consciousness. Instead, much more can be achieved by healing the weak point, namely the acceptance of universal love. I will explain to you, too, why the Corona pandemic has come about in Germany at all, below in the commentary posts.

1. Chance through Corona: a better health system

Turn of an era: Homeopathy, alternative remedies and conventional medicine cooperate for the benefit of collective health

The Corona crisis showed that the previous approach ‒ relying on science alone ‒ was not sufficient to answer important questions and find plausible solutions. These answers and solutions are now offered by guidance based on the transcendent consciousness of human beings. A proposed solution for a new health system is presented, which takes into account the different layers of individual and collective awareness.

Chance durch Corona: ein besseres Gesundheitssystem

In all the discussions about Corona, science was taken as the standard as a matter of course. The only hope was for conventional medicine with sufficient hospital capacity and the development of a vaccine. However, this current standard corresponds to nothing more than the level of consciousness that still prevails in most parts of the world at present. It is too narrow and thus wastes valuable opportunities.

Darwin already explained evolution, and human consciousness is indeed evolving. This is expressed, among other things, in the respective health system. Choosing science as the standard for a health system has replaced earlier world views and is now in turn being replaced by evolution.

The new standard for the health system of the turn of time is the transcendent consciousness of human beings with its building blocks of consciousness: (4) Embedding in the Universal Whole, (3) divine part of consciousness respectively soul layer, (2) göttlich-irdische Liebesflussverbindung (love-flow-connection from Divine to earthly), (1) inner family(AL) (inner child, inner woman, inner man) with karmic competence and body.[i] This means that the complete transcendent consciousness of human beings consists of four layers of awareness.

The various (alternative) medical procedures are assigned to these four layers of awareness. The embedding in the Universal Whole and the divine part of consciousness correspond to homeopathy in the form of mother tinctures and globules. This means that homeopathy covers two layers of awareness at once. For the göttlich-irdische Liebesflussverbindung (love-flow-connection from Divine to earthly), the inner woman ‒ freed from the guilt-feelings blockade ‒ is especially important, so that natural remedies work specifically on this layer of awareness. Finally, conventional medicine is responsible for the earthly layer of awareness. This is assigned to the masculine.

There is no strict demarcation between orthodox medicine and natural healing methods in the health system of the turn of the times. The reason for this is that the methods and procedures are not assigned to the layers of awareness absolutely, but relatively. This means that it depends on the individual context of creation. For example, depending on the context, healing earth can be used both as a feminine natural healing method and as a masculine grounding method. For someone else, on the other hand, an operation may be necessary for the earthly layer of awareness.

Particularly important for healing is the divine-to-earthly approach involving all four layers of awareness. Added to this is the consciousness-expanding psychotherapeutic/coaching confrontation with the content issues of the illness and energetic consciousness creation of healing. Rejection of homeopathy, naturopathy or conventional medicine is inappropriate and merely reflects the deficits in individual and/or collective consciousness. The healing outcome ultimately depends on how much of this whole approach is implemented in the right order.

Reality is created in consciousness (hence the placebo effect). This is not only true for individuals, but also collectively. The collective expectation gives matter a corresponding energy.

In this respect, it is not relevant, whether homeopathy has an influence from the substance or because of its collective charge; what matters is that homeopathy works on the layers of awareness of universal embedding and the divine part of consciousness. These layers of awareness are subtle, so it takes subtle approaches to address them. This is why the full strength of the effect of homeopathy cannot be scientifically proven, because homeopathy is located on a more subtle layer of awareness than conventional medicine with its methods.

As long as scientific proof is attempted that starts horizontally on the earthly layer of awareness, such proof is only possible to a limited extent, because homeopathy is not on the same layer of awareness. However, with vertical experiments across the different layers of awareness, it should be possible to prove the effect of homeopathy. All that is needed is to compare the healing results of the complete approach on all four layers of awareness with the structural layer methods alone. Thereby the spiritual or religious world view must be taken into account.

