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Conventional EMDR is recognized in its effect as trauma therapy. This effect is based on the connection of fractionally repressed experiences in consciousness, which were too emotionally stressful to process. Nothing else is ultimately accomplished through Spiritual EMDR(AL), only expanded to include the contents of full transcendent consciousness. Auditory EMDR relates primarily to the soul and feminine, visual EMDR to the masculine and tactile EMDR to the physical. With the new age, the soul and the feminine are especially important.

Since the publication of my professional article “Auditive EMDR therapy for developmental disorders” in Paracelsus magazine 4/2012, my parenting guide “EMDR for Babies” 2014 and my professional article “Transcendent healing: Spiritual EMDR transcends everyday consciousness” in the association magazine 0f Freie Psychotherapeuten, Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie und psychologischer Berater e.V., issue 2/2016, the application possibilities of EMDR have been expanded more and more. Nevertheless, auditory and tactile bilateral stimulation as forms of EMDR are only mentioned by professionals (internet status 2/2020) or are even wrongly recommended, for example, by emdria e.V. as I explain on my page EMDR for Babies ‒ the original.

This does not do justice to the great positive importance of auditory and tactile EMDR. After all, they cover very important issues. Tactile EMDR focuses on coming to earth, whether as an infant soul respectively new age soul or as a baby. It is about the connection down to the earthly, into the body.

Auditory EMDR emphasises the feminine. It appeals above all to the inner woman and therefore supports the personality development of children especially at primary school age. Klaus, whose developmental disorder was described in Paracelsus magazine, has since passed his school-leaving examination with a best-grade of 1.6 and studies meanwhile. You can find out more about this at auditory EMDR(AL) coaching.

If someone wants to develop spiritually, auditory EMDR as Spiritual EMDR(AL) makes embedding in the universal Whole possible. For this purpose, the Final-Enlightened(AL) Spiritual Master Sascha Herwig composed special bilateral music for the different layers of awaresness (the same as in the new health system) of transcendent people.

The Guilt feelings deletion ‒ live love ‒ practice© and Spiritual EMDR(AL) are together with Indirect Love Energy Healing and Belly Dance as Movement Meditation the four main methods to reach the higher level of consciousness of the new age.

EMDR for Babies
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Competition-free Birthday; Teamwork Games for Kids
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The soul arrival is facilitated through EMDR for Babies, and the development of inner woman teamwork skills is supported through community-building group games.

From the Spiritual EMDR(AL) training exam questions:

What is auditory EMDR used for?

Auditory EMDR with bilateral music (also used in conjunction with tactile and visual EMDR) specifically addresses feelings and connection, from Divine to earthly as well as between inner family members. This means that it enhances the effect of Spiritual EMDR(AL), which already targets feelings and connection. Auditory EMDR addresses the inner woman in particular and therefore promotes* the personality development of children and indigo children especially at primary school age. Auditory EMDR supports* with developmental disorders such as ADHD, ADD and autism, too. It also helps to process feelings, so that emotional stresses can be resolved.

*This statement refers to experiences in individual cases and has not been proven by scientific studies. Therefore, success cannot be expected with certainty and harmful effects cannot be ruled out.


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