At this point, the accusation against homeopathy that “white bread is used against cancer”[ii] must also be countered. No; universal love energy, homeopathy, alternative remedies and conventional medicine each have equal value ‒ where they are appropriate, namely on their respective layers of awareness, or as universal love energy creating everything.

The health system of the turn of the times includes all four layers of awareness. How this can look in practice can be explained using the example of Corona. What was the initial situation in the consciousness of Germany at the beginning of the Corona pandemic?

The collective consciousness in Germany identified with the masculine of the structural layer. That is, science was the self-evident standard, which was not questioned. The divine-earthly blockade showed itself in the opposition between spirituality and science on both sides. Therefore, the universal energy of love could hardly have any effect. Homeopathy and alternative remedies lost their effect in the confusion and incompleteness of their application and in the opposition to conventional medicine.

During the pandemic, the deficits in the old-age health system became especially apparent. Fear reduced the healing universal love energy. The feminine healing energy and consciousness were almost completely suppressed by masculine-earthly control. The strict contact restrictions blocked the feminine healing, because relationships are very important for this. The male structural layer dominance reached its peak; at the same time its helplessness became apparent.

But parallel to the pandemic, the transformation of the health system into the new age was already beginning. Thus the Am-Ziel-Erleuchteten© [Final-Enlightened(AL) Ones] supported the flow of love from Divine to earthly. Universally guided, they carried out creation of consciousness, which allowed universal love energy to flow specifically into the collective consciousness of Germany. This resulted in the inexplainable low Corona illnesses at the beginning of the pandemic in Germany. The universal love energy counteracted the deficits of the previous health system. On this basis, however, the collective consciousness in Germany must now be developed. Therein lies the great opportunity of the Corona experience for a new health system of the future.

First, fear must be reduced through education about transcendent human consciousness. Then a change of attitude must take place. Diseases are indications of consciousnesses that need to be developed. Therefore, diseases are not to be fought, but lovingly healed. In addition, the question of the meaning of life and death must be addressed. In the case of pandemics, in general only large-scale events should be prohibited, because the collective “patient” needs rest from the point of view of consciousness or, from the earthly point of view, the possibilities of infection are reduced. Allowing personal contact, on the other hand, is absolutely necessary for collective healing in order to strengthen the feminine. For the medical approach, it is important to first take  mother tincture and globules, then alternative remedies and finally develop a vaccine.

Incidentally, this individual and collective build-up of consciousness from Divine to earthly also explains why children are the least affected by Corona and old men the most. Individual influences are added. These always result, both individually and collectively, from the interaction of the contents of consciousness. In Germany, the universal love creation of the Am-Ziel-Erleuchteten© [Final-Enlightened(AL) Ones] at the beginning of the pandemic compensated for the deficits in female healing in the collective consciousness.

How can this health system of the turning point of time, also independent of Corona, be introduced collectively? The very first thing that is needed is a change in the value system, so that the healing of consciousness replaces the previous standard of science for the health system as a whole. The claim of scientificity is limited to conventional medicine and the overriding new standard of “consciousness” is disseminated.

The consciousness value system then leads to the fact that for the healing expansion of consciousness, homeopathy, naturopathy, orthodox medicine, psychotherapy/coaching and energetic approaches are equally recognised, mutually appreciate each other and co-operate for the benefit of the patients.

In detail, the responsibilities are as follows: Psychotherapy/Coaching is responsible for the healing and personality development of the earthly consciousness part of the transcendent human being. The conventional coaching/therapy methods are to be applied specifically to the inner family(AL), karmic, everyday behavior and the body. This assignment explains “Spiritual Psychotherapy: the inner family“[iii]. In addition, feelings of guilt are to be reduced through the basic form of “Guilt feelings deletion ‒ live love ‒ approach“©[iv] in order to increase the success of the other coaching/therapy methods. Spiritual EMDR(AL)[v] can be added.

For acute illnesses, parallel to the consciousness-expanding, coaching and psychotherapeutic procedures, for medical healing on the four layers of awareness, mother tincture, globules, alternative healing methods and conventional medicine ‒ in that order ‒ should be used.[vi] Energetic applications, such as Reiki and frequency devices, provide additional support. So far, the health system can already be adapted at the conventional level of consciousness.

For the higher level of consciousness of the new age, Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© [Final-Enlightenment(AL) respectively New Age Enlightenment(AL)] is necessary. Consciousness Coaches of the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© support other people, who also wish to reach the higher level of consciousness in their personality development and expansion of consciousness. The training to become a “Consciousness Coach of the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©” builds on the conventional and leads beyond it.[vii] The Final-Enlightened(AL) Spiritual Master Sascha Herwig has specifically taken on the soul tasks of being responsible for the new health system of the turn of the times and the Consciousness Coach of the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©.

Parallel to the changes in the health system, it is important to develop the collective consciousness of the people in general, especially through stories, dance and music. Collectively, the healing of the inner woman is the first priority. Ayleen Lyschamaya is already spreading two approaches for healing the inner woman on the internet: The fairy tale “Gretel and Hansel”[viii] and “Belly dance as movement meditation“[ix]. Sascha Herwig is responsible for healing music in the universal fundamental vibration of 432 Hertz[x].

“For a holistic health system in the new age, it is imperative to connect conventional and alternative medicine and ‒ supporting each other ‒ to integrate them into the new consciousness of Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung©. From the perspective of the Universe, the importance of the energetic is shown by the fact that homeopathy addresses two layers of awareness with mother tincture and globules. Psychotherapy/Coaching is added as a supplement.” Sascha Herwig (Final-Enlightened(AL))

“Orthodox medicine has to open its windows very wide for the new age. In the future, there will only be progress in cooperation. Orthodox medicine, of course, yes, but in close cooperation with the spiritual. It will no longer work otherwise ‒ and if … then not well.” Andrea Kirsch (Final-Enlightened(AL))

“It was not so long ago that psychotherapy was rather a niche field and was ridiculed, if not laughed at. In the meantime, however, psychotherapeutic treatment is recognised as a helpful method and no longer needs to be hidden away. It is good that homeopathy and naturopathy are gradually gaining in importance and becoming socially acceptable in the same way, so that in the end all four fields are not hostile to each other, but complement each other. In this respect, I see a need for healing in Japan as well.” Julia San (Final-Enlightened(AL))

“In rehabilitation and prevention sports, pain and functional complaints are often reduced to structural causes. However, there are also some methods that already include emotions and their effects on the musculoskeletal system in the diagnosis. Here, for example, kinesiological tests are used to show the connection with a pain or an injury.

The connective tissue plays a key role in this. Through fascia research, which has really taken off since 2007 with the first international fascia congress, there is scientific knowledge that our connective tissue is much more than previously assumed. Unprocessed feelings are literally stored in it and create adhesions due to permanent hormonal stress, which in turn can lead to pain and all kinds of other symptoms.

Movement therapy in the health system of the turn of the times always asks about the “why” behind it. In doing so, it involves all layers of awareness and sensitively brings the body into movement.” Johannes Hermsdorf (Final-Enlightened(AL))

[On the fairy tale “The Sugar House of the Wise Old Woman” as indirect love energy healing:] “The feelings, that is the feminine, embodied by the wise old woman, the mother and as a partial aspect of the personality of the father (inner family), are healed. Starting from the origin, love flows into all areas of life, symbolically speaking, as a wonderful sugar stream. Knowledge and understanding, that is, the masculine (in external form and/or as personality aspects), are harmoniously connected with the feminine and are fruitful in the structural areas of activity.

The fairy tale also tells of the “contagion to healing”. The closeness to a healed (inner) family(AL), especially the inner woman, immediately causes processes to start. Love, the sugar stream, is there and wants to be accepted; symbolically recognisable in the sugar house of the wise old woman.” Imke Nourika (Final-Enlightened(AL))

“The cooperation of homeopathy, naturopathy and conventional medicine offers completely new opportunities for the future.” Wibke Becker (Final-Enlightened(AL))

“The expanded possibilities through the four layers of awareness for the health system at the turn of the times offer real opportunities. But this requires overcoming fears concerning the new.” Ayleen Lyschamaya (Final-Enlightened(AL))

Berlin, May 27, 2020, Ayleen Lyschamaya, Musubis female Creative Power

2. Dealing with Corona

Turn of an era: cooperation from homeopathy to alternative remedies to orthodox medicine

The Universal Plan shows itself in divine-earthly healing: The new age with the health system of the turn of the times is here. Which medicines in the broadest sense are recommended on the four layers of awareness from Divine to earthly? Ayleen Lyschamaya explains the universal laws and gives concrete advice for practical implementation for the prevention and healing of Corona.

[Note:  This approach to Corona healing, in the sense of universal laws, would have had the best effect until about July 2021. In the meantime, however, the Universal Plan has moved on, so that adapted tuning in relation to the energy from effective area A is necessary. Anyway, to illustrate the basic approach of the new health system, the Corona example retains its importance.]

Corona changes the world and is thus the great opportunity for a new consciousness. In her article “Chance through Corona: a better health system” (see above), Ayleen Lyschamaya already describes the healing from Divine to earthly via the four different layers of awareness of the transcendent human being. This article now, presents the concrete possibilities on the individual layers of awareness in relation to Corona. It is not about medical recommendations, but about the universal laws, because Ayleen Lyschamaya is not a doctor, but training manager of the Consciousness Coaches of the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© (the profession of the new age) as well as a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy.

What clues does Corona give? Symptoms such as cough, fever and cold point to the basic theme of relationship respectively contact versus demarcation. This is exactly what the measures to combat Corona are mainly about. In this context, even the common usage of the word “fight” shows an attitude of opposition, which is inappropriate in the context of health. Health is about healing, that is, about a loving healing togetherness. Let us accept Corona as a learning task with the focus on relationship and demarcation.

In the Universal Whole, from which all healing emanates, there is no demarcation. This highest layer of awareness of transcendent human being can be supported through the application of mother tincture in the morning. There is a choice of black elderberry (for colds), sage (anti-inflammatory) and echinacea (immune-strengthening). As a rule, two to five diluted drops on one to two days are sufficient. One of the three mother tinctures may be chosen intuitively.

On the underlying divine layer of awareness or soul layer, Ignatia globules support. Ignatia is particularly effective in cases of irritable cough and/or an emotional crisis. Quentakehl can be added as a reinforcement depending on the individual case. As drops Quentakehl strengthens the transition from the Universe to the Divine, as capsules it emphasises development and as globules healing, in each case as a supplement to the Ignatia globules.

Arsenicum album, as a homeopathic remedy for flu-like infections, is not suitable for the divine or soul layer of awareness, because it has already absorbed too much of the earthly energies of the old age through its previous collective use.

In the morning, about half an hour after the mother tincture, the Ignatia globules (if necessary reinforced by Quentakehl) are to be taken. Approximately one week with 8 to 12 Ignatia globules daily is considered a guideline. However, as the individual deviations can be large, professional homeopathic advice should be sought if necessary.

After three days since starting with mother tincture and globules, the divine-earthly connection in the consciousness is additionally addressed through alternative remedies. For this purpose, ribwort tea is the remedy of choice at noon. Alternatively, ribwort plantain can also be taken as drops.

Finally, after about a week since starting with mother tincture and globules, the right time has come for the use of conventional medicine. What further options there will be in terms of conventional medicine remains to be seen. At worst, hospitalisation may be necessary at this time. If it is urgent, the layers of awareness from mother tincture to globules and alternative remedies to orthodox medicine can also be addressed in parallel.

If it is not an emergency, Arsenicum-album globules should be taken in the evening. These are effective, among other things, for flu-like infections. But why is a homeopathic remedy considered a school medicine in this case? Because the assignment to the four layers of awareness of the transcendent human being is not absolute, but relative in its effect. For Arsenicum album, the energy has sunk into the earthly through previous use. Therefore, 20 globules of Arsenicum album are to be used in the evening. This dosage is independent of a homeopathic consultation, because Arsenicum album is now assigned to the structural layer.

Once again at a glance:
Days 1-2: mother tincture in the morning
Days 1-7: globules in the morning
Days 4-10: tea or drops at noon
Days 8-14: Arsenicum album in the evening and, if necessary, additional conventional medicine applications
In addition, energetic exercises are recommended in the evening at the very end.

Consciousness Coaches of the Am-Ziel-Erleuchtung© advise on the universal-earthly procedure. It is up to each individual to decide whether to proceed in this way only when Corona is suspected or as a preventive measure. However, it is recommended to have the remedies at hand just in case. This also strengthens the healing energy by connecting you protectively with the energy of love.

From a universal point of view, there is nothing wrong with a vaccine. But Arsenicum album is more important than a vaccine, because from its homeopathic origin it accepts universal love more easily than a vaccine, which is developed from the structural layer and serves the delimitation.

In principle, demarcation is very important in the earthly, but the individual opposition in western cultures is already so pronounced that it requires the universal-earthly love balance.

The recommended behaviors for Corona protection are also to be judged under the aspect of balancing. Both, an ignoring of Corona and an over-anxious demarcation, are too one-sided. The feminine stands for healing as well as for joy. Therefore, the feminine is to be strengthened through personal contacts in a small circle. Joy is especially important for personal quality of life and health.

Where do these recommendations come from? There is a Universal Plan that develops and heals the consciousness of the world. This includes above all the divine-to-earthly love-creation approach according to universal laws. These can be applied even when people have not yet fully recognised and experienced their consciousness. That is why Ayleen Lyschamaya, together with other Am-Ziel-Erleuchteten© [Final-Enlightened(AL) Ones], has been given the task of informing people about these universal laws ‒ for example, as divine-earthly healing.

Berlin, July 22, 2020, Ayleen Lyschamaya, Musubis female Creative Power

What to make of Corona vaccination, which is now starting after Christmas 2020?

From Musubi (the Universal Plan) there is nothing wrong in principle with vaccination. In terms of its objective, this supports demarcation at the structural layer, which is fine as a creation of consciousness. However, in Germany the demarcation on the structural layer is already so good that vaccination has no further positive effect on the collective development of consciousness.

At the same time, two points in particular are worrying:
1) By considering the Corona vaccination as a solution to the pandemic, the chance to implement the better health system of the new age is missed.
2) Why are people over 80, of all people, the first to be vaccinated, whose life expectancy is naturally lower than that of other people? In addition, people in old people’s homes hardly play a role in so-called herd immunity and, moreover, there are still many unanswered questions about immunity against Corona. The suspicion could arise that this group of people is being misused as a test group, because of their already lower life expectancy.

It is recommended to reflect on what healing really means: not fighting against a thing (illness), but loving care for people. This begins in the Universe and is offered from Divine to earthly across four layers of awareness as feminine healing to the earthly. This is the health system of the future that I recommend to you.

Yours  Ayleen Lyschamaya
(Berlin, December 29, 2020)

Further to Borreliosis Healing and the international magazine


© Ayleen Lyschamaya

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according to Ayleen Lyschamaya

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6 thoughts on “New Consciousness: the Chance through Corona

  • December 3, 2021 at 4:11 pm

    Joie de vivre instead of Corona fear

    The price for the previous and still planned Corona measures is far too high:

    – vaccination supporters and opponents as a hostile divided society

    – feeling threatened by the infectious others as “enemies”

    – overstrain due to constantly new Corona measures

    – psychological disorders due to contact restrictions and isolation

    – increased domestic violence as well as growing social aggressiveness

    – feared and real existential worries

    – educational deficits of the next generation

    to name just a few points.

    And what was gained by this? Perhaps a little less Corona deaths, but more deaths from hunger due to less aid to poor countries.

    It is now time to admit that the measures taken so far have failed. That is why a new beginning must be made.

    Healing does not happen through pressure and fear, but through love-filled joy of life. The most important Corona measure is the change of attitude towards joy of life coming from Musubi.

    Don’t be afraid any more, but feel your soul love as a new beginning. The old age of scientific authority is over.

    Best wishes from your Ayleen Lyschamaya


  • December 4, 2021 at 4:59 pm

    Corona vaccination ‒ the results after one year

    What was hoped for and what was actually achieved?


    Vaccinated people can still become infected and ill. There is to balance between a perhaps milder course of the disease and the possible consequences of vaccination.

    Why do vaccine breakthroughs occur?

    “… A weak immune system can be responsible …” (Deutschlandfunk 3.12.2021). It is known that love, joy and a high quality of life strengthen the immune system, while fear and pressure weaken it. Therefore, in Germany the Corona coercive measures destroy the immune system of society as a whole.

    Protection for others

    If vaccinated people can continue to infect themselves and fall ill as well as infect others, vaccination does not mean protection for others.

    Herd immunity

    A hoped-for herd immunity cannot occur, even if the population is fully vaccinated, when vaccinated people can continue to infect themselves and fall ill as well as being contagious.

    Hospitals are overburdened

    Perhaps some relief for hospitals through the Corona measures to date has been achieved, but at the expense of other sectors. Why was the threat to the existence of other sectors subordinated to the hospitals in an absolutely one-sided way?

    Questions still unanswered

    How often must vaccinations be given? Every 4-6 months? Are there long-term effects of the new vaccines that are not yet known? Do the vaccinations help against the Corona variant Omikron?


    Omikron is characterised above all by its many mutations. Are we now to chase after all mutations with ever new vaccines? It is time to give up the lost battle against Corona and make peace with the disease.

    What can we really say for sure?

    With a Corona vaccination
    – you do not protect others and
    – you do not help society.
    To what extent the Corona vaccination can be beneficial for oneself is a weighing of benefits and risks with still unknown influences.

    What can be done?

    First and foremost, social peace must be restored through immediately ending all Corona coercion. It must be left up to people individually to decide to what extent they want to use vaccinations, tests, masks, distance and other hygiene rules according to their inner convictions and personal life situation.

    Diseases have their individual and collective cause in consciousness. That is why they cannot be fought, but only cured. The scientific-male Corona battle with control, pressure and hostile energy based on fear is doomed to failure. It is always the patient universal love based on feminine joy and communal quality of life that heals.

    Yours Ayleen Lyschamaya

  • February 2, 2022 at 1:25 pm

  • February 2, 2022 at 1:25 pm

  • February 2, 2022 at 1:26 pm

    Could the Corona pandemic have been prevented?

    Yes, in fact, the pandemic could have been prevented in Germany. At the beginning of the pandemic, I was guided by Musubi for awareness layers 4 and 3 to protect Germany through energy creations. This led to the strikingly low number of cases in Germany, which ultimately could not be explained in earthly terms.

    In June/July 2020, the universal-earthly connection of Corona health-creation should have been continued on awareness layer 2. For this purpose, I wrote to all persons and institutions deciding on Corona measures ‒ no one responded. Thus, the universal-earthly creation of consciousness was interrupted and Musubi’s assistance rejected. From then on, Germany, like all other countries, sought a purely earthly solution at the structural layer.

    Can the situation still be corrected retrospectively? No, that is not possible. Once a creation of consciousness has been interrupted from Universal to earthly, only the detached solutions on the structural layer remain, as humanity has lived up to now as old age.

  • February 15, 2022 at 8:36 am

